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Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Girl , Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cherry (Digital Playground / Jewelbox) (DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/23/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from Digital Playground who is throwing their hat into the g/g genre and they are led here by Kay Brandt who wrote and directed this first installment. The action seems to center around a lesbian club where the owner, Cherry, brings together women who are allowed to explore their sexuality while in turn she get her own type of satisfaction at what goes on. Cherry has a girl that means a lot to her but this story will help her and us see if this will ultimately last plus we see what Cherry does to those who work for her, not necessarily toying with them but for certain putting them in situations that require some skill to navigate and along the way hopefully some hot girl on girl sex. We have a very nice cast with Digital Girl Riley Steele among the participants but you also have g/g veterans such as Sinn Sage and Celeste Star, add in Nina Mercedez and Ann Marie Rios-- so you see we have a nice group of ladies here, let's find out just what this story holds for them all. An interesting opening as we find Cherry walking down a long hallway with marble columns on both sides. It's a dreamlike state she is in and there's another girl there and of course just as she is about to kiss her the dream ends and she suddenly awakes. On either side we have Lux Kassidy and Riley Steele both of whom are naked. Cherry is obviously reflecting on this dream and what it means so she's not really in the mood for any late night nookie but that doesn't stop her from letting Riley and Lux go off and have some fun.

Riley Steele & Lux Kassidy:

So off Riley and Lux go to the lavishly furnished bathroom for some sexy fun. The first part of the scene dragged a little for me but you have some nice pussy touching by both girls as well as some kissing- this is good, I like a little more sensuality and longer tongue touching in my g/g making out. Having said that the two girls still do some nice lip locking before turning their attentions on pleasing the other orally. Lux goes first and sets the tone for this title with great oral sex on Riley's pussy. You can plainly see the enjoyment Miss Steele derived from Lux's work. Before the oral I forgot that Lux does some really nice breast kissing and it's sustained for a good minute plus and I really liked that. Riley returns the oral favor and this also offered up some good booty shots on Riley's ass and that is never a bad thing. A good first scene to get us started.

The next bit of story takes us to Cherry's club where Sinn Sage is there to audition for a position there. There is no one else watching save for Cherry and she has a good view while Sinn struts her talents onstage. A nice Jennifer Beals style Flashdance top, here it's red, while her pants are black latex and they are tight covering her ass. As the dance unfolds you see Cherry likes what she sees and I suspect Sinn will get hired but does she know what the entirety of her job entails! The two converse a bit with Cherry trying to draw a little more out of Sinn about herself- she tells Sinn that her clientele is quite demanding but she's going to give her a shot and see how she does with the other girls as well as the clients that patronize the club. Cherry then heads back home where she finds Riley in bed- nice butt shot greets us too as Cherry climbs into bed and just watches for a second before speaking. The two chat about Sinn possibly being hired, Riley wants to give her own test if you catch my drift. The sexual tension is palpable here, Cherry lying on top of Riley, leaning down not kissing her exposed breasts nor kissing Riley on her lips- it was interesting to watch the dynamic here between the two. She sends Riley off to take a shower which for us means lots of good naked footage plus Cherry comes in for a good birds eye view of Riley cleaning herself. Riley puts on a tease show for Cherry as well as us- wet naked Riley Steele, need I say more! The shower head if movable too, just imagine where she puts it!! Cherry gets involved a little putting some soap on Riley's body, rubbing it in-- around her ass as well as down her back. Cherry got her satisfaction without getting overtly sexual with Riley who clearly displays her displeasure at not having the encounter progress to sex between the two. The shower is shut off as both ladies exit the bathroom area, Cherry first followed by Riley. A quick trip to another location finds Diamond Foxxx and Zoey Holloway trying to convince Ann Marie Rios who is town for the weekend to join them at the lesbian club. Ann isn't into women but of course she's convinced to join them. Yeah they are all married but women do have their secrets- as do us guys! It's also Ann's birthday so the girls really want to show her a good time. So off they go.

Sinn Sage & Celeste Star:

The story then brings back Sinn's character who is at her place trying to find something to wear for her tryout that night. Celeste is there too offering her assistance and she's surprised to learn it's a stripping gig and not just stage dancing. She wants to see how good Sinn is and this brings us our second sex scene with both girls doing some dirty lap dancing as well as having some hot g/g action. The girls engage in some good kissing leading to Celeste going behind and face diving in Sinn's ass, love this shot. It gets even better when Celeste slides under allowing her friend to put her pussy right over Celeste's face. Sinn returns the favor in the more tradtional shot going down on her friend in mish. These two definitely have a connection working, lots of heavy breathing and we also get Celeste into the doggie position with her ass up in the air ripe for Sinn to smack it as well as using her tongue to lick her ass-- this I really love in g/g scenes. Celeste goes back for seconds and we have Sinn holding her hair keeping Celeste locked in place, face deep in her pussy!! Well this was quite a good g/g scene and if Cherry holds any doubts I think they will melt away if she sees what we just witnessed.

Back to the club and it's now almost showtime as we check in with a couple of the dancers, Nina Mercedez and Vickie Chase- the topic of Sinn does come up so I wonder just how welcoming these girls will be to Miss Sage when she shows up. Vickie thinks Sinn is just another girl that boss wants to fuck and that might be right, we'll just have to see how this unfolds. Nina is looking nice sitting there on the floor showing off those big tits while Vickie is showing off her ass with the outfit she's wearing. Nina isn't shy about talking about her aggressiveness with girls and Vickie gets excited by this and the girls lean in to kiss just as we're taken to our next sex scene which is Nina reliving one of those recent encounters.

Nina Mercedez & Ash Hollywood:

The scene opens with Nina on stage while Ash learns that Nina is her gift, here to bring her into full womanhood. Her stepmom knows she's into girls so she brought Ash here to let her fulfill this fantasy. The stepmom gets a good seat close by as Nina gets to know Ash better and I think this will be a birthday Ash won't soon forget. Nina does a nice job with the soft kisses around Ash's body from her lips to her neck to her legs plus she uses her fingers and hands too-- all to put Ash at ease which as you'll see works very well. Nina gets topless and stays on top for some boob on boob rubbing and there is some good nipple licking too from Nina pulling her nipple up as well licking both her and Ash's. This leads to some oral sex and I enjoyed watching Nina be softer here with Ash, it made sense in context with this being her 'first time' and all. The scene soon closes with a little pussy on pussy rubbing so no oral from Ash here so not quite a full scene but what was presented looked good.

Sinn soon arrives at the club with Celeste joining her for moral support- and hey Cherry might take an interest in her too! Riley comes in right behind them and I guess she was supposed to already be here as Cherry scolds her for being late and she suspects Riley of fucking another girl too but Riley denies saying she obeys the rules and only has sex with Cherry there watching- so it was about to get tense between the two when Sinn enters and Cherry leaves to greet her as well as meeting Celeste. Riley is pretty cold to Sinn when they meet but she agrees to show her around as well as having a few parting words with Cherry about the lack of affection she receives from her. This was some good dialogue for Riley and it's delivered well and believably.

Riley, Nina, Vickie & Sinn:

Well Riley leads Sinn into the lockerroom and almost immediately things get very aggressive as the other dancers surround Sinn and they aren't shy about telling her just how they feel about her potentially joining their ranks- they aren't to positive as you see but they are willing to see just how far Sinn will go to try and win them over. We have Sinn licking boots, having her face pushed into a pussy. Vickie Chase leaves but that gives us a three girl party with Riley and Nina leading Sinn along. Good wide open ass shot too here for Sinn, Nina licks it before moving up to smother Sinn's face with her pussy while Riley keeps busy kissing Sinn's tits. This scene is very aggressive in contrast to most of what we've seen but I've seen Sinn work before and she's quite capable of this type of scene as you'll see. I was impressed to see how Riley was here in fingering and tasting Sinn and I've not seen Nina work that much but thought she looked good here as well. The scene basically ends then with Riley and Nina getting up and heading out to the club leaving Sinn on the floor not quite sure what to make of the situation. Nina at least gives Sinn one of her outfits to wear but she doesn't change her attitude basically telling Sinn to hurry up and get out there. Riley for her part just gives a dismissive look while she touches up her makeup, wow I haven't seen Riley be this unkind in any of her roles before, this is a change for sure. Nina stays behind and sees Riley looking in the mirror and she senses that Riley is thinking about Sinn and how Cherry might replace her with Sinn. Nina trys to dissuade her of these fears but I don't see Riley shaking this any time soon.

Out to the club we go with Sinn being stopped by Raylene who is checking her out!! Celeste then stops Sinn and asks why she was so long in the lockerroom but Sinn couldn't bring herself to say what really happened. Cherry then comes in and tells Sinn she's got her first gig and it's a lapdance for Raylene who we just saw checking Sinn out. Miss Sage then gets real comfortable and offers up her body for Raylene to pretty much touch wherever. Very good camera work here as Sinn dances for and on Raylene who had the best seat in the house no doubt about it. They work in some very nice floor shots too as this lap dance isn't over in the normal 2-3 minutes like most clubs! Raylene and Sinn end up kissing too which was hot plus the shot then brings in Celeste and Cherry who both get a good view too with Cherry working her magic trying to reel in Celeste who I gather will be around for awhile, she's been hired as a waitress. Riley walks up and you can see she's not pleased with what she's seeing from Cherry who tries to send Riley off to her office when Riley starts telling her just how she feels-- I'm starting to fall in love with you and I don't think Cherry wants to hear that right now. Riley says a few more things but does end up walking away leaving the two behind. However, Cherry soon follows and quickly catches up pushing Riley into the wall and the two collide lip to lip and finally some kissing between the two. This doesn't last long, though, it was more of a taunt from Cherry-- is this what you want and it wasn't Riley says. She's not a whore or some girl that you fuck in a hallway. Cherry doesn't say much more before walking off. Some intense emotional feelings here and both ladies bring these out well I thought. Back to the club where Vickie comes out for her dance and we see Ann & her group arriving with Zoey & Diamond doing a little something for Ann's birthday, I think our next sex scene is coming soon.

Ann Marie Rios & Vickie Chase:

So her friends have set her up and all that is left is for Ann to give in and she does heading up to the stage where Vickie is putting on a show. As she arrives the lighting changes and basically the club is now empty save for Ann and Vickie who begin dancing together with Vickie doing a great job touching over Ann's body. Ok the scene then does a weird shift from the stage to a bedroom where Ann is lying on the bed with Vickie moving in. Ann is good here playing it shy but you can sense she wants to give in and it won't take much prompting from Vickie for her to do so. The scene slows down as the two are readying themselves until finally Vickie moves up for that first all important kiss and the action only heats up from there with more touching and kissing about Ann's body. This was some of the best kissing we've seen so far in this show and a good side angle view captures it. Ohh foot fans get some love as Vickie makes her way down and samples Ann's feet before working back up for the main course!! The two lock hands as Vickie gets busy and it's some strong pussy eating here and Ann is more and more getting into the scene. The ladies then switch it up and now it is Ann who is going down and kissing breasts eventually finding her way down to Vickie's pussy with her fingers but not quite ready for oral just yet. Loved it when Ann gets on her stomach and Vickie buries her face in Ann's ass, oh yeah baby love that. They wrap the scene up with some pussy grinding ending up with the two lying on their sides staring at each other's eyes. This is how the movie ends so lots to resolve for sure in the second installment.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was something quite different for Digital Playground and I applaud the effort as we get a good story here with Cherry being the head of the club and leading Riley along-- but will this result in a romantic tryst between the two we just don't know yet. Some great dialogue for Riley in this and I have to say Cherry did a good job too as the dominant female in this cast. Nina Mercedez had some good moments too and we ended with a really nice g/g with Ann Marie Rios & Vickie Chase though no oral from Ann which would have rocked for sure. The movie was nearly three hours so they put the extras on a separate disc with the big highlight being the BTS segment which goes for over 1/2 hour so take a look at that. I'm looking forward to seeing the second movie and hopefully more sex for Riley- will it be with Cherry I don't know but more of Miss Steele is certainly something to look forward too and I'd say more with all the girls- Vickie and Nina and I'd love to see Raylene do something as we just saw a bit of her with the Sinn Sage lapdance. I'm curious too as to what will happen with Sinn and Celeste as I suspect Cherry has designs for Celeste and this will most likely cause friction for a few people. So more conflict and more hot g/g sex, stay tuned!!!

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