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Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Cheek Freaks (Pulse):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Cheek Freaks (Pulse) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cheek Freaks (Pulse) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheek Freaks (Pulse) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  11/24/2005
Prologue A big to do was made out of Brian Xin's joining the new company, Pulse! I have to admit that I've totally missed the train on Mr. Xin until now. I've been aware of his videos and all the accolades they've received, but somehow haven't partaken. It's almost unforgivable on my part because Brian works in areas that I'm drawn to, or at least have a mild interest in. Big butts and boobs. I'm expecting something stylish, with enough nastiness to satisfy my darker impulses. The covergirl, Flower Tucci, is a good start and with Courtney Cummz, Mia Bangg and Sydnee Capri, Brian's assembled a winner of a cast. I've never seen or heard of Goldie Coxxx before, and one of my favorites, Kami Andrews, is relegated to a bonus scene. Let's investigate the hype and see if it's justified.
Flower Tucci, teasing us with her humongous rump in a beatiful sunroom that provides a very high key backdrop. Brian stays very focused on her celebrated posterior, with only fleeting glimpses of Flower's gorgeous face. She slips off her top to give those lovely "B" cups a chance to breathe, then gives herself a wedgie with her pink panties. Flower's puffy rainmaker gets stroked and squeezed, then hand pumped for an early shower. On the couch, Flower has a clear anal probe that looks like it's filled with Pepto Bismol. She strokes her pussy while opening her asshole with it. She pumps herself into an orgasmic state and sucks her ass from the toy. Tease over and Flower is dressed again to meet Van Damage. They kiss and fondle with Van sucking on her big, sweet nipples. She strokes his cock deliberately and homes in on it with her mouth. Flower opens wide to allow Van to facefuck her. He fingers her ass while she's bobbing on the knob, and kneads her ample cheeks. Van sticks a clear butt plug into Flower's shitter and she tries to flap her cheeks around it. The plug gets pumped while Flower toys with Van's cock. She climbs on him in CG for a technical DP captured from the floor. A2M on the toy as Flower grinds his cock. They slip into anal and she squirts all over Van's stomach. Doggy anal. A2P, Van licks both holes, and back to the ass. A2M and back to tha ass. Flower rubs out another little squirt. Mish anal insertion on the floor. Another A2P brings the rain and Flower wants him back in her ass. Van fingers her and Flower just blasts his face four times with her girly gushes. Van loves it, swallowing it up and diving into her muff for more. He shares by kissing her and going back to fuck Flower's ass in mish. That hot, tight, dirty place has Van almost speaking in tongues. He pulls out to cum on Flower's face with an ooze that has no force and just runs down his hand. PCH to the fade.
I've seen a lot of Flower scenes where her squirting actually disrupted the flow of the fucking and only constituted a circus act. Here, it seemed to be integrated better and made for a much more erotic experience. I especially liked the way Van handled his facial, savoring the experience and not shying away.
Sweet, dusky Sydnee Capri is followed up some stairs, only her ass filling the screen. Anybody whose ever seen her would have to attest to the fact that Sydnee is a major gluteal star. This girl's got back. Definitely in a league with Flower. More bright backlight as Sydnee mesmerizes us with her monster. A wedgie with her panties shows us another fine phat pussy. Sydnee has a long glass dildo that gets pumped into her pussy. She takes a few tastes as she spears herself. Some digital manipulation leaves Sydnee hot, wet and ready for cock. She walks in on Christian and helps him unveil his body. He's already hard and Sydnee wraps those DSL's around his manhood. Watching her try to screw that thing into her throat is leaving me a little light headed. Nobody's ever going to complain about Sydnee's effort. She finishes undressing with Christian's help and rides him in RC. She bobs long enough to leave her sweet cum on his cock, then lays back to open herself up for missionary. A little neck grab turns Sydnee on, then a cut to doggy anal. Sodomy brings out the slut in Sydnee as she gets a little more verbal. Her moans and groans keep it real. Christian goes up and over and Sydnee's nipples harden. A2M leading to butt lover's favorite, CG anal. Some giggling from Sydnee let us know that this is no ordeal for her. She's into it and backs that ass up on his fat cock. Another A2M as Sydnee goes down deep and drags her lips across the shaft on the way out. Very nice. A quick cut to what must have been an emergency cumshot as Christian rains over Sydnee's upturned face. There's a lot there, too, as Sydnee's chin and neck are splattered and her mouth gets a couple of nice shots. PCH and cumplay by the ever improving Sydnee Capri.
A good scene from one of my favorites, but it terminated awkwardly. I can't say that I blame Christian for losing it and they made a good save on the cumshot. Sydnee seemed up for more and I would have liked her to get it.
Xin has the habit of following nice asses up stairs. This one belongs to blonde Mia Bangg. She's been carving out a nice niche for herself lately with some great anal scenes. Here, she lowers her white shorts and waves that sweet ass in our faces, adding a couple of spanks for effect. Mia juggles her barely covered tits, and they are fine ones indeed. Setting those puppies free, she squeezes, massages and licks them. Cut to Mia with a patriotic toy. Red, white and blue. She gives the tip a lick and shoves old glory up her ass. She sucks the bulbous tip out of the oven and pops it back in for more baking. Mia massages her pussy crack and tastes the toy again. Sascha awaits her on a white couch and Mia jumps his bones, fishing out the dick and gagging herself on it. Sascha stands and Mia impales her throat on his rod, drool flowing down onto her body. He strips her and repositions Mia to help her in her efforts to deep throat him. She gets picked up for a flying 69, then an RC mount when they drop down to earth. Doggy makes her pussy squish, then Mia wants it in her ass. Sascha complies with an up and over. Mia actually feels compelled to ask Sascha if he likes that asshole. Holy shit, Batman! If he doesn't, he should be voted off the island. A2M, and a move to CG anal. Ass lover's delight as bodacious Mia swallows up the flesh pipe. Sascha gapes her and fills the greedy shithole again. Sascha lays her back on the floor for piledriver anal and another A2M. He keeps dipping into the bung and feeding her the ass mayonnaise. Reverse piledriver with the deep thrusts apparently agreeing with Mia, who's trying to conjure the genie by rubbing her clit. Mish anal on the couch, Mia's big fat titties wobbling lewdly. Sascha pulls out, Mia hits the floor and takes his splooge into her mouth, pushing it out to decorate her tits.
A pretty good scene, but I've scene Mia more physical than this without losing the erotic nature of the acts.
Goldie Coxxx, a blonde with braided pigtails, is probably the junior ass of this class. She's got a nice one, to be sure. It's just not in the class of the women ahead of her. She's in a denim mini-skirt, with a white thong parting her crack. Goldie's got a little blue blanket on the floor, a thin glass toy and some lube. She slides the dildo into her pussy and her breathing becomes labored. She tries the big end and that's even better. Goldie sucks the toy and oil is spilled on her ass. She's rubbing around by the backdoor and sticks the tip of her middle finger in. She keeps rubbing the cheeks and spanking herself, her holes looking kind of raw. Goldie walks into the living room where Sledge Hammer is ready to rock. Not a stitch of clothes on him and a hardon ready for service. Goldie leans over and commences servicing. Brian's shooting from between her legs for an underneath view of the bj. He comes around for the side view as Goldie tries to take all of Hammer into her throat. Effort like that indicates tons of potential for this sweet thing. Goldie attacks that hog with real interest and apparent love of craft. Hammer pulls her panties off and kneads her sweet cheeks. He lays back so she can rub her snatch in his face, spreading and licking the tasty treat. Cut to a CG insertion and it isn't hard to imagine that this is the biggest thing she's ever jammed up her cunt. Sledge isn't shy with the thrusting either, and Goldie's taking it well. When she drops her ass down all the way, Goldie gets lit up. The expression on her face is priceless. RC is more of the same. The girl's got so much cock in her, she doesn't know whether to piss, shit or get off the pot. Her breathing is ragged and the headlights are on as she arches her back exhaggeratedly. When Hammer flops out momentarily, Goldie checks the cavern that once was her tight pussy. P2M and a cut to doggy. Hammer keeps pulling out and licking her ass, but I don't think that's happening any time soon. Sledge does his patented seated penetration with Goldie on her back. She's just hanging in there at this point, fighting to finish the scene. Cut to Hammer wanking over her face, cumming on her mouth with an immediate pushout. She plays with the cum and rubs it into her butt cheek and leisurely spanking herself.
There were some very good moments here, especially in the beginning when Goldie was delivering a nice bj. The early penetration was pretty thrilling but her discomfort grew and it got old fast. Bottom line. Goldie bit off more than she could chew but hung in there to end the scene.
While I'm not sure that Courtney Cummz belongs in a video that specifically targets ass, I will say that she's head to toe sweet. And she really does have a nice ass as well as being a certified freak. Brian's following that rump up some stairs and I can see his point. She stops to prop up a leg and play with her cheeks. Lovely cheeks that will part to expose her heavenly holes for some lucky bastard. A cut-off tee shirt, pink tartan micro mini-skirt and blue thong are Courtney's attire. She uses the thong for a wedgie of her cameltoe. Not much extra meat on this pussy, it's all hole. A pierced clit that Courtney rubs and smacks. That Chesire Cat smile on her face. A glass toy with bulb sections that Courtney puts where nature intended. Up her ass. She licks the ass lollipop and rubs her pussy with it. Courtney lifts her shirt to show off her perfect tits with pierced nipples. She keeps pulling on her panties to rub her crack and Kurt Lockwood joins her. He starts by giving the bad little girl a hard spanking. Over his knees, Kurt fingers Courtney roughly. He undresses her and sticks the thong into her mouth. Courtney humps his leg, then goes diving for cock. No hands face fucking, then Kurt gets over her head for a skull fuck. She starts playing around his asshole and even sticks a finger in there while he's dredging up throat lube. Standing 69, then more throat fucking on the couch. They start the fucking in RC. Kurt picks her up and they fly like that, then lays Courtney on the couch for mish. Some foot worship, then choking, then a foot job by Courtney. Back to mish and Courtney asks Kurt to make her cum. She gets lit up and thanks him. He puts her in piledriver and licks both holes. He fucks the pussy and feeds Courtney her cum. She rims him like a nasty slut. Cut to a doggy anal insertion. Courtney fucks back at him and cums hard on her stomach. Cut to an up and over doggy insertion, Courtney rubbing her clit while Kurt buries the bone deep. A2M and doggy anal. Kurt spanks her and Courtney rubs another one out. Spoon anal with the clit rubbing going non-stop. Cut to CG vag as Courtney's on a mission to get Kurt off. He lays her back and plows her pussy as Courtney looks for one more orgasm for herself. He pulls out and douses her pretty face with ball juice, feeding Courtney the stragglers with his dick.
A great scene to end the video by Zero Tolerance's newly minted contract girl. Beautiful and nasty, she had great chemistry with Kurt, who provided the roughness that she needed.

Bonus Scene w/Kami Andrews

Kami Andrews, poolside, using her body like a playground. Sharp ass slaps, hole probing and pussy wedgie. Her big boobs get pulled out and Kami shines them up with her saliva. Inside the house she continues the tease by a white couch and using a glass dildo with a wicked bend to it. That goes straight up her ass. She licks it clean and sticks it in her pussy. Kami says she wants the biggest dicks in porn to plow her pussy, then her ass. Sounds like a plan. In the meantime, she fucks herself with the toy. Joel Lawrence and Sledge Hammer are the fantasy fulfillment team today and arrive ready for action, naked and hard. Kami uses her mouth to get them ready but it's not necessary. Joel bangs her in doggy. He fingers her butt and follows Kami's rule. "Everything that comes out of my ass, goes in my mouth". Sledge steps up and Kami's on the rotisserie. Cut to mish and a quick move to anal for Joel. Kami goes mildly psychotic with the dick in her ass as she gets stretched out. RC on Hammer gives her pussy a nice stretch and some serious give and take. P2M and Kami's ready to take both cocks on. CG on Hammer and Joel fills Kami's ass for the DP. Cut to RCA on Joel and Sledge moves in for the DP. Joel gets some alone time with Kami and she does A2M before moving back on him in CG. Hammer lays his pipe into her ass for the DP eliciting a quiet "Goodness, gracious". Kami takes a long double reaming and squeals when Hammer pulls out. P2M, then a cut to a CG insertion on Sledge. He hammers from underneath, driving Kami almost to orgasm. Joel joins in and completes another DP. Cut to an RC insertion for Hammer, who only lasts a few seconds before he has to unload in Kami's hungry mouth. Joel follows with his own stream, which Kami gargles and swallows. PCH to end the scene.
Why this was relegated to Extras is beyond me. Maybe because it wasn't a one on one. Kami takes a hard pounding and keeps it lively with her energy and wit. She also has a super ass.
Epilogue I can see where Brian Xin's appeal lies. He shoots in a similar mode to Jules Jordan, Van Styles, Chris Streams et al. It's pretty, well shot and still maintains a nasty edge. I thought the first scene with Flower, and the last one with Courtney were perfect. The other scenes were more average fare, and Goldie Coxxx's scene appeared to turn very uncomfortable, which was wood kill for me. The bonus Kami scene was very good as well, and adds some value to the overall product. It seems that Pulse is starting off with a solid foundation. They might want to consider finding a director who's a little more gonzo and spontaneous to balance their lineup. They've certainly got the pretty girl shooter covered.
The Disk The first disk has the scene selections and something called Select An Ass that breaks each scene down by sex acts. The second disk has the bonus scene, a BTS and photo gallery.
Recommendation This video makes for a strong rental and a buy if you're jonesing on any of the stars.

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