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Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Cheek Freaks (Pulse):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Cheek Freaks (Pulse) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cheek Freaks (Pulse) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheek Freaks (Pulse) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  10/14/2005

I expected the girls but it‘s BRYAN XIN that truly lets it all hang out…

Cheek Freaks

2005, 2 hours and 43 minutes
Pulse Pictures
Directed by Bryan Xin
Starring Flower Tucci, Courtney Cummz, Mia Bangg, Sydney Capri, Goldie Coxxx & Kami Andrews

What You Should Know:
Ask any NBA player or fan of the league when players get better and none of them will tell you that it is during the eighty-two game regular season. Nor is it the playoffs. Every fan and player knows that it is the off-season, the summer, when players get to work out and hone their skills for the grueling upcoming year. When you think about it, it almost doesn‘t make sense. One would think you‘d get better as you constantly did something, not the three or four months you have off and aren‘t doing it. But it‘s true. We‘ve all seen players who before merely had potential one season, work hard during the summer months, return a new man and have a breakout season the next. No one really “comes on“ mid-season; you either start the year with your new knowledge or you don‘t. There is no playing “catch up“ in between. You perfect your game, study your craft and work on weaknesses before the new season begins. Bryan Xin, this summer, was a player without a team.

Sidelined since DVSX‘s Truly Nice Tits 8, Xin‘s had a lot of time to reflect, “work out“ and regain his focus. Now that he has been picked up by upstart Pulse Pictures, we get to see the benefits of what Xin himself likely initially saw as a negative when he had no company to shoot for. There is a silver lining to every dark cloud and this long off-season apparently provided Bryan Xin with time to think and put together the work he was always capable of, that we all knew was in him but for whatever reason, was never allowed to really come to the forefront at DVSX. Cheek Freaks is the work of a man on a mission, a man who felt like his back was against the wall and that he had one shot to show everyone he has what it takes to stomp with the big dogs. Xin's a new "player" now.
Scene One: Flower Tucci with Van Damage

With her exclusivity to Seymour Butts now a thing of the past, Flower Tucci is a freelance fuckette who is in serious demand. As a fan, I don‘t know which I enjoy more: her solid and robust rear, her dick-drenching squirting orgasms or her plain lust for sex of all kinds and all-out balls-to-the-wall incendiary performances. Tucci arrives on-set in a pink jacket, matching pumps and a denim miniskirt (with pink belt and rhinestone “TUCCI“ nameplate buckle…NICE!). She slowly strips out of her clothes, all the while giving us great looks at her ass, jiggling and shaking it for us before she fingers herself until she gushes all over her hand. Nude now, save for her heels, she spreads her legs wide and plunges a pink toy deep into her ass while she furiously rubs her clit. Van Damage is a veteran of the biz but all the experience in the world can‘t prepare you for someone like Flower. Not only does she give him a MEAN cowgirl ride and squirt all down the insides of her thighs in doggie, but she opens up to him in mish, giving him both her pussy and her ass and shoots a geyser that would put the fountains at Ceasar’s Palace to shame. I don‘t think Damage was prepared for all of that coupled with Tucci‘s intense “If you stop screwing me before I cum, I’ll FUCKIN’ KILL YOU” staredown during it all. He rightfully loses his load all over her face.

Scene Two: Sydnee Capri with Christian

Sydnee Capri, along with Jada Fire and Marie Luv, has easily been ruling the black female performer roost this year. She very obviously loves to fuck as she works a lot, for anyone, doing anything. Best known for that expansive and thick backside, Sydnee begins her scene in the same booty-shaking fashion as Flower. After making her cheeks clap like a standing ovation, she goes to work pleasuring herself with a long clear dildo, pumping it in and out of her pussy until it is soaked with her wetness. Christian waits for her on a nearby sofa. In a blink his cock is out of his trousers, in her mouth and then in her twat as she rides him reverse cowgirl, her instantly identifiable sharp and pointy Hershey kiss nipples bouncing with each hard stroke. Capri, like her contemporaries, not only has no aversion to anal, doing it so often it looks easy, it’s almost as if she prefers or CRAVES it, so isn’t long before Christian is railing her poop chute doggie and presenting his dick to Sydnee to suck off a2m. One cowgirl ride later, Christian spills semen all into Sydnee‘s mouth and onto her chest.

Scene Three: Mia Bangg with Sascha

Mia Bangg hasn’t worked a whole hell of a lot since debuting last year so if you‘re a fan any opportunity to see her is a welcome one. She burst onto the scene, making people stand up and take notice after her turn in Zupko‘s Big Wet Asses 3. Mia‘s fortunate enough to have a figure that could easily land her in a flick focusing on tits or ass but her most devout followers love her for her fleshy bumper. After a short tease, Mia goes down on Sascha and then mounts him reverse cowgirl. The best footage comes when Mia‘s being plowed doggie, vag and anal, Sascha‘s cock disappearing between her bountiful pink cheeks and falling deep into her righteous booty cowgirl anal as well. Mia digs her anal piledriver fuck and parts her legs east and west for Sascha in anal mish. She catches Sascha‘s spunk in her mouth as it shoots across her tongue and rubs the jizz into her nipples.

Scene Four: Goldie Coxxx with Sledgehammer

While pig-tailed Goldie Coxxx herself sports an adolescent and still-blossoming appearance, her ass is very much full grown and ripened to perfection. After a short tease with a dildo, she takes Sledgehammer‘s thick black baton between her lips and surprises him with a skillful blowjob that tells us more than her youthful face ever could. After introducing Sledge to her ass and pussy close-up by having a seat on his face, Coxxx simply slides down his chest and onto his prick cowgirl. I have to reiterate about Goldie have the goods when it comes to her ass. To see it in cowgirl is to be impressed, trust me. Her tiny pussy, however, might be a liability when it comes to the girth of Sledge. She may as well attempt to shove a lighthouse in there and the expression on her face says that‘s exactly what it feels like here and in reverse cowgirl. Her tiny titties bounce and when her dreamy bedroom eyes aren’t closed completely, they either roll back into her skull or she stares wide-eyed directly into the camera, paralyzed by pleasure. She endures Sledge‘s speckled trouser snake in doggie and mish before he squeezes out a dollop of guy gruel onto her outstretched tongue.

Scene Five: Courtney Cummz with Kurt Lockwood

I do love fresh meat. And Courtney Cummz is one of the freshest, newest and most popular coozes in the game right now. I don‘t know how she managed to get an ass like that but I‘m glad Xin recognized it and decided to cast her. Cummz rubs her clit and pulls her pussy lips apart before sitting on a stool and inserts a thin clear anal toy into her ass. When Lockwood enters the scene, he bombards her with cock from all angles: she kneels and blows him, he drops dick into her mouth from overhead (where Courtney fingers Kurt’s asshole) and they do a standing sixty-nine. Satisfied with her sloppy work and strings of saliva falling from her chin, Courtney shoves his tool inside her twat reverse cowgirl. Kurt ends up standing with her in this position before they move to mish. It’s here that Courtney looks deeply into Kurt eyes and sincerely says, “I want you to make me cum.” Kurt and Courtney kiss, clearly into one another, and does his best to oblige before maneuvering her into the piledriver position and pummeling her pierced pussy. The anal portion of our program consists of mostly doggie action, complete with a little ass-to-mouth. Lockwood slaps her ass and makes her cum a few times before making her ASK PERMISSION to cum again. For some reason, I dug her actually asking before she exploded all over his dick again. That was kinda hawt. After some spoon and cowgirl, Kurt takes her down to the floor, ramming her vag while her firm pierced tits jiggle while she rubs her clit. “You tryin‘ to cum again, you greedy bitch?” Kurt asks. Before she can, he showers the bridge of her nose with man chowder.


Xin shot this movie like it might be his last. I‘m sure that while he was benched and not shooting, a million ideas ran through his head about what he would do the minute he got a camera back in his hands and hot babes back in front of it. This made for a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and it seems he pulled out all the stops to get that on video. If it‘s one thing I‘ve always liked about Xin it‘s that his heart, his passion for his subject matter is on the video for everyone to see; you can nearly feel it. Cheek Freaks lacks the feel that most cookie-cutter assembly line porn has nowadays. This is porn with something to prove. This is Xin saying “I‘m giving you everything I‘ve got, everything that‘s been on my mind for the past six months because I don‘t want to take the chance of not getting it out there again.” When it‘s over you feel as though you‘ve watched something special. It certainly sounds cliché to say “this is Bryan Xin‘s best work to date“ but this truly is easily far and away the highwater mark for Xin‘s directorial career thus far and one hell of a debut for his new home, Pulse Pictures. Both came out with guns blazing. I‘m anxiously anticipating his next release, “Naturally Stacked.”

I’ve already raved ‘til I was blue in the face about the unique packaging. I’ve never even been moved enough by anyone’s movie case to address the packaging before, so that somewhat speaks for itself. At first glance it may seem a bit juvenile to go with the comic book theme but this is the most actual FUN I’ve had looking at the case of a DVD of any sort, adult or mainstream. The king jewel case and colorfully funny inserts (on top of breaking down the performers in the individual scenes, the inserts also sport ads for “Sea-Men”, re-usable condoms and a program to earn your degree in “just 3 weeks!“) stand up well next to anything Hollywood has ever produced on my DVD shelf. I’d display it proudly. Other companies should take note and similarly produce packaging that is such a delight to own. Something that eye-catching is bound to spike sales at least a little.

Finally, a word about wardrobe. Production manager Sun Chen handled those duties here and I must say I have to commend her on achieving her goal of dressing the girls up to look hot, but just normal “street clothes with an edge” hot and not “porn whore” hot. I’m very pleased to report that there is no fishnet or mesh present here, a trend that badly needs to die a horrible, miserable and grisly death and SOON. Right down to the accessories, each girl looked as great clothed as they did nude.
Bonus Features:
  • Behind the Scenes (18:55) Rog interviews Bryan Xin, Van Damage pops early with Flower and she talks about how Justin Slayer and Manuel Ferrara experienced similar difficulties with “primo punanny“, Goldie Coxxx espouses on the virtues of watching men jack off and learning technique from them (and when you see her give head you will see that she paid close attention), Sun Chen talks to nearly every girl while they shower after their scenes, Kami Andrews steals the BTS by just being a character during her lunchtime interview and public pissing antics (how many sodas did she have with that burger and fries? Christ, that‘s a lot of pee!).
  • Photo Gallery (4:53; self-advancing)
  • Bonus Scene: Kami Andrews (27:43, Kami DP’d by Joel Lawrence and Sledgehammer)
Crucifixio Jones

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