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Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Cheek Freaks (Pulse)

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Cheek Freaks (Pulse):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Cheek Freaks (Pulse) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Cheek Freaks (Pulse) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cheek Freaks (Pulse) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheek Freaks (Pulse) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/10/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 162 min. (cover states 168 min.)

Production Date: 5 / 16, 18, 20, 28 / 2005, 6 / 1 / 2005

Director: Bryan Xin

Cast: Courtney Cummz, Flower Tucci, Goldie Cox, Mia Banggs, Sydney Capri, Christian XXX, Kurt Lockwood, Sascha, Sledge Hammer, and Van Damage

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Bryan Xin has really impressed me with most of his movies, and only seems to be getting better over time. With the cast he’s put together here I couldn’t help but look forward to this one with sky high expectations. Then it arrived, and my expectations shot even higher. Why? The box. Cheek Freaks comes in a Super King jewel case and the cover has a comic book styled look that made the package remind me of those super cool old comics that you always dreamed of having as a kid (or college student or even as a grownup) that was packaged super tight at the comic store and displayed up on the wall. Yeah, I’m a geek, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a DVD package come out looking this cool. Okay, yes I can. The Cylon head package for the original Battlestar Galactica got me creaming almost this bad. I did say I was a geek, didn’t I?

Initial Reaction: It’s easily Xin’s best work, so see up there above this review where it says “Where to buy:”? Go up there and make use of one of the links follow it, and then come back and read the rest of this.

Who Should Watch It : Ass fanatics

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of anal in every scene or a lot of double penetrations and nastier sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are excellent. The audio is clear and well balanced. The closest thing I can come to for having for a complaint about the audio is in the final scene where you hear one comment from Bryan Xin. It stands out for being the only comment you hear from him in the movie, but at the same time it fits into the scene well enough that it didn’t interfere with the scene at all for me. The video is also fantastic. Xin shot the movie in 24p, or 24 frames per second which gives the movie more of a professional and film-like appearance. This helps to make the movie look a bit more artistic, and only looks better with how well the scenes are lit. Xin seems to shoot most of his movies by hand, yet there’s no camera shake or soft focus blurs to interfere with the movie. This is a great looking and sounding movie!

Music: There’s some nicely balanced music during the tease portion of the scenes. It’s fairly typical music, but it works nicely here by knowing how low to stay and when to appear and disappear.

Menus: The main menu is fantastic, and does one of the best jobs I think I’ve ever seen of working together the boxcover and animation. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the lovely lady in the scene, or you can Select an Ass based on the name of the girl and her photo which takes you to a submenu where you can choose what part of the scene you’d like to go to.

The Feature

After a hiatus of a few months, Bryan Xin is back and out to show that he hasn’t switched sides. He still has a focus on the ass, as well as a great sense of style and an eye that knows just where to point the camera. Each scene here starts out with a tease and then lets the chosen girl get it on with a guy.

Scene 1 - Flower Tucci and Van Damage

Dirty blonde Flower starts things out with her cheeks hanging out of a denim miniskirt and a pink suede-looking jacked hanging down over the skirt slightly. She also lets you see a pair of panties that match her jacket as she jiggles her ass before taking off the jacket to show a fun and artistic bra. She slides her skirt around a bit while jiggling her ass, and slowly strips down before diddling herself a bit. Flower works herself to a nice little squirt before turning her attention back to her ass with a pink fluid filled dildo. She gives herself a good going over, and doesn’t shy away from sucking the dildo clean. She magically appears dressed again before greeting Van with a kiss. They continue to kiss and work on each other’s nipples while helping each other strip down, and not surprisingly Flower goes after Van’s cock with her hand and mouth as soon as possible. Van reciprocates by playing with her holes and slapping her ass as she sucks him, and even loads up her ass with a thick glass toy. Flower leaves the toy in as she moves up to ride him cowgirl style, but pulls it out to suck clean for a little while. Of course Van gets to move his cock back and into Flower’s ass, and she gives him a squirt of approval before having him fuck her pussy again. He works both of Flower’s holes over from behind with his cock and tongue next, and of course lets Flower have a few tastes. They keep it going through missionary with a bit more squirting, and Van even pulls out so he can get down and take a Flower facial. After fucking her a bit more, Van comes up to give Flower a facial of his own in return.

This is a very hot opening scene, and I love the outfit Flower starts out in (even if we don’t get to see the shoes enough). I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Xin scene, and he shows right away that he hasn’t lost the touch. His camera knows right where to be as Flower shows off her ample assets as well as the rest of her great body, and it continues to have a magnificent grasp of where to be throughout the sex. I love how the squirting is treated as just another part of the scene rather than stopping everything for it, and Van’s enthusiasm for being squirted on makes it all the better. There’s plenty of vocals, chemistry, and energy throughout the scene, and Flower and Van definitely start things off right.

Scene 2 - Sydney Capri and Christian XXX

Sydney, a very attractive black woman with a great natural body, starts her scene out walking up a staircase wearing a tight white skirt and thong with a baby blue top. She teases her pussy with her fingers and thong before working on it with a long glass dildo. Sydney gives her ass a few slaps before moving into a room with bald headed Christian sitting back on the couch with a large bulge in his pants. Yes, that bulge is actually a cock rather than the strap-on he wants her to fuck him with, but Sydney takes her time undressing him to get there just in case. When she confirms that it’s Christian’s cock she smiles and moves in to give it a lick and slowly take it into her throat. She gives him some great eyes as she works on him, and lets him undress her before sliding her twat over his cock reverse cowgirl style. Gentleman that he is, Christian lays Sydney back for a little missionary work before fucking her ass doggie style. Sydney lustily takes a hands free taste of her ass from Christian’s cock before climbing up to impale her ass on it again cowgirl style. Finally, Christian walks up to a kneeling Sydney and unleashes a very impressive load on her face and tits without losing a single Rockwell point of hardness.

This is another very hot scene. I was immediately hypnotized by Sydney’s ass in that white skirt, and her smile is just as beautiful. I was almost a little disappointed that she didn’t get in a bunch of anal play during the tease, but she looked into what she was doing enough that I really couldn’t complain. As usual Christian delivers a very solid performance with her, and they both look to be into each other very nicely. Xin scores again!

Scene 3 - Mia Banggs and Sascha

Blonde Mia takes her time walking up a staircase in a pair of white shorts with a white thong and a lime green, blue, and white bikini top. She pulls down her shorts a bit to shake, slap, and spread her ass before pulling down the top to show a fantastic natural rack that can reach her tongue. Mia moves to a white couch where she works on her ass with a patriotic red, white, and blue buttplug, and takes the ass to mouth with the same ease as she slides the toy into her ass. After magically getting dressed again, Mia re-enters the room to find Sascha sitting back on the couch. She frees his cock so she can take it into her throat as Sascha gives her head a little guidance, and drools like crazy as she sucks him. Sascha even flips Mia upside down for a standing sixty nine before letting her ride him reverse cowgirl style. Mia lets him have each of her holes doggie style, and shows off some nice gapes when Sascha pulls out. Sascha continues to spear Mia’s sphincter through pile driver and missionary before getting down and taking a nice spunk spray across her tongue and letting it flow down over her tits.

Mia is a different girl for me. She almost always leaves me a little cold at the start of her scenes and almost always leaves me more than happy by the end of them. This scene is just that way. I can’t say that I find her face overly attractive (although I don’t find her ugly either, so please don’t take that as bad as it could be taken), and having a bit too much eye makeup on for my tastes doesn’t help it. Having a killer rack and an ass that doesn’t quit often makes up for more than makes up for it, especially with Mia knowing how to use it as well as she does. Any reservations I had about her were gone by the time the fucking started. Her oral skills reminded me of Inari Vachs, who I immediately thought of with the amount of spit she put out and continued to think of with how good of head she appeared to give. Her ass is just as good here, as Mia turns out great gapes as well as looking like she could provide anal favors to a full planeload of people on a transatlantic flight and still have time for a bit of celebratory nookie upon arriving on the continent. Once again, Bryan turns out a great scene that should please fans of anal sex and butts in general.

Scene 4 - Goldie Cox and Sledge Hammer

Goldie, a young looking blonde with a nicely natural body and her hair in a cute pair of braids, starts her scene out in a short denim skirt with white panties and a white bikini top with sparkly tassels. Of course she bends over and hoists up her skirt to show off her cheeks, and she even gives her ass a few slaps. Goldie gets on all fours and sucks on a small artistic glass dildo a bit before sliding it into her twat. She teases her ass with a finger and gives it several slaps before making her way to the couch Sledge is sitting back on and taking his oversized cock into her mouth. He slides her panties off and caresses her cheeks before lying back and having her come up for a ride on his tongue. Goldie seems amazed at Sledge’s girth as she takes it inside of her pussy cowgirl style, and quickly finds her way to pleasure as he fucks her fast. She keeps riding him reverse cowgirl style so you can see her pretty little titties jiggle, and sucks her twat juice off his cock before letting him fuck it from behind and missionary style. Finally, Sledge gives Goldie a nice dribble of dick droppings on her mouth that she rubs around her face as well as her ass.

This is probably the weakest scene in the movie, and I think it feels that way just because Goldie’s the only girl here who doesn’t take one in the pooper. That said, she also does a great job taking Sledge’s size. She’s very vocal, and you can see her going from being slightly uncomfortable to being into him being in her. Xin does a very nice job keeping an ass focus without the anal sex, as Goldie’s heavenly heinie is front and center through much of the scene. He also manages to let it be about all of the sex rather than just Goldie’s ass by letting you see her face through much of the scene. This is yet another winner of a scene.

Scene 5 - Courtney Cummz and Kurt Lockwood

Courtney, a brunette with a few blonde streaks, starts he scene out with a pair of turquoise panties and what look to be smoking hot shoes (sadly, you don’t get to see much of them) along with a pleated pink and turquoise plaid miniskirt and a short white top that lets her display her pierced navel. She pulls the panties aside to give a glimpse of the wonders which reside inside, as well as a bit of a tease all around before sitting on a chair and sliding a glass dildo into her ass. After a bit she’s joined by Kurt, who gives her ass a few slaps before they kiss. She lets him know that she’s a bad girl, so he takes her over his knee and spanks her before pulling her panties out and shoving them in her mouth as her top holds her hands behind her head. She grinds on his leg as he works her over before getting down and opening up his pants so she can suck his cock into his throat with a little help from his thrusts. Courtney even lies back so Kurt can fuck her face and so she can lick and finger his ass before he picks her up for a standing sixty-nine. Kurt lets Courtney ride him cowgirl style first, and fingers her ass as well as picking her up for a mid-air fuck. He lies her down for a little missionary work before sliding her down to eat and finger her holes as well as mixing in a bit more oral for his ass. Kurt fucks Courtney’s ass doggie style, and gives her several more slaps on the ass as well as a taste of her ass from his cock before spooning it. Courtney even gets to hop up for another cowgirl ride before having Kurt pop all over her face.

Courtney and Kurt finish Cheek Freaks every bit as hot as Flower and Van Damage started it. There’s some great intensity to the scene, and both Kurt and Courtney seem to be completely into it. The banter between them is fantastic, and it never comes off as being forced or even as being pushed. I love the anal attention for Kurt, and the anal seems like a natural extension of the scene. I was completely into this scene from start to finish with Courtney reminding me why I so looked forward to her scene. This is a great finale for Cheek Freaks!

As I finished Cheek Freaks, I couldn’t help but wonder if it might not have been the best movie for Pulse to start out with. Sure, it’s got tons of hot sex, good looking chicks, and gorgeous asses, but look at where they set the bar. There’s even some very nice attention to the outfits and the locations are simple, but elegant and effective. Xin has definitely upped his game, and Cheek Freaks is easily the best movie I’ve seen from him. Setting the bar this high one can only wonder how well Pulse and Xin will keep up over the future. It’s definitely good news for porn fans, but Xin and Pulse definitely have their work cut out from them to keep things at the same level or to improve them. Cheek Freaks is amazingly consistent from start to finish, and an all around great fuck flick for ass fans. I think Cheek Freaks is the best debut I’ve seen from any porno company in over five years of reviewing, and can’t help but recommend it highly.

The Extra Stuff

A trailer is included for Xin’s Naturally Stacked before the main menu. You can skip it if you choose, but oddly there isn’t anywhere on the DVD where you can choose to go to it on your own. Also surprising is that it’s the only extra on the first DVD.

The second DVD is devoted entirely to extras. It starts out with a photo gallery lasting nearly five minutes with about seven seconds per great looking full screen photo. There’s also a behind the scenes featurette and a DVD only bonus scene.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about nineteen minutes. Bryan starts things out chatting with The Great and Almighty Rog (which if I remember right is pronounced to rhyme with “Dog”). They chat about the things that happen around the set when you have Kami there as well as how much Courtney surprised Bryan. There’s even a couple fun questions and ones you probably want to hear asked but never do. There’s a little of Flower as she finishes her scene as well as afterwards followed by Sydney shaking her booty. After a break as Kami enjoys a burger and fries while chatting with Bryan and Sun, things move back to the movie as Goldie waits for Sledge to pop as he gives himself a hand and cleans up afterwards. Mia follows her up with a bit more butt tease as well as a clean-up shower. Sydney also gets a little shower time in before things move back to Kami and her burger and fries while she talks about directors and talent. She even talks about the difference between female talent mentality and hooker mentality before things move back to Van and Flower having a little fun and Flower practicing her ass shakes. Finally, things return to Kami as she takes a piss in public. I don’t know how many refills she had on the soda with her burger and fries, but she definitely had some pressure there.

The only thing missing here is a little time with Courtney, which is too bad with how hot she is. That said, this is still a great behind the scene. Rog does a very nice job interviewing Bryan at the start, and Sun does a very nice job making her way around the set during the rest of the behind the scenes. There’s plenty of personality throughout the featurette, and there’s enough smiles to give the feeling that Bryan runs a friendly set with people enjoying what they do. Of course, there’s also Kami, who has as much personality as she does ass and makes any behind the scenes featurette she’s in worth checking out. This is a great behind the scenes featurette that’s definitely worth checking out.

Bonus Scene - Kami Andrews, Joel Lawrence, and Sledge Hammer

Kami’s ass, along with the good looking big tittied brunette that appears with it wherever it goes like an obsessive suitcase pimp, starts out the nearly thirty minute bonus scene hanging out of a denim skirt while the rest of her wears a turquoise top and a black cap. Kami fingers her ass and shows off her titties before heading inside. She slides a glass dildo in her ass and sucks it clean while telling Bryan that she wants him to look deep in her ass because her mom says she’s beautiful on the inside. She puts the toy back in and talks about being a woman’s libber as well as wanting two of the biggest dicks in porn to fuck her pussy and ass. Apparently she was talking about size, as rather than Jay Ashley showing up with another guy Joel Lawrence and Sledge Hammer join her. Kami attacks them both orally before getting on her hands and knees on the couch for Joel to fuck her doggie style. At Kami’s command, Joel lets her taste his fingers after he fingers her ass, and accepts a few bonus slaps on the face as well before giving Sledge a bit more oral attention. Kami rolls over to let Joel nail her missionary style, and even asks him if he’s sure he’s white with how big his cock feels in her asshole. She moves over to ride Sledge reverse cowgirl style with her pussy before turning around for the cowgirl and a double penetration with Joel in her ass. She also gets a reverse cowgirl DP with Joel in her ass before letting Sledge move out and sucking her ass of Joel’s cock again. The guys keep double stuffing Kami and taking her on by themselves in the cowgirls before Sledge unloads the first facial on Kami’s face. Joel follows it soon after with a second load, and Kami plays with both loads before swallowing it down and sucking out the last little bit from the cocks.

This is a great bonus scene. It’s easy to see why it’s a bonus scene rather than in the movie as there are a few minor background noises near the start of the scene as well as a couple minor details during the movie. That said, Kami makes this scene rock, and more than makes up for those couple very minor complaints. I damn near fell out of my chair laughing at her comment about how her mother says she’s beautiful on the inside, and she has a few other wisecracks throughout the scene that are just as good. As for the sex, well, that’s as good as everything else on this double DVD set. There’s great chemistry along with plenty of energy. The scene felt a little off shortly after the fucking started because the guys took turns taking on Kami rather than trying to both see how much cock she could take. Once I got used to that minor difference from the usual group scene, I was right into this scene. This is a great bonus scene, and if you don’t check it out you really deserve a visit from the pimp hand.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, squirting, toys, anal, rimming (male > female and female > male), interracial, and male anal penetration

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Cheek Freaks can be found online for about $20. If you haven’t figured it out already, this one is well worth the money. The movie is fantastic, the technical aspects are darn near perfect, and there’s some very nice effort put into the extras. This is a fantastic DVD that’s well worth checking out.

Note to Pulse: What can I say other than “DAMN!!!!!!”?

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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