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Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse)

Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse)

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheek Freaks 2 (Pulse) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  4/27/2006

The End of an Era…

Cheek Freaks 2

2006, 3 hours and 27 minutes
Pulse Pictures
Directed by Bryan Xin
Starring Brooke Haven, Luscious Lopez, Chelsie Rae, Charlotte Stokely, Jada Fire & Amber Peach

What You Should Know:
Some folks have all the luck. I actually felt sorry for Bryan Xin and his ended relationship with Pulse distribution when I first got wind of it. I thought to myself, “Poor guy. He can’t seem to catch a break.” I started to wonder what this guy had done to inspire such awful karma, to keep this dark cloud perpetually looming over his head. Little did I know that things would work out in the best of ways for Bryan and honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a better and more talented guy. Well, yeah, it could have but all those guys already have pretty sweet deals as it is. If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about click this link for the whole story.

With that bit of news now common knowledge, I guess we can call this the last CHEEK FREAKS we‘ll get from Xin and Pulse Pictures. While the typically great camerawork and overall style remain the same, something is amiss in this second installment. I‘ll be damned if I can put my finger on it but there is an emptiness, a certain vapidness here not usually present in Xin‘s work. Could the impending separation between himself and his new parent company proved to have been a distraction for Xin and thus caused the final product suffer? I guess we‘ll never know but there is still much to enjoy.
Scene One: Brooke Haven with Sascha & Christian

Man, I remember when I was head-over-heels SPRUNG on Brooke Haven (Absolute Ass 5). When she came out the box, I was at my local smut hut EVERY Tuesday (two-for-one day!) snapping up everything on the shelves that had her name on it. She‘s got the build of a prototypical ‘90s porn starlet -- blonde with big enhanced tits. And while she‘ll never be mentioned in the same breath as Sara Jay, Katja Kassin or Olivia O‘Lovely, she‘s got an impressive enough bumper to land her in her share of butt-themed ass-worshipping fuck flicks (Ass Worship 7, Sweet Cheeks 6). One thing I’ve always liked about Brooke was her willingness to take some serious anal blastings and to a lesser extent, her BJ face -- she gets the weirdest but somehow strangely endearing look on her mug when she tries to open her mouth wide to accommodate large pricks. Her eyes close, her chin disappears and she starts to resemble a fish on a hook. Oddly cute. Brooke starts her scene with a sexy and seductive tease segment followed by a short solo turn with a dildo (all of the girls here will start their scenes similarly) before being joined by Sascha. The German fucks her tight pussy doggie and cowgirl vag (two positions ass-lovers are sure to appreciate) before railing her anally doggie and mish. After Sascha sprays her face with slippery spunk, Brooke waves goodbye and we cut to her, yet again, lying down on a leather sofa where Christian slips into her pussy missionary. I found this a bit misleading since the back of the box says “Brooke Gets Double Teamed!” (the back insert even has Brooke posing with both guys together, “Looks Like I‘m Pulling a Double Today!” her word balloon says); I was expecting these boys to rock Haven simultaneously. I can‘t even imagine why someone would set up a scene this way, much less twice (Charlotte Stokely gets the exact same treatment later). Apparently, Xin likes one-on-ones and this way, he gets that pleasure twice. *shrugs* Okay… Sascha gets about twenty-five minutes with Brooke while Christian gets about six? That‘s not even equally distributed between the two of them, thus making Christian‘s portion seem like a tacked-on afterthought. The thought is there but I can‘t say I agree with the execution. After getting the anal cowgirl ride she missed out on with Sascha, Haven takes another open-mouthed facial (she spits out all the cum onto her chin and onto her breasts) and waves bye for a final time.

Scene Two: Luscious Lopez with Van Damage

Luscious Lopez‘s ass always leaves me in a stupor, a state of shocked amazement whenever I see her unreal ass. Where does this girl come from? I had no idea they made Italians with ass like that. To quote ADT poster extraordinaire, BSD: “..with Luscious' SPECTACULAR lower body, I was six or seven flicks into her porn career before I even realized she had a head.“ Easily her most recognizable asset, she knows how to work that thing, too. Luscious is responsible for, without a doubt, far and away, the best tease on this disc and quite possibly the best I‘ve seen so far this year. After bending over and cramming a clear, spiraling glass toy in her snatch, Lopez lumbers down a staircase where a large blue exercise ball waits at the bottom. Luscious mounts this ball and some serious fun begins as she bounces up and down, rocks back and forth, leans over, straddles, rides and dry humps this lucky piece of round blue rubber. Amazing. Van Damage is on hand to have his cock slurped on deeply and enthusiastically. Luscious is well-aware of what her fans pay to see, so she reaches back periodically in cowgirl and in doggie to spread her cheeks and give her ass the occasional jiggle. On her side, Lopez turns her ass towards Damage and lets him violate her anus spoon. “You fuck my ass so good, baby. Oh, fuck yeah. That’s right. I‘ve been dying to get this in my ass.” This position looks fantastic and seeing her here and then in anal doggie has brought me to the realization that, yes, Luscious does indeed have maybe the most fantasy-inducing lower half of anyone in the business right now. Anal cowgirl precedes anal mish where Van pulls out and douses Luscious‘ lips and Gene Simmons-ish tongue with hot pecker paste. She licks her fingers while staring seductively into the camera with those deep dark brown, come-hither bedroom eyes of hers.

Scene Three: Chelsie Rae with Sascha

I’ve only seen cutie pie Chelsie Rae once before, in a scene with Lexi Hawk in Elegant Angel‘s “Kill Her Ass.” She’s a dirty blonde, with a pretty girl-next-door face and a great smile. Like the ladies before her, she shows off her body with a bit of tease and she also has a toy to jam in her bunghole. This room she‘s in has a lot of natural light pouring through the windows, which I hope doesn‘t hinder the scene or obscure the action in any way. Rae attacks Sascha‘s pole like she genuinely enjoys the taste, giving him lots of eye contact as he holds the back of her head and plunges it in and out of her mouth, stretching and smacking her jaws. Cowgirl on a bed is first and Chelsie, while not bubble-shaped, does have quite the wide and expansive backside and thunderous, thick thighs. The couple walks over to a nearby sofa where Chelsie bends over for some doggie. Most people start off with spontaneous sex on a couch and then take it to a bedroom, not the opposite but whatever. Mish and reverse cowgirl (the first instance of RCG in the entire movie) are next and Chelsie keeps her hot pink shirt on (always a minor annoyance for me) before Sascha wisely pulls her straps down over her shoulders to bare her breasts as she rides. A twist of the hips and Sascha has Rae on her knees, bent over and taking his dick in her ass at a blinding pace doggie and then mish. She’s pounded mish until Sascha lets fly with a barely visible load into her mouth, which Chelsie lets slide off her tongue and down onto her tiny tits.

Scene Four: Charlotte Stokely with Christian & Sascha

Quick: what do Rayveness, Victoria Givens, Kayla Marie and Charlotte Stokely all have in common? Answer: they must all sleep in the closet when they’re not working. Because they have to be the most pasty, pale white chicks I‘ve ever seen in my entire life. Not to say that it‘s a bad thing, some folks find it sexy. I just happen to enjoy a nice bronze tan as it‘s easier to disguise blemishes. But with some of these chicks who could attend a Klan rally without wearing a hood, it seems you can almost see THROUGH their skin on top of whatever stray red mark may be on it. And while I previously never considered a wedgie to be a particular sexy thing, Charlotte may have just changed my mind with the way her dark denim shorts are nearly disappearing into the crack of her ass here. After her tease and dildo solo, She finds Christian on a bed and goes about filling her mouth with his dick. When she‘s done, Charlotte gets on her knees where Chris flicks his tongue over her pussy before filling it with his dick. Fans of ass will enjoy the hell out of this scene because Stokely has such a superlative ass. She may be new and still learning the ropes but she has at least an idea of what to do, using that thing, rocking and rolling it to maximum effect in both doggie and cowgirl. And fortunately, the amount of time spent in both positions is considerable, especially cowgirl, that‘s captured from as many interesting and flattering angles as possible. Christian flips Charlotte over onto her back and jerks a load right onto her freckled chin. I cringe slightly when he leans in to twirl tongues with Stokely but then I remember that no cum actually got into her mouth and he deftly avoids making contact with any on her chin. Good boy. Cut to Sascha entering Charlotte doggie. The mish is shown from underneath, the focus on the penetration and Stokely‘s gargantuan cheeks being split by Sascha‘s meat. We get more lengthy footage of Charlotte bouncing and grinding, working Sascha‘s cock over rapidly in cowgirl. She has to jump off of him and catch his nut as it comes flying upwards into her face and landing back on Sascha‘s lap. Stokely gives his prick a few final licks and laps the jizz off of his stomach.

Scene Five: Jada Fire with Marco Duato

I‘ve always held Jada Fire in high regard for her splendid boob job moreso than her ass but she‘s always willing to do anal and her intensity during her scenes is off the charts so she‘s as good a choice as any to close this one out. Marco‘s a solid hand as far as male talent goes and I think it‘s obvious that Jada is having flashbacks to her “Ass Worship 6“ scene with him and Vanessa Blue but today she has Duato all to herself. She looks at Marco like she can‘t wait to get started, breathing heavily and panting with anticipation, before she ever touches him. After a loud and sloppy hummer, Jada bends over a barstool and Marco sinks his fuckstick into her honey pot doggie. When they move to the sofa, Jada squeezes and caresses his balls while she grinds circles on Marco‘s lap cowgirl. He slaps and jiggles her firm cheeks, filling both hands full of flesh. Fire hops off of his prick only long enough to reposition herself on it reverse cowgirl while she rubs and smacks at her clit. She lets Duato in the backdoor, finally, when they move to spoon. Jada‘s moaning up a storm in anal cowgirl and doggie, asking to taste her ass in between positions. “Oh my god, I‘m gonna fuckin‘ cum!” Jada screams as Marco obliterates her ass doggie. I guess deciding that her rectum was sufficiently ravaged, Marco slithers his snake back into Jada’s snatch mish where she begs for his cum “right on her fuckin’ face” and he delivers, squeezing every last drop out onto her braces, which she spits back out onto her tits. She runs her tongue piercing down the middle of her funbags and plays with the cum on her tits.


If anything marred this outing it was an obvious lack of focus on Xin‘s part and a cast that, aside from Luscious and Charlotte, failed to feature any truly potent posteriors. All of the girls have nice asses, sure, but I was expecting to see Xin trot out Georgia Peach, Tiffany Rayne or Naomi. Amber Peach was a great pick-up but she was relegated to a bonus scene for technical reasons/considerations. I didn‘t get the two scenes-in-one thing Xin tried to do with Brooke Haven‘s and Charlotte Stokely‘s scenes. I understood it with Nyomi Zen in “PervAsian“ where she did three guys, all in separate rooms like a mini-gauntlet but here, with just two guys for no particular reason it felt odd. As always with Pulse and Xin, you‘ll be pleased with the overall presentation and packaging but those looking for something more intense and some truly huge asses might consider a rental before purchase.

Bonus Features:
  • Behind the Scenes (9:18) (uncharacteristically short BTS this time around. What‘s it say when the slide show is longer than your BTS?)
  • Photo Gallery (9:39;self-advancing)
  • Bonus Scene: Amber Peach with James Deen (33:51, shot with a different camera and in widescreen, this hot scene was left out. Personally, I might‘ve included it and hoped no one noticed. Amber brought that heat, even if she did look like she was clock-watching during the anal portions)
  • Trailers (Black Up In Ya, Cheeks Freaks, Naturally Stacked, Obedience School, Pervasian & Short & Sleazy)
Crucifixio Jones

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