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Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures)

Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  MILF , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheating Housewives 7 (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/3/2010
Good day porn fans time for some MILF action and these ladies aren't just fucking, nope they're fooling around on their husbands who evidently aren't getting the job done in the bedroom. You might wonder why too when seeing some of the ladies in this cast, hotties from first scene to last. Smash Pictures does a nice thing when you click on the Play Movie option it gives you two choices. Either watch the movie with story or just get the nasty in-- wall to wall sex! I'll go with the story just to give a little better overall take on this before you decide to buy or rent. I'd watch the opening credits here too a they give a great rundown on what's motivating the ladies in this title.

Well we first open with two couples sitting down enjoying dinner while Raquel DeVine gives us a voice over of what's going on. Miss DeVine then talks with her friend Kayla Paige mentioning that she thinks her husband wants to fuck Kayla. Well we go to later that night and in bed Kayla lies awake, thinking of what her friend told her earlier- is she excited in a nervous kind of way about maybe cheating on her husband. Well she can't sleep so she gets up and heads over to the window, looking out to the night while fingering her pussy! Great close up here of Kayla's fingers tracing over those lips-- all the while hubby's snoozing away.

Dyanna Lauren:

So we head to the next day and hello that's the legendary Dyanna Lauren there standing on the sidewalk- cruising for some action, lol. Well Evan Stone pulls up in a sweet ride and the two make small talk. Well it was quick as Dyanna's getting in the car within seconds. Might've been the tit bursting red sweater she had on! The two head over to Evan's place where Dyanna puts on a little show for Evan before the two do the nasty. Dyanna's still looking as good as ever, those big tits just begging to be sucked on. Loved the upward shot of Dyanna's fingers dipping in, Evan was very much glued to what she was doing. Short time later we have Dyanna's lips firmly wrapped around Evan's schlong and there's much bobbing up and down- sound was very good here too. Evan really gets into it in mish, pounding down hard into Dyanna's cookie, then rising up for some face fucking P2M, damn right skippy! Forgot to add Dyanna was wearing a bleached blonde wig which comes off at one point, she was sucking Evan off so hard. Very good facial pop to close this one, cleanup from Miss Lauren.

We move next to a backyard where a bevy of beauties are out by the pool, Kayla and Raquel are there too and more conversation takes place about Kayla fucking her friends husband. Raquel's all for it, lol. Raquel's mean and says you should do it first, if not he will. She's gonna make it easy too, going to a movie and leaving a key where Kayla can find it!This isn't going to end well, lol. We watch the various couples sleep then as Raquel gives us a voice over which helps further the story.

Mellanie Monroe:

Next scene opens and we first see a husband sitting down in front of a laptop and he gets that look on his face that you do when reading some very unpleasant news. So our hubby goes to confront Mellanie and asks who Mark is-- that he's read their emails and knows there's some hanky panky going on. Mellanie doesn't deny it, she's fucking somebody else. It's the usual thing, she's unhappy, should just leave him. The hubby tries one last thing, you can stay and even keep your lover! Hey I'll watch if that's ok, lol. So we hit the pool with Mellanie who's looking very hot, hubby perhaps was surprised that it's a brother who comes to call on his wife. Mellanie puts on a little show, working the titties out and they are nice'n'big! Tweeking the nipples to make them rock hard. Being outside was a challenge but the sunlight wasn't to much of a hindrance and we got a good show from Miss Monroe before Mark Anthony joins in. He offers a couple fingers as well for her pussy, replaced then by his tongue-- this certainly gets Mellanie in the mood and she's soon working on his long schlong. Good overhead shots for the bj then we go side angle for titty fucking. Sexwise we get some fine ass shaking in doggie and this continues in cowgirl also-- hubby with a ringside seat! They finish off with spoon and mish until the pop flies, down to Mellanie's face.

Tanya Tate & McKenzie Lee:

The next scene takes us to yet another pool where McKenzie Lee and a buddy are enjoying the day, Miss Lee's drunk and wants to Tanya Tate to join in the fun-- fucking perhaps? Seems likely as the girls actually get to kissing, Tanya's married too so a little fooling around going on! Tanya enjoys a little drink for courage then it's down to the mat where McKenzie crawls on top to have her way!! Miss Tate's nice titties come out and get some attention frm Mac's lips-- don't forget we have a young man intently watching from nearby. But forget him it's the girls now. Tanya's enjoying her tits being pleasured followed quickly by Miss Lee's lips moving down over Tanya's pussy lips! Michael Vegas then gets out of the pool and he's got a hardon-- no shocker there and the ladies soon get to sharing that piece of meat. First things first, though, Tanay's got to get in some quality cookie time herself and McKenzie was sure appreciative but then it's time for some hard cock. Our lucky stud first gets to slam Tanya's pussy from behind-- the ladies are taking here and there too which means English accents, very sexy. Shared knob polishing then from the ladies then they each get a go at riding Michael. McKenzie then opens up her backdoor for action until it's time to pop, all over Tanya's ass with McKenzie licking it up, the letting it drool back out down her friends ass crack. Nice work ladies, you share very well!

Kayla Paige:

Ok so we move back to Raquel and Kayla-- the key is exchanged and Kayla heads in while Raquel eyes her-- I sensed a hidden motivation here which might reveal itself soon. We watch Kayla head upstairs-- fucking hot ass shirt on too with cleavage spilling out. Into the bedroom she goes where Randy Spears is waiting. Kayla is so hot here playing like she's nervous while Randy's all cool, calm, and collected. He at least gets Kayla to lose some clothes-- down to her lavender bra'n'panties! Hey they matched the bedspread, lol. Kayla then gives Randy an ass view from behind as she lifts the thong to let him get a peek at her pussy. The titties then come out and damn that's a fine rack Kayla. She's beckoned onto the bed and she seems to be warming up to this whole cheating deal. Randy slides over next to her and just before they get hot'n'heavy we are taken to Kayla's house where her husband Jack Lawrence is asleep unaware that his wife's fucking another man. Well Raquel's in the room and she's getting naked so I'm starting to see her plan-- switch husbands, lol. She gets into bed with Jack and even gets his cock out/ into her mouth-- this certainly wakes him up! Raquel then tell a little white lie saying this husband swap thing was Kayla's idea.

Speaking of Kayla we head back over where Randy's now firmly interested in the subject before him-- Kayla's pussy lips which get a few tongue traces and kisses. This was some fine oral by Randy too and he uses some fingers as well making that pussy purr and get very wet, ready for his cock. Speaking of that, Kayla helps free Mr. Happy who's wide awake, her mouth engulfs him and we get a very good side view and close as well. Randy gets in some more fingering while Kayla's working his cock then we see the door open and Jack/ Raquel take a look inside as their significant others are fucking! This doesn't piss them off so much as I think they're turned on so something was missing for sure in each marriage. Kayla does some fine riding in cowgirl leading to Randy taking over for mish and doggie, a few ass spanks here too. Randy ends up pulling out and dropping his load down her ass crack, dripping down those freshly fucked pussy lips. Now it's time for hubby to get some new pussy!!

Raquel DeVine:

Back next door we have a despondent Jack who just saw his wife fucking another man but Raquel's there to help ease his pain-- with her lips and the two are soon locking lips with Jack also getting a mouthful of boob. He wastes no time in getting down between Raquel's thighs and sampling her pussy, face moving all over those lips. Raquel then gets a go and looks damn good slipping Jack's dick into her mouth, jerking, spit down the shaft until it's gleeming. Reverse, cowgirl, doggie with P2M from Raquel who also offers up some dirty talk which Jack eats up with each hard stroke. A good hard mish finish yields the load which stays nearly inside, he pulls out and pops on those lips before thrusting his dick back in pushing the cum inside. It's advertised as a creampie but not quite. But it was better in a way because you saw the load, often creampies don't drip out so well.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

We end with a great voice over from Raquel who basically helped start this train of infedility at the start with us the viewing audience getting the benefits with five solid scenes. As for extras you can from the main menu pick a position so if you've got a fave shot try here and watch. Also in the bonus features you get the option for BTS so have a look see here, it lasts for nearly 26 minutes. Worth a rental for MILF fans as you have a great cast here from Dyanna to start then ending with the bang bang scenes of Kayla Paige and Raquel DeVine with Mellanie Moore doing IR and then Tanya and McKenzie teaming up to share a cock- lots to enjoy and we got a perfect picture with which to enjoy the show, can't ask for much more.

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