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Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures)
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Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Cheating Housewives 4 (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/19/2007
Hello fans, time to check out some MILF's who aren't getting what they need from Hubby at home so yeah time for some Cheatnig Housewives!!! Among the hotties you get are two legends of the biz, Nina Hartley who also gets dp'd in her scene plus Kylie Ireland who has blossomed in the last few years into a total gonzo slut of the highest order!!! Kristal Summers might not be on everyone's radar but she should be, quite an attractive woman and I can't imagine any man not wanting to keep this beauty satisfied in every way. Lola and Brittany Andrews round out the cast of milfs so let's see why these women need the extra attention. There is the option given to just watch the sex or you can choose to get a little bit of story before the action so that's good to have a choice such as this. Let's hit the scenes.

Nina Hartley:

Our first milf up is among the best known performers this biz has ever seen and in addition been among it's best champions in the area of mainstream exposure. The scene begins with Nina enlisting the help of two brothers as she just caught her hubby cheating. Nina is looking very hot in her black outfit and glasses always help give that little bit of extra class look also. The trio discuss just how to get back at hubby and naturally it involves Nina's participation so they head over to her house where they start gettin busy. The fellas take some time before the fun to appreciate Nina's ass and we all know how legendary that tush is so enjoy the extra booty shots. Soon after Nina gets to do something else she's very good at and that's pleasuring cocks and she's got two here so watch and learn!! She keeps the glasses on which I loved and this woman adeptly works both schlongs going slower at first but then picking it up nicely.

The sex starts with some standing doggie vag so we keep up with the hot butt shots which only get hotter when they flow smoothly to cowgirl. Nina works in some dirty talk but it's so effortless for her you almost don't notice it plus your eyes and cock are glued to that sexy ass moving up and down. Nina does P2M before letting the second brother get a shot at banging her pussy in cowgirl with Nina keeping the other guy involved jerking his cock and then leaning over to suck it some more. The action takes a pause so Nina can work those cocks in her mouth and I'm all for the added bj footage and hey we get some oral done for Nina as one guy slides under to lick that pussy and I loved that too seeing Nina sitting on his face. A brief doggie leads to the guys dp'ing that sexy ass/ pussy in cowgirl so this scene has been heavy on the butt shots and any Nina fan or butt fan should really enjoy that. There is also dp fun in reverse though it didn't look quite as good as the cowgirl dp which preceeded it. We soon close the scene with two pops to Nina's open mouth. The scene fades out with Nina welcoming home hubby who just arrived but we don't get a shot and I would have liked to see the bastard coming in and his jaw hitting the floor as he spots his wife with two loads dripping from her face.


The next scene begins with Lola on her cell and she's also applying some lotion to her arms. She's also sitting in the bathroom and the hands start to move over her body as she talks. I liked the shots where she opens up those legs, then stroking over her pussy though it's covered the shot's still good. She's flirting with James Deen over the phone but it's not long until they are both in the bathroom and she's sucking on his cock in even shorter time. Good deep throating here from Lola and I like the side view get here also. After a real good bj from Lola they move to the sex which has a nice floor/underneath shot for the standing doggie we get. I'm really digging the pussy shots we're getting of Lola here, not sure why but she's a hottie with those legs spread wide. The shot then moves around to a good butt shot and nicely that ass is opened up to the camera giving us that great view. Alright we get more good male pleasuring the girl as the action moves to the bedroom and James goes down on Lola and that pussy's been looking real good so it was great to see him down there licking those juicy lips. To me that makes the connection all the more stronger when both parties get orally pleasured and even better when it seems both are into it as is the case here. More sex then follows in mish, spoon with P2m and yes we get some cowgirl and the view was really good with good strokes from James. After a standing cowgirl Lola is let down for some extended cock sucking and they close out with more doggie, then reverse-- more oral from James very nice indeed, and finally mish leading to a blast off to her mouth. This was one action filled scene and two really seemed to click nicely and James saved up quite a blast for Lola who then cleans the rest up.

Kylie Ireland:

The next scene starts with Kylie and Mark Davis leaving Ralphs grocery store and I think he spots her checking out another guy but nothing happens until they get in the car where a spirited discussion happens on this flirting. Oh yeah Kylie's tits are practically bursting out from her shirt but not that you'll notice it, my keen eye did though! The shot then dissolves into Kylie being fucked hard by a guy and it's not Mark Davis, naughty girl!! There is some good mish action here and Kylie's looking oh so sexy, I'm digging the titty shots also. The dirty talk starts flowing as Kylie tells Jerry to fuck her unlike her ignoring husband and hell if I had a spouse as hot as Kylie I can't see me ignoring her in anyway, how about you! Well Mark then walks in on them and he gives Kylie the come here stare and gesture with the fingers too. The trio head downstairs and Jerry's trying to walk out not even putting his clothes on and Mark's having none of that. He's like you're fucking my wife in my house on my time, no you're staying and watching how to fuck her properly, lol. Jerry cautiously comes inand sits as the spouses have a hard edged fuck. The fingerbanging from Mark's always good and it was here, then we get Kylie dropping down to give his cock some attention, no hands style too. I'm thinking Jerry is just the unforunate pawn in their little marriage game! Before laying pipe to the wife we get more finger banging from Mark and the spread leg shot was beautifully shot and Kylie gives just the right amount of vocal work here also.

After making Kylie clean his fingers of those pussy juices Mark does give some pleasure to Kylie with his tongue before slapping that now soaking wet pussy, more fingering and just a bit more oral work from Mark also. Back to the sex we resume with mish including some gagging P2M from Kylie as we see Jerry watching nearby and he's stroking his cock so he's not turned off at all. Well Jerry gets back in the action as Kylie does some dueling knob polishing and classic kneel down between the dicks is employed and it's classic for a reason. You get a hot shot of Kylie's body and she has great access to both schlongs on either side of her face. She gags strongly on both dicks here plus she double stuffs which I love seeing a girl do in a scene. The rest of the sex consists of a standing doggie, reverse with some nice boob movement, cowgirl-- gotta love how that ass spread out as the pussy's plugged, then the booty gets drilled and we get a dp in reverse! Kylie hops off to clean off both cocks including more hot double stuffing, a dp in cowgirl, more double stuffing cleanup and finally the pops flow to her open mouth. Wow Kylie's a superb performer and this scene only serves to further proves her legendary status in the biz as a performer.

Brittany Andrews:

Moving on we get to this scene which begins with Christian and Brittany discussing dinner plans in the kitchen. Brittany mentions having a stressful day and she's hoping Christian will help relieve some of that so off they go to the bedroom and we get some good pussy licking from Christian so I'm sure that helped Brittany feel better. I like it too that he took his time and appreciated those pussy lips. Those huge knockers of Brittany's then get some play as he fondles them but for now it's all about the pussy eating. Christian then stands up, pausing to kiss those tits and then it's Brittany's turn as she engulfs his cock and we're given a good side view of the bj. I've not seen Brittany in some time but I must say she is looking really nice here, great make up job for this scene I think. Sexwise they start strong with reverse cowgirl and the slightly pulled back shot gives a great showcase for Brittany's body. Moving on they work in some mish which keeps those titties in full focus, oh I noticed he's wearing a condom too which isn't a big deal for me. But it seems to be one for Christian as he says he can't fuck her with it on, takes it off and tries to go back in but he's been cold busted so says Brittany who leaves the room. Well she soons comes back wearing a red latex top and oh oh a strap on!! Well she pushes Christian back down upon the bed and she makes him suck the fake cock and the position she does this, straddling the face is one I really love for girls sucking cock but it takes on a decidedly different feel for me when I watch Christian doing it. Brittany for her part handels the dominant role with ease and this includes laying some pipe to her man in doggie, then mish and Christian doesn't even get to pop on her, nope he's made to splooge on himself and to top it off Brittany has a little load of her own which she shots from the strap on to Christian's face and she's at least nice enough to lick at it as we fade out.

Kristal Summers:

This scene begins with this beautiful woman driving in the car having a discussion on how lousy a lover her hubby is. Well she's got an idea, it involves getting her oil change place and seeing if one particular hot guy she likes at the place will help her out after he's off. I can't imagine him turning Kristal down, can you. Well she gets there and luckily enough Mark Ashley just happens to be waiting for a ride so she kindly offers one which he eagerly accepts. The two drive along and Kristal lets it slip on how bad a lover her husband is and one thing leads to another and she lets it slip how attracted she is to Mark who is flattered so you can imagine what happens next and it involves a dipstick going into a hole, lol. The two get back to her house and we soon get a wardrobe change for Kristal who is smoking hot in her red lace lingerie dress, ouch she was looking very hot, I'd say the hottest of any girl in this dvd. She puts on a show for Mark and us moving around the kitchen doing a strategic bend over at the fridge and we're there for the perve shot looking up at that ass, then she turns back around with some serious fuck me eyes. Walking over to Mark she stands, then turns around so he can bury his face in her ass and again I love the shot of a woman with her ass at my face level letting me bury my face between her sexy ass cheeks. Mark is one of the best guys in the biz at pleasuring the woman first and he does a great job of that here before letting Kristal do him a favor by engulfing his cock. Good head here fans by Miss Summers and the slow licks around the shaft were great also. You get another great shot of her ass here also while the blowjob is ongoing. Now for the sex we get doggie, cowgirl-- fabulous ass shots here fans and my personal fave with big boob girls reverse cowgirl is also included. Before blowing his load we get one last round of pussy eating by Mark who also dips his tongue in her ass!! Finishing off with doggie, spoon, and finally titty fucking we get the pop to Kristal's face and there's some nice cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well if you're a fan of milf action then this is one hot dvd to check out. I was a little off in my scene order as if you play the movie right from the beginning it's Kristal's scene which leads off but it doesn't really matter what order they go in right so long as you get each hot milf fucked and fucked strongly which all five girls are in this one. I'd give the best scene honors probably to Kylie but you get fine action throughout and fans of girl on male action get some rare loving in this one when Brittany nails Christian's ass. Extras for this one include a photo gallery and some BTS plus you get a positions menu also listing what you can see such as bj's, mish, eating pussy and this dvd did a particularly good job in most of the guys pleasuring the woman at some point in the scene. A strong purchase recommendation for MILF fans here.

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