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Channel X

Channel X

Studio: Vivid Raw
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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LaNIKITA2000's ratings for Channel X:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Channel X overall rating 3 stars
Performer Looks Channel X Performer's looks rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Channel X Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Channel X DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Channel X A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by LaNIKITA2000  on  2/2/2000

Title: Channel X

Director: The Dirty Duo

Studio: Vivid RAW

Talents: T.J. Hart, Claudia, Inari Vachs, Mia Smiles, Alicia, Sydnee Steele

Advertising Slogan: A Gonzo spoof of Network TV!

Length: 1 hr 35 min

Note: Condoms used for vaginal and anal penetrations.

Scene 1: TJ Hart

The movie moves at a schizophrenic pace. We are introduced to the movie's first spoof, DICKS, which makes fun of the show COPS. Instead of talking about crime, they discuss sex.

There is a cut scene with Sydnee Steele handling two guys that lasts a minute. It seems that the director chooses the point of view of an obsessive-compulsive remote control hog since there is plenty of channel changing.

The first sex scene starts out in a public access-looking talk show set named "Dirty Dave's Porn Palace." TJ Hart starring as Polly Penetration wears a white, skintight dress. The TV host, Dirty Dave, attempts to perform slapstick comedy insulting the guests. 

Cut scene . . . Back to DICKS . . .

. . . Back to the Porn Palace. Dirty Dave plugs and introduces TJ Hart's porn video entitled "Facial Cumqueens No. 7." However, the VCR does not work. The couple does not want to let down the audience. TJ Hart begins to have sex with her man on live television. She delivers a nasty (in a good way) blowjob. She proves by example that she is an excellent cocksucker and enjoys every minute. Initially, he fucks her vaginally in the cowboy position. Then, he fucks her reverse cowboy as well as in the doggy position. Throughout the sex scene, she squeals as he pounds her. While he doggy fucks her, his cellular phone beeps and answers it while continuing to thrust. Finally, he drills her ass like a water pump, which eventually results in semen surrounding her anus.

Dirty Dave takes picture of her anus.

Cut scene . . . Back to DICKS . . .

Cut scene . . . Sydnee Steele

Scene 2: Alice

Two guys watch a lady stripping on a soft-porn channel. Her ass gyration excites the men . Clearly, they want to have sex with the TV lady. Suddenly, she appears in their living room. Alice eyes the camera while giving both of them blowjobs. She spits on each cock to provide better lubrication. Then, she fucks one guy while giving the other a bj. The men trade places and she assumes the position again. There is lots of spitting action by both sexes. One man plays with her pussy while she continues to blow the other. One man pounds her pussy until he jerks off on to her left cheek. The other guy cum into her tongue. She sticks out her tongue awaiting the man's abundant semen.  She spits the cum out of her mouth. There is marginally ok post-cum sucking. She smiles into the camera.

Cut scene . . . Back to DICKS

Cut . . . Julia Childs (cooking lady) spoof

Channel changes to . . . DICKS

Then to. . .Sydnee Steele

Scene 3: Mia Smiles and Inari Vachs

Finally, the channel stops to a unique commercial for Lipstick Lesbians. A middle-aged man talks to the television viewer and presents two pictures: one of an average man and the other of a pornstar. He informs the female audience that if the pornstar picture turns them on making their "panties smell like day old sushi, then lesbianism if for you."  The toll free number 1 800 FOR CLIT  flashes on the television screen followed by the phrase "How to be a Lesbian or just look like one just for today."

Cut . . . DICKS

Lesbian love occurs between Inari Vachs and Mia Smiles. Mia takes off Inari's shirt as they trade giggles. Inari returns the favor to reveal Mia's small breasts. Inari tongues Mia. Then, Inari pussy munches Mia. She does her trademark lubejob on girls as she does with women (her spit). Mia then pussy munches her then fingers her pussy and anus. Mia puts on a strap-on as she doggy fucks Inari. Inari swaps saliva with Mia. Inari uses a clear, rubber dildo on Mia's clit. Inari slaps her with the dildo. After fucking each other, they say, "Lesbianism-try it you'll like it."

Channel changes to . . . Julia Childs

Then to . . . Dicks

Cut scene . . . Sydnee Steele

Scene 4: Claudia

After switching channels again, a show called Aussie Jack's Adventures (spoof on animal shows) is introduced. He spies on two people having sex. The guy sucks and licks Claudia's tits then Fingers her. Claudia, a pretty brunette, performs a no-hands blowjob. Excellent job.  Then, he grabs hold of her hair so we get a better look at her face. Throughout all the scenes, the director uses superimposed images. In this case, the director superimposes animals in the background. The man fucks her pussy in different positions including reverse cowboy and doggy. Finally, the man cums on her face. Some of the cum lands on her left eye. 

Cut scene . . . DICKS

Then to . . . Julia Childs

Cut scene . . . DICKS

Scene 5: Sydnee Steele

Sydnee Steele, an ok looking brunette with bolt-ons, fucks two guys. She gives one guy a blowjob while doggy fucking the other. She moans throughout sex. Great vocal skills!. Sydnee gives a great no-hand bj. The guy continues to jam his rod into her until he cums on her pussy. Now, the other man solo fucks her then eats her out. He continues to fuck her doggy style until he cums on her face. The sizeable load hits her chin and cheeks. Like the nasty lady she is, Sydnee continues to jerk his tool until all the semen is released.

One more cut scene. . .Julia Childs gets off on preparing chicken.

Overall: The movie itself was odd but it was a little entertaining. More importantly, the sex scenes ranged from average to slightly below average. However, if you like Vivid RAW releases, this is worth a look.

DVD Quality: The picture quality is crisp and there are no sign of artifacts.

DVD Extras: On side B, there are numerous sex scenes from Vivid's large collection of porn videos. Also, there is a photo gallery of 10+ photos of Vivid pornstars, both past and present, in action.





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