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bono-ONE CFNM: Boss'd Around 3.5 starsCFNM: Boss'd Around 3.5 starsCFNM: Boss'd Around 3.5 stars
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CFNM: Boss'd Around

CFNM: Boss'd Around

Studio: Reality Blue Media
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for CFNM: Boss'd Around:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
CFNM: Boss'd Around overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks CFNM: Boss'd Around Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks CFNM: Boss'd Around Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex CFNM: Boss'd Around Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting CFNM: Boss'd Around Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras CFNM: Boss'd Around DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality CFNM: Boss'd Around A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  6/17/2011
Scene 1- Juelz Ventura

You might have heard of Ace Ventura Pet Detective but step aside as Juelz Ventura Pet My Rectum is what it's all about,all hail the tattooed beauty Miss Ventura.Straight into action we go and as Juelz sits in front of her desk typing away on her laptop she looks stunning,she has long dark hair and is really pretty and with her wearing a short sleeved white blouse that shows of her amazing tattoos she looks so so sexy.The fact that she also has a plunging neckline on that blouse is making my cock agitated too lol,you might have heard of Sleepless in Seattle well my cock is Restless In Cotton lol,ok no more terrible jokes.

Juelz looks every inch the confident sexy woman as she sits in her plush office surroundings,i cannot wait to see how this scene will unfold.There really is something about the office attire that gets me all the time it's a cure for erectile dysfunction im telling you,i would love to be bossed around by Juelz.A knock at the door signals the entrance of a shy male who asks for permission to use the photocopier and after struggling to find out how to use it he asks Juelz for help,is it plugged in lol.With Juelz now standing over the machine she looks great and is wearing a skirt too and looks hot,she has a nice ass.

The shy male is doing what everyone hates by invading privacy as he leers over her shoulder only to be told off by Juelz,i think there is a maniac like that in every office lol.Holy crap Juelz got pissed with that guy and pushed him back onto her desk and gave him some verbals,assertive Juelz orders the guy to take his pants down and more humiliation from Juelz follows and it's hot to hear her bark out orders and tell him to stop covering his manhood and asking him if he is gay or scared to get naked for a female.Well he does look gay with those glasses on,im joking lol

Juelz order the guy to stroke his cock and get it nice and hard for her,i bet he is not giving a fuck about that photocopier now ha ha.Im loving the verbals as she taunts this guy telling him she has seen guys get harder in there pants just by looking at her...what like me Juelz lol and the army of ADT followers that you have.With Juelz still standing over this guy as he jerked off she says she is going to help him get hard and begins to unbutton her blouse,with her blouse now open and her sexy bra on show she plays with those boobs and continues to talk dirty to the guy and leans forward and gives the end of his cock a lick.

Im loving this slow build up with the humiliation and tease aspect to it,as she makes the guy jerk off she asks him if he likes the feel of his own hand as he beats off and she sucks on his balls.I am beginning to think this poor guy has asthma as he is breathing like a 90 year old man lol.Juelz takes over and wanks this guys prick and gives him a blowjob while maintaining eye contact with him and he lets out a moan,someone let this guy phone his Mum he is on the verge of tears here lol,he is breathing through his arse i think he will end up dead on that desk at this rate lol.Juelz looks amazing giving head and when she stops to dish out more verbals im sure my cock grew an extra inch for her,at this rate it will end up like one of those cocks they use on the "freaks of cock series"

This really is fantasy stuff indeed,admit it who has fantasized about the boss at work and getting called into her office and she takes the lead and uses you as she sees fit.Some great sloppy action follows and that's just the foam coming out of my mouth lol,i could watch Juelz suck cock all day.Some great action now with Juelz sitting back on her swivel chair and with her stocking clad feet she slides her foot and toes all over this guys cock then makes him worship her feet,she looks so hot and in control sitting back with her flesh colored stockings on.I never seen her slip her shoes off and that would have been hot too but im not complaining.

Juelz is really getting into having her foot massaged and her toes sucked on and goes on to trace her feet over his cock,i bet that feels amazing.The guy gets his clothes removed but the socks remain on is that not a sackable offense lol,ok they do eventually come off relax ha ha.Juelz goes back to sucking and jerking this guy off and she looks great with this guys fat weapon deep in her mouth,as she gags on that cock her slurping noises are driving me wild and she stops and dribbles a huge load of saliva onto his cock.

Juelz makes the guy stroke his cock and as she stands up and hitches up her skirt and removes her panties she says "Are you going to let me sit on it" and with the hesitant male unsure what to say next she then says "Do you want me to sit on it" he finally says yes to which Juelz replies "Are you sure about that" and all the time she is making eye contact with him.I think i would have blown my load at this point if it was me,and with that Juelz climbs on the desk and gets in position and as she wanks him off she looks to him and says "Do you want this fucking pussy" im really fearing for this guys life as he replied "Yes i do,yes i do" lol he really is on the verge of a breakdown.The tease is killing him as much as it's killing me,this is hot as fuck.

What a really intense performance from Juelz,she is so hot and sexy in this scene and with her riding this guys cock while continuing to ask "Does that feel good,do you like sticking your cock in my fucking pussy" i think im going to wank myself to sleep tonight.She keeps shouting out "Does that feel good" and the guy with a whimper in his voice yells out "Yes" a man of few words indeed lol.Did i mention that Juelz has a hairy pussy and has a clit piercing and that she is still in her clothes hence the title being "Clothed Female Naked Male" i love it,it really does add to the thrill for me.

As the riding continues and Juelz thrashes about the sound of squeaking can be heard,i think the desk is getting excited too or it's that guy clenching his butt cheeks together and that is there "cry for help" lol.Back to the action and Juelz climbs off the guy to taste her own juices from his cock then asks "Why don't you fuck me back" then orders the guy to get off the desk and as she sits on the edge of the desk she gets him to eat her out ordering him to "Stick your tongue up and in that cunt" and "Get your fucking face in there" i must confess my cock is delighted with this lol.

As an orgasm rips through her body Juelz feet and legs begin to quiver and that looked great and as she gets finger fucked she is crying out with pleasure and is getting all hot and bothered and is building up a sweat from all the action so far,she then swings around and stands doggie style then perches her other leg on the desk and she shouts out "Stick it in there,show me how you fuck" the guy does not let us down and begins to pummel her and her wet pussy can be heard squelching away,mmm that is hot.When she shouts out "Fuck me hard,put it up me hard" it was music to my ears and she is still dishing out verbals to this guy as she is being fucked.

A change of position now and it's reverse cowgirl on the desk and again this looks great and it gets really passionate,some missionary fucking now and with Juelz egging him on to fuck her harder and harder while she rubs on her clit this is great.He really does bang her hard and fast and with Juelz shouting out to fuck her till he cums he eventually does just that and pulls out and gives his cock a quick tug and comes all over her hairy pussy and over her skirt that was pulled up,he is making some funny noises lol get that guy a glass of water and some oxygen lol.The scene ends with Juelz telling him that he is much better working a pussy than a copier machine.

Well that was a great scene to start the movie off with,i loved it and what a really sexy girl Juelz is.She really got into this scene and it made for great viewing,i loved the tease and the verbals that she dished out to that guy.I cannot get enough of confident assertive women barking out the orders and turning the tables on the guys,the sex scenes were great too and Juelz really thrived on being cast as the boss in this scene,one to watch over and over again.

Just one thing i would have sent you a pic of myself Juelz but my photocopier is broken...hint hint lol.The male in the scene played his role perfectly too and did well amid the stern telling off that would have maybe had lesser males blowing their beans before the scene really kicked in.

Scene 2- Asa Akira

Straight into action we go and with Asa in her plush office and sat in front of the computer typing away im looking forward to how this one will pan out,Asa has lovely long dark hair and is an Asian babe indeed.She looks great with her long hair tumbling down past her shoulders and with her wearing a white blouse with what looks like all the buttons down to her cleavage exposed i think i would love her to be my boss,i would never phone in sick from work ever again EVER lol.We get some great teasing shots of Asa as she continues typing away,keep this to yourself but i think she is actually typing out an e-mail to me to ask why i have not been sectioned yet lol.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and once instructed to come in a male enters and says he is there for the job interview,wearing that shirt he should think himself lucky that Asa does not call the Police instead lol.As the interview starts the male does his speech about why he is qualified for the job only for Asa to ask if he has ever had a female boss before,i have but she looked nothing like Asa all i got was the Vinegar tits lookalike from Prisoner Cell Block H who looked like a Pit Bull chewing a wasp...and that was on a good day.

As Asa goes through a list of requirements that she expects from her employees she stands up and walks around to the male and gets him to stand up,Asa looks him up and down and instructs him to take off his tie.He tries to protest about it only for Asa to say "Do you want this job,take of your tie" well that put him in his place lol.Asa then orders him to strip down,can someone let me know if Asa is recruiting again as i think i would love an interview lol.Asa looks great wearing that white blouse and black skirt and with her telling this male that if he wants the job he will do what she says this is moving in the right direction.

When the guys shirt comes off Asa strokes his shaved chest and comments that he has such a nice body and asks him if he works out then says "Pants too" lets us hope he is not one of those guys who for "relaxing purposes" likes to wear women's undies under his trousers,nothing wrong with that at all but wait until the day you get knocked down and rushed to hospital and the Doctors and Nurses have to cut you out of your trousers and with ashen faces they turn to each other and say "It looks serious..he is wearing a pink thong FFS only for the Doctor to say "He looks better than my wife wearing them" lol.Ok back to the movie and as the trousers came off i breathed a huge sigh of relief as he was wearing black Calvin Klein's,very fancy indeed.

Asa smiles and looks at his boxers and says "Everything,everything" let's hope this guy has not got a false leg as i fear that will be next,as the male covers his cock and balls with his hands Asa smiles and says "You don't have to be shy" and with that she moves forward and begins to stroke and wank his cock and says "Tell me how bad you want this job" as he mumbles that he has been out of work and needs a job badly Asa continues to tug on his cock then she sinks to her knees and slips his cock in her mouth,god that looks so horny.Looks like he is getting that job after all..a blowjob lol

She gives him a nice slow sensual blowjob and it looks great to watch Asa in action,she is such a classy woman.We get a great overhead shot of Asa as she slurps on that dick and this looks amazing it's so hot to watch her in action.She has both hands clasped around the base of this guys cock as she gives him a blowjob he will never forget,Asa rises to her feet and hitches up her skirt to reveal black stockings she then rubs her pussy through her panties as she continues to wank off this guy.This is my kind of boss,she continues jerking him off and says "Do you like having your cock stroked"

Asa spits on her other hand and begins to give this guy a great handjob twisting his cock while massaging the base of his shaft,all this action is caught from the floor looking up at Asa and it looks great to watch this babe dominate this tall male and reduce him to a whimpering wreck lol.Asa sits back on the desk and with one leg resting on the desk and the other on the floor she spreads her legs open and says "Why don't you come show me what you can do for me" and with that he leans forward and pulls her black panties to the side and begins to eat her pussy out.

Asa has a cute landing strip and as the licking continues she is moaning away,i hope he put pussy licking on his CV lol.She begins to gently thrust her body and pussy into this guys face and with her wearing all that office attire complete with black stockings im in heaven.Asa's breathing becomes more and more erratic and she demands that he does not stop and to make her cum,now with Asa standing up and bending over her panties come off and that guy went back to licking her out then rimming her ass,yes rimming her ass.If there is a God out there/up there he is probably jerking off too lol.

After more rimming Asa has him on his feet to share a kiss and uses both her hands to jerk him off while the male begins to kiss her neck and Asa says "Yes just like that,kiss my neck" Now it was time to see some fucking and with Asa now standing and resting one leg on the desk she begins to get banged hard and fast and she is loving it as she screams out "Oh yes,yes keep fucking me like that" as the drilling continues she is really screaming out "Oh my god,oh my god" i better turn the volume down or the neighbors might think im holding a girl against her will and getting her to proclaim her love for God.

As she gets banged really hard you can hear all those lovely slapping noises as the guy goes as deep as possible with each thrust,Asa is loving the fucking she is getting and is screaming out "Oh my god,fuck me fuck me" Some great action now as Asa is almost side on the desk and with one leg over this guys shoulder she once again gets banged really hard and the camera is right in there for a close up of the action.Asa gets her hair pulled as the deep fucking goes on and now she is lying back on the desk but with both legs together and in the air and this looks great as it really shows off her amazing body.

As Asa gets fucked she slips a finger up her bum,god that looked so hot and with the fucking taking place at breakneck speed Asa is shouting out with pleasure.This is great to watch,she really can take a good hard fucking and it looks like she still wants it harder and harder.Now the guy pulled out and went on to taste that sweet pussy of hers,mmm i bet it was like a big juicy watermelon yum yum.Asa orders him to stick that tongue deep in her pussy and once again Asa slips a finger in her bum hole and the male rubs on her pussy to get her off even more.

More pussy licking and rimming follow before Asa decides that she wants to suck cock again and after sharing another kiss she sinks to her knees to feast on his weapon,the male reaches behind and pulls on her hair and Asa says "Fuck my mouth" and he begins to drive his cock deep into her wet mouth,i bet that feels sensational.He is still holding her hair up and Asa looks amazing in this pose.The action now swings to Asa getting banged on a leather sofa in missionary position which in turn leads to her getting done balls deep doggie as the frantic fucking shows no signs of letting up.

The fucking is really really intense and Asa looks amazing being ravaged in doggie position,now an unexpected twist as the fucking stops and Asa asks the guy if he wants to know how it feels to be her and he gets made to sit in her chair while she takes what was his seat.She tells him to stroke his cock for her while she rubs on her pussy and dictates what she wants done next.The camera swings back and forth from Asa to the guy as they both continue pleasuring themselves.Asa is really getting into this and demands that he keeps jerking his cock and a powerful orgasm rips through her body.

She now leaves her seat and walks around to the guy and again shares a kiss with him and jerks him off at the same time while asking him what it's like to be in the Bosses chair getting his cock stroked.She goes reverse cowgirl on him while he is on the chair,if only Lord Sugar from The Apprentice could see them now he would probably shout out "Your fired" as he shot his load into a tissue lol.After more insane fucking Asa is once again guiding that cock into her mouth to taste her juices,she grips the base of his cock with both hands and works her magic on that dick.The guy pulls her hair up while she sucks and gobbles away

The finale has Asa leading this guy with the cock over to the desk and going missionary position and taking another hard fast furious fucking,you can hear every amazing slap as their bodies come crashing together and with Asa being very vocal im loving this.Im knackered just watching this,Asa shouts out "Ohh cum for me and i will give you the job" is she talking to me lol.They share a quick kiss then the guy pulls out and spunks all over Asa's skirt,wow good load lol.If you thought Monica Lewinsky had problems getting stains out of her dresses i think Asa will struggle to find a dry cleaners to remove that cum stain lol.Asa brings the scene to an end as she giggles "You fucking jerk you got it all over my clothes,looks like your not getting the job"

Wow what a scene this was Asa looked incredible,so so hot and with her wearing office attire i loved this scene.She went on to take a great pounding and special mention to the male talent as he really did keep up with the demands of Asa and the chemistry between them was great,what a sexy woman Asa is and to see her give a blowjob with her expert technique was a real highlight and really erotic to watch.I will pull my banger in her honor tonight,girls like Asa are a dream in porn,thank you.

Scene 3 Rachel Roxxx

Straight into action we go and pretty Rachel is at her desk typing away and she looks so fucking hot,with her long dark hair and black jacket on and with her white blouse unbuttoned all the way down with the mother of all cleavages on show i think im going to wank myself to death over this scene.Rachel looks amazing and i cannot get enough of the office attire,if i worked for her i would be coming into work knackered every day and it would be nothing to do with my work load/schedule oh no it would be from going home at night and using all the images from my "wank bank" that i stored up all day and beating myself red raw lol.And if i got the chance i would sniff her seat too when she went to the toilet lol..Do i sound like a pervert ha ha.

Rachel is soon on the phone and ordering someone into her office i wonder if he has been caught sniffing her seat,she begins to dish the dirt on this guys appearence mocking him for not even having his shirt tucked in or ironed but back to Rachel and what a sexy outfit she is wearing.I would love to put her over her desk and give her the best 20 seconds of my life lol,what doing it twice i hear you cry,cheeky buggers lol.Rachel questions this guys about his tattoos then orders him to take of his shirt to see how many he has got.

Rachel looks so petite next to this hulking guy and he gets taunted about his tattoos and Rachel goes on to say that no one else will hire him,she is making me hot and bothered with her strict talk i cannot wait to see her get down and dirty with this guy.Rachel pulls on the guys pierced nipples then orders him to take of his pants and after some hesitation he gets warned to "Take of your pants or im going to fire you" when his pants come off Rachel giggles and says "Have you got a chubby going on down there"

He gets made to lie down on Rachels desk as she sits in her chair and she soon has his cock in her hand and mocks him for being soft,she gets some lotion from her desk drawer and oils up his cock and begins to give him a great handjob,that looks so good.She goes on to stand up and slip of her belt buckle then her jacket and while she is doing that she leans forward and rubs those puppies against his cock,that looks great.Damn it i think i fancy Rachel lol,she has that look that just drives me crazy what a sexy little minx she is.

Rachel orders the guy off the desk and onto his knees then a hot moment as she rests one leg on her chair and with her skirt hitched up she orders the guy to lick her out,what a fucking turn on im loving her patterned stockings too.Damn it i would love to lick her pussy until her next of kin had to be brought in to identify it lol.Rachel looks great getting eaten out and with her dictating the action im in love with her,ok i thought Rachel had stockings on but it is really patterned tights that have the crotch area exposed,mmm easy access.

Rachel orders the guy to eat her asshole and goes doggie on the desk,it's days like this i miss working in an office lol.She reaches back and holds his head and presses his face deep into her ass.Some cock sucking takes place now and Rachel looks amazing feasting on this fat dong,yes i did call it a fat dong lol.Everything about Rachel is just so sexy.The male gets ordered to jerk his cock while Rachel sits on his face and gets her little hairy snatch eaten out,when Rachel leans forward to gobble on his pork sword once again it looks great.

Im looking forward to seeing her get fucked and bingo Rachel moves around and goes cowgirl and guides that cock into her greedy wet pussy,im sure health and safety at work would have a field day with squatting over the guy with those high heels on.It's amazing to watch this hot babe ride the snake,it's hot when she grinds her hips then goes back to thrashing away on this thick tool.The guy does get to contol the fucking and pummels her until she cums all over his dick,a change of position now and Rachel is lying back on the desk and orders the guy to lick her pussy before he fucks her.

Rachel's pussy is already red from the previous fucking she took and she looks great in this position as she gets ram raided by this fat cock,she asks him to shout out that he is fucking the Boss and during the fucking he rubs on her clit which Rachel is loving.He puts her legs high in the air and together and really bangs her while Rachel shouts out that she is going to cum,another change of position and Rachel orders the guy onto the floor then goes reverse cowgirl on him and eases that cock up her pussy once again.All the slapping noises and the slurping of her juicy pussy sound fantastic.

A good fucking follows and the guy cannot take anymore and pulls out and creams all over her skirt and Rachel shouts out "You got it all over my fucking skirt" then slaps the male for his troubles lol.A fuming Rachel then verbally insults the guy and storms off to her chair and inspects her skirt and shouts out "You are paying for my dry cleaning" and uses his shirt to wipe the cum from her skirt then throws it at him and tells him to "Get out my office you loser" and with that the scene is brought to an end.

I loved the look of Rachel,what a sexy girl she is and her clothing was so hot.She looked great sucking cock and took a hard fucking,i do not think the intense chemistry from the last scene was there but it was still very enjoyable to watch and i also loved watching her jerk off that guy while verbally insulting him.

Scene 4- Raylene

Straight into action we go and the opening intro has the lovely Raylene sitting at her desk and on the phone and she has her feet up on the desk,well she is the Boss she can do as she pleases lol.Her legs look fantastic and she has long dark hair and is pretty and she is wearing a black jacket and black skirt and a gold or cream colored top,hey i cant see all that wanking has taken it's toll on me lol.Her call is interrupted as a male comes into the office and it looks like he is there for an audition as he has his guitar with him and from a quick look at the walls of the office it's all sinking into place now as Raylene is a record company boss.All i can say is "You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby Right round round round You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round"..ok i will stop lol.

The male gets his guitar out while an unimpressed Raylene looks bored,personally i think he should have got his organ out as it might have swung the deal in his favor.He barely strums his guitar and opens his mouth and Raylene calls an end to his audition,we need this girl on American Idol as she would have saved us from all the crap acts out there with that gutsy attitude lol.With Raylene now on her feet and looking great with an impressive cleavage she orders the male to get his clothes off,it looks like if he wants that record deal he will have to please the Boss in other ways.

He gets taunted about his penis and Raylene says that she wants to see "What im working with" and makes him jerk off and to help him on his way Raylene walks over and says "I don't normally do this" and with that she flops her big breasts out of her top,it looks like the tit fairy has been kind to her and what great nipples she has too,my god im in love lol.The male gets made to lay down on the desk now and Raylene begins to jerk him off then goes on to wrap those pretty lips around his cock and give him a slow sensual blowjob.

Raylene looks fantastic giving head so sexy and elegant and with her still in her office attire she is a babe indeed,the slurping noises sound great as Raylene munches on this hard cock,After more BJ action Raylene orders him to eat her pussy and slips off her panties and sits on the desk and spreads her legs and it was time to binge on that minge,i think this guy is pressing all the right buttons as Raylene is screaming out in pleasure at the pussy licking she is receiving,the last time i heard a woman moan like that it was buy one get one free at the make up counter.

Now it was time for standing doggie with Raylene leaning on the desk and with the LP's/45's on the wall in the background i think she is more interested in the 12 inch remix she is getting right now,as she is getting banged hard her tits swing and flop about like 2 non swimmers getting thrown in at the deep end.How great would it be to bang the Boss i know i would love it,Raylene is really doing some groaning as she is getting fucked and demands that the guy "Keep fucking my hole" i do like a noisy vocal girl when she is being fucked hard...just don't tell my girlfriend lol

The action changes to missionary but the intense fucking and noisy appreciation from Raylene continues,lets face it guys this is what we want when fucking a girl to hear her screaming with delight instead of just lying there and being all quiet,my ex girlfriend used to just lie there all quiet when i was fucking her...maybe i should have woke her up,ok no more jokes lol.Get the ear plugs on for this scene guys as Raylene is screaming the place down,i had to turn the volume down im scared that my 90 year old neighbor will drop dead with fright at all the noise.

Did i mention that Raylene has a cute landing strip and from the close up a nice tight wet juicy pussy,i could feast on that for days on end.It would take 4 bodybuilders to prise me from Raylene's pussy if i got as chance to go down there lol.As the guy pulls out from fucking Raylene he sinks down to eat her out and with the screams of Raylene i think i heard a thud coming from downstairs,looks like the old 90 years old neighbor has snuffed it lol.Back to fucking we go and this guy is drenched in sweat,the action changes to reverse cowgirl as the guy sits on his chair and Raylene climbs aboard to ride him.

After some frantic fucking it was now time for cowgirl and Raylene rides this guy until she has a powerful orgasm and is once again very very vocal,the action switches to Raylene sitting on the chair and with the male standing she wanks him off until he shoots all over her black skirt.She really does milk him dry until he is whimpering,you know what it's like guys when there is nothing more to come out and the jerking off continues i guess that's why us guys do not do childbirth it's too much pain lol.He might not have done enough to get that record deal but at least Raylene got to see his latest release and with that the scene ends.

Raylene looked great and with those big boobs and i was hooked on her,she really got into her fucking and was very very vocal.I enjoyed the set up with the Record Company Boss and the guy did his best to give Raylene a good hard fucking,i will have dreams about those big tits and nipples of Raylene's.

Scene 5- Ryder Skye

Well it's the last scene and my first look at Ryder in action and as the intro starts i think this is going to be great as she looks so sexy,she is sitting typing at her desk and with her dark hair (or has she got plum colored streaks through her hair,i cannot tell)and pretty looks Ryder looks really sexy.She is wearing a low cut white top and her arms look great,i have a thing for girls with shapely sexy arms and this girl has them so i am happy.The door gets knocked and in steps The Terminator lol,sorry i could not resist but Marco Banderas is his twin im telling you lol,he is the Janitor and is in to attend to the floor i think i will be having my own spillage soon but i will clean up myself thanks lol

He manages to knock over Ryder's desk lamp with his mop handle and a pissed Ryder gives him it tight,now that she is standing up she looks great and has on a grey skirt and i love those arms,Ryder's not The Terminators lol although looking at him he is like a man mountain next to the petite Ryder.With Ryder complaining about the lamp being broken and how he is going to pay for it she orders him to take of his shirt,oh oh the man is a Cyborg i think we are going to see wires and shit lol.As his shirt comes of he reveals a body i used to have..until i found beer and chocolate and pizzas lol.

He also has what i will call "bodybuilders nipples" you know the type ones that look like he has been dangling huge weights from them as part of his workout,he strips off to his blue underwear and Ryder clears part of her desk and orders him to lie down on her desk.Ryder orders him to pull his dick out,she is turning me on with her strict talk and giggles as she orders The Terminator about.Ryder gets some oil from her desk and makes him cup his hands then applies some and then says the following to him "I want you to start stroking your cock"

The Terminator is not to be outdone and tries to reach and touch Ryder's breasts only to be told "Don't fucking touch me" that's the way to treat those Cyborgs he will end up blowing a fuse at this rate lol,i love the fact Ryder is pointing at him and telling him off she barks out at him "Don't you dare fucking touch me,i will tell you what to do when i want you to do it" Ryder begins to stroke his cock now and she looks so hot,i think The Terminator is breathing out his arse here ha ha.Once again he tries to reach out and touch Ryder only to be verbally humiliated,im falling in love with Ryder.

Im loving the strict stern approach that Ryder is adopting in this scene,she looks amazing with her long hair tumbling down past her shoulders and with that cheeky glint in her eye as she barks out the orders to The Terminator i think she is loving being in control,Ryder decides to let him have a peek at her body and as she peels open that top and pulls her boobs out her bra she looks great,she is sporting some tan lines too and as she goes back to jerking him off this looks great,i have still got my eyes on her sexy arms too.

Ryder slaps his cock about and i thought that looked sexy,the action swings to Ryder sitting on the edge of her desk and ordering The Terminator to lick her pussy,damn it she looks amazing wearing her black stockings and with her shaved pussy waiting on him i bet he does not love fiona now lol,Ryder's panties are pulled to the side as he feasts on her wet lips and Ryder dictates how long and when he gets to lick her pussy.Some blowjob action now and Ryder looks immense sucking cock,how did i miss her i will need to check out some of her other work.

Ryder stops sucking his cock and teases him telling him that "I will suck when i want to fucking suck your dick" when she does relent and goes back to sucking she looks great and with her catty remarks to The Terminator it's even hotter,the action swings to Ryder wanting to fuck and she makes him lie back on the desk and climbs on cowgirl style and with her still wearing the office attire she looks amazing although she does go back to doing things her way when during the fucking she leaps off and taunts The Terminator by saying "Im so sorry were you enjoying that" she does go back to fucking him and again she taunts him during the fucking.

Next up is some doggie style fucking and Ryder looks every inch a babe,i have really fallen for her.It's great to watch her getting ram raided as she leans over her desk.Some quick blowjob action then it's onto more fucking as The Terminator gets to bang her missionary on the desk then side on,some reverse cowgirl action and after more frantic fucking the finale has Ryder jerking him off until he cums over her skirt,not a great pop shot though and with that the scene comes to an end

I loved Ryder she was really sexy looking and had a great body,to watch her dictate this scene was great.She was a natural at being the Boss and i think im going to seek out some of her other work,well what can i say about my old pal The Terminator lol he did what he was told by Ryder and the end result was he got jerked off,got to lick Ryder's wet pussy and got to fuck her and got a great blowjob,not bad for a Cyborg Janitor lol.Well all the girls in this movie were great and each scene brought it's own little thrills and spills (literally) I loved the whole Boss routine and the office attire gets me all the time,i will go back to this movie again it was great.

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