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andyblake Centerspread Girls 3.5 starsCenterspread Girls 3.5 starsCenterspread Girls 3.5 stars
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Centerspread Girls

Centerspread Girls

Studio: Caballero
Category:  Classic , Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Centerspread Girls:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Centerspread Girls overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Centerspread Girls Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Centerspread Girls Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Centerspread Girls Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Centerspread Girls Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Centerspread Girls DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Centerspread Girls A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/10/2000
Running Time: Approx. 95 min (There are no scene indexes or time codes on the DVD)

Cast: Annette Haven, Veronica Hart, Jesie St. James, Georgina Spelvin, Desire Cousteau, Lisa De Leeuw, Tara Aire, Jacqueline Brooks, Frank Hollowell, Richard Bolla, Michael Morrison, Eric Edwards, and Mike Horner (who isn't even listed in the credits)

Director: Robert McCulum

Extras: Photo gallery and Jump to a Scene (I guess this is actually an extra feature when you don't have chapter markings on a DVD)

Audio / Video Quality: The audio and video quality is better than what I would have expected for an adult film this old. The video is average and the audio echoes in spots, but is much better than other adult films of this age, such as the Original Debbie Does Dallas.

The Review: Centerspread Girls kind of reminds me of my youth. It revolves around MOM trying to stop porn (or at least not let me have it). In this case, MOM is Morality Over Madness, a moral majority group which has been trying to shut down Panther magazine for years. MOM consists of a judge who was forced into it politically, a lay preacher (like you can't see what's coming there), a movie star who joined because he used to be in adult films and wore himself out, an old man with old money, and a political hopeful. Finally, they think they have devised a plan where they can win. They have come up with a scheme to blackmail Sue, the head of Panther magazine, where the only way she can prove her innocence makes here incriminate many other people. Luckily, many of the centerspread girls have made something of themselves (artist, lawyer, mainstream actress, TV Reporter, etc) and have all banded together to stop MOM's evil plans. Each girl or pair of girls has taken one member of MOM and they have three days to either make them change their mind or get some better information on the person so they can 'convince' them that it would be in their best interest not to go after Sue and Panther magazine.

The sex scenes seemed fairly realistic. Unlike today's adult films where the stars go fifteen minutes non - stop and change position a minimum of 3 times, most of the scenes were pretty short. I'd guess that the average scene lasted around five minutes and most of the scenes had only one or two positions. A couple of them didn't even have a cumshot. Once again, you could tell that most of them were in it for the fun. Also, at the time, it was illegal to make adult films (although legal to buy, sell, and watch them, as I recall), so some of the scenes may have been cut short due to 'legal' reasons.

I was fairly impressed with Centerspread Girls in how relevant it remained. It's roughly twenty years old, and the story could be easily done yet today. The main change would be that you'd need a lot of shaving cream. It seems that you can always tell a seventies or eighties adult films by the amount of hair on the women, and this is no exception. There are a couple girls who are well groomed (according to today's standards), but most of the women had as much hair on their head as down below. That isn't to say that the women aren't attractive, far from it. The women are, almost without exception, very good looking. The women had very nice breasts and pretty faces. I had almost forgotten that natural bodies could look that good! Another thing I really like about the seventies and eighties adult films is that you can tell the people in them are enjoying themselves. Jesie St. James always stands out to me in this respect (more so here as I was not familiar with any of the other people except by name). She does an all girl three - some that would be considered very tame by today's standards, yet I couldn't help but like it due to the enjoyment she radiated, as well as the other girls.

Some of the best moments were the humor put into the scenes. The political hopeful gets it on in a hotel room with a girl decked out in stars and stripes. She kept saying things like "Oooh, Mr. Governor. You know how to fuck everybody." I'm sure that him lasting only thirty seconds or so was completely unintentional, also. Then after the actress 'coaxes' the ex - male porn star's unit back to life, he tells her that if things don't work out she could go into pornos. She walks out talking about how she thought porno stars were to be big jerks and that nobody would be able to believe her acting jobs. The lay preacher even tells the TV reporter "When you're righteous, you can do anything." Tongue in cheek comments such as the porno actress and more pointed political statements such as these were throughout the entire movie. It gave Centerspread Girls kind of a timeless feel.

Overall, I'd recommend Centerspread Girls if you can find it at a good price. It's a better than average adult film with a good audio and video transfers, good plot and acting, and very good looking people. My main complaint about Centerspread Girls is that it doesn't have chapters or times on it. It also lacks extras, but Cabellero appears to be trying to put them out at an affordable cost, so I can forgive that a little.

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