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Caught In The Act: Real Sex

Caught In The Act: Real Sex

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Amateur
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Caught In The Act: Real Sex:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Caught In The Act: Real Sex overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Caught In The Act: Real Sex Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Caught In The Act: Real Sex Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Caught In The Act: Real Sex Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Caught In The Act: Real Sex Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Caught In The Act: Real Sex DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Caught In The Act: Real Sex A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/6/2012

Running Time: 88 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Andre Madness

Cast: Khloe, Lacy, Mandi, Sally, Sasha, Tiffany, Tommy Pistol, and some uncredited guys

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects do a great job of giving this release an amateur feeling. The audio has a few background noises and is pretty clear, but never anything special. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and hovers around the average mark with a look that's sometimes a bit murky. The lighting is a little on the dim side, there's a lot of camera motion, and it's not always aimed the best. Normally these would all be drawbacks, but I can honestly say that I think they helped the movie as much as they held it back due to how well it helped capture the amateur style of the movie.

The Movie: Caught in the Act: Real Sex collects five scenes submitted by amateurs to the producers. Each scene has a quick screen to introduce the scene, and then gets right to the action.

Scene 1 – Sally and Sasha

“Tom” filmed his girl with her girlfriend redhead Sasha and brunette Sally kiss and help each other strip down with Sasha making the big move to start kissing her way around Sally's tits before Sally bends her over to eat her from behind. Sasha lays her back to eat her pussy in return before moving up to ride Sally's tongue. Sasha eats Sally's ass from behind as well as sliding under her to eat her pussy from below. They continue to eat their way back and forth before finally getting up to get dressed.

Scene 2 – Tiffany and a guy

Brunette Tiffany is well known as the dorm slut, and doesn't resist much as the cameraman starts to grope his way around her. She quickly strips down to show her big natural titties and lets the guy play with her tits before she strips down to show off plenty of tattoos and her stubbly pussy. She sucks his cock before laying back to let him fuck her missionary style and then rolls over for him to take her from behind. Tiffany sucks the guy a little more before letting him fuck her as she lays on her side as well as getting in a little more missionary work. Finally she takes a small pop around her pussy before the guy checks her out with his camera a little more.

Scene 3 – Mandi and a guy

Cute and ethnic Mandi's friend doesn't believe her boyfriend would cheat, so she decides to do him to prove her wrong. He quickly strips off Mandi's shirt to check out her nicely natural tits before stripping off her pants to finger and lick her bald beaver. Mandi mouths his manhood in return before laying back to take it missionary style, and then rolls over to let him take her doggie style. She gets on top for a cowgirl ride before turning around for the reverse cowgirl, and finally lets the dude pop in the air over his own hand as she gets off him.

Scene 4 – Lacy and a guy

Tattooed black chick Lacy gets busy with her potbellied and bald white neighbor, kissing him and then moving up to ride his face as he lays back on the couch. She sucks his cock before turning around to sixty-nine him, and then moves around again to ride him cowgirl style. Lacy also lets him take her doggie style before he pulls out to act like he's popping on her ass without anything to show for it.

Scene 5 – Khloe, Tommy Pistol, and a guy

Khloe, a cute redhead, and Tommy, let her man know how much he fucked up with a little help from the guy behind the camera. They help her strip down and check her out a bit before Tommy starts munching on her from behind as she sucks and strokes the other guy, who appears to be part Wookie from the little we get to see of him. She sucks and strokes her way between them before letting the Wookie fuck her from behind as she give Tommy a little more head. Khloe moves over to Tommy for a reverse cowgirl ride and sucks the guys a little more before laying back for a bit of missionary action from each of the guys. Finally Khloe has the guys pop over her feet.

Caught in the Act: Real Sex nicely captures the amateur porn style. In fact, if not for the appearance of Tommy Pistol in the final scene, the combination of style and fresh faces here would have left me thinking this was an actual amateur porn feature. Depending on how crisp and clean you want your porn that's either a good or a bad thing, and those wanting things crisp, clear, and beautiful will want to stay away. Those who don't mind partially obstructed shots, a bit of camera motion, low lighting, and grain for a little different feel between the performers should find plenty to like here. There's some great use of partially obstructed shots to get a voyeuristic feeling in the opening and penultimate scenes, and the POV action in the remaining scenes also feels very natural and unrehearsed. Caught in the Act: Real Sex is not a movie for everybody, but is one that amateur porn fans should appreciate very well.

The Extras: You get two bonus scenes, commercials, and some trailers.

Bonus Scene – Tessa Lane and Bon Jonsyn

The first bonus scene comes from Amateur Angels 24. Cute brunette Tessa and her much older bald partner Bon chat with Luc a bit about being a Virgo, singing, porn, and more about herself for Tessa as well as Bon talking about wanting to direct porn (hope you were all sitting down for that kind of a shocker). They move on to kiss as Bon strips Tessa down to suck her nicely natural tits and eagerly eat her pussy. He picks her up and carries her near a bathtub where Tessa drops down to suck his cock before laying back and letting him fuck her missionary style. Bon also takes Tessa from behind standing up before they turn on the water in the tub and get in for him to fuck her from behind a bit more. They move into the shower where they kiss and play with each other a bit more before Bon takes Tessa standing up from behind again and even mixes in a little extra fun with the shower head. He continues to take her from behind after moving back by the bathtub, and finally lets Tessa have an almost nonexistent pop on her nicely natural tits before giving her a soft kiss.

Bonus Scene 2 – Nicole Aniston and a guy

The second bonus scene comes from Oral Overload. Smoking hot dirty blonde Nicole dances around in a little black pinstriped outfit and strips down to show off an animal print bra and sexy lacy black panties as well as a fantastic smile. She keeps stripping down and moves in to suck and stroke the cock while also giving some great eyes and a little titty fucking. Nicole finally takes the load on her tits before giving the guy one last great smile.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: If you're a big fan of amateur porn it's probably worth a purchase, but most people will want to just rent this one.

Note to Adam & Eve: Although I know this one won't be big with a lot of people, it's great to see you trying to work in something a little different.

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