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CAPSULE Castings 7: Anita Dark 2 starsCastings 7: Anita Dark 2 starsCastings 7: Anita Dark 2 stars
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Castings 7: Anita Dark

Castings 7: Anita Dark

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Castings 7: Anita Dark:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Castings 7: Anita Dark overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Castings 7: Anita Dark Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Castings 7: Anita Dark Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Castings 7: Anita Dark Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Castings 7: Anita Dark Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Castings 7: Anita Dark DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Castings 7: Anita Dark A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  9/18/2002

Castings 7:
Anita Dark - Absolute Beginner
Directed by Pierre Woodman
Starring: Anita Dark, Demia Moore, Bagheera, Audrey, Coralie, Stasha, Julie
Running time: 2hrs 3mins

This edition of Pierre Woodman's series sees the balance between interviews and movie clips swing gently towards the latter, though there are still some particularly interesting auditions and behind the scenes clips to enjoy. A word of warning, though - Anita Dark may be the cover girl, but her audition (as if she really needed one!) does not amount to much. The big news for me is that subtitles make a comeback at last. Hurrah! No more stilted dubbed translations!

Contemporary interest in this audition may reflect interest in her more recent work because, unless I am very much mistaken, this brunette French wannabe porn star is none other than Coralie Trinh Thi, director of the controversial French art house movie Baise-moi. Here she sports a slightly gothic look, with strong make up and a tattoo on her butt. She's not quite the typical Woodman subject - perhaps he was distracted during a fairly worthless casting on what appears to be a busy set, with phones ringing and people moving around. She strips and does the test poses with ease, and confirms she's up for pretty much anything - except fat guys! Moving swiftly on to a clip from The Tower 3, where her character cheats on her husband with Jack Slater, who gives her a sound fucking. She's in stockings, heels, and flowery lingerie and has her dark hair crimped - still looks better. Her hubby (Richard Lengin) joins in and she takes a good anal fucking, double penetration and a come shot a piece on her ass and face. It's a good scene with good picture quality too.
Interview: Paris, October 1994 1993. Photo shoot: Sex 1. Sex scene: The Tower 3, Paris, January 1995.

However, the picture quality on the interview with this fluffy-haired Russian blonde is dire, so lacking colour that it almost looks black and white, and suffering from blips and break-up. Looking round nervously, Stasha's description of her occupation makes little sense, so let's concentrate on. Even with the dismal picture, Stasha's face visibly colours and her pretty eyes widen when "sex photos" are proposed. She's not confident about her looks but via extensive, untranslated sweet talk through the translator (only the French dialogue, not Russian is translated) gets her to reveal her slim figure and small perky tits.

Some coverage of Stasha's photo shoots follows: first, a no-action clip where her mesmerising eyes are the main feature (besides David Perry modelling an odd armband), and then an entertaining account of a typical Woodman excursion to an inaccessible tropical rocky shore. Three cocks for Stasha, including Mr Joey Silvera, no less, and they fuck and suck as wind, rain and waves threaten to ruin the shoot ("C'est merde!" quips Pierre). Anal, DP and the anticipated creamy conclusion and a perilous departure from the location above crashing waves feature, before another quick look at a photo shoot where two guys (Silvera and a young Bob Terminator) plaster Stasha's pretty face with come wraps up Stasha's contribution.
Interview: Moscow, September 1992. Photo shoots: Pirate 21, Pirate 24.

Demia Moor
As far as this series goes, I'd suggest the casting with brunette Demia very pretty even with little or no make-up (who) is a must-see. Giving her name as Kata, Demia enchants with her unaffected nature possessed of an open and relaxed attitude to sex. She even likes the Private magazines! Quite confident in English, she hasn't had a lot of different guys but is definitely knowledgeable. She happily strips off, commenting that she couldn't do it just for the money, she has to enjoy the sex. That's what we like to hear. She's willing and able to pose as required, showing her fine body and shaven pussy. Quite irresistible.

An alpine scene further illustrates her charms. The helicopter trip to a glacier provides stunning views but I prefer what's on show back at the hotel. Demia's playful attitude is delightful as she gets involved with Alain and Nick. Demia sucks some dick, Alain fucks her doggy style (lovely little squeal from her on entry) and she sheds her big woolly jumper. Jeans round her ankles as Nick fucks her, she enthusiastically sucks Alain, before he monopolises her attention - cowgirl (with Demia encouraging him to spank her, the minx), Demia getting fully naked and grinding away in reverse cowgirl, getting hot. Then she puts his dick in her ass. Oh boy. Nick finally gets another chance when it's time for double penetration, with Demia urging them on in Hungarian, but all too quickly Nick pops in her face. She dismounts and ends up tossing Alain off into her mouth. She sucks, and looks naughty. Very pleasant.
Interview: Paris, January 1995. Sex scene: Triple X Video 8, France, January 1995.

It seems that red head Julie is a housewife with a baby, but she's still very young and has potential that soon becomes apparent. She has a wide-eyed innocence, reminding me very loosely of Heather Graham's character in Boogie Nights. Her reactions while looking at the magazine are non-committal, but Pierre gets her to strip and he exclaims when he sees her large natural tits. Stripping was one thing, but getting her to reveal, almost inevitably, that she's only had one sex partner - her husband - takes some debate in Russian. Anal may be a problem, but Pierre offers his famous system as the solution. Julie then features in two on location looks at photo shoots - one outdoor shoot in another hot spot, with two guys, and another (three guys, anal and DP, and copious facials) back in Russia, I guess which is most notable for proving that Alain Deloin can actually smile. Julie looks the part, Pierre snaps away obvious to David Perry's juvenile japes.
Interview: Moscow, May 1993. Photo shoots: Sex 4, Pirate 23.

Anita Dark
Gorgeous Hungarian brunette Anita's interview amounts to little more than her apparently telling the translator that she's afraid to answer, while smiling winsomely in that utterly adorable way of hers. Pierre has to make do with a look at her body (a real hardship, I know). Oh, those ripe, hanging natural tits, and that scintillating smile. And that's it. Shame, even a little insight into her personality, her experiences, her attitudes to sex and porn would have been welcome. Anita doesn't seem to have actually worked much for Private either.

Anyway, there's a clip to follow. Sadly, it is little better. There's a jazz-lite soundtrack for some lesbian-lite moves between Anita and Valentina, another attractive curvy brunette, which swiftly give way to a three-way when a guy turns up. Paul Kovesi is the lucky man who gets his dick sucked by Anita and then gets stuck into both stockings-and-lingerie-clad ladies. Anita looks great taking it - she has the lion's share of the action. However, I am not sure if the original direction of the clip by Peter Backman was this bad, but it appears to have been crudely edited, and looks jumbled as it rushes to a facial finish.
Interview: Budapest, July 1994. Sex scene: Private Stories 9, Hungary, June 1996.

What to make of little Bagheera then? In truth, I don't find her especially attractive. However, there's something about this little 19-year-old French-Somalian girl - what she lacks in inches she makes up in personality. When she smiles she looks really different. Her wilful, opinionated character makes for some intriguing, extensive verbal jousting between Pierre and her. She makes some choice comments on the subjects of the "fat whores" in the magazines, interracial relationships, lesbians and more. She scowls over the magazines, treating them with disdain and amusement in equal measure, similarly scoffing at Pierre's ideas (she calls him crazy more than once) - she may be sexually inexperienced but she's not naïve, and only wants to "make love", as she insists, with her future husband. The omens are not good.

Through several cuts, the impression is given that this whole process took some time and lots of talking, with Woodman showing commendable patience long after I'd have sent the infuriating minx home. However, it seems that yet again the crucial conversations take place off camera - mystery shrouds whatever Pierre said or offered to make this reluctant model not only strip off, showing her trim, tight body (she says she doesn't even do this for her boyfriend), but also to trust Woodman enough to have her first full sexual experience with him on camera. Whatever her reasons, she gets over her reserve and Pierre doesn't let her down, taking it gently through initial discomfort, and then supplying her with an impassioned, multi-position fucking in pussy and ass that makes her yell "Oui!" and "Encore!" repeatedly, and leaves her apparently keen for more and him exhausted. Oh Pierre, older guys and young women! You let the genie out of the bottle! I found this fascinating viewing, and one of the best interviews I have seen so far, as Bagheera has opinions and personality and as her stack of Private credits shows, she really threw herself into the adventure.
Interview and initiation: Paris, October 1996.

To finish, an extremely pretty, buxom French girl with beautiful, sparkling eyes - usually the final girl in Castings is the one who got away, and sadly Audrey doesn't appear to have any further credits to show. However, the 18-year-old's interview is still good fun, even allowing for annoyingly loud music, perhaps attempting to drown the background noise of phones and so forth, and some break-up on the picture. She studies the magazine intently and after a little to and fro, she agrees to strip. She has superb big natural breasts and is very curvy. Tactless Pierre says she's chubby (I guess she took that to heart!), but that she's so pretty it doesn't matter.
Interview: Paris, June 1994.

Castings 7 is somewhat inconsistent. Using Anita Dark as the cover girl is plainly misleading in my view - her interview and scene, though not her fault at all, are really disappointing, Coralie is not my type and Audrey's contribution is just a glimpse of missed opportunity. On the other hand, the scenes with Demia and Bagheera are worthwhile for both the interview and the sex, and then Stasha and Julie give a flavour of those Russian dolls from more innocent, less commercial times. It's probably worth considering these pros and cons in the light of the usual reflection that Castings is not a series with universal appeal before deciding to purchase the movie, but I had some fun watching. If the marketing of the movie had focussed on Demia, with Anita as a little bonus, it just wouldn't have seemed such a let down. Will I ever learn? Don't believe the hype.

DVD Comments

As always, the interviews are of basic quality, and some are quite poor indeed. However, the movie clips are better than in the earlier DVD editions of Castings and as a whole there is some improvement. The sound is not astounding but the subtitles make it less important - full translations of the Russian would be good, but I can't complain now that the subtitles have usurped the irritating dubbing. Girls' profiles, linked to the castings and photos, Pierre Woodman's photo book (a small selection of behind the scenes pictures) production notes and trailers, with DVD-Rom only access to a DVD catalogue and wallpaper pics, plus lots more subtitle languages complete the package.

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