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Castings 34: Wanda Curtis

Castings 34: Wanda Curtis

Studio: Private
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Castings 34: Wanda Curtis:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Castings 34: Wanda Curtis overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Castings 34: Wanda Curtis Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Castings 34: Wanda Curtis Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Castings 34: Wanda Curtis Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Castings 34: Wanda Curtis Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Castings 34: Wanda Curtis DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Castings 34: Wanda Curtis A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  2/1/2005
Castings 34  

Cover girl Wanda Curtis might be the most obvious attraction in this edition of Pierre Woodman's interview and audition series, but dig deeper for some fascinating features and perhaps the most heart-breaking of Woodman's always controversial initiations…

First for shaving is an attractive Russian blonde, who gives her name as Elena, interviewed in the astonishingly far-flung location of Vladivostok! This 25-year-old is disenchanted with her modelling school, as it promises much but delivers little, so she is keen to try out porn but is worried that she isn't up to the task. I think the highly expressive young lady is telling a few porky pies here amid some quite extraordinary comments. She's got so much to say for herself, it's quite an effort for Pierre to actually get her to strip off and pose as required, which she does with some assistance from Tania. Her slim form is shown off in a photo shoot with three guys - it's standard coverage of the posing for the usual oral, anal, DPs and come shots, but the lively lass seems to have a fun time, judging by all the laughs.
Interview: Vladivostok, March 1997. Photo shoot: Sex 11

Stephany Steel
AKA Aniko, this lovely brunette student is fondly remembered in these parts (no pun intended) for some scenes for Christoph and Rocco where she performed with a real twinkle in her eye, the kind of saucy sparkle that's seen here when she reveals her fantasy is to be with five guys, because the number brings her good luck! That's one way of thinking about it, I guess. She looks great even with little make up, and readily strips off to show her super figure. Unfortunately the two scenes chosen to illustrate her performances for Private do her little justice, being little more than brief, edited highlights of a typically vacuous Adamo scenario, and a better horny nun number from Tanya Hyde. Anal, DP and facials feature but blink and you'll miss 'em.
Interview: Budapest, April 1998. Sex scenes: Sex Shot, Tanya Hyde's Twisted Dreams.

Sandrine & Christelle
Back in time to an interview with two French girls, surely chosen for novelty value than their looks. Sandrine and Christelle are identical twins with slim, dare I say, skinny bodies. Their sexual confessions are unremarkable, apart from the fact that they've only ever tried a foursome in each other's company. Such salaciousness propels Pierre's thoughts and instructions during a photo shoot at an under-construction cliff top villa, but the "did they, didn't they" vagueness of the coverage makes it hard to say if anything really outrageous went on. The stills from this shoot are included among the extra features: does touching tongues count? The usual moves, however, are all present and correct, with oral, straight sex and anal for both girls, and a DP for Sandrine…or is it Christelle?
Interview: Budapest, April 1993. Photo shoot: Private 124

Wanda Curtis

Billed as Vanda, Wanda makes her Woodman debut with a mixture of catty comments about Nikki Anderson, cheeky comments about Viv Thomas, snooty remarks about other people who perform in porn movies, and some candid confessions about her aversion to anal after a certain Jocelyn (who I presume to be the gentleman better known by the initials J.Y.L.C.) tried to stick it up her ass and caused her to have to see a doctor for some time after - sounds rather unpleasant, to be frank. Woodman says Jocelyn isn't always cool. But then again, some of Wanda's other pronouncements cause Woodman to call her, however jovially said, a "menteuse", so who knows? Pierre certainly sneers at her when she feigns shyness.

What's not in doubt is her sheer confidence, lounging on the bed as if absolutely at home in the spotlight, her short hair, wickedly flashing dark eyes and pronounced pout giving her the air of a French film starlet. As Pierre duly notes her figure is superb, and it's good to see her here in young and natural mode, before she acquired something of a harsh look, in a clothes shop scene from Woodman's two part feature That's Life. It's one of those that's completely superfluous even in its original context, but nonetheless fun to her slim, wiry body moving on Richard Lengin's cock in some style as she conquers that anal aversion.
Interview: Budapest, March 1996. Sex scene: That's Life.

By comparison with the outspoken Wanda, this slim and girlish 20-year-old student teacher appears to have virtually no personality. Her lack of articulacy means it takes so long to relate her fantasy, Pierre actually begins to wonder just how perverse it must be if it's so difficult to discuss. He is to be disappointed, as she merely wishes to make love by the sea, which, our survey says, is the most popular fantasy for girls in this series. Justine does have a rather pleasing, slim figure and a perky little backside, but Pierre and Tania (I presume) discussing her bad teeth put me off.

In a way, it's actually more interesting to see timid little misses like Justine being inveigled in Pierre's world of smut because, to put it bluntly, we never really know how they're going to react to a good hard shag from a pro stud (in this case, Bob Terminator). Without wishing to cast aspersions, Wanda Curtis gives you a good idea of what to expect long before she ever gets her kit off. So here's Justine sucking cock along with Melanie (Melonia), eating pussy and taking it in her rear, all under heavy instructions from Pierre, and doing rather well.
Interview: Budapest, August 1998. Sex scene: Sex Therapy.

Mariann & Timea

AKA Viviann and Soffianne, more twins: it's only after I watch the following sex scene, from Private Stories 4, that I realise I've seen them in action. Even allowing for more years than I care to remember, it is undeniably an incredibly dull scene (directed by Jane Waters). The sole, fleeting frisson for connoisseurs of such forbidden treats is in seeing Mariann sucking off the guys (Alberto Rey and Mike Foster) directly from her sister's nether regions after a brief DP.

Back to the interview, from which I am surprised Pierre didn't take a hint given the sullen attitude of Timea, the tan one. Her sister Mariann is more talkative and lively, though both have crude, unappealing accents. She seems to agree to everything for work, but usually Woodman wouldn't be interested in such a businesslike attitude. No doubt it was the "sisters in sin" kind of deal that sold him.
Interview: Budapest, September 1995. Sex scene: Private Stories 4.

And now to the main event, truly a "rabbit in the headlights" moment, starring a girl so young and sweet looking they have to check her passport to make sure she is 18. This has to be one of the most provocative and highly contentious of Woodman's infamous initiations that I have seen to date. How young Lyudmilla came to be sitting in the glare of Pierre's lens is unclear, and the early form is familiar - she only wants to do fashion type shots, threatens to storm off and it takes an immense amount of frequently circular discussion with a girl who makes Khrushchev seem reasonable, judging by her most frequent response: "Niet, niet, niet".

Unusually, for these interviews, Woodman actually offers payment while the tape is running, but confusingly his offer of $500 to allow his assistant to shave her (she is worried that being unshaven is a problem) is turned down one moment, the next Woodman is naughtily sneaking a peek into the bathroom where this very activity is taking. Even more dubiously, Woodman has the camera surreptitiously running on a tripod even though she refusing permission for as much as a Polaroid of her nude poses. This, and subsequent discussion leading to the inevitable seduction, is every bit as queasy as it sounds. Looking at her big brown eyes and impossibly youthful looks, maybe I am a sucker but I can only feel this really is a sin.

The translator/assistant departs and Lyudmilla is left in Woodman's clutches. Amazingly, little Lyudmilla warms to Woodman's advances - the way her tiny hands stroke him is frankly sickening. I can assure you it's only through a sense of duty to you, dear reader, that I continue watching. It's unclear how he explains them away, but she readily goes on as he pushes her lovely little body into numerous positions during the usual good, hard shag. She's briefly talked into a blowjob, before he heartily quips "Take it in your ass, bitch."

The thing that really takes the biscuit is the aftermath: right after she's run to the bathroom to wash the come out of her mouth, she returns to lovingly wipe Pierre's sweaty brow with a towel. It would make you spew, honestly; don't watch it. The ironic thing is that she doesn't have any other Private credits so the whole sorry spectacle would appear to have been in vain (though I am pretty sure I've seen her in some magazines).

Sabina also failed to go beyond the initial interview in the Private world, which is in a way more of a shame because she's grown up and more importantly really, really gorgeous. Her sparking eyes and sensational smile are just fabulous. Perhaps this incredibly attractive, vivacious and downright elegant (dyed) red head is just too good for your filth, Pierre. She works as a hostess at the opera house, and comments while perusing the Private mags proffered to her as always that she likes the typography, which is surely a first! Her strip and poses is, sadly, the end of the line.

I still can't get the thought of Lyudmilla's big brown eyes out of my head, so my judgement might be a little cloudy. Let's face it - you want to see these beauties in your adult movies, don't you? While I am after the sheer escapism as much as anyone, perhaps it might not be a bad thing if learning a little more about how girls make it to the screen were to make one feel just a little uneasy - or like things aren't 100% as they appear to be - and to encourage viewers to think a little longer about what they're watching. On the other hand, if you want non-stop, guilt free whacking, look elsewhere! Still, for a typically frank examination, while not pretending that this is the whole story for one moment, Castings 34 is compelling viewing. Besides, where else could you find out Wanda Curtis could be so bitchy? Meeow!

DVD Comments
The old caveat applies - the picture quality for the interviews is pretty basic, being shot in the most Spartan fashion for what would initially be reference purposes. The sex scenes are of significantly better quality, though the on-set stuff from photo shoots is a touch ropey, as is usually the way in this series. The sound is good enough for the purpose, and Private stack up the usual bundle of languages, subtitles, photos and trailers to make a decent package.

Pierre Woodman
Wanda Curtis, Maryline, Stephanie Steel, Sandrine, Christelle, Justine, Mariann, Timea, Lyudmilla, Sabina
Running Time
2hrs 41mins
NTSC / All regions
Dolby 2.0 / Multi-language options
Disc Features
Photos, trailers, subtitles, cast and production notes

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