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Castings 32: Judith Fox

Castings 32: Judith Fox

Studio: Private
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Castings 32: Judith Fox:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Castings 32: Judith Fox overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Castings 32: Judith Fox Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Castings 32: Judith Fox Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Castings 32: Judith Fox Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Castings 32: Judith Fox Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Castings 32: Judith Fox DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Castings 32: Judith Fox A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  11/15/2004

Title: Castings #32: Judith Fox (also known as Private Castings #32: Judith Fox)
Released by: Private

Well it’s time to once again answer the question of how the hell the folks at Private manage to find their talent. Director Pierre Woodman has brought forth yet another collection of attractive women as they are just starting in the adult business over in Europe.

Okay, first problem once you put the DVD in is that you don’t go right into the menu. Instead, you have to go past a trailer for an upcoming Private movie. Come on guys! Just get us to the main menu and we’ll watch the trailer when we’re damned good and ready! Stop trying to make these decisions for us!

All right, let’s get to the beautiful women. Now the first thing that this reviewer should point out is that it some of the women are not prepared to show off their bodies right then and there for the casting. If sure that if they did prepare, then they would have removed certain things beforehand. You’ll know what I mean in a bit…

The first one is Judith Nemeth, a lovely young brunette who was already a model before meeting Mr. Woodman. She appears to be rather comfortable talking about her sex life and about the things that she’s done and not yet done. Once she starts undressing, Pierre is obsessed with the size of her breasts. They’re nice… not really large. Quite proportional, actually. Actually she has a nice body over all, which takes us to the "action" portion… which is from Private’s Gold #44. Our lovely young lady is walking up a staircase, wearing a nice aqua evening gown. She finds the bathroom, and goes to lock the door, only to discover the lock is missing. No matter, nature calls, right? Whoops! Some stud shows up! Rather than be embarrassed, though, she doesn’t object to him walking in. She reaches in and pulls out his cock to suck. Next thing we know, the dress is down around her hips and he’s boning her in reverse-cowgirl position. She spins around, and now they’re going at it hard and heavy in cowgirl position. Hold up! Intermission. Seems our director needs to prepare Judith for an anal scene. He literally takes a hands-on position here, getting her butt ready for the scene, not to mention getting her off. Is that a director’s director or what?? Okay, back to the sex. The dress is completely off, and she’s giving her all in this anal scene. And we wrap this up with him blowing his load into her mouth. Nice way to start things off.

Our second lovely lady is Alex (Alexandra) Crawford, another lovely brunette who is also a manicurist. She’s eager to get into the industry for both the money and the fun. She has some problems getting out of her heels, but once the translator helps, she’s able to get out of the rest of her clothes. Pierre makes the comment that she looks like Cindy Crawford, and this reviewer can see something of a resemblance. She also has a very nice and proportional body. Her "action" scene is from XXX Private #8, where she’s eagerly giving some guy a blowjob on the stairs. He returns the favor with a few licks, and then takes her in doggie-position. This quickly changes to cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, anal doggie, and finally blowing his load into her mouth, and she doesn’t miss a drop. Damn, she good! But wait, we’re not done with her yet! Let’s go to Private’s Gold #35, where she’s a guide taking two studs through the jungle. It doesn’t take much for her to lose her scarf-dress and take them both on at the same time. They go through just about every possible position between the three of them, and it ends with her jerking both of them to completion one after the other. Another nice one!

The third lovely newbie is Michelle (aka "Suzanna"), a young-looking blond who is also into fashion modeling. She thinks this is just another fashion model search, and she’s eager to travel. But once she realizes that it’s not really what our director does, you can see the slight hint of a panic on her face. Don’t worry, folks, she doesn’t run out screaming. In fact, once she leafs through the magazines, she’s not fazed by the material at all. It takes a little more talking, but she soon takes off her clothes to show off her rather nice body. After posing naked for the camera, she’s asked some more questions about her sex life and what she likes sexually. That takes us to the "action" scenes. The first one is Private #156, which is of her in the middle of a three-on-one photo shoot. There’s a lot of pausing and holding still while the photographer snaps away, which is something that you should probably fast-forward through. She gets all holes filled at some point, and finishes by sucking off each guy to completion. From there we go to Private’s Gold #40, which is of her going off with two guys into the hills for some outdoor fucking. One guys fucks, she sucks the other guy, then the other guy gets her in a double-penetration. She jerks off both guys to completion, and that’s it for her. Not too bad.

Lovely lady number four is Tavilia Griffin, another brunette who is somewhat plain… possibly because she’s not wearing any makeup. (Remember what I said about not being prepared?) Once she starts to get out of her clothes, she loosens up a bit and looks really nice when she starts smiling. Her "action" scene is from Video Deluxe #5, and it’s one of those weird "artisitic" scenes. She’s there with a blonde girl, they’re both dressed like hooker nurses. They do a little girl-girl for their wheelchair-bound patient, then they decide to take turns banging him. They wrap it up with him cumming between them. Not really appealing for this reviewer… mostly because it is "artistic".

Our fifth casting girl is Gabriella… who is dressed sort of strangely. Skullcap, leather jacket, and a traffic orange outfit that looks like something you’d see in a strip club. Apparently unlike some of the other casting girls, this one DID prepare for this. Once she takes off her jacket you can see a very prominent tattoo of a Venus Flytrap on top of her left breast. She leafs through the magazines pretty nonchalantly. Once she takes off her clothes, we can see she’s got a very nice body. Her "action" scene is from Gold #47, which is an S&M scene. It’s a little hard to hear the participants, though, because this is apparently the audio is from the director’s perspective. Gabriella gets stripped naked and holds on to a torture rack. First she gets gently whipped, and then fucked with a whip. Once she gets off, she kneels down and sucks his cock. Then he turns her around and fucks her doggie-style. This turns into reverse-anal cowgirl on the bed, then she jumps off and sucks and jerks him to climax in her face. Again, not too bad, although it probably would have been better if we didn’t hear the director’s running comments on the scene.

Our penultimate casting girl for this video is Valentina. She’s a nice girl-next-door brunette who is a stark contrast to Gabriella in several ways. Where Gabriella came prepared, Valentina did not, or else she wouldn’t have worn full stockings. And once she gets most of her clothes off and beds over on all fours on the bed, we find something else she should have removed prior to her being there. Of course, once Pierre finds it, he quickly zooms out, and we go right to the action scene. In this case it’s from Triple X Video #5, a behind-the-scenes video of a three-on-one gangbang. This is taking place in an airport hanger, and the three men are dressed in overalls. They each have their way with her at the same time, and they each jerk themselves off one at a time to her face. Not very appealing, especially with all of the pauses. Pity too, because she’s easy on the eyes.

The last casting girl for this video is our cover girl, Judith Fox… and the name fits, because she is a FOX! Although, when she first shows up to see our director, she’s not really interested in doing anything "hard". But she doesn’t mind taking her clothes off just the same. Nice body, even with a modest boob job. Five months later, she’s back, but she still only wants to do "softcore" stuff. But she’s still willing to take her clothes off for the camera… and after a little bit of talking, he convinces her to do a little "action" scene with him. This is the specialty of the Castings series, which is why they saved the best for last. The translator is away, the camera is running by itself, and it’s just Pierre and Judith in the bedroom.

We start out with Judith still very naked from earlier. Pierre warms her up quickly with some foreplay, both with his fingers, and then with his tongue. Once properly warmed up, he gets himself hard and slides himself in. Since there is nobody working the camera, you don’t have any zooming or alternate views. Pierre, of course, makes sure to rotate the action around so we can see every bit of the two of them going at it. They go at it pretty hard and fast, going through just about every position possible on that bed. After a little bit of a rest, he warms up her ass and then takes her there, and go through every possible position. They finish with him cumming right into her mouth, and she swallows every drop.

In terms of extras, we have a static text-only production notes page, six trailers (including the one that starts up automatically in the beginning), and a closer look at each of the girls, including being able to jump to their interview segment. This is really a good feature, but much like my earlier review for another Castings video, I wish Private allowed us to jump right to the "action" section and skip the interview process. It also has the video’s own trailer, and the interesting thing about it is that the cover girl was not supposed to feature Judith at all. It’s a good thing that they changed it. Judith definitely deserved the cover shot on this video.

All in all this is a pretty good way to sample Private videos and get to know the beautiful women Pierre finds. Again, I wish there was a way to get past the interview section and get right to the sex scenes, but it’s still worth getting.

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