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Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez

Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez

Studio: Private
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Castings 30: Gabriella Kerez A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  11/8/2004
Castings 30  

The continuing adventures of Pierre Woodman in the land of gorgeous girls brings another batch of interviews and sex scenes to inform, entertain, titillate and provoke. The format is as usual - castings shot in a very basic way are followed by either on-set coverage of a shoot or a sex scene chosen to highlight the specific performer.

This tall, slender brunette sports a short cropped cut and has already done "kitsch" photos with Jean-Pierre Armand (the mind boggles) and some DP stills for a German photographer, so she's hardly coming to this as the much vaunted virgin. Sadly, when she strips off, it's clear she's had a boob job. She claims she likes girls and has tried anal but isn't keen (sounds familiar?). There's coverage of a punk-rock styled photo shoot where she takes on three of the usual suspects and then another shoot, featuring anal and DP with Lengin and Le Castel, in what appears to be a typically wholesome Canadian kitchen location. Chanonne looks so much better with long hair; one would almost swear it's a totally different person.
Interview: Paris, April 1994. Photo shoots: Private 127, Pirate 37

Dayanna Kill
This absolutely gorgeous Romanian girl, with long, silky red-brown hair and piercing blue eyes, first came to my notice as presenter of Superfuckers 1. This interview illustrates a certain point about Pierre woodman. Often, we credit him with his innate skill in getting girls this gorgeous to do things the viewers would never imagine they would consider. However, it's clear that in many cases, such as Dayanna, they need little convincing. Check out her body language and facial reactions as she's interviewed, admitting an experience with two guys and a fantasy to try it with girls.

Pierre's line of enquiry about guys pissing in her mouth is met with a coy smile but any response is unfortunately cut off by an abrupt jump to a sex scene from Superfuckers 3, where David Perry and Alain Deloin treat her to a good old fashioned seeing-to, to which she responds noisily and enthusiastically, her golden tanned skin just glowing all over her gorgeous slim form. They go straight from her pussy to a strong DP. Horny Dayanna gobbles off Alain's spunking cock before stroking David off onto her face with apparent excitement. It ain't romance, that's for sure, just mindless hard banging but pretty good as that sort of thing goes - besides, if there's a niche for it, why not fill it?
Interview: Budapest, April 1999. Sex scene: Superfuckers 3

Monica Roccaforte
By pure chance, before I stuck this disc in the drive, I had only just finished watching Mario Salieri's Naples Interdite wherein gorgeous busty brunette Monica is seen looking luscious in some typically fiendish Salieri scenario. This is a charming interview in which Monica, a nineteen-year-old student who gives her name as Sylvia, acts delightfully coy when the idea of sexual fantasises is mentioned. So maybe she's a little shy but her charms cannot be denied, especially when she removes her top. Lovely. Unfortunately, the only action to back this up is a slightly jumbled excerpt from Christoph Clark's Weekend in Bologna. Monica, black stockings, mediocre sex and some poor camera work - couldn't they have come up with better than this to show off such a lovely girl?
Interview: Budapest, August 1996. Sex scene: Gaia 3 - Weekend In Bologna

Another student girl looking for something to occupy her spare time, Paty is a pretty Costa Rican lass who apparently has more sexual experience than her sweet looks might suggest. She comes away with a great comment about how being with more than one guy at a time must be tiring! Her attractive but unfortunately tattooed body is seen in a number from No Sun, No Fun, where Paty plays a maid who entertains four guys to some DP and anal which all ends with a veritable sperm shower. Did she like it? I wonder. Condoms are worn for this scene that includes Pierre's copious verbal prompting as he toils, frankly unsuccessfully, to get the cast to do his bidding.
Interview: Costa Rica, February 2000. Sex scene: Gold 43 - No Sun, No Fun

Gabriella Kerez
Lovely brunette Gabriella is one of my favourites, the sister of Henrietta who had already worked with Pierre. Oddly she doesn't seem to really appreciate what Pierre is about and that the desired job in fashion modelling isn't on offer. It takes a couple of interviews for Gabriella to commit to this dirty old business, though I was mildly disappointed to find no great revelations, though typically ungentlemanly Pierre quips in French as an aside, "If she's got her sister's pussy you could drive a truck in there!" What a charmer. Meanwhile Gabriella strips off to reveal her super curves. Pierre approves. Frankly, he'd be mad not to.

The sex scene to follow this up is taken from Superfuckers 2, taking place firstly on an inflatable in the pool where Pascal and Bob Terminator stuck it to Gabriella in the usual ruthless manner, then more guys cluster round on the pool side where the action takes in anal, double penetration and double anal before several loads are fired in her general direction. This isn't a total disaster - Pierre's forte for good looking hard shaggin' is much in evidence - but I recommend True Anal Stories 9 in particular, though the look in Gabriella's eyes at the end of her Animal Trainer 3 appearance is something else.
Interview: Budapest, December 1998 and February 1999. Sex scene: Superfuckers 2

Sitting there on the bed, looking all pouty and pretty and sexy and sulky, occasionally giggling as she states her interest in only doing soft erotic shots, pale redhead Marianne gives us a real sense of what this is all about in essence. Simply, Pierre is asking us "Don't you just want to see this girl get it?"

There are some highlights besides as Marianne comes away with some funny answers to the usual rude questions. She thinks sperm in the mouth is good for you as it has lots of vitamins. This is followed by an amusing exchange between Pierre and his translator (Tania?) as they debate the merit of this viewpoint. She says she eats it and she doesn't know! Marianne is so slow stripping off that the tape runs out before she's fully on show, so you'll just have to make do with an on-location style look at a sex scene from Tatiana 2, where Marianne and buxom brunette Sandra have a roll in the hay with Yves Baillat and David Perry. There's anal and DP for both girls.
Interview: Moscow, August 1997. Sex scene: Tatiana 2

She's blonde, she's beautiful, she's got big blue eyes, a decent command of English and a really super body, and most importantly an earnest manner that could charm the socks of anybody, and that definitely includes Pierre. So much to and fro goes on in this interview that it's pointless for me to try to explain. If you have any interest at all in this series, I'd recommend you check this one out. If not, do me a favour and give this series a wide berth.

The longer this whole pantomime goes on, one has to wonder exactly who's stringing who along as Lilou mutters about how this is disgusting and that is horrible, sometimes looking genuinely flustered, sometimes seeming uncommonly composed. So yes, Pierre apparently does talk a supposedly reluctant young lady with a dearly loved boyfriend and a heart set on a career in fashion modelling into the grubby world of porn, but I really am so bored with all the ill-informed debate about the veracity of these scenarios, not to mention the supposed exploitation and all the rest. If a man who actually knows the absolute truth about what really goes on could raise his hand and enlighten us all, I would be much obliged.

Otherwise, I am just going to treat it as a scene in a movie and I am just going to keep watching. I can't deny that I find this all hugely interesting viewing and not simply because of the cheap voyeuristic opportunity, but because it's far more closely related to real world issues of morality, ambition, desire and so much more than we typically see in pornography. And no, it doesn't hurt that the action just so happens to include a top class shag from the wicked Mr Woodman for this delicious willowy blonde.

The cherished boyfriend is long forgotten by the time Ms Lilou is spread out on the bed, languorously accepting Pierre's head between her long legs and acting absolutely nothing like someone unused to having sex with strangers. Pierre sticks it to her in his inimitable fashion (i.e. fast and furious, causing her to lash and thrash around the bed) and initiates her into anal with his fingers only. She says she can take no more, but returns a few days later for another stiff seeing to, this time taking it in the ass. It's great stuff and they really seem to hit it off. The key moment in it all, however, is perhaps a little exchange before the first sex when she shows him her new watch, which apparently cost a fortune. That certainly started the little cogs ticking over…
Interview and initiation: Budapest, June 2000

Far be it from me to bandy insults about money-motivated performers around, but there's no denying that seems to be Erika's prime objective. It's instructive to hear, therefore, that Pierre isn't actually too keen on girls just out for cash - I won't repeat what he calls them - and so no matter how attractive Erika might be, and she is very attractive indeed, with sparkling eyes and a great body, you can tell this just isn't going to work out.
Interview: June, 1995.

As always I am well aware that in virtually everything he does Pierre can be an acquired taste, and further consideration must be given to the fact that much of the generous running time is purely chat with no nudity. However, I still feel this is highly recommended viewing for anyone with an interest in the particular girls, or European porn in general. It's a good example of the series and the Lilou scene is particularly provocative on several levels. The usual issues are present and correct- if unaware, please don't expect anything other than the most basic standard of photography during the castings - but I enjoyed it. Your mileage will doubtless vary. Cynics should not apply.

DVD Comments
Picture quality is good, especially considering the rough and ready nature of some of the shooting, and the sound is perfectly acceptable with the range of language and subtitle options to help you along. The menus are slick, though the extras could be a little more generous, but overall the standard is high as usual from Private.

Pierre Woodman
Chanonne, Dayana Kill, Monica Roccaforte, Paty, Gabriella Kerez, Marianne, Lilou, Erika
Running Time
2hrs 55mins
NTSC / All regions
Dolby 2.0 / Original sound with multi language and subtitle options
Disc Features
Photos, cast and production information, trailers

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