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Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes

Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Reality Porn
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Caribbean Undercover/Sex Island: Behind the Scenes A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/28/2002

Running Time: 177 min. (cover states approx. 3 hours or 180 min.)

Production Date: 8 / 1999

Director: Steven St. Croix

Cast: Tera Patrick, Caroline Cage, Cheila, Jessica Drake, Schelly Elson, Judy, Vanda, Bobbi Bliss, Evan Stone, Brick Majors, Mark Davis, and Mickey G. in sexual roles, and Steven St. Croix, Nicholas Steele, Frank Thring, and a whole bunch of other people in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: I think the features offered on this DVD were previously offered on the original DVDs, so Iím not expecting anything at all.

Initial Reaction: This would be a dang good DVD if both of these features hadnít been released on other DVDs earlier.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who for some reason refuses to buy the original movies

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody whoís watched the Caribbean Undercover or Sex Island DVDs.

Audio /Video Quality: Since thereís a lot of gonzo and shot-on-the-fly sex here, the technical aspects are always the best. The audio doesnít always have the best balance, and is frequently hampered by outdoor noises such as the wind and waves rolling in. The video is pretty good, but does have a bit of shake to it now and then, as well as a bit of pixelation. Since thereís quite a bit of natural lighting used for shooting, there are also a few shadow problems.

Music: None.

Menus: The main menus are basically the same menus used in the original features, although the Caribbean Undercover has been nicely updated to fit more of Adam & Eveís current menu style. The chapter menu has changed to allow you to choose a scene based on a small clip and a description of the scene.

The Feature: Since this feature is split between two features, Iím going to arrange the review the same way.

Caribbean Undercover (88 min.)

This isnít just a ďmaking ofĒ type feature, where you see the guys filming the stars. Steven focuses on whatís happening away from the actual filming of the feature. He does catch some of the scenes being filmed, but mostly he stays away from the actual scenes being shot. Steven starts off catching Nick Steele and some of the crew in the airport, and moves on to give a tour of some of the areas theyíre going to be shooting at. He works in a few small interviews, and does a good job of trying to break the language barrier with some of the European girls.

The pool seems like a good place to be, since the next day Caroline swims across the pool to hook up with Mark Davis. No words are exchanged, she just gets out of the pool and starts slowly sucking his cock. Mark repays Caroline in fashion, first giving her a little lick and tickle as she turns around and then sliding his face around between her legs. Caroline rolls onto all fours once again, letting Mark work on both of her holes with his tongue and fingers. They move inside for a little more oral play before Mark starts fucking Carolineís pussy. He works it over both in missionary and doggie style, and plays with her ass a little more as he fucks her pussy. They move back outside where Mark fingers Carolineís ass before fucking it from behind, in both reverse and standard cowgirl, and missionary style, all of which Caroline seems to get into nicely. Caroline finishes things up by taking Markís man juice on and around her tongue after he fucks her face. Itís a pretty good scene, but for some reason thereís a fairly noticeable cut in the middle of the pop, during which Markís jiz disappears from her tongue. Iím not sure whether she swallowed it down or not, but it did bring down the end of the scene a bit. The rest of the scene was pretty dang good, and has a decent gonzo style to it.

Mark Davis, appearing to be a very popular guy when the actual movie isnít being shot, returns for the next scene, this time with the great Vanda. She doesnít give him time to do much of anything before dropping down to suck his cock. She starts out sucking Mark off outside, but after a bit they make their way inside where Vanda continues to suck him off. Mark, ever the gentleman, returns the favor by eating Vandaís pussy and ass and opens her holes up a bit with his fingers. Fingers arenít enough to satisfy Vandaís needs, so she crawls onto Markís cock and gives him a good ride. She hops off and turns around so Mark can finger and then fuck her ass in a variety of positions, as he works between vaginal and anal sex. Some of it is a little amusing, since Steven has to feed Vanda trash talking lines so she can say them in English, but thereís no doubting whether or not Vanda is into the scene. She finishes it up by taking Markís population pudding in her mouth and on her chest. Itís another hot scene with Vanda really doing a great job. Iíve watched Vanda in a few other scenes, and she has never disappointed me yet.

Next up, Steven actually goes to the set, where he catches Vanda and Evan Stone in the opening sex scene. It isnít a new scene like the pervious ones, but it does bring a little different perspective to the scene since you get to see some of how it really went down. Steven gets a few comments in as well, which also adds a bit.

Since a bonus sex scene just isnít the same without Mark Davis, he returns for an oral scene with Bobbi Bliss (I think). As usual, Bobbi does a great job of sucking cock, and Mickey G. even comes over to play a bit with her. It makes for a really great oral scene, and adds quite a bit of fun to the scene as well. Mickey doesnít stick around for any of the main cocksucking, but does serve his purpose as comedy relief. Bobbi and Mark have some great chemistry throughout the scene. Mark even gives her a big kiss after she takes his guy goo in her mouth, explaining that it doesnít bother him because its his. Although itís something I think I could probably do without seeing, it is handled extremely well.

Bobbi finishes things up with a masturbation scene inside after getting a little action from Mark in the pool the next day. She starts off with a little tease, and eventually works her fingers into her pussy. Itís a different ending, and very odd since the behind the scenes feature ends when she does. Itís a pretty good scene, but the ending does bring it down a little.

Steven St. Croix does a very good job with the behind the scenes feature for Caribbean Undercover. Itís handled almost as if itís a separate feature, yet he ties things back to the main feature enough that it works as a companion piece that really adds to the overall package. Although I enjoyed it, those who donít care for Mark Davis, who I happen to think is one of the best leading men in porn today, might want to avoid it since heís in most of the scenes. Adam & Eve, Nicholas Steele, and Steven St. Croix did a great job here.

Sex Island (89 min.)

Since both Sex Island and Caribbean Undercover were filmed at the same time, the behind the scenes mixes the scenes together a bit, but I donít think many people will complain about seeing a little extra sex. Unlike the other behind the scenes feature, this one feels more like an actual behind the scenes. It captures quite a bit of the scenes from both movies being shot, as well as including some extra sex scenes.

Mickey G. gets the first behind the scenes bonus sex scene with the amazing Vanda. Steven finds Vanda sucking Mickeyís cock, which for some reason seems to be having a hard time getting hard, as Mickey sits on some rocks. Mickey returns the favor, licking Vandaís pussy as she sits on the rock and roughly pinches her nipples, while he strokes himself hard. He moves on to start fucking Vandaís pussy missionary style, and takes his time before moving back into her ass. Vanda gets her ass fucked missionary style to start out with, and then turns around so Mickey can fuck it from behind. Vanda finishes things up by enthusiastically taking Mickeyís guy goo into her mouth with a smile. Itís a very good scene thatís helped out a lot by Vandaís great enthusiasm.

Mark Davis makes his first appearance for the next scene, as he starts out sucking the toes of the lovely Jessica Drake. He eventually makes his way up to her nicely pierced pussy, and gives it and her asshole some nice tongue attention also. Jessica returns the favor in kind, slowly sucking Markís cock before turning around and letting him fuck her pussy. Jessica doesnít expect him to pick her up and spin her around for some reverse cowgirl action, but Mark guides her through it nicely. They finish things up with a bit of missionary work, including some nice variations before Jessica takes Markís spunk pretty much everywhere between her mouth and tits. Itís a good scene that has some very nice chemistry. It also has a nicely different feel since itís obvious Mark and Jessica arenít used to working together, yet thereís a nice bit of professionalism to it as well.

Jessica Drake returns for another scene, this time with a nice little solo scene as another scene is being filmed. She soft works her finger around her pussy while having a cigarette. If youíre looking for an intense solo scene, this isnít going to be it. Itís very soft and demure, and has an almost artistic feel to it. Jessica seems to know exactly where the camera is focused the entire time, and plays to it to the point that I had the feeling that almost any instance in the scene could have been taken as a still for an upper class adult magazine. Jessica builds some decent heat through the scene, but unlike many hot scenes, itís very quiet due to Jessica not being able to make noise with a scene being shot almost right next to her.

Mark Davis, who once again appears more in the behind the scenes that the actual feature, returns for another scene, this time with the lovely Judy. Mark starts this time with his tongue dancing across Judyís pussy before sinking two of his fingers into Judyís holes and gradually moving them both into her ass. At Stevenís urging, they switch around so Mark can get some head, which Judy gives very well. Judy plays to the camera in the typical European style as Mark starts fucking her from behind, but itís also pretty apparent that sheís enjoying having Markís cock in her snatch. They vary it a bit by having Judy both get on all fours and up on her knees, but she always seems to be enjoying it. Judy moves into a reverse cowgirl with Mark fucking her pussy, but returns to doggie style for him to fuck her ass. Judy seems amazed at Markís girth in her ass, but handles it very well and gets into his cock once again before continuing to take it in her ass missionary style. Once again, Mark finishes things up by coating his partner from her tits to her mouth. Itís another hot scene with some nice heat and chemistry.

Once again, Steven St. Croix has done a very good job of making an enjoyable behind the scenes feature. He balances the shooting of the actual scenes with a few new ones to make this both enjoyable and fairly fresh. The only complaint I can have about the feature is that there are a couple sections here that take up a fair amount of time that were actually part of Caribbean Undercover rather than Sex Island. It seems like the two features could have been edited a bit differently to better balance the features rather than confusing the people who havenít seen Caribbean Undercover with scenes they know nothing about.

Every now and then somebody has a very good idea. Giving Steven St. Croix a camera so he can make a behind the scenes feature as these two features were being made was a very good one. Including a behind the scenes feature with its corresponding movie on DVD was another great idea. Releasing the behind the scenes features together on their own DVD is, to put it kindly, not, especially when itís about the same price as the other DVDs. In fact, the word ďboneheadĒ immediately comes to mind, followed by a few other words that arenít nearly as nice. Donít bother paying attention to, or money for, this DVD. Instead go get it as part of the movies which were made at the same time. Itís well worth the extra two or three bucks itíll cost you over paying to get just the behind the scenes feature.

Extras: Trailers are included for The Puppeteer and Invisible. A photo gallery is included on each side which lasts about a minute and a half with about five seconds per nice looking snapshot. Finally, thereís website information.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female), anal, spanking, oral, tease, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: Currently, Caribbean Undercover / Sex Island Behind the Scenes can be found online for around $21. Rather than thinking about spending this much on this DVD, spend another buck or two and get the actual DVDs for these movies which includes the Behind the Scenes features. If you feel like spending another buck or two, buy some spaghetti noodles, boil it, and then take some time and track down the bonehead who felt this should be released on DVD and beat them with the wet noodle.

Note to Adam & Eve: Iím not really sure why this was released other than to try and get a little more out of people. I can understand wanting to have all of your product available on both VHS and DVD, and applaud your effort. Unfortunately, while itís a great idea to release this on VHS, itís already available in another form on DVD which makes this release more than just trivial.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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