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Car Wash Girls

Car Wash Girls

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Car Wash Girls:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Car Wash Girls overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Car Wash Girls Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Car Wash Girls Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Car Wash Girls Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Car Wash Girls Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Car Wash Girls DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Car Wash Girls A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/20/2010
Ok fans time for a little water fantasy ala Car Wash Girl Style! Mason's assembled a fine cast of ladies here who will not only wash your car but they'll take care of your cock too-- not that's full service with a smile and them some. No need to dilly dally, let's hit some highlights.

Alexis Texas & Eva Angelina:

we begin with our first of three 2 girl scenes in this title and pairing up Alexis and Eva promises some hot sex indeed. It's a rainy day as we see the first scene begin but Alexi and Eva have their little stand advertising for work rain or shine-- plus you add in their hot bikini outfits and I would imagine a lot of cars would pull over. The ladies do a nice job showing off the bods and using their sponges to strategically place soap all over- using ground shots here too was very good. The ladies do more washing of each other than the yellow car that's before them, lol. Soapy water cascading off Alexis's quivering ass never looked so good and you had Eva working those tits out, squeezing them- damn these girls were looking mighty fine. To get those bad spots of the windshield we had Alexis shaking that ass up and down and side to side! So the car job's done now to that added bit of fun for the ladies. Stefano's here and we get Michael appreciating the ladies who then show theirs by sharing his cock. Michael has to do some face diving in Alexis's ass then slips in for a fast driving doggie with Eva right there for P2OGM. No worries fans Eva gets hers too and there's more pussy juice cleaning by each girl tasting the other. Eva takes a huge load to her mouth, Michael saved up a good one and she shares with Alexis, cum kissing ensues. Well done ladies-- but do you do bikes too!

Rachel Starr:

On to the next scene where we find Rachel Starr manning the desk and the calls are coming in fast and furious. The boss comes in and reads her the riot act about hanging up on someone and then she's ordered out to finish a job on one of the cars. So outside goes Rachel for a little wax on wax off action! No sexy tease this time, actually more work tease- ahh wait there's a bend over ass crack shot, not plumber style but in the vicinity! You see the boss inside watching and I think he's got designs on Rachel doing a little more. So he goes out but then leaves so guess he's not that horny after all, lol. Ok the music suddenly changes and then it's sexy tease time as we have Rachel now in a shiny bikini and she's slowly moving those hips and caressing her body as we watch from a short distance and then using a nice ground shot. Rachel's working that ass too with a great booty shot captured. The wax on part's going well and the car's nice'n'shiny now time for Rachel to work on something else. Of course we have Rachel gettig herself all soapy and wet-- the tease here started slow but once she got the bikini on it definitely picked up. Now we just need a guy and Manuel Ferrara will do, lol. We head inside where he gets a few fingers working on Rachel's wet pussy, his face soon replaces them and Manuel's great with the oral pleasing. No early bj which I do like to see but Manuel does slip in for some spoon action, working it very good. Rachel does get to taste herself soon doing P2M, then it's 69 time with her on top. Reverse, cowgirl and doggie then follow until Manuel's ready to explode to Rachel's face, another good scene.

Isis Love & Charley Chase:

The next scene opens and the girls are doing a little advertising on TV. Times are tough here in porn valley so the girls decide to use their skillz in another area, lol. The advertising and flirting works as the ladies get a call for their services! So the ladies arrive in full car wash gear, lol.So the water starts flowing and the girls have some fun jumping around as they use the big 'hose' to wet the SUV down, a little splashing around, shaking their asses, spreading the legs and yeah the tops are barely containing their tits. Mason works the camera nicely here too getting up close, going ground level and finally the tits come out, Charley Chase is amazing! For her part Isis ain't half bad either! She rips her shirt off and the girls move from the car to getting each other wet-- in more ways than one I'd imagine!! So the girls are all hot'n'wet now, I think their work with the car's done, now they need another vehicle to do! So it's inside and the ladies get Jon Jon's black cock here too and are very eager working it out and sharing the bj. It's not a long bj though, we have horny girls here who need dick in their pussy and our guy's more than ready to oblige. The girls do a good job alternating riding that cock and then playing with their girlfriend, P2OGM was nice to see. Charley takes most of the load off her tongue to close, the ladies offer cleanup and kiss as we fade out.

Nikki Sexx:

Alright we keep the momentum going with Nikki who's in a sexy outfit to open with shades too. There's a little wind blowing through the hair which I like as she does a little buffing to the hood of the car with her ass. The shades then go letting us see those pretty eyes and we have Nikki working out those juicy titties that should have any big boob fans mouth watering. Big ass fans too should get some enjoyment here as Nikki gives us some fine booty shots too-- I'm sure Mason enjoyed shooting this hot tease. Nikki then has some fun squirting the wax all over the car's hood, like she had a dick!! With tits dangling and her ass doing some good side to side motion we have Nikki working the wax in-- not full wax on wax off but close. Mick Blue then comes in and he's bearing gifts-- one of those scented deals you hang from the mirror! But it's time for more fun as they head inside and Mick's face gets acquainted with those tits briefly before it's Nikki taking over working his cock out and into her mouth. Sexwise you can't go wrong with this girl in any position really. Cowgirl using the ground shot captures the ass beautifully. Mish was good and led to P2M, doggie then follows and finally my fave reverse where her boobs looked great. Nikki's facial expression was priceless too and she's nice and vocal too riding Mick. Our guy does good in close shooting his load to her tongue, cleanup too from Nikki. She can buff me anytime!

Bobbi Starr & Chayse Evans:

Ok it's finale time and this trucks dirty and I mean dirty so it takes a couple country girls to clean it. Bobbi and Chayse look good in their daisy dukes and checkered skirts-- those are wet and discarded in no time leaving very little in between us and their tits. The soapy water then follows over their chests, soon followed by the tits coming out. The shorts last a little longer by mere seconds before the soapy water descends coating them and their shed leaving us with bare soapy booties!! The ladies were enjoying this bit of water play for sure. The dirty grimey truck becomes an afterthought, lol. Manuel then comes up on them and I forgot to mention it was cold and rainy outside, guess when you're horny you don't care about the elements! So it's inside where Manuel helps them dry off-- of course this involves his cock coming out and the girls pouncing like ravenous dogs. The heat and intensity was way up here, Chayse furiously riding in cowgirl while Bobbi has risen up to smother Manuel's face with her pussy. There's some good back and forth too with the girls fucking Manuel. Anal too, you have Chayse riding in reverse and then it's Bobbi's turn for a good hard hair pulling ride in cowgirl anal. These girls are pretty nasty too as you get A2OGM with Chayse. Manuel wraps it up draining the cum down on both faces, some cleanup and the girls do a little pussy licking post pop style, nice!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, some great water tease in most of the scenes and lots of good skimpy outfits which quickly were shed allowing those sexy bodies to come out to play. Lots of hotties here too from Charley Chase to Nikki Sex to Eva Angelina. 3 scenes featuring 2 on 1 action and then two solid one girl scenes featuring Nikki and Rachel. No bonus scene in the extras which I missed but there is about 9 minutes worth of BTS with Mason who isn't good at hiding her joy in capturing this hot sex-- that's a good thing! Well worth picking up if you're a fan of any girl shot as Mason captures them beautifully.

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