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Candida Royalle's Urban Heat

Candida Royalle's Urban Heat

Studio: Femme Productions
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
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Zoid's ratings for Candida Royalle's Urban Heat:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Candida Royalle's Urban Heat overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Candida Royalle's Urban Heat Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Candida Royalle's Urban Heat Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Candida Royalle's Urban Heat Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Candida Royalle's Urban Heat Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Candida Royalle's Urban Heat DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Candida Royalle's Urban Heat A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Zoid  on  10/12/2004
I have always been intrigued by porn made by women for women and couples. Why? Well, it's simple — I'm not a woman; I like checking out stuff that's not meant for me. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Kidding aside, I just heard about Femme and that they make softer porn. I do like softer features (I grew up watching Emmanuelle) and I was curious about Candida Royalle's efforts. Urban Heat is, if I am not mistaken, the first or the second movie she manufactured with her Femme Productions. It's original date goes back to 1984 (according to This is Adam & Eve/Femme DVD re-release.


Runtime: 60 mins.
Region: all
Audio/Video: reasonably good, but with some artifacts. One scene is completely ruined. Audio is clear.
Menu: Pretty basic. The captions appear to be too small and since the font is curvy, it's hard to read.


Title: Urban Heat
Production Year: 1984-85 (?)
Producer/Writer: Candida Royalle
Director: R. Lauren Nieri
Marita Ekberg, Klaus Multia
Sharon Kane, David Israel-Sander
Taija Ray, Scott Baker
Chelsea Blake, K.Y. Lee
Cassandra Leigh, David Scott
Tish Ambrose, David Ambrose
Carol Cross, Bernard Daniels


This is a so-called vignette movie. It has no real plot, no storyline, only several, unrelated to each other sex sequences mixed with images of New York scenery and its everyday life. Good portion of the feature, especially in the beginning, is presented in what I call a music video style. You don't hear the sounds people make on the screen, only the soundtrack and occasional generic sound effects. All scenes are generally short by current standards, but that can be expected.

Before short scene breakdown, I'd like to point out several, sex-technical aspects that are common to every scene in this movie. The sex is generally very soft, tame and inexplicit. Most hardcore, if you can call that hardcore, is represented by oral sex. Visible penetration is shown only in some scenes, and you definitely shouldn't worry about those "offensive" cum shots; there are none here. A lot of focus lies on foreplay, fondling, kissing, and generally pleasing a woman. Guys tend to be in the background.

Scene 1

Movie starts with New York at night, and we see some disco bar with lots of people talking, dancing, sipping their drinks. You can observe Candida Royalle in the crowd if you watch closely. The bartender and the waitress decide to sneak to the basement for a quickie. They undress each other, kiss and cuddle. We see a very brief blowjob and tender pussy licking. The intercourse is in standing doggie and mish positions. Penetration is shown.

As far as sexual content goes, this was probably an okay scene; but there is something here that deserves special attention, specifically picture quality. It's horrible, as if the DVD supports 16 colors only. First I thought that it was some cheap, prehistoric special effect, but changed my mind later. I'm still not 100% sure, but the common sense dictates that something went terribly wrong with DVD transfer. This, by the way, the only instance of this weirdness.

Scene 2

This scene is harmoniously blended with the previous one. We see a couple on some stage in a dark setting, probably in the same disco. Again, there is a lot of kissing, fondling. The couple appears to be doing these artsy movements, like they are performing some kind of sexual ballet act while lying on the floor. We do see a very brief cunnilingus and fellatio. The intercourse is in missionary position. There isn't any explicit inserts shown.

This is pretty erotic scene, but it's too theatrical for my taste.

Scene 3

New York in the morning. Some urban neighborhood, apartment, a couple on the bed. The guy works around the girl in all possible ways, very tenderly, very gently. She also sucks on his (limp?) penis but that's shown for like three seconds. Eventually, they have sex in missionary position. No penetration is shown.

That's a nice scene. It's sweet and warm. The couple appears to be enjoying themselves and there is nice chemistry. The girl is also pretty; not fat or chubby, but very voluptuous, something you don't see very often nowadays.

Scene 4

Daytime. A man and a woman meet in the elevator and decide to have spontaneous fuck. There is a lot of foreplay, oral work, including in 69 position. You don't really see a blowjob because it's dark. At some point, the guy even gives this lady some serious finger fucking. Finally, the chick rides him as cowgirl.

This scene is damn hot for a softcore. It's probably the best in the film because it's the most energetic one by comparison with others. I've always liked sweaty action. This adult actress, Chelsea Blake, is super hot in my book. She's kind of a mature lady (30something me thinks) with beautiful, muscular body. All natural, of course. Her performance is also quite impressive. It even appears that she got off. If that was acted, well...only more credit to her. Hehe! The only thing that lacks is some explicitness. The guy doesn't even have a hard on for the most part and, logically, no hard inserts are shown.

Scene 5

It's hot in New York. We see a couple on a roof top, sun bathing. The girl smears the guy with baby oil or some transparent lotion, and massages his back. He gets an erection (thank god). The guy then explores the girl's body. They have sex in mish and cowgirl. This time we do see the penetration, even in close-up.

Pretty okay scene, but kind of too slow and casual with little emotion. Baby oil is of course always good.

Scene 6

Moving on to a couple in some apartment. They are sitting on a couch and watching porn on TV which is always a sensible thing to do during a romantic evening. We see significant amount of foreplay, but this time with ice cubes being utilized. The man gives girl some head, and then she returns the favor. The sex is in missionary only, but the action is more intense in this clip. The guy even acts as if he popped inside. Impressive!

This is a fun scene and is probably the most pornographic one in the whole movie. This is a real, married couple if I am to believe Candida's commentary, and they do appear to have some fun in this clip.

Scene 7

Final scene takes place in a small garden and starts with kissing. Afterwards, this couple goes to the kitchen to have more serious fun. There is usual, tender oral work with rather superficial fellatio. The intercourse is in standing doggie. Again, you don't get any visual confirmation of hard inserts.

This scene left me cold. It's not really that erotic (kitchen setting) or artistic, and it's definitely not hot because there is no indication whatsoever that somebody reached any kind of orgasm here, neither fake nor real.


Normally, I don't bother talking about music in porn but this is an exception. Suffice to say, music plays all the time throughout the feature. This, therefore, can even be viewed as a giant music video. You get variety of music styles ranging from pop to some synthesizer beats but all very "80s". The soundtrack didn't annoy me to death and that's a compliment. Candida Royalle, apparently, even provides vocal talent in some songs. Not that it's something to be excited about but I thought you might want to know.

  • Slide show with Candida Royalle's comments (this is probably the only interesting Extra here)
  • Message from Candida (She talks about great scientific importance of this movie. Yeah, right.)
  • About Candida Royalle (She talks about herself)
  • Candida's Directors Series Previews (This is short film mixed with trailer of her special line of movies, which are directed by other, formers porn chicks like herself, Veronica Hart, Annie Sprinkle)
  • More trailers from Femme
  • Natural Contours Preview (Candida advertises her line of specially designed vibrators)


Well, many thoughts went through my head after viewing this title. First of all, I was aware of the fact that Candida Royalle makes these softer porn films, but this isn't porn at all. At least not according to some definitions of pornography. On the box cover art and during the commentary, the viewer is lectured about this production being some kind of must-see product for couples, sexual medicine to enhance and spice up their private lives; that it has medical powers, scientific significance and whatnot. I, honestly, don't buy this kind of marketing bullshit, regardless of how many professors thought so. Furthermore, Candida accentuates the fact that this pornography is from women's perspective, and is, therefore, kind of meant for women. Personally, I believe this feature is made from Candida Royalle's perspective and nobody else's. Sure, there will be women who will like this, but there will be men who will like this too; and I also imagine certain people being bored to death by watching this stuff, men AND women. I don't see the reason to target such product for female audience or couples simply because it's mainly softcore. It's not that different from average late night movie on cable, and it certainly isn't an instructional video of some kind. Maybe, this marketing strategy worked in the 80s, but in 21st century, it's rather amusing, really.

So, when we rid of the external marketing shell and look at the core, what do we see? I, for one, see a piece of decent softcore erotica. It's not for everyone, certainly not for those of you who need double anal penetrations and cum swallowing, but people who appreciate Playboy-like action (albeit without blonde, siliconed bunnies) but with actors who do seem to have a lot fun, might like this one. This is generally a well made, erotic movie with some artistic touches here and there, which are expressed in lighting and music, but also in sex itself, but unfortunately, the sex is very symbolic most of the time. However, it's not over-the-top artsy stuff like in Zazel or something. The cast is, in my humble opinion, excellent. I really miss this type of adult stars who could be seen in the Golden Age of porn. All women are natural (have a bush), pretty and closer to real life in a sense that they don't wear tons of make-up, and don't have these glamorous and untouchable super-model looks. It's also appears that Candida picked relatively unknown performers for this film, and those who are somehow related to each other. The chemistry between the actors is generally pretty good throughout the whole movie.

If you have read through my scene breakdown, you probably know about the atrocious quality of the first scene. This is what bothered me the most about the whole product. If by any remote chance, this cartoon effect was intentional, I think someone who was responsible for it needs serious counseling. However, it's more likely to be some technical glitch, but that also doesn't say anything good about the quality of the DVD. Either way, the first scene is virtually destroyed. Extras are also lacking. Although it appears there are lots of them, most stuff is technically just advertising.


People — adult men, adult women, adult couples — who like softcore erotica but sometimes wish to see just a weeeee bit extra, will probably enjoy this title. Raincoaters, perverts and hardcore lovers should avoid it, unless you suffer from insomnia and want cure. Although I did like the feature, the whole DVD package left me a bitter aftertaste, especially due to the ruined first scene.

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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