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Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower

Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Candida Royalle's The Bridal Shower A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/25/2003

Running Time: 79 min.

Production Date: 1997

Director: Candida Royalle

Cast: Melissa Hill, Missy, Nina Hartley, Porsche Lynn, Sharon Kane, Guy DaSilva, John Curtis, Jonathan Morgan, Mickey G., and Mike Horner

Initial Expectations: I’ve had mixed results from Femme’s line. I’m not really sure what to expect here.

Initial Reaction: It has many of the usual faults of Candida Royalle’s movies, but isn’t too bad.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s afraid that a regular adult film is going to be too scary and intense

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting consistent scenes or pop shots

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good here. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn’t notice a single background noise. The video is much the same. It’s nicely lit, and even uses shadows to its advantage in one scene, and has very little grain.

Music: The music is soft and sexy. It varies in style a little throughout the movie, and enhances every scene.

Menus: The menus are decently done. The main menu has some nice animation and design to help it give a good first impression. The chapter menu is okay, and lets you choose a scene only from a small clip from each scene.

The Feature: Before Missy gets married, Nina Hartley, Melissa Hill, Sharon Kane, and Porsche Lynn get together to throw her a quiet bridal shower. No strippers, no alcohol, no drugs, it’s a wonder why Nina’s husband Guy DiSilva makes fun of it! Guy doesn’t realize that they’re going to end up swapping sex stories so they can learn how to better please themselves and their lovers.

Sharon Kane and John Curtis start things out on a picnic in the country. The start out with some fruit before stripping down and working the fruit (and some whipped cream) into their foreplay. They move on through a little sixty-nining and show a condom in the wrapper before it magically appears between them with Sharon riding John. You never see the penetration, and an orgasm for either of them is also debatable.

This is an okay opening scene. As usual with Candida’s movies, the foreplay is very good. It takes its time, but seems afraid to really show much. It gets worse for the fucking, which is so soft that one might as well fast forward through it.

Porsche Lynn gets it on with Mike Horner after telling him that they can have sex but not intercourse. Mike isn’t too happy about her conditions, but decides a little is better than nothing. He plays along with her rather than excusing himself to the bathroom, working himself over until he’s ready to pop, and coming back out to her so that as soon as she touches him it’s one stroke, DONE!!! She lets Mike eat her out, after cutting him off he’s turned on at her mere touch, but he turns the tables on her and stops her when he senses her getting into it. Finally, they break the rules and Mike slips it into Porsche from behind. Mike finishes things off by appearing to pop inside Porsche.

This is an okay scene. The foreplay is okay here. Part of me likes the variation, but another part of me really hated it as it made the scene quite frustrating. The sex is okay, and isn’t completely horrible as Mike’s pop actually looks fairly realistic, but doesn’t quite make it to the average level.

Jonathan Morgan and Melissa Hill get busy in the third scene as Melissa talks about doing something a little different with the help of a blindfold. After he blindfolds her, Jonathan talks quietly to Melissa, runs his hands across her body, and lets his tongue run wild across her body. He guides Melissa off the bed and onto her knees to suck his cock, and takes him all the way into her throat several times. Finally, Melissa lets Jonathan apparently pop in her mouth.

This is a pretty good oral scene. The enhanced senses with the blindfold is brought out nicely, and Melissa does a great job taking him into her throat. The scene is fairly preachy, which brought it down a bit for me, especially because the preachy feeling builds up through the movie.

Missy shares her fantasy of taking on Nina Hartley in the penultimate scene. They start out making dinner in the kitchen. They slowly feed each other the food while exploring each other’s body before they’re discovered by Mickey G. Mickey watches them through the kitchen window before coming in to join them. He watches them inside, and gets a taste of Nina from kissing Missy before they trade off eating Nina. Mickey sits back and strokes himself while watching the girls take care of each other before they team up to work on him. Finally, Mickey fucks Missy from behind as Nina licks them both from beneath. Finally, the scene just cuts out.

This is an extremely hot scene, and easily the best scene I’ve watched from Candida Royalle. There’s excellent chemistry and energy here, and the scene flows very well. I love how Mickey joins the scene, and as hot as the girls had things going, I was amazed when it was kicked up yet another notch by Mickey joining them. That said, the scene does have some problems. First, the opening wasn’t as impressive as it might have been due to food not being used in foreplay in many movies and appearing in two of them here. It’s nicely done, but just seems redundant and a little less creative than normal because it’s the second appearance of food. The other problem I had here was the lack of a pop shot, or even looking like an internal pop. This is supposed to be a fantasy scene, and is mostly based on Missy relating Mickey’s fantasy. As a mostly male fantasy where there’s a lot of sharing going on, this would have been a great place for Mickey to pop in Missy’s mouth and then swap it to Nina. Even with the food play feeling redundant here, that kind of ending would have made this a five star scene! It’s still darn good and a solid four stars as is, but it still leaves room for improvement.

Finally, Nina Hartley gets it on with Guy DiSilva after giving him a video that she and the girls made with plenty of lingerie and a few sex toys and doing a strip tease for him. They work each other over orally before Guy gives it to Nina missionary style. She also rides him cowgirl style before guy appears to pop inside her.

This is a pretty good scene, but it really could have used a few more minutes. The tease is nicely done, but felt rushed, and much of the fucking flashed by so fast that you wouldn’t even think of using the fast forward button! There’s some okay chemistry to it, but it’s just so fast that it ends up feeling a bit like an afterthought rather than the resolution of the entire movie.

The Bridal Shower is a pretty good softer couples movie. The plot is okay, but comes off as a bit preachy. It’s great to bring in a few varieties into sex scenes and setups, but here it feels more forced than natural. As a guy, it also feels a bit insulting because every guy in the movie is portrayed as a sexual idiot who has no clue how to please a woman. There’s never an instance where the guy expands the woman’s sexual experiences. The sex is a mixed bag. The foreplay and lead-in to each of the scenes is normally nicely done. They’re creative and varied, although a couple of the ideas are reused in the movie. The actual fucking, however, leaves much to be desired. You rarely get to see both the penetration and the reaction of both of the performers, which is a big reason why the threesome between Nina Hartley, Missy, and Mickey G. was the strongest scene in the movie, as well as one of the best scenes I’ve seen from Candida Royalle overall. Candida says that she’s making porn for women, and the overall feeling of the sex often seems to be that women don’t want intense sex or pop shots. What I’ve heard from women isn’t that they don’t want intense sex or pop shots, but that they want something that feels believable and actually has a little chemistry! There’s plenty of chemistry in The Bridal Shower, but in trying to be something different it shoots itself in the foot at times by ignoring some of what’s right as well as some of what’s wrong with couples movies.

Extras: The message from Candida Royalle lasts about two minutes and lets Candida talk some about Femme Studios and why she started making adult movies. The scrapbook lasts over five and a half minutes with about six seconds per nice looking snapshot or full screen photo. There’s also a commentary, a bio for Candida which lasts about three minutes, a commercial for her Natural Contours vibe, weblinks, and trailers for Stud Hunters, My Surrender, Christine’s Secret, The Gift, and One Size Fits All.

Candida Royalle also gives a commentary for this feature. She talks about the movie and the things they went through making it, the cast, and some of her personal thoughts on porn. As usual, Candida handles the commentary by herself rather than bringing in somebody else from the cast to help her. It’s a decent commentary for being handled alone, but I couldn’t help but think of how much better it could have been if Nina Hartley (who has an excellent relationship with Adam & Eve and who’s been in a few of Candida’s movies) would have been brought in to help on the commentary!

Themes: Straight, food, oral, blindfolds, lesbian, group, masturbation (male), spanking, and interracial

Condoms Usage: Every scene except between Missy and Mickey G.

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, most of Femme’s DVDs can be found online for between $14 and $28 with a few stores offering them near the low end. This is a pretty good buy if you want a soft couples movie. The plot is okay and a bit preachy, but the sex is normally pretty good. The technical aspects are also very nicely done, and there’s even some nice extras.

Note to Femme / Candida Royalle: This is a great start to an excellent couples movie! I agree with your thoughts that many women will have problems with the normal porn movies out there. If you’d combine your thoughts here on what women would like with a bit more of what men would like, you’d have movies that would appeal much more to couples rather than just one half of the couple.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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