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California Anal Girls

California Anal Girls

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for California Anal Girls:
Overall Rating 5 stars
California Anal Girls overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks California Anal Girls Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks California Anal Girls Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex California Anal Girls Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting California Anal Girls Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras California Anal Girls DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality California Anal Girls A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  12/29/2010
***a bonus LONG NOEL review***

THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Big Butts, POV
The Cast: Kaycee Brooks, Mariah Madysinn, Charisma Cappelli, Victoria White, Seda & Mike Adriano
(Also starring Brooklyn Lee, Naomi Cruise and Jasmine Cashmere in bonus scenes)
Produced & Directed by: Mike Adriano

The last Mike Adriano video I watched, which was Nasty Anal Tryouts, was a disappointment and it was not only the weakest Mike Adriano video I’ve seen, but the weakest adult video I have seen within the past few months. Something tells me California Anal Girls will definitely supercede Nasty Anal Tryouts and something else tells me this video will be as near-flawless as Anal Tryouts and Anal Overdose was. This video is filled with unknowns who are mainly sexy All-American white females who are all in athletic shape. While some are thin and petite (Seda and Victoria White), others have big juicy asses (Kaycee Brooke, Mariah Madysinn and Charisma Cappelli) that blows most females in the industry out the water and into the sand, burying their overrated asses alive. I say to hell with Alexis Texas. Flower Tucci’s time is over. Gianna Michaels is overrated and mostly known for her tits instead of her ass. No one has seen Kirra Lynne in awhile and while Kelly Divine is totally divine, she’s in almost everything and though I enjoy seeing her, I wouldn’t doubt that even some die-hard fans could use a break from her and I really didn’t care for how she made Monica Santhiago pale in comparison to her phat egg-breaking ass cheeks in their scene together in Anal Overdose (simply because I like Monica Santhiago much more than Kelly Divine and it did Monica somewhat of an injustice, though it was a great scene)!

Kaycee Brooks
Kaycee Brooks is real fine and it looks as if she’s lightly tanned to avoid being pale as snow. She looks like a real Californian and this is what some desirable women in California do (get tans and wear jerseys on a regular hot afternoon). Her and Mike talk shit, she shows lots of her ass, switching, walking around with her thong halfway down her ass lustfully (which reminds me of a scene I’ve been watching for years since I first saw it: Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks; a scene starring Angela & Vanessa)! She spreads her ass, Mike tastes it and she walks around even more. There’s even some nice shots of her pussy. Mike stuffs his face deep in her big ass and the likes it and the camera shows her lustfully chewing gum as he does it. He gives her ass more of a teasing. She sucks his dick tough. Indoors, he fingers her asshole nicely as she lays on her back. He pulls out the usual anal toy that stretches her open before he fucks her in the shitter in various positions. Though Kaycee has a big booty, either her asshole is really tight or Mike Adriano, again, decides to take it slow. Position moves from missionary to sideways and that’s when Mike squeezes a bunch of oil on her ass and this is when the action gets so much better. Mike gets it in and he is probably the one and only porn director who can fuck a woman in a sideways position and make it look tasteful and wonderful! There’s ass-to-mouth and he fucks her ass in the usual reverse cowgirl, with the camera facing her ass the entire time. Mike also shoots the best reverse cowgirl fucking because he shoots it POV style. There’s even more ass-to-mouth, kissing and ass licking. Kaycee builds up a glob of spit, spits in a margarita glass and Mike busts his nut in it and she takes it all down her mouth, gargles with it and swallows. 15

Mariah Madysinn
Mariah Madysinn says she’s from Fresno, CA and she’s just fucking amazing. Her face is precious, she’s got a nice set of lips on her and her booty is no joke. She could seriously crack some walnuts between that big-ass butt! She walks around with her skirt still on and the guys try to look under it, but her hugged-up skirt stays in it’s place mostly. It gets pulled up halfway and as she walks up a flight of stairs, it rises higher. Her ass is totally amazing and this is why her ass is placed at the top of the artwork of this video, with the title overlapping her giant white booty. I mean, she’s got one of the perfect white asses of all time. She’s not out-of-shape and out-of-control like some white women like Sara Jay and now Flower Tucci (both of who you can put in the BBW category). She squeezes it a lot until the fingerprints show on her flesh and lots of oil is poured on her ass. She walks around even more indoors, strolling around for almost two fucking minutes nonstop! Oil is then poured on her big tits. Back outdoors, she spreads her ass, fingers it and feeds it to Mike. She walks up another flight of stairs, heading back indoors, Mike squeezes her big donkey-butt, squeezing it together and treats it with care before bad, nasty things happen to it. Mike and his cameraman can not get enough of that butt for shit. Even if an earthquake happened where they were shooting, I believe he’d still be worshipping her ass and the tape would have still been rolling and it would have been published.

She bends over by a wall where Mike tastes her ass, tongue fucks her and spanks her. He even licks and sucks the skin of her ass as if he’s trying to give her a hickey and she fingers her ass nastily. Toys come into the picture, Mike eats her pussy, sucking her tits, she sucks his dick and he fucks her tits until he slides deep in her butt. Plus, she gapes a little. In cowgirl position, though her ass is real big, Mike has trouble keeping himself in her because he pops out of her a lot, sucking her titties and some noises come out of her ass. He bangs her sweet ass in doggystyle without a lot of energy, but spreads her anus open with one thumb and using a flashlight to inspect in her ass, then tastes it! They switch positions and she performs ass-to-mouth. He slides in sideways with lots of oil poured on her ass and this is when the heat turns up even higher. Positions change a few more times and more toys are used until he busts. Now, even though this scene wasn’t energetic, sexually, this was a scene I enjoyed up to the last second. Mike took his absolute sweet time in not only showcasing this girl, but fucking her as well. It’s like this girl was so beautiful and perfect that as soon as he saw her, her beauty was like honey to him, which was poured in his brain and directing abilities and made him slow! The scene lasts for 66 minutes. 15

Charisma Cappelli
Charisma Cappelli may not be as bodacious as the previous two females, in fact, she’s more athletic. And she looks as if she’s in her 30s, but could get away with being categorized as a MILF. But she looks very similar to Kaycee Brooks. Mike Adriano makes a habit of starring two different females in his videos and somehow, makes them look pretty similar to each other, like sisters… or butt sisters, for that matter. Charisma’s entire lower body is reminiscent to that of a female body builder. You can tell she does a whole lot of leg presses, lunges, squats and shit like that. There isn’t an ounce of body fat on her body and she is the absolute package deal to me. Now though this might be her first anal on camera, she admits to getting buttfucked three times in her personal life. Indoors, we catch a butt plug already stuck up her rectum and she plays with her big tits. Mike uses a flashlight in her, spreads her ass and smacks it. She walks around and switches. Her ass is so perfect and it reminds me of a girl I used to talk to back in 2006. Her ass is feminine, but muscular at the same time. Mike pulls the plug out of her and she walks around the house even more, with the plug back in her. She hops on a chair backwards with her ass out and he sucks her tits. She says “I was very blessed with my pussy” as she shows it. Then, Mike plays with her tits and anus for awhile. This girl is just perfect, for real! Why wasn’t she in American Anal Sluts?!

Anyway, she bends over and he kisses all over and in her ass. She sucks his dick and then, there’s a brief showcase of her butt as she’s handling her business. Finally! For some odd reason, when she spit’s a puddle into a measuring cup, the screen fades from color to black & white, then back to color. She licks his ass and stuffs her face in it, then they kiss again. She builds up spit and he licks it off her tongue. Then he eats her pussy and tit fucks her before he finally fucks her in that delicate booty of hers. Since her ass is very tight, Mike has a job on his hands trying to tap it. She is also very orgasmic, curses a lot and she makes a great deal of fuck faces, which include her biting her lips. Did I mention she’s a screamer? At times, it sounds like she can’t take it, but Mike fucks her harder in the ass regardless. He busts prematurely, but still keeps going. She’s definitely worthy of it. The tease, oral sex and foreplay lasts longer than the sex, which only lasts a little over 20 minutes. I think the head job she gave him lasted longer than necessary, which caused this. But the sex was incredible and I’d still say this scene is a flawless victory. In the end, he busts in her awaiting and open mouth, then gags on it. Oh and the whole time, she wore her hat. People, let’s see more of Charisma Cappelli in 2011 so more people can appreciate her, even if not more than I did. She is bad. In fact, she does remind me of an outgoing Jewish personal trainer who I used to fuck and taste years ago. 15

Victoria White
Victoria looks like a straight up million dollar baby from Beverly Hills or Miami… a straight up “rich white girl” and for those who like the “rich white girl” look, Victoria White is your girl. And she takes her pants off and was ready to pull her panties down super fast until Mike stopped her so she would walk around. Now, her ass is very thin and I’d say even girls like Aurora Snow and Amber Rayne has more ass than she does, but it’s still incredible. She reminds me of one of those super-skinny white girls who are in Justin Slayer’s older flicks from 2003. She’s flexible than a motherfucker. And her eyes are real pretty and she shows more of her ass. Though she has a nice little butt, I don’t think the ass obsessive tease is too remarkable in it’s entirety… only in some parts. Mike tastes and plays with her ass using lube and toys. He’s really stretching her tight, little ass out. She sucks his dick and balls and licks all in his ass before she sits down on his dick in cowgirl. And believe it or not, she can ride it, regardless of how thin and brittle she is. They switch positions and the man is riding deep in her guts. Victoria White is a real sweetheart, but this scene didn’t allure me extensively. I feel it could have been better in the sex department. 13

Seda looks like a straight up MILF/housewife. Her body is petite with a juicy butt and a hole that will not quit. A lollipop she sucks goes up her butt and Mike shares the taste of her lollipop and booty hole. She walks around with her cheeks held open. Indoors, a few toys goes up her ass and there’s lots of drawn-out ass play. Then, there’s the blowjob and she gets her asshole plunged out. And she can really take it and ride it. There’s nothing sentimental about the way she rides the dick. There’s ass-t-mouth and when Mike hit’s the ass in missionary, he gives this girl his all and fucks the shit out of her like he hasn’t fucked any other female. He goes hard and she turns into a real screamer and squeaker! Things calm down as she does more ass-to-mouth and rides in reverse cowgirl. Mike comes in her mouth, end of story! This scene would have easily gotten a “flawless victory” rating from me, but I could not give it that, only because the ass obsession wasn’t cheeky and jiggly enough. Although it was much better than most of the footage shown in Nasty Anal Tryouts. 14

California Anal Girls was a cross between being exactly what I expected and being much more than I expected. This video would be in the same league as Anal Starlets, except it’s more hyper and much more polished. The double-disc set is another fully-loaded gift set. The film runs for 5 hours, there are the usual Evil Angel special features, some trailers and again, absolutely no BTS footage. However, there are three short and simple bonus scenes which has something for everybody, depending on what works for you. One of the scenes stars Brooklyn Lee, which was full of ass obsession, sloppy blowjobs, gagging and butt eating, with a lollipop added to the mix. Although I say Brooklyn Lee looked btter in Anal Starlets, I enjoyed her a lot better in this bonus scene. She was more spunky and bootylicious, believe it or not. There’s also two scenes with Naomi Cruise (a sexy white girl) and Jasmine Cashmere (a black doll who almost resembles Latina Victoria Allure).

California Anal Girls is just as perfect as Anal Starlets and it turned into one of Mike Adriano’s four greatest videos of the five I’ve seen. Which ones do I enjoy in which order? Of course American Anal Sluts comes first while Anal Overdose remains in second place. Which one comes in third and fourth place? I can’t say right now. I love the other two just the same and they both have different females that I really enjoy. There were hardly any weak points in California Anal Girls, but Victoria White’s scene is as much as a filler like Brooklyn Lee’s scene in Anal Starlets. While Victoria White’s facial features are brilliant, Seda not only has a better body, but she’s a better performer. With that said, I enjoy Seda more than I did Victoria White. The real stars are the three women on the first disc, plus the females featured in the bonus scenes. And while I really can’t tolerate many slow scenes, Mariah Madysinn made it work entirely. Mike Adriano is one of the very few geniuses around, even though his camera doesn’t aim at the woman’s booty while she’s giving him a blowjob. Though it’s what I love, it’s something I can live without as long as the rest of the movie is spontaneous. But this time, he pulled it off. While he really gave the dick to Seda, I was surprised. The rough punishment type of fucking is not Mike’s thing apparently. Like guys like Justin Slayer, Nat Turnher, B. Pumper and Sean Michaels for example, he just likes to fuck and fuck good. He’s not trying to be rough and violent with them like Brandon Iron, Rocco Siffredi, Michael Chapman (my dude) or even Manuel Ferrara. The man just likes sticking his dick in dirt pipes, which is completely fine by me!

Between California Anal Girls vs. Anal Starlets, which one supercedes the other? Well, that depends on the kind of women you like. Anal Starlets is full of women with big juicy round asses and is more diverse, thanks to Jynx Maze. The female cast in California Anal Girls is not diverse, but it’s versatile in regards to the women’s body types. While the first three women on the first disc are very curvy and voluptuous, Seda and Victoria White are very thin and petite white girls who could get away with resembling the type of thin white girls who used to star in Justin Slayer’s Black Pipe Layers series and definitely do not possess a lot of meat on their bones, but are very flexible and not hard to break into. While this video is much more refreshing and lively than Anal Starlets, the other video is more bootylicious and jiggly. Plus California Anal Girls has it’s share of mild anal gapes and hot dirty talk about butts and anal fucking. But I do wonder if Mike Adriano’s choice title was influenced by the popularity of that stupid, dumbass song by Katy Perry… Of all of the Mike Adriano videos that are out as of now, this is the last one I really wanted to see. My mild interest in Filthy Anal Girls declined to zilch, even though I feel Lou Charmelle (Manuel Ferrara’s Raw) and Kimberly Kane look their absolute best. This will also be the last bonus review I’ll be doing for awhile until I see Careena Collins’ Bottom Bitches and if Mike Adriano and B. Pumper crank out something in the future that I believe is quality-based. Mr. Adriano, keep doing you!

Replay Value: 96% - High!
OVERALL RATING: 100% - Buy it this minute!

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