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Buttwoman 2000

Buttwoman 2000

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Buttwoman 2000:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Buttwoman 2000 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Buttwoman 2000 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Buttwoman 2000 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Buttwoman 2000 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Buttwoman 2000 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Buttwoman 2000 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttwoman 2000 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/12/2001

Running Time: 119 min.

Production Date: 5 / 25 / 2000

Director: Patrick Collins

Cast: T. J. Hart, Cheyenne Silver, Charlene Aspen, Keisha, Daisy Chain, Nakita Ka$h, Sophie Evans, Tavalia Griffin, Alexandra Quinn, Kiri, Alexis Amore, Mercury ĎOí, Nia Wade, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Tyce Bune, Pat Myne, Joel Lawrence, Mark Anthony, Nacho Vidal, Joey Ray, Ronni Coxx, Jasper Wade, Toni Ribis, and Patrick Collins

Initial Expectations: Since Iíve only seen a couple of Elegant Angelís releases, I donít really know what to expect.

Initial Reaction: Wow! Itís no Buttman , but it is extremely hot.

Audio /Video Quality: Both are very good, especially for some of the nature of the movie. Thereís some pixelation to the picture in a few spots. The audio is normally very clear but thereís a hum and tapping in the background in a couple spots.

Music: None.

Review: Buttwoman 2000 follows Charlene Aspenís adventures after her husband Ronnie gives her a video camera. They decide to see how much sex she can capture and then sell the tape to Elegant Angel. Itís a fun movie that mixes both the video camera perspective of Buttwoman with the normal camera angle weíre used to. The only real drawback I can find is that it isnít as butt oriented as Buttman is. It also comes off with Elegant Angel as the WWF of the adult film world. Thereís a lot of self promotion (especially in the commentary), but it ends up being a lot of fun.

Charlene starts with things out by convincing T. J. Hart that sheís doing a project to get into film school. Buttwoman shows her real skills here as the tease and anticipation. Sure, thereís some butts (and T. J. has a mighty fine one), but youíre always kept on the edge of your seat waiting for more. Before things can go too far, Mark Davis shows up wondering whatís going on. Of course, heís eager to join in and the scene really takes off. Itís a great scene to start the movie with and it sets the mood for the rest of the movie right away.

Things progress through the rest of the movie in a similar style to the Buttman movies. As Charlene walks to her car, Nacho spies her and asks her to be in a few pictures. Of course, these arenít normal, fully clothed pictures and Nacho has several other friends (Tavalia Griffin, Sophie Evans, and Tony Ribis) who are going to be in the pictures. Things start with the photographs which quickly turn into an outdoor orgy and then continue inside. Itís a very good scene, but I didnít enjoy it as much as the first scene.

Charlene goes over to her friend Daisyís house next. She meets Daisyís friends Nakita and Cheyenne and gets both of them to show a little nipplage for the camera. Daisy flips and takes her inside, shocked that Charlene would be involved with porn. Since this is a porn, their discussion turns into sex which Nakita and Cheyenne watch a little before joining. Daisyís extreme tattooing has never done much for me, but she does a great job with Charlene. It gets a lot better when Nakita and Cheyenne join in. Cheyenne is great as the curious neighbor who first laughs a little at Nakitaís peeping before she gets a peep herself. Cheyenne is rapidly becoming one of my favorite actresses, and she really shines here.

Charlene learns that Daisyís marriage is more of an arrangement and agrees to sleep with her husband. Charlene calls Keisha before the games begin and Keisha brings a friend along. Daisy watches as Charlene sucks off her husband, Joey Ray, until Keisha and Joel Lawrence show up. Once again, this turns into a very nice and very well done group scene. Everybody works off everybody else very well, except for Daisy whoís sadly given up cock. Keisha is really amazing and takes eight of Daisyís fingers.

Thinking this is enough for one movie, Charlene heads to Elegant Angel to try and sell the tapes to Patrick Collins. Sheís confident enough in them that she doesnít even make an appointment. Patrick isnít interested as Elegant Angel has dumped Buttwoman for Slutwoman, featuring Alexandra Quinn. Patrick explains some of the differences between Buttwoman and Slutwoman and Charlene and Alexandra soon find themselves in a blowjob contest on Vince Voyeur to prove whoís more deserving of Elegant Angelís attention. This scene really pulls out all the stops, and it suffers a little because of it. The blowjob contest turns into an orgy and as more people show up at Patrickís office, more people get to be in the scene. By the end of the scene thereís Charlene, Vince, Alexandra, Kiri, Mercury ĎOí, Pat Myne, Mark Anthony, Tyce Bune, Alexis Amore, Nia Wade, Ronnie Coxx, and Jasper Wade. Sadly, with all the people in the scene very few people get enough screen time to really stand out. The only person who really shines in the scene is Alexis Amore. Wow does this girl go all out. Newcomer Kiri is also pretty good and Pat Myne makes sure that she cums. Of course, after seeing what Charlene can do (and because she has the tape of the office orgy), Patrick agrees for Charlene to become Buttwoman 2000.

As fun as Buttwoman 2000 is, itís still missing a little. Buttwoman is supposed to be about a butt fetish and itís very rarely seen here. Itís still about sex, and a lot of it is anal sex, but it isnít as butt oriented as other butt fetish movies. Thereís not a lot of cheek spreading and as much attention seems to be given to the tits as the butt. For example, when Charlene is getting Nakita Ka$h and Cheyenne Silver to model for her at Daisyís house she spends more time getting them to each some a little nipple than she does trying to get them to show off their asses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of their asses, and they really should be shown off in a butt fetish feature. T. J. Hart shows hers off a little more, but not a lot. Daisy barely even shows her nice round ass. This is about the only complaint I have about Buttwoman 2000 as the sex is really top notch and includes a little of something for everybody. The last scene is the worst scene in the feature, and even it is better than most other scenes out there. If youíre interested in hot sex and like some nice asses, check out Buttwoman 2000 . Just donít expect it to be too butt oriented.

Extras: Trailers, photo gallery, a directorís commentary, and a behind the scenes featurette are all included on the Buttwoman 2000 DVD. The photo gallery is the worst extra on this DVD by far. Itís manual and only contains ten pictures and theyíre all very grainy. This doesnít even come close to an average photo gallery. Trailers are included for Bunghole Harlots 2, S.M.U.T. 11, Sugar Walls 9, and Sodomania Slop Shots 9 . Theyíre pretty good trailers and give a good feeling of what to expect from each feature (and plot isnít one of them).

The directorís commentary is a lot of fun. Itís done with both Patrick Collins and Toby Daniels (I think). I had a hard time making out Tobyís name in the commentary. Toby questions Patrick throughout the movie on different aspects of it such as how he chooses the girls, how he gets his ideas, how he keeps his movies fresh, etc. This appears to be Patrickís first commentary as he doesnít always know whatís going on, such as asking how much of it Toby is going to put on the DVD. This isnít a bad thing. People come in and out throughout the commentary and Patrick calls several others while watching the movie. Thereís a long phone call with both Charlene Aspen and her husband Ronnie. Thereís also a lot of hype for Buttwoman vs. Buttwoman . After listening to it, Iím starting to think that Elegant Angel is the WWF of the adult film world. Itís a kind of different commentary and a lot of fun.

The behind the scenes featurette is also a lot of fun. It lasts about a half an hour and includes both an interview with Patrick Collins and a lot of outtakes. The interview is really shaky and kind of grainy. It could have looked a lot better. He talks some about himself and Elegant Angel as well as the upcoming Buttwoman vs. Buttwoman . The outtakes very in quality. A lot of it is just other footage, such as the footage Charlene shot. The best by far is Joel Lawrence taunting Daisy Chain about her dislike of dick. Daisy is eating out Charlene and Joel comes up and just about starts fucking Charlene. Daisy is off quicker than an internís clothes around former President Clinton. Joel just about falls over laughing. Itís almost worth buying the DVD just for this fifteen to thirty second clip. Thereís also a lot of extra footage from the final orgy scene. Every scene but the second scene has a little something here.

Themes: Straight, anal, group, orgy, toys, DP, DV (with cock and toy), lesbian, toe- ing, inter-racial, rimming (male > female and female > female), spanking, foot job, masturbation, tit-fucking, and ass to mouth

Raincoat Factor: Extremely high.

Overall: Currently, Buttwoman 2000 can be found online for between $17 and $25 with most stores offering it for around $21. If youíre at all interested in it, pick it up! Thereís a lot of hot sex and the DVD is very well done with a great transfer and some wonderful extras.

Note to Elegant Angel: Great job! I hope that all of your DVDs look this good in the future. After this one I look forward to watching them.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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