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Buttman's Toy Stories

Buttman's Toy Stories

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Buttman's Toy Stories:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Buttman's Toy Stories overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Buttman's Toy Stories Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Buttman's Toy Stories Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Buttman's Toy Stories Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman's Toy Stories Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buttman's Toy Stories DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttman's Toy Stories A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  3/26/2002

Cast: Tricia Devereaux, Mina, Reka, Stephanie Steel, John Stagliano, Frank Gun, Mike Foster and Christoph Clark in sex roles; Joey Silvera in non-sex role.

Director: John Stagliano

Production date: 1/2/00

Length: 220 min.

Extras: Full motion chapter indexing, audio commentary by John Stagliano and Tricia Devereaux, fetish menu, cast lists for each scene, photo gallery with 51 images, Evil Angel filmographies for female cast.

Audio/visual quality: Video quality is quite pleasing, especially for a gonzo movie. Focus and lighting problems are rare, and there's a nice mix of long, medium, close-up and extreme close-up shots. On only a couple of occasions, the cameraman and equipment get caught in the picture. The jump edits during Mina's tease sequence keep things interesting. Reddish-orange tints are slightly enhanced in scenes one and four, which adds a warm glow to the flesh tones. The audio is nice and clear, with no music. Some muffled traffic noise can be heard during scene three, and airplanes can be heard in scene four. A truly excellent audio commentary is available for all of scenes one and four (the scenes featuring Tricia and John) and at the beginning of scenes two and three (the scenes filmed in Budapest).

Disc problems: The time stamp rarely works on my machine, and I am also unable to exit the photo gallery without ejecting the disc. These problems occur on an Apple DVD Player (version 2.1.1); with other players, they are less likely be an issue.

First impression: The first time I watched this DVD, I was inspired to run out and buy some hair clips! Read on to learn more...

Scene highlights: John visits a park in Malibu to capture the morning light with his video camera. When Tricia jogs by in her baby blue hot pants, though, he can't stay focused on the sunrise. Tricia pauses to stretch at the chin-up station, where John helps her complete her inverted crunches. He invites her to cool off in his swimming pool, and she shyly accepts. They quickly discover that the wind has blown leaf litter into the pool, so John gives Tricia a tour of the house instead. In his bedroom, Tricia laughingly admits that she's seen his movies and recognized him back at the park. John coaxes her to put on sexy clothes and lets her play with his toys.

Tricia practices deepthroating a large, hot pink jelly dildo and then plays with her stretchy vaginal secretions through her crotchless panties. She clamps sparkly butterflies (decorative hair clips) on her vulva, nipples and perineum. Tricia also plays with a clear acrylic butt plug and pearlescent anal beads, contracting her well-toned muscles to repeatedly push them out. She masturbates with her fingers and the dildo for even greater pleasure. The scene has a very light S & M element--when Tricia adjusts the position of a hair clip, its "teeth" marks are clearly visible on her nipple.

The second scene takes place at the Citadella, a night club that overlooks Budapest from a bend in the Danube River. The building's dim, mysterious aura is oddly punctuated by splashes of black light and multicolored disco lights. John arrives and finds himself delightfully overmatched by the bar's owner, Mina. She rules her domain with a long, thin wooden rod, which she uses to discipline her bartender, Reka. Reka has not been doing a very good job keeping the counter clean, so Mina begins administering a series of "punishments," starting with a beaded nipple chain. She pulls down Reka's white shorts to clamp a hair clip to her pussy, and then pulls them up again to cut a hole in the back for anal beads. Reka seems to enjoy this, and the beads make an interesting rattling noise when she moves and walks.

After both women have teased the camera mercilessly, Mike Foster and Frank Gun start to play with Reka. Not the type to be left out, Mina pairs off with Mike while Reka stays with Frank. They start with blow jobs, followed by oral and vaginal sex. Both women initiate the anal action in the doggie position, then trade partners. Mina joins Frank for reverse cowgirl anal, and Reka joins Mike for missionary anal. After trying out a couple more positions, Reka indulges Mike in an ass-to-mouth transition, and both women hungrily accept facials. Much of the vitality of this scene springs from Mina's fluent commands, which she delivers in her exotic Hungarian accent.

Scene three showcases anal gapes, abundant in both size and frequency. It begins with John meeting Stephanie Steel and Christoph Clark in a small, elegant apartment in Budapest. Stephanie puts on a little lingerie show for the two men. Her peekaboo bra and butt-enhancing foundation garment are hardly flattering, but they don't stay on too long. John warms her up with a rapid-fire spanking, and Christoph takes over from there. He clamps some large butterfly hair clips to her breasts and vulva and then fingers her anus. They proceed to oral for her and a blow job for him, followed by vaginal sex in two positions and anal sex in at least four positions. Stephanie proudly demonstrates the ample pliability of her sphincter during Christoph's very hard anal thrusting. The anal sex is interspersed with the use of a horsetail butt plug and a clear acrylic butt plug. At one point, Stephanie crawls around on the floor while Christoph trails along, connected in anal doggie. He shoots his cum into her gape and then uses it to lubricate a few final strokes.

Back at the Stagliano residence, John is flirting shamelessly with Tricia. He's flabbergasted to discover that she's borrowed another outfit from his wardrobe. After some playful banter, Tricia gently smothers John by sitting on his face. After she lets him come up for air, he tugs on her nipple with his teeth.

The sex that follows is slightly rough and extremely hot. It begins with Tricia deepthroating John from three different angles. He rims her enthusiastically, and they move on to vaginal and anal sex in about a half dozen positions. The eye contact is prolonged and intense. At several points, John pulls Tricia's hair and Tricia pinches John's nipples. Tricia gets extremely juicy and vocalizes excitedly as she becomes increasingly orgastic. After Tricia provides an additional blowjob and a tiny bit of handwork, John comes effortlessly on her face. They end with a few deeply loving and authentic kisses.

Thumbs up: The performers are beautiful, the sex is exciting and the extras are entertaining. I particularly like the commentary, which gives an inside peek at John and Tricia's relationship as a real-life couple, as well as offering toy tips and addressing safety issues. (For example, Tricia emphasizes the importance of using butt plugs made of clear acrylic instead of glass.)

Vibrators are completely absent, which is a bit of a surprise in a toy themed movie. For me, this constitutes a "thumbs up," since I'm not a huge fan of vibes. The hair clips and nipple chain are an intriguing change of pace, and the anal toys are all nice 'n' nasty.

Thumbs down: Scene three is probably the weakest of the four. It's not the gapes, which don't bother me at all, but rather a vague sense that something is off in the chemistry. John reports that Stephanie and Christoph were very excited to work together, but their performance feels rather stagy. It might be the way that Stephanie hams up her facial expressions and moans continuously even when Christoph isn't penetrating her. Or it might be that the bookend scenes were created by a real-life loving couple, which makes this one seem superficial by comparison. It's still an above-average scene; it just might have played better in a different context.

Although the technical aspects of this DVD are generally quite good, they occasionally still allow room for improvement. John and Tricia self-critique their work in the commentary and specifically explain which parts they might have filmed or edited differently. I find this very refreshing, and I have no doubts that every work of art is a learning experience for the artist. I would almost consider this a "thumbs up" rather than a "thumbs down," since it demonstrates Evil Angel's ongoing commitment to improve their product.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, masturbation, oral, deepthroating, anal, gapes, rimming (male to female), ass to mouth, spanking, facials, voyeurism, domination (female to female), S & M (very light), face sitting, fetish wear and TOYS (various butt plugs, hair clips, nipple chain, anal beads).

Condom use: Yes, in scene four only (Tricia/John).

Juice-o-meter: High. This movie gives new meaning to the term "freshly squeezed" (or clamped, as the case may be).

Final analysis: In terms of sheer viewing pleasure, Buttman's Toy Stories has earned a spot near the top of my list. I'm hoping that plans are in place for Evil Angel to also produce a movie on sex furniture, if it hasn't been done already.

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