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Buttman's Stretch Class 4

Buttman's Stretch Class 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , Anal , Gonzo , Masturbation
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Long Noel's ratings for Buttman's Stretch Class 4:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Buttman's Stretch Class 4 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Buttman's Stretch Class 4 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Buttman's Stretch Class 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Buttman's Stretch Class 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman's Stretch Class 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buttman's Stretch Class 4 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttman's Stretch Class 4 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  7/17/2010
I'm going to be very brief with this one. "Buttman's Stretch Class 4" turns out to be the best in the entire series, although I haven't seen the third installation and honestly don't care to (although Kelly Divine is one of the baddest porn starlets today). This one stars Alexis Texas ("Mr. Butt Fetish"), Anita Blue ("Big Phat Round White Booty"), Bella DelMorte, Katie Summers & Allie Haze. At first, I had absolutely no intention of seeing this one, but before I took a small vacation, I've decided to rent this one and watch it in my spare time and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it much more than I did the first "Buttman's Stretch Class" (which had it's flaws: Claire Adams only gets 30 minutes of time, while she was beautiful in the BTS footage, getting her ass spanked relentlessly & talking about putting Ben-Gay in her ass. There's almost no ass obsession for Jandi Lin, and I didn't see the point of her being in it for too long). The second one was marvelous, although Kristina Rose wore too much makeup and I never though I'd see Sasha Grey showing her tiny white booty from a Buttman point of view. Plus, he brought out the absolute best in Velicity Von.

In this installment, Alexis Texas gets lots of airtime. Alexis Texas is a cutie with a juicy booty, but she doesn't do much for me at all. Even in "Mr. Butt Fetish", she did not allure me very much (and not because there was a time where she didn't fuck black men). She's sexy, but she's bland to me and too damn overrated... like Jenna Jameson, Sophie Dee and Tiffany Mynx. I prefer someone like Charlotte Vale or Nikki Hunter over her, big fucking time! She stuffs her ass with a beer bottle and shows her ass a lot and it's a great scene and better than her short-ass scene in "Mr. Butt Fetish". Anita Blue (who starred in B. Pumper's "Big Phat Round White Booty") does a spectacular scene and so does Allie Haze. But the real highlights in this video belong to Bella DelMorte & Katie Summers, although all five scenes are perfect and you can watch this video without doing too much fast-forwarding. What I couldn't stand what how John Stagliano went back to his old ways, when he had the women put clothespins all on their pussies and buttocks. He's done this a lot in many of the movies he made from 2000 and 2001 and while I understand women liking to be pinched, it may turn her on, but it doesn't do jack shit for the viewer. I was bored by this. However... Bella DelMorte and Katie Summers -- I couldn't get enough of those two women for shit. Even Anita Blue blew me away (particularly in the BTS footage), although I didn't like her in "Big Phat Round White Booty".

Katie Summers sports the fuck out of some pink Hustler panties, only to pull them down, having her g-string pulled halfway down her butt cheeks, walking around and switching her cheeks just like that. Angela did this in "Buttman's Rolling Cheeks" (a video I own and would never part with), which drove me crazy from when I first saw it ten years ago, up to thid say. But Angela switched her ass much better than Katie Summers did. Yet, it was so reminescent. Bella DelMorte's entire demeanor and body and spunk was too good to be true. I'm unsure what her ethnicity is, but her bronze body... her tight ass with fat cheeks... Let me stop talking about her. I love(d) her too much.

While "Buttman's Stretch Class 4" is the best in the series, I didn't find myself too excited with the movie as a whole (Bella DelMorte & Katie Summers are the only two scenes that really allured me). Yes, looking at white women's butts make me super hard, be they small like Sasha Grey and Jamie Elle or huge like Chayse Evans or Flower Tucci! But while Buttman has the ability to change his style of ass obsession from time to time, he goes back to his usual form of ass obsession, which I grew up watching (slow-paced, classy ass obsession). But in a time where more people mock him and add their flavor and spunk to it, it may get boring to some people after a while. The ass obsession is very slow and very cheeky, but it's just not jiggly or nasty enough for me. This is why I personally feel that most of the films he made from 2002 to 2006 were just ordinary or average. The man blew my mind with "Buttman's Oddyssey" in 2009 and even "Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass" in 2008. But, his best movies were thought out between 1995-2001. From 2008 to 2009, he came back hard as hell, adding more jiggle, nastiness and anal-perversity to his videos (influenced by Jake Malone and Jay Sin, obviously). While this is a near-flawless movie, I would hate to think that he would make more videos like this, with no more spunk added to it, repeating his old-school mannerisms.

Over the years, the genre of ass obsession has become more nasty, spunky and filled with dick-hardening circus acts, hence films like "Gapeman" (where women get fucked in the ass with complete gusto and edginess), "American Anal Sluts", "Latin Butthole Stretchers", "Pretty Sloppy", "Anal Acrobats", "The Ass Spread", "BTC: Between the Cheekz", "Asses of Face Destruction", and even "Buttman's Oddyssey". I don't mind a great ass obsession movie, whether or not it's filled with circus acts, like the films I've mentioned above. But if every ass obsessed video looked like this, it would be a complete bore. So, I'm thankful not all ass obsession videos look like this. It could be a way for me to appreciate this one more, I don't know. But... unless Mr. Stagliano can get with the times a bit and hype his movies up a little more with more spunk and butt-and-anal perversity (and again, he surprised the hell out of me with "Buttman's Oddyssey" & "Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass"), I'm afraid his prime time has slipped away (no pun intended). Although with this said, I have nothing but respect for the man as an artist, as a visionary and as a businessman.

"Buttman's Stretch Class 4" is the best in the series and surprisingly triumphs the first two in the series (I still loved the second installation). This is worthy of an instant purchase, even before renting or sampling. However, I am happy that the ass-obsession genre has become more spunkier than this (what I call "spunk", some people would call "circus acts", and "Buttman's Oddyssey" was full of circus acts). In fact, I'll probably be doing a review for "American Anal Sluts" (which looks like it may be as essential as "Gapeman" and a hell of an asset to the genre of anal and ass obsession)! After that, there's only two more videos I'd like to see, which would be "Fuck Sasha Grey" and one of Sean Michaels' "Bottom Line" videos. Otherwise, I am through with this bullshit!!

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