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Buttman's Stretch Class 15
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Buttman's Stretch Class 15

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , Masturbation
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stinkfist's ratings for Buttman's Stretch Class 15:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Buttman's Stretch Class 15 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Buttman's Stretch Class 15 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Buttman's Stretch Class 15 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Buttman's Stretch Class 15 Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman's Stretch Class 15 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
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Audio/Video Quality Buttman's Stretch Class 15 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  3/22/2013
Ok before I start this review please check out the trailer for Buttman's Stretch Class 15 and also if you would like to leave feedback there is a thread on ADT and Dalars who does the editing for Buttman participates in the thread so perhaps you have a fave girl you would love to see in a Stretch Class movie or you just want to leave some other ideas then head over to this thread Buttman/Dalars thread on ADT and leave your opinions.

Scene 1 Chanel Preston

Straight into action we go and with a knock at his door Buttman welcomes the beautiful Chanel Preston into his apartment for his Stretch Class movie i have already seen Chanel in some other titles and the last time i seen her she was balls deep in some guys ass and she took no prisoners that day and molested his wimpy cornhole with her strap on,she really stamped her authority on that scene and that poor guys ass and rumor has it he had to phone his Mum to come collect him after the shoot that day as he could not walk lol.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Chanel get the tease and ass worship treatment from Buttman as she is such a beautiful girl and with her now in John's flat it was a real wow moment as she is stunning and looks incredible,she has long brown hair and is wearing a black see thru mesh top and has on white lycra shorts and has stunning sultry looks and the most amazing intense brown eyes i have seen.If this is what she wears on a regular basis then she can come knock on my door any day lol,Chanel really does have an amzing figure she looks so radiant and sexy this is going to play out like a dream

With that Buttman mentions that he seen that Mike Adriano had shot Chanel before when she was skinner and as this is Stretch Class we prefer bigger butts and a smiling and happy and healthy Chanel says she purposely gained weight and with that she flashes a smile and says "This is on purpose this was not an accident" she then laughs and says "Im in control" she goes on to talk about her hips getting bigger and laughs and says "The universe is telling me i am becoming a woman" i think she looks stunning and is all woman,curves are sexy Chanel please keep them.

I'm enjoying this intro as Chanel is at ease and is all smiles and has a great vibe and look about her,you know how gay people are supposed to be able to tell when someone else is gay just from looking at them the whole "gaydar" thing well i can look at someone and instantly tell if they are perverted and kinky,yes Chanel your cover has been blown lol. It's going to be awesome to see this babe get down and dirty for this Stretch Class movie and with that John begins to work his magic by getting Chanel to show off her butt and tease to the camera.

Chanel really does have fantastic legs and such a pretty face too,i think im in love lol.More great tease from Chanel follows and she has the perfect mix of beauty and kink about her and all the familiar Stretch Class moves follow from wedgies to watching Chanel walk to bending over to camel toe worship and it all looks great to me.Some great tit tease now and what a rack she has Chanel is driving me crazy i think i might explode when her clothes come off lol,with some great full body shots of this girl she is getting sexier and sexier and i love how she is all smiles and full of laughter as the action plays out.

Now it all went quiet and that is only because John got to bury his face deep in Chanel's perfect ass,is this really work John you lucky man lol.Right now i wish i could trade places with him as Chanel squatted over him and smothered him with her lovely round ass and with the action caught side on that looked amazing and with her lycra shorts pulled down it was heaven to see Chanel spread her ass wide open and with instructions from John to spread wider and stick her butt out and arch her back this is hot as hell.

More great tease action and with some outfit changes it's such a thrill to see Chanel perform,she loves getting her nipples pulled on really roughly and with deep throat action as she gags on the toys that are stuck to the mirror i think Chanel is loving being the focus of attention in this Stretch Class movie.John also gets more face sitting action and now it was onto the clothes pegs and Chanel bites her lip as John attaches them to her tits and she gets in on the act and attaches a few to her pussy

As the pegs slowly come off Chanel is screaming out with a mixture of pain and pleasure,i knew she was kinky lol the next girl i see buying clothes pegs at the hardware store im going to say to her "I bet those are not for the washing" then wink and knowing my luck will most likely be chased from the store by security as the girl puts in a formal complaint.Some spanking for Chanel now and i think she wants it harder going by her reaction,now it was time for Chanel to use some toys on her asshole and this looked amazing.

The toy action is really good here and when i say that Chanel is winking for the camera i do not mean her facial expression,Buttman really knows how to play the scene along at a great pace nice and slow build up and then in for the kill when the girl is all relaxed and confident and sexually charged,the rest of the scene plays out like a dream with more tease and toy use and asshole attention followed by some deep throat gagging on toys.

Something i found really sexy was Chanel kissing and licking the mirror and making out with her own reflection that looked so fucking hot and when she trailed her tongue up and down the mirror coating it with her saliva that also looked sexy,the pussy worship was amazing too and what a delicious looking pussy she has.We even have some time for some fun outdoors in the sunshine although gaping in that hot weather might get some sunburn in delicate areas so if you need a volunteer to put some sun cream on that asshole im your man lol.Buttman has one final shot of Chanel for us and it's to worship her sun kissed body and she looks sexy and sensual and with that the scene ends.

Well what a great scene to start the movie off with and Chanel was a real beauty and i loved her confident and sexy attitude as the scene played out,a girl smiling and having naughty fun on camera is always fantastic to watch and with her incredible beauty it was a real pleasure to watch Chanel perforimng.She is so pretty and has lovely glossy hair and with a beautuful smile and with stunning brown eyes that are so intense that i swear to god if you were to gaze into them you would fall under her spell and go weak at the knees,well that is what happened to me lol.Her body is amazing too and as well as looking so sexy she also looks classy and elegant what a great start to the Stretch Class movie.

Scene 2 Sierra Sanders

Next up is Sierra and she is new to me so this is going to be a thrill to check her out i really do love that when you get a dvd that has a couple of girls who you know all about then one girl who you have not seen performing it feel likes Christmas all over again ha ha,i cannot wait to check her out and with that Buttman is heading for his front door to let Sierra in and as that door swings opens a very pretty and smiling Miss Sanders is waiting and John invites her in.

I love the look of Sierra she has a lovely smile and with shoulder length brown hair complete with purple streaks at the sides she looks great,she is wearing a turquoise top that shows off a nice rack and she has on pink lycra leggings and what a figure she has.Im really loving her smile and although this might not do a lot for some people i love the look of her eyebrows they are very detailed and are shaped perfectly to enhance her beautiful face,am i falling in love again i think so lol.

With Buttman doing what he does best and interviewing Sierra while he traces that camera all over her curvy body my ears pricked up when he mentioned that Sierra is a Yoga girl and a smiling Sierra goes on to say that she just got training to be a teacher,if there is a god she will get into some Yoga poses for us please let it happen.Sierra gets her ass worshiped by Buttman but he is again too quick on the wedgies for me take your time John take your time Sierra is not going anywhere fast lol.I am loving the outfit Sierra has on she looks amazing wearing those pink lycra leggings and with great shots of her it's a thrill to check out her toned body.

Some great boob tease now and with Sierra exposing her big breasts from her top she looks so so sexy,what a rack she has got and with stiff perky nipples too that she then Buttman pull on her face is a mixture of pain and pleasure as John gets a little more physical each time but Sierra seems to like the rough nipple pulling.Her left nipple comes in for some serious attention from John as it's the biggest of the two and why do we have one nipple that gets bigger than the other when we are turned on.

Some ass devotion now and John gets Sierra to stand at the mirror and push her butt out and arch her back,the side on shot looks incredible with Sierra arching her back and her stunning body looks mouth watering.After more tease and a chance for Buttman to bury his face deep in Sierra's ass followed by some foot worship and a real horny moment as the stunning and flexible Sierra reached her foot up and sucked on her own toes and that looks so damn sexy and with her toe nails painted red she just looks so feminine and sexy as she sensually licks and sucks on her own toes.

Now it was time to see this babe show of her ass and with her leggings pulled down her butt looks fantastic and with more tease a smiling Sierra looks like she is having fun at her Stretch Class initiation and with her getting in some flexible positions im loving her scene,some spanking now for Miss Sanders and i think she is enjoying this as each slap on her cheeks brings out cries of pleasure from her and the action changes to Sierra pulling her green panties deep into her shaven crack to show of her camel toe and with the camera looking up at her she looks so sexy.

After more pussy worship Buttman goes back to directing Sierra for more ass fun and games before the scene jumps to her wearing white fishnet tights and with a pink g string on and a pink bra to show of her assets she looks perfection personified,more nipple play action now and although he is called Buttman i think Sierra's tits have won John over.Some hot action now as Sierra rips open her fishnets to get at her pussy and strokes her clit before Buttman attaches some clothes pegs to her pussy lips and with her standing up to show off the final result she looks amazing,what a fucking figure.

Now it was time for the toys to come out and Sierra gets a butt plug deep inside her,she looks great lying back with her legs spread wide open and those clips on her pussy lips and with her moaning out she is loving this.She looks amazing with her ass stuffed with that toy and the action is caught perfectly by Buttman,after getting her ass violated with several different toys the action moved to Sierra back at the mirror and this time some deep throat action as she took on some dildo's that were attached to the mirror and this looks great as Sierra watches her own reflection as she gets naughty with those plastic beasts.

It looks amazing as Sierra licks and kisses the glass and makes out with her own reflection i really do love the mirror scenes and judging by the breathing noises coming from Miss Sanders i think she does too.More ass toy play and Sierra gets some bigger toys used on her ass before she takes over and use a wand vibrator on her pussy as Buttman helps out by slipping that toy in and out her ass,the finale involves Sierra using that wand to bring herself to a shuddering orgasm then a final ass walk shot ends the scene.

Well what a great scene that was and that was my first look at Sierra and after that i will be checking out more of her work,what a lovely looking girl she is and with a stunning figure it was a pleasure watching her in Buttman's Stretch Class and although i thought the scene was good i think John could have got Sierra into some more sexy positions because of her yoga background.That was a chance lost for us porn fans who love flexible girls,think about it imagine seeing her with her legs behind her head or standing at the mirror and putting one leg over her shoulder that kind of thing.Maybe Buttman will get her back some for Stretch Class Detention as i think Sierra would excel with some added Buttman attention,over to you John.

Scene 3 AJ Applegate

Once again im really looking forward to this scene as AJ has the perfect ass and curves for a Stagliano movie and to see her slip in and out of sexy outfits and with plenty of tease and toy use it's going to be mouth watering,and speaking of mouth watering i think after gazing at Miss Applegate for half an hour im going to end up with Bells Palsy.

Enough i hear you cry get on with the fucking review and no jokes stinkfist,would i do anything like that to you guys.Ok we all have our own little kinks and perversions that dance around inside our heads and make us tick sexually and half the fun is finding out new ones that drive us wild with lust and desire and what might get one person off does little for the next person but as an ass man i simply adore big curvy butts and just simple things like seeing them encased in lycra and tights that kind of thing drives me insane with lust and im sure that fans of Buttman know exactly what they are getting with a Stretch Class movie so rejoice and let the fun commence.

A knock at the door signals that Buttman has another visitor to his home and a willing pupil for his Stretch Class movie,tell you what one of these days John is going to walk to the door while filming and open that door while brandishing a large dildo and say "Are you here to give up your ass for the Stretch Class series baby" only to be confronted by 2 stony faced and bemused Jehovah's Witnesses who were only looking for 5 minutes of John's time and a chance to hand out some free leaflets for their Church.Oh well if they did get to stay they would have been the ones to "witness" something that would enhance their lives forever.

You know what im glad it was not those Jehovah's Witnesses that Buttman opened the door to as we would have missed out on AJ,back to the action and the smiling Miss Applegate looks stunning she has long blond hair and has a lovely smile and is wearing a sexy figure hugging red dress and white lace patterned tights and when John invites her in she is all smiles and chatty.My god how can i not have visitors like that i only seem to attract debt collectors to my door, then again i use the spyhole and try not to breath or heaven forbid sneeze and have my cover blown when they come knocking on my door lol.Ok before i start i want a word with Buttman in private why oh why does John have the girls coming through his front door when we all know that he IS Buttman and should be letting the girls in via the backdoor the tradesman's entrance lol.

Back to AJ and what a stunning figure she has and when the camera pans down her legs look amazing too very sexy and toned and athletic and she still retains her feminine curves,my kind of girl indeed.Now i know why Chris De Burgh sang that song Lady In Red it was nothing to do with his wife ,he had the fucking hots for AJ and wanked himself senseless then penned that song lol.AJ really does have a lovely smile and she is such a natural in front of the camera and it's a real pleasure to see this side of her as she really does set the tone and get the palate wet as to what treats lie in store,set the tone for what i hear you all out wank-a-thon that will leave you in a chair like Stephen Hawking and dribbling from the mouth and begging for more.(Put on Stephen voice and chant "We want ass,we want AJ)

Back on screen and even John is mumbling his words as the beauty of AJ has him tongue tied,her lovely smile and her sparkling blue eyes have got me smitten..wait a minute did Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground not pen a song about Pale Blue Eyes is there anyone who is NOT wanking over this girl lol :) on with the action and we get some great teasing shots of AJ and her ass is simply glorious a peach of a bum indeed.John one other thing get that Fashionista's print that is against the wall framed and hung up i have seen it in Stretch Class 12,13,14 and number 15 and it still remains propped up against the wall lol.

On screen and after more fantastic tease with great ass shots and watching AJ walk around the room as John captures the action for us perverts it was time for some boob tease and what great tits AJ has ,small but perfectly formed and with stiff perky nipples she looks so fucking sexy and is all smiles as John pulls on those nips and by god they were sticking out you could have hung a wet duffel coat on them and with AJ telling Buttman she loves having her nipples pulled really hard i feel like pulling on something too :)

Now a real sexy moment and with AJ slipping out of her red dress it was indeed tights she had on and she looks so sexy,i think the party has just started in stinkfist's house if you know what i mean and im not saying that i was getting carried away but after some serious jerking off smoke was coming off my cock and for some reason i could hear some commotion outside so i hit pause and opened the blinds only to be met with a large crowd who started clapping then cheering...shit all that wanking and the smoke coming from my cock had made the poor bastards think a new Pope had been elected "ME" I put both my hands up and shouted "No im Protestant, sorry guys" and the crowd surged forward and the cheers soon turned to jeers and when my towel fell down my still smoking cock stunned the crowd into silence,well i did get a few wolf whistles but they did all eventually leave i might add lol.

AJ has a sexy toned body and her stomach looks firm and sexy,she has been putting in lots of Gym work and it is showing as she looks incredible and with John now getting her to stand in front of the mirror and stick her butt out and arch her back i think im going to struggle to finish this review,after more classic Stretch Class instructions from Buttman AJ carried out his wishes.I could watch this sexy girl all day in fact i think i will :) some face sitting action now and John you are a lucky lucky man and when he gets to spank AJ i have got to say i was jealous lol.

An outfit change now it was time to see AJ in a long green dress that really clung to her curvy body and made her ass look so incredible and juicy ,this was iconic Buttman and with some outdoor shots too this is a great tease section.Back indoors now and more tease and this time Buttman had AJ slipping into what looked like a red basque that was pulled down over her ass then the action changed to her wearing a pair of black lycra knickers the big ones that cover the whole ass,wow i love these type of knickers they remind me so much of how a swimsuit clings to a girls ass and covers her cheeks.

AJ looked incredible in that green dress and at the intro in her red dress and tights but this is sheer heaven for me the big black lycra knickers and with Miss Applegate on the move it's a thrill to watch her butt in those knickers,i told you sometimes the simple things can drive a man crazy and you know what i have been driven crazy lol.One thing i will say is John is too quick on the wedgies for me as i like to see the clothing spread out over a girls ass and i feel John is too quick to pull it in for a wedgie lol,talking about wedgies i remember when i just started high school all those years ago and wedgies were the choice of the school bully back then and a quick wedgie and you were left with a voice like a 10 year old choirboy :(

The rest of the scene plays out like a dream with a little bit of everything from face sitting to nipple clamps getting used on AJ to more ass tease and foot worship to toy use and pussy and ass worship and the now famous clothes pegs get used on her and with AJ squirting i think that Miss Applegate is a natural and should get invited back for Buttman's Stretch Class Detention as i think she has proved that she needs punished a little bit more :) It was great to see AJ in action and some of the positions she got herself into was amazing a real visual treat indeed.

What a sexy girl who really got into her scene and with a natural performance from AJ it made for great viewing,she laughed and smiled her way through the scene and got down and dirty too and that is what i loved one minute AJ was all innocence the next she was spreading her ass and to see a girl enjoying herself on screen is far better for us fans than a girl just going through the motions.AJ loves performing and it shows.

Well Buttman's Stretch Class 15 has been great, all the familiar Stagliano traits were there for us to enjoy from ass tease to pussy worship to the simple things that us Buttman fans have grown to love such as the girls bending over to walking around to nipple torture. The choice of girls for this Stretch Class movie was amazing, Chanel was so sexy and sultry and with an amazing body she was the perfect girl to start the movie of with. Sierra was another girl who blew me away with her stunning body and pretty looks and what can I say about AJ she was my fave and with stunning looks and a body built for sin I loved her performance. Her ass is incredible but it's the whole way she carries herself on screen that has won me over she has the perfect mix of innocence and kink and that is such a turn on.

The End

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