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Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish

Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttman's Brazilian Ass Fetish A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  1/29/2009
Buttman’s Brazilian Ass Fetish (2006)
THEMES: Foreign, Brazilian, Latin, Ass Obsession, Anal, Big Butts
Starring: Anina, Milla Moore, Cristal de Luna, Estrilla, Nicole, Jazz Duro, Joto Braw, Dino Miranda & Williams Carioca
Produced & Directed by: John “Buttman” Stagliano

I’ve been avoiding this movie for a while. For one, my old video store never had it. Second, judging by the trailer, when I first saw it back in 2006, I wasn’t allured by it. So, I saw the trailer again when I bought the criminally perfect “Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass” DVD and I’ve decided… Yeah, let me see it. I expected more out of it. It’s a very good fuck-flick, but it has a very few major flaws that can’t be overlooked. “Buttman’s Brazilian Ass Fetish” has a lot of potential, but it has some heavy flaws to the point to where you may forget you’re watching a Buttman video, but instead you’re watching something that could have been directed by Manuel Ferrara.

The first scene stars Aninha (who later starred in Justin Slayer’s “Ass Everywhere 3”) and Milla Moore. The tease in this scene was very good and both women are attractive. However, the sex was just good and I did not like some of the camerawork/special effects that Buttman has done. I love the slow-motion. But the other types of special effects that he uses, like the jumpy picture and so forth. I really hated it. Aninha appears before Milla More does and both ladies are showing some tail and all in a hotel room and on the outdoor balcony. Jazz Duro fucks them both in various orifices and positions. This scene’s tease sequence was very good, but not flawless to the point to where you’re glued to the screen at all. This scene contains some of the best blowjobs I’ve seen in a porno-flick, though. When these ladies are on their knees, Jazz Duro intensely fucks the shit out of their mouths as if they were either a coochie or a butt hole. But it was a huge turn-off to see a booger in Anina’s nose while she was licking and kissing all on the camera at the end. This scene was good, but could have been just a wee bit better! Did I mention that this scene has some of the nastiest ass-to-mouth blowjobs ever shown in pornography?

The second scene… it had so much potential for it’s own good, but it ended kind of slow and on a disappointing note. Honestly, there was more tease than there was sex and in this case, that was a great thing. The tease sequence drove me up the fucking wall. Words cannot describe how much I loved the tease. This beautiful Brazilian woman named Cristal De Luna with a huge butt is sporting a black silk dress, stuffing the dress all up her butt, putting a dildo in there and hopping in the shower. Two Brazilian guys show up, they see some woman’s big-ass butt pressed hard up against the glass window part of the shower and these guys go nuts. She pressed her big booty against the glass and even pressing her gaping asshole against the glass and the guys lick the glass, stripping and masturbating. She showers again and the approaches the dudes so she can get fucked by these two. The sex was just above average and it includes anal, condoms, foot-sucking, oral and the guys coming all over her. I just love the tease so much and this beautiful woman. But after the tease is over, the sex occurs, which is nothing at all like remarkable. So for that, I’m glad the tease laster longer than the sex. This happens to be the second best scene in the movie with the finale being the greatest thing this film has to offer.

The finale is a blessing! A 59-minute meditation of beautiful girls who speak broken English, severe ass obsession, nasty sex and overused slow-motion in all the right spots. It’s hot and spicy. It’s flawless. It’s booty-licious. It’s more funky and bootylicious than a motherfucking Ohio Players album. I love it so much. Words can’t describe it but I will never forget this scene and it may wind up lingering in my psyche for a long time. Yes, it’s that fucking good! Buttman repeats the annoying special effects with his camera and he does it throughout the film. However, it’s not strong enough to fuck up this scene at all. This scene by itself makes this flick worthy of owning. But me? I’m not the type who’ll buy a flick only because it has one bomb-ass scene. But if that’s you… this is the scene! This entire scene drove me up the fucking wall and made me wanna go out and… Oooohh!!! FUCK! Estrilla (Star) and Nicole show off their bangin’ bodies, switching their buttocks so intensely, nicely and delicately and the action is shot in slow motion. Buttman gets all of the right shots of the right spots at the right time. Jazz & William approach these females and they go outdoors, where there’s formal introduction, more tease, butt shaking, severe ass obsession, blowjobs, the ladies speaking some English, moaning, face sitting, buttocks spreading, etc. There’s a lot of slow-motion when the ladies are either walking or dropping their drawers. And yes, we get to see a woman pull down her panties in extra slow motion. For all of you butt freaks and those of you who love seeing the drawers drop slow, you got to see this before you die! They move indoors to continue the blowjobs, butt eating and serious and highly explicit anal play. Can you believe these women have the nerve to bounce their asses and make them clap while the butt plugs are buried in their asses?! It’s a beautiful thing to view these delicious brown bodies from various angles. Some parts of the action are repeated, like when a butt plug pops out of one girl’s anus. The guys start fucking these women silly and I have to admit that the sexual intercourse in this scene is much better than the sexual intercourse in the previous two scenes. Now, this is what the fuck I was looking for to begin with! I still can’t get over the tease sequence and how lively that was. I found myself using the rewind button over and over and over and over again before they even got indoors! It sounds like the ladies keep saying “Yes, sir” while they are getting fucked by the guys, but I don’t know if that’s what they are really saying. They don’t speak immaculate English. The ladies get sodomized and the guys come all on them. This scene was pure and brilliant. And this scene was enough to make you wanna buy the entire film! It is guaranteed that you will want to watch this scene repeatedly on every rainy day you get!

The a/v quality is superb. The start of the film is shot in letterbox, but it goes to it’s original pan & scan format after the credits roll. There’s cast info, cumshot recap, a photo gallery and 4 trailers, including the trailer for “Ass Jazz”.

“Buttman’s Brazilian Ass Fetish” is John Stagliano’s first All Brazilian skin flick since his 2003 “Buttman’s Bend Over Brazilian Babes 4” (which I have no interest in seeing). Two years after this, he did “Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass”, which should be banned or overpriced because it’s so damn good. People need to feel the urge to see that one because it was so right. This 2006 skin-flick reminded me of a Brazilian version of “Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks” in some departments, but unfortunately, this one couldn’t top that one, although the two films had certain similarities. Although I couldn’t stand some of the abnormal camerawork, I was in awe with the overused slow motion. Simply because John had put the camera in all of the right places, as if he knew a woman was going to walk and switch her butt-cheeks in a delicate fashion 30 seconds before she actually did it and he hurried up and put the camera in the right spot. And John “Buttman” Stagliano is loved by so many people for his visionary. I didn’t care too much for the music being played throughout the tease sequences, but it wasn’t so bad. Sometimes condoms are used and sometimes they aren’t. I don’t know why that is so important to some people, like if they wear condoms, that lowers the quality of the film and then someone says “I’m not watching it, then.” That’s just dumb. You have to see this flick. Then, you can determine whether or not you’ll buy it. Yes, it’s worth buying if you have an extensive porno-collection, but if you keep a small count, then… you have to decide the rest.

To be honest, as usual, although I have enjoyed this film, I am reminded of how glorious “Buttman’s Rio Carnival Hardcore” was and um… I’ll say… both films are in the same league and are both equally spontaneous. But if I’m forced to say one is better than the other, then… I don’t know. I did not enjoy this as much as I have loved “Buttman’s Beautiful Brazilian Ass” and “Buttman’s Bend-Over Brazilian Babes 3”. I am so damn glad this entire film didn’t turn out to be like “Buttman’s Ass Adoro”, where the tease is much better than all of the sex. I expected more in the first scene, but by the time the second scene came on, I had regained hope. Then, the finale came on! The finale is so fucking marvelous and indeed omnipotent.

RATING: 94.4% - Very highly recommended!

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