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Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest

Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by VictoriO  on  10/17/2001
Buttman & Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest
Year: 1999
Starring: Jazmine, Cassandra Wild, Bruna Barcelly, Isabella, Samantha, John Stagliano, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Fabio Scorpion, Nacho Vidal
Special Features: Chapters (18), Biographies (John Stagliano & Rocco Siffredi), Photo Galleria (31), Fetish Menu (Anal, BJ, Cumshots, D.P., Finger Anal, Hot Sex, Rimming, Tease, Toys & 69) Websites
Company: Evil Angel

-About a year ago, I rented this on VHS. This was before I saw the incredible 'Buttmans Anal Show', which came out after this. This XXX movie is pretty decent. It is nice, although I have seen better. Although the scene with Jazmine & Cassandra Wild is 'Oh, Very Nice', and that scene is the best scene in here, 'Buttmans Anal Divas' is a much better film! This DVD came out in 2000 and the quality is not so hot (like most other Evil Angel DVDs that were released during that time). The menu resembles the 'Buttmans Big Butt Backdoor Babes' menu. The photo galleria has some nice pictures, yet, most of them are grainy. I've seen better; the film is good, but not great! The DVD's picture & audio quality is not very good, at all!

Scene 1: Introduction (Stagliano, Joey, Nacho, Fabio & Jazmine)
-Joey, Nacho, Fabio, Stagliano & Jazmine are in a hotel room together. Nacho fucks Jazmine on a rug while their clothes are still on. Pretty boring scene, here. The sex wasn't even supposed to start like that. The hotel that they are in looks nice; it's cylinder-like with no stairs. Stagliano is afraid of heights. Not me! I love it!

Scene 2: The Carnival & The Beach
-For a short while, they all go to this carnival where they, along with we, see a few nice looking females. After that, everyone's at this local beach where Jazmine shows off her ass-ets & the guys are playing ping-pong. Nyah, Rocco & Cassandra Wild are soon introduced to us. Jazmine suggests that they go back to the 'apartment' (hotel room).

Scene 3: Jazmine, Cassandra Wild & Rocco
-This is a very nice scene with 2 nice females and the highly known, yet, strong-ego-possessed, Rocco. Both girls are wearing some nice neon bathing suits. This scene takes place in the hotel room. Rocco & Jazmine are smothering Cassandra (playing with her boobies, exploring her body). Nyah, Cassandra has some very nice barb-wire tattoos on her arms. Cassandra has a nice butt on her. This Hungarian cutie is hot. She & Jazmine kisses eachother with anal beads in their mouths while Rocco pulls Cassandra's thongs to the side to explore her asshole (with his vision and his tongue). Rocco lubes up Cassandra's ass with his spit & fingers her clit. For a while here, here's some oral sex, pussy & assplay (with anal beads) while Rocco gets shined up (also, we see the nastiness of rimming). Both girls are going down on Rocco-I must say that Jazmine gives a good shining. [NOTE: The lightning in this scene is terrible] Cassandra starts riding Rocco's dick while Jazmine is eating her playing with herself & shining up Rocco a bit. There's some slapping going on here when Rocco slaps Cassandra's face & boobies while she is getting rode. Cassandra slaps Rocco back for a bit. Everything is going well in this scene. Cassandra starts eating Jazmine out & fingering her ass. Jazmine starts to ride Rocco in a reverse cowgirl position and soon eats out Cassandra (Personally, I do not like reverse cowgirl). She, then, gets it from behind while Cassandra plays with herself & gets eaten a bit. Cassandra gets fucked from behind a bit. After a while, the butt-banging begins. Rocco starts fingering Cassandra's ass. She gets her pussy poked up a bit more. Rocco pushes himself hard in Cassandra's nice asshole, but she really can't take it. Even though it gets lubed a bit. (it is painful for her). Intense & yummy! Rocco can only go slow & easy on her. For a while, Rocco takes her ass & smacks on Jazmine's ass, then fingers her ass. After all of that, Jazmine gets her ass banged up. At first, cowgirl position, then she gets it hard in her ass while she is bent over and gets her pussy played in by Cassandra. Jazmine can be very vocal at times. This female also gets her hair pulled while she takes it in the butt & gets it smacked up. There's also some nice anal tease here. The usual is here. Rocco cums all over Jazmine's ass while Cassandra is still laying under her. Great scene. And although 'Buttmans Anal Divas' is a better film, this scene with Jazmine is better than her scene in 'Buttmans Anal Divas'.

Scene 4: Nightclub sequence
-It's usual to see nightclub sequences in older Buttman films. Here, we see a lot of dancing, we hear a lot of nice music & this lasts for a limited time.

Scene 5: Bruna Barcelly & Rocco
-This begins with Bruna shining Rocco up in the hallway of the hotel. Nyah, Bruna is a very nice looking female. After they walk into the hotel room, she shines him up for a while and they, soon, fuck. There are a lot of position switches here, and there is no butt-fucking in this scene. The picture is terrible! O.K. scene.

Scene 6: The bus trip
-Everyone meets up and they all get on a bus that leads them to the boat (as well as the orgy).

Scene 7: The Orgy
-Again, I do not like orgies, but this orgy is a bit nice. Nice butt shots, butt sex, butt line- up, sexy females, studs, great sex...everything is going well, here. I won't give a full description of it, but it is nice. The orgy in 'Buttmans Bend Over Brazilian Babes III' was a lot better.

Scene 8: Back on the bus
-Nyah, there is some sex in this scene here. Nothing much to review or root over.

BOTTOM LINE: Basically, there were 2 1/2 sex scenes and an orgy and a half. This XXX film is nice and very acceptable, but it could have been much better. The DVD is not the best. The lightning is terrible, the photo galleria is not very hot looking & the audio sound is not very clear. This is a good, but not great, film. If you have to have it, pick it up, but hopefully, Evil Angel may do a remaster with all of the improvements. I recommend this film, but it is not worth rushing to see. The best scene in here is the scene with Jazmine, Cassandra Wild & Rocco (their scene makes up for the rest of the average material). I love the artwork of the DVD & how the 5 females are lined up showing their butts & how Jazmine looks beside her, toward the camera & smiling. Very sexy! Jazmine & Cassandra Wild, as well as the usual Buttman themes, makes this film worth the watch. There are many XXX films that are only worth buying or even watching just for that one scene that is 'Oh, Very Nice' (ex. 'Buttmans Butt Freaks III' has an excellent scene with Christy Parks & Lexington Steele, while the rest is bullsh*t, not sexy & not memorable at all). It's the same way in this film.

NOTE TO EVIL ANGEL: The flaws in this DVD could have been easily avoided. I am happy to see that you have recently improved, for yourselves & others.

The Film: 3.5/5
The DVD: 2.5/5

-Oliver Victorio Sizemore-

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