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Long Noel Buttman In The Crack 4 starsButtman In The Crack 4 starsButtman In The Crack 4 stars
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Buttman In The Crack

Buttman In The Crack

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Buttman In The Crack:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Buttman In The Crack overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Buttman In The Crack Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Buttman In The Crack Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Buttman In The Crack Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Buttman In The Crack Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buttman In The Crack DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buttman In The Crack A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/29/2003

Running Time: 139 min.

Production Date: 8 / 16 / 1996

Director: John “Buttman” Stagliano

Cast: Michael J. Cox, Ruby, Julie Rage, Jamie Lee, Lexi Leight, Lea Martini, Kimberly Kyle, Sabina, Marki, Gabrilla Gotti, Tom Byron, Nick East, Steve Hatcher, Joey Silvera, Valentino, Woody Long, Bruno Sx, and Hatman in sexual roles and John “Buttman” Stagliano and Brockton O’Toole in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: I have yet to find a John Stagliano movie that doesn’t deserve high expectations.

Initial Reaction: Although it’s not his best, John Stagliano shows once again that sexual heat and artistic talent can work together amazingly well if done by the right person!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting Buttman with something a little different

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants straightforward and simple Buttman

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced. There are a few minor flaws, such as the audio echoing slightly, but that helps with the artistic feel of the movie here to the point that I can’t really complain about it. It’s flawed, but the flaws work towards the overall feel of the movie in a good way. The video has a little grain, which isn’t too surprising since Buttman in the Crack was made in 1996. There’s some soft focus problems and camera shakes that one normally associates with gonzo porn, but not so much that it constantly interferes with the movie. It’s a little disappointing if you compare it to some of today’s porn standards, but at the time it was made, this was high quality stuff.

Music: Most of the music has a cool jazz feel, and rests very quietly in the background. It really helps with the movie’s artistic feel, and is a very nice change from the usual porno music.

Menus: The main menu has some cheesy but fun animation, while the chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the movie and the names of the ladies in that scene and the fetish menu lets you jump directly to things such as feet, blowjobs, or DPs.

The Feature: Buttman chases down Ruby and her great ass after answering his doorbell and when he sees her walking away. He follows her, and gives her a good rimming after catching up to her. He gets so into it that he actually gets sucked into her crack, and has an adventure like none of his others.

Lea Martini and Sabine wander by Buttman first, and let him suck their toes. They move on, only to be return to where Tom Byron and Bruno Sx have pulled John into the crack. The four of them nicely work each other over orally to warm each other up before Tom starts fucking Sabina from behind and Bruno and Lea start spooning. They keep on with a few other common positions for the guys to pussy-fuck them before Bruno gets some anal from Lea. Sabina doesn’t give Tom any anal, but does take a very nice facial, a trend that Lea follows with soon after. It’s a pretty hot scene. Lea seemed a little off here, and I expected a bit more from Sabina after her great opening.

Jamie Leigh and Julie Rage give Steve Hatcher, Woody Long, and Valentino a little discipline in the next scene. Both girls are nicely decked out in black leather fetishwear and strp-ons, and have the guys also dressed in leather and on leashes. They work each other over orally very briefly, with the girls giving the guys plenty of directions. Soon after, the girls and their pets leave, and Kimberly Kyle discovers Buttman. After he examines her, Buttman runs into a couple more people in the crack to make things all the more interesting. They all talk a little more before Kimberly takes on Hatman and a cross-dressing Michael J. Cox, who’s cock she starts sucking when she sees it poking out from under his hot pink mini-skirt. Hatman gets into it right away as well, licking Kimberly’s snatch before they start fucking it. The guys take turns fucking her pussy, as well as teaming up for a double pussy penetration, which I think was almost unheard of when this movie was made. They also fuck her in the ass and give her the standard DP before they’re joined by Woody Long, who somehow escaped from Jamie Leigh and Julie Rage. Michael pops on Kimberly several times, including a facial to finish things up for him. Woody fucks Kimberly quickly after Michael’s facial, and then gives her another. I don’t know if I missed it or what, but I never saw Hatman give Kimberly any liquid love. It’s a different scene that’s pretty hot. I couldn’t help but be amazed with the extreme sex here for how long ago this movie was made, which helped me realize what a pioneer John Stagliano has been in porn throughout his career.

Things return to Julie Rage and Jamie Leigh with slaves Steve Hatcher, Woody Long, and Valentino. The guys work on the girls, quickly moving to their asses and planting a horsey buttplug in each of them. They work the guys over orally, and then take them back to the kennel, leading on leashes and making them crawl on all fours. It’s a fairly short sequence, but definitely hot!

After Hatman helps Buttman get from South Central Crack to Beverly Crack, Buttman discovers blonde Lexi Leigh and brunette Gabriella Gotti. Needless to say, both have great asses, and show them off very well. Hatman dances with each of them before Gabriella gives him a facedance. They work each other over orally before Hatman fucks each girl’s pussy. After a little more oral action, he moves on to fuck Gabriella’s ass and pop all over it. I was really looking forward to this scene during the opening tease, and felt fairly disappointed by the end of it. It was a bit shorter than the other scenes, and Lexi didn’t seem to be in much of the scene. This didn’t bother me too much, since I was really looking forward to Gabriella, and especially hoping to see her cheeks parted like the Red Sea. This also happened, but you never get to see her reaction as she’s getting buttfucked. It’s still pretty hot, but I was left with a feeling of unfilled potential that left me feeling as much depressed about it as excited.

John finds bad girls Jamie Leigh and Julie Rage again in the penultimate scene, and this time the girls are in the bathroom. They lift the three toilet seats to show the faces of the three guys again, and make them lick their pussy and ass as they sit on the stools. They release them so the pleasure can really flow, and work each other over in most every way to warm each other up. There’s the usual cocksucking for the guys and pussy eating and rimming for the ladies, as well as rimming and tit-fucking for the guys. There’s also plenty of sphinter spearing, a bit of ass to mouth, and some nice facials to end things. This is an odd scene, that’s made to feel even more odd by the music, and for some reason I couldn’t help but like it. It’s a nice ending to the bad girls sequences that impressed me with how much it brought into the scene without feeling overdone.

Finally, Buttman comes across “Sisters” Marki and Sabina and “Fathers” Joey Silvera and Nick East worshiping at an alter dedicated to him. After a little lesson including spanking and a little oral warmup, the fathers give the sisters their penance through several positions, and Joey bestowing absolution on Sabina’s face early in the scene before shrugging, smiling, and moving out of the way. This doesn’t slow things down at all, as the two girls quickly get it on with each other while Nick continues to fuck Marki. He gives her pussy a good working over before fucking her heavenly ass and coming all over it. It’s an extremely hot scene and a great way to end things. I can see a lot of people getting ticked at John for this scene, but I think my tastes are warped enough to really like it.

Buttman in the Crack is a very interesting Buttman movie, that both stays completely within the Buttman idea while also bringing it to a whole new place. Of the actual Buttman movies, this is by far the most artistic I’ve seen, and although it doesn’t work completely, it works good enough that I was happy with almost all of it. My biggest problems were with some of the camera work and editing. The editing was a bit jerky, and rarely showed things like position changes and angles where you got to see both the penetration and the reaction to the penetration. The camera angles also seemed a little tight, and frequently left me wanting to see things other than what I was being shown. I think John was trying for a much more artistic feel with this movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he might have tried changing some of his camera style to give it a bit more unique feel as well (since I’ve never really felt this way about his camera work with the movies I’ve seen from him both before and after this). Oddly, although I often saw faults, I was turned on just as much even when I was seeing the faults. Perhaps tha’is the best thing I can say about John Stagliano’s talent and Buttman in the Crack. Even when I see faults with it, I’m turned on by it and drawn into it. Buttman in the Crack might not be perfect, but it sure as heck drew me in!

Extras: The photo gallery contains roughly fifty five great looking snapshots. There’s a bio for John Stagliano as well as a full cast listing by scene and filmographies for Gabriella Gotta, Kimberly Kyle, Lea Martini, Lexi Leigh, Marki, Ruby, and Sabina. Finally, there’s website information and extra footage.

The extra footage is broken down by behind the scenes footage and extra sex, and lasts almost twenty six minutes. The behind the scenes footage lasts about ten minutes, and gives you a bit of the stars being themselves and John working with the cast between takes. The remaining sixteen minutes is extra sex footage, and feels like it was taken directly out of the movie. It looks and sounds just as good as the main movie. The combination of the two should satisfy almost every fan of the movie, whether they’re interested in behind the scenes stuff or whether they just want a little extra for a good wank.

Themes: Straight, gonzo, tease, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), toe-ing, group, lesbian (light), anal, fetishwear, B&D, cross-dressing, DPP, DP, spanking, toys, tit-fucking, and ass to mouth

Condoms Usage: None

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: Currently, most Evil Angel DVDs can be found online for between $18.50 and $30 with many stores offering them for around $20. As much as I love Stagliano’s work, I’d recommend many people rent this one first. It’s much more artistic and has a very different feel from the typical Buttman movie that I can see many fans not liking. Although the movie is a bit different, Evil Angel has still given it a very good transfer the nice extras I’ve come to expect from them.

Note to John Stagliano / Evil Angel: The only thing I can think of that I would have liked here would be one of John’s commentary featurettes. I always love these, and with the more artistic feel of this one, I would love to know where some of the ideas came from.

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