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Butt Cream Pie 4

Butt Cream Pie 4

Studio: John Dough Prod.
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Kelly's ratings for Butt Cream Pie 4:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Butt Cream Pie 4 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Butt Cream Pie 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Butt Cream Pie 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Butt Cream Pie 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Butt Cream Pie 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Butt Cream Pie 4 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Butt Cream Pie 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  6/20/2004
Title: Butt Cream Pie 4: Director’s Cut
Company: Jon Dough Productions/Devils Film
Length: 2 hours and 41 minutes (161 minutes)
Production Date(s): April 4, 2004
Release Date: May 13, 2004
Condoms: None

Director: Jon Dough

False Advertisement Warning: Contrary to the promises on the box, there is no bonus scene with Alicia or behind the scenes segment. Plus, the running time is said to be 3 minutes longer than it actually is, a far less grievous error than the other two. Due to this, I will dock this film’s overall rating an entire star. It would have graded 4 stars but I gave it 3. Plus, I gave the extras 1 star because of the boxcover's lie, which is a shame because the extra footage left in the action to bring the action just 20 minutes short of being 3 hours long is very nice.

The Abridged Version: At Anabolic, it was called Ass Cream Pies. At Devils Film, it is called Butt Cream Pie. As would be expected, a mere title change has not changed a whole lot. Each scene still begins with the girl walking around and sitting on various cream pies and ends with her squeezing cum out of her asshole. Anal and DPs are sill the law of the land. The only real subtraction is the smart decision to cut out the woefully misogynistic practice of shoving a cream pie in each girl’s face at the end of the scene, which followed a horrible see-what-these-sluts-will-do-if-paid-enough-money mentality. However, the real change that matters here is of the locale variety. Based with Devils Film now, Dough’s production values have been given a massive facelift and what was a decidedly average line has morphed into what seems to be one of the premiere creampie lines in porn. This has also been aided by Dough’s new trend of only casting the hottest new girls. Teagan, Luci Thai, Roxy Jezel, Chiquita Lopez, and Tyla Wynn comprise what is probably the best cast yet for this series. There is not a bad scene in the bunch, with Teagan and Tyla absolutely stealing the show for me. Considering that I somewhat detest cream pies, that is saying a lot coming from me. The reality is that I loved the sex and would then cringe while watching each butt cream pie. As the girls bend over and squeeze out the cum there are simply parts of the female asshole that get exposed that I would rather not see, especially in Luci’s scene which sees her asshole absolute wrecked at the end. I felt bad for her.

Scene 1: Teagan (cute blonde, could pass for Britney Spear’s sister, the next big thing, wearing pink on the cover) w/Mark Ashley (28 minutes)

Every blue moon there comes along a girl in porn that absolute everyone falls in love with. This girl does not always go on to become Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick. Bunny Luv was supposed to be the next big thing a couple of years ago and nothing ever happened. She retired prematurely and now works behind the scenes for Digital Playground. Right now, Teagan is the girl everyone wants to fuck. Will she be the next Jenna or the next Bunny? Only time will tell. Though, now that I think about it she actually resembles Bunny quite a bit in the face. In a cute two-piece pink outfit, Teagan walks around outside next to a swimming pool. The camera focuses almost entirely on her ass, only panning to her face so she can say, “Butt cream pie.” After sitting on a balloon and a cream pie, she moves to the patio of the house where the action will start. Mark kind of comes out of nowhere and fills her mouth with his dick. It is initially striking to see such a cute girl get her throat fucked so relentlessly but she seems to love it. After a ridiculously short bit of pussy eating, Mark fucks her very hard in missionary as she is lying atop a table. This is nothing compared to the serious wood he fills her with in doggy. However, this has all been a relatively short precursor to anal. Mark picks her up and takes her inside. Lying belly down on bed, she moans in submission to the finger’s being shoved up her tight asshole. She is ready and Mark sticks it up her tight ass in doggy. The camera captures the insertion shot from a very good angle as Teagan has her knees close together to accentuate her ass. He goes very gently with her until she tells him that she wants it all the way in so that she can get used to it. So, she lies flat on her belly and he really lays into her. Eventually, she tells him to stop and he pulls out of her now amazingly gaping ass. We cut and return to her standing with her head almost on the ground for a sexy standing doggy anal. Teagan has such a soft and sweet voice that when she is moaning it often sounds like she is saying, “Ow,” which is doubly confusing because sometimes she is actually saying that so that Mark knows to stop. However, when they move to missionary and sideways missionary anal there is no confusion. She loves it. In fact, as he madly rubs her clit while pounding her ass Teagan looks like she is seconds away from squirting, a feat Ashley would later get out of her in Jules Jordan’s upcoming Weapons of Ass Destruction 3. After reverse cowgirl and doggy, he cums in her ass. The scene closes with a close-up of her ass as she basically farts cum out of it. As far as anal is concerned, Teagan has come a far way since her Red Light District appearances.

Scene 2: Luci Thai (cover girl) w/Talon, Brian Surewood, and Jon Dough (37 minutes)

A totally nude Luci Thai walks around outside before sitting on a balloon and a cherry cream pie. She inexplicably sits on a quarter watermelon as well. I had sudden thoughts of Gallagher. This does finally end and we cut to her crawling on all fours to Talon. Now, she is wearing red lingerie with red panties underneath. As she is about to go down on Talon, Brian Surewood gets in on the action and shoves her head all the way down on his dick instead. Jon Dough walks in from behind the camera making this a foursome. She strips nude and kneels to the ground, keeping her mouth pretty much constantly open as the guys take turns getting blowjobs. Halfway through, this switches to a POV camera angle where Jon is filming it with a handheld camera. Needless to say, by the time they get to the fucking her chest and upper torso is covered with a combination of her own saliva and their precum. It is frequently hard to tell who is fucking her and who is filming from here on out, as most of the time it is just her with two of the guys while the odd man out helms the camera. At times though all three guys are in frame as fifth individual films. Through standing doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl Luci is getting rocked hard. She takes it up the ass from Brian with ease in sideways missionary and reverse cowgirl. The scene reaches another level though when another guy slips in her pussy for a reverse cowgirl DP. Her mouth finally free now, she moans her head off in utter delight. This girl really has developed into an absolutely exquisite anal whore. She shows absolutely no sign of displeasure through this and the subsequent cowgirl DP, but when they try standing DP it gets cut short due to some pained expressions on her face. Money shot time. In consecutive order, Brian cums inside her ass as well as on her ass cheeks, Talon shoots off in her pussy, and Jon unloads a big load in her mouth. Sadly, this ending was rather disturbing for me. As she is squeezing Brian’s load out of her asshole it is revealed just how absolutely wrecked that ass is. I hate to use this wood-killing phrase, but I am talking “she won’t shit right for weeks” kind of wrecked. I felt bad for the girl though she again seemed to love about every minute of it.

Scene 3: Roxy Jezel (sexy mixed Asian, perfect, petite body, back tattoos, black hair, wearing multi colors on the cover) w/Talon (30 minutes)

The innately sexy Roxy walks around a kitchen, spouting the consistent catchphrase of “butt cream pie” as she sits on cream pies. For the first time all time, this is actually halfway sexy, though only due to Roxy’s appealing British accent. Jon actually spreads whip cream on her ass from a can and she eats some of it using a banana as a spoon, which was kind of cool. As the scene starts, it seems that Talon and Roxy have some role-playing planned out. She is completely submissive as he pushes her around on the ground. The force with which she jams his cock down his throat is above and beyond the call of duty though. She is constantly gagging herself and a POV angle shows her mascara all ready running. This would have been hot but the constant gag noise she makes is slightly comical sounding. More of the rather intense action continues as they fuck in missionary and cowgirl. He spanks her ass beat red in the ladder position. Halfway through sideways missionary, he pulls out of her pussy and quickly sticks it all the way up her ass. Speaking with her sexy British accent mind, she literally screams out, “Fuck my fucking ass!” Where did this girl come from? Because you don’t often find girls that fuck like this and very truly mean it but it is no act with this girl. They move on to missionary and reverse cowgirl and some point I realized that her ass really does not look nearly as tight as it did back in Breakin Em In 5. After a quick standing doggy, Talon unloads in her ass. She squeezes some out and it drips down her leg. Her ass, too, looks rather wrecked, though nowhere near as bad as Luci.

Scene 4: Chiquita Lopez (Latina, brunette, slim build, short, wearing red and black on the cover) w/Brian Surewood and Jon Dough (34 minutes)

Chiquita is 21. She tells us when Jon asks us from off camera. Here’s the catch. He has to ask her in Spanish. This suddenly reminded me that I have read elsewhere that Chiquita does not speak English very well. However, she does manage to mutter, “butt cream pie” while doing the obligatory introduction tease by the same pool that Teagan walked by. After a side-by-side and POV blowjob, she gets it standing doggy. Those costume people out there will like to know that her bra is simply pushed above her breasts and her panties merely pushed to the side, connotating that sense of urgency that so many gonzo scenes lack. During regular kneeling doggy, a strange thing happens. Jon pulls out and right after that a clear substance coats the outside of her pussy. It looks more like he came than she squirted but from the consistency of the liquid it would seem that she was the one who had the orgasm. In cowgirl, Jon tears the panties right off her and her bra, now barely hanging around her neck, is her only remaining article of clothing. They retire to the living room inside and after only preparing her for anal by fingering her ass for 5 seconds they initiate a cowgirl DP. This sequence turns out to be extremely hot, as she really lights up with a cock in her ass. Plus, her mouth is finally free meaning we get Spanish dirty talk. She alternates between grunting, “yes” and “si”. Otherwise, I don’t know what she was saying but it sounded sexy. More of this glorious debauchery ensues in reverse cowgirl DP. Again, they try the girl in standing DP but this time it works out better. They go for a couple of minutes before Jon loses control and shoots off right in her ass. As she kneels to squeeze cum out of that now loose asshole, Brian jumps in and shoots a huge load on (not in) her derriere. The scene should be over but it holds the shot for a minute as she poses for the camera before cutting to Jon shooting another load in her mouth.

Scene 5: Tyla Wynn (sexy short brunette hair, tanned and toned body, magnificent round ass, naturally busty, wearing blue on the cover) w/Mark Ashley (30 minutes)

Tyla is a fairly new girl to the porn scene but she has all ready made a name for herself as best new vocalist. She seems to have come from the same planet as Roxy, where all girls are loud, nasty, and just love sex especially that of the anal variety. As she walks around for the intro-tease, I would nominate her for sexiest lingerie of the tape. Stunning is the best word to describe how she looks in her blue see-thru panties and mesh top. She sits on a green leather couch and talks to her friend, Mr. Lucky: a black double-sided dildo. Mark Ashley is the real Mr. Lucky. After fucking Teagan silly in the first scene, he returns to do the same to Tyla, who is apparently good friends with Teagan off camera. What stories they must tell each other about fucking Mark Ashley. With the dildo halfway in her pussy, she turns her head to the right to gag on Mr. Lucky’s cock. Bizarrely, we hear her moan at one point when her mouth is free though close inspection shows her lips to be locked shut and her mouth emitting no such noise. Tricky, deceptive editing tricks from Mr. Jon Dough and his editor here. What the hell is that about? The scene proceeds in somewhat familiar fashion, semi-intense throat fucking followed by a blink-and-you-will-miss-it pussy eating as prelude to short and rough vaginal sex in missionary and cowgirl. Time for anal, right? Actually, he keeps at that pussy for quite a while, servicing it some more in reverse cowgirl and doggy. She finally tells him, “Get that fucking dick in my ass.” We cut and come back to him easing his way in her ass in doggy. She seems extremely into it. It’s funny. With Teagan, it was like watching the virginal Prom Queen get fucked up the ass. With Tyla, it is like watching the sexy school slut get fucked up the ass. Both are equally fun to watch. He pounds her really hard in reverse cowgirl. The highlight of the scene comes next in sideways missionary, as he alternates between pistoning in and out of her ass and pussy. She yells at him to fuck her ass like it has never been fucked before but he genuinely seems to lack the energy to do so anymore. Soon, he has had enough and cums in her ass in doggy. She squeezes out a big portion of it and it drips down her leg. She scoops the rest out and licks it off her fingers.

The DVD: The video and audio is rather superb. The menus are easy to navigate and the backgrounds typical of most other adult DVDs, left side of the screen filled with a pretty girl shot of one of the girls and right scene filled with a montage of sexual footage from the feature. As has been previously pointed out in the false advertisement warning, there are promises of DVD extras on the box that are not on this DVD. So, really the only criticism I can offer this DVD is not based upon what is here. It’s what is not here that really matters.
Photo Gallery-This is actually a slide show that lasts for 2 minutes. The pictures scroll by on the right side of the screen as a glamour shot of Teagan adorn the left side of the screen and it never changes.
Trailers- These are just the stock trailers for video lines that all Devils Film DVDs come with now. The series highlighted here are: Gangland, Teen Tryouts, and . The unique trailer here is one for It lasts one minute long and is merely a montage of footage of European girls getting fucked with the website URL printed across the bottom of the screen. Oddly, Melody, Lisa Marie, and Ander Page also show up in footage taken from their appearances in Jon Dough directed films for Anabolic/Diabolic. Remember that “bonus scene with Alicia” promise on the box? Well, this trailer begins with her sucking a guy’s cock while shoving a dildo up her ass. Her portion of the trailer comprises all of 5 seconds. What a bonus scene.

Final Thought: My unease with actually watching the anal cream pies in this cream pie tape might in fact be a moot point now. With the recent HIV outbreak and subsequent announcements from gonzo companies like Platinum X that they would no longer do vaginal or anal cream pies in their productions, it seems likely that this could be the final installment in this series. In fact, I hope it is. I think this type of thing is just too dangerous for girls to risk anymore. This tape is so strong that I don’t think they could top it anyway. However, I must come back to the lies on the box. It is unthinkable that shit like that still happens in porn, even from fairly large companies like Devils Film. What is worse that it happens on such a strong tape like this one. It needlessly brings it down.

Rent it or Buy It:BUY IT. For Teagan fans, this is a must have. Until her Jules Jordan scenes come out, this is her best scene yet. However, none of the other girls disappoint and if you haven’t seen Tyla yet you need to check out what you are missing. As for the DVD, at 161 minutes you get a lot of bang for your buck but the false advertisement on the boxcover is absolutely detestable.

About the Author: A current college student, Kelly began his infatuation with pornography with the likes of late night Skinimax before graduating to hardcore. As such, sometimes storylines go a long way toward his enjoyment but sometimes he just wants to see some hard sex. In either avenue though, girl/girl bored him to tears. He used to operate a fan site dedicated to Taylor St. Claire, who is still to this day his favorite porn star. Other favorite girls include Renee LaRue, Zora Banks, Cherry Mirage, Avy Scott, Alyssa Love, and Devinn Lane. Though he does generally prefer voluptuous, big-breasted women, he also enjoys the work of Stephanie Swift, Jennifer Luv, August Night, Luci Thai, and Selena Silver. His current favorites consist of Jennifer Luv, Haley Paige, Kelly Kline, and Porsha Blaze. He avoids Max Hardcore, Ed Powers, Vivid, and compilations as much as possible, and eagerly looks forward to releases from Evil Angel, Devils Film, Red Light District, and Platinum X. He generally favors anal scenes and DP scenes with big facials, but is too timid for gangbangs, cream pies, and any such other extremities. His favorite directors are Jonni Darkko, Mike John, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, Tom Byron, and Jules Jordan. His favorite porn films of all time include The Fashionistas (2003), Whack Attack 9 (2001), Nice Rack 6, and Service Animals 7 (2002).

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