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Bust My Hole

Bust My Hole

Studio: Acid Rain
Category:  Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Bust My Hole:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bust My Hole overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bust My Hole Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Bust My Hole Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Bust My Hole Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bust My Hole Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bust My Hole DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bust My Hole A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  8/11/2004

A month ago, Mitch Spinelli of Acid Rain introduced ADT to the Pepsi Challenge. What is the Pepsi challenge? Well back in the 80s for the underage readers of ADT, Pepsi did a blind taste test with people on the streets and made them choose between Pepsi & Coke. Allegedly, more people chose Pepsi; a result that I'm still skeptical to today. What does this have to do with porn? Hell if I know.

Selena Silver, Benjamin Bratt, and Alberto Rey:

Selena is the hottest thing to come out of Australia since Elle McPherson. There is an understated elegance that surrounds her that quickly disperses when she starts ravishing a dick. She is wearing a blood red corset with her boobs exposed. Something is wrong with her hair. It is either really wet or Selena has dyed it black and left it really limp. I'm guessing that she just got out of the shower.

I've lauded Selena's talent with the cock in a previous review. While she's blowing one guy, the other guy prepares her butt with the introduction of four fingers which reminds me of a South Park joke. Is he going to jam his thumb up her butthole? That would really piss her off! Straight to the ass goes the schlong. The gus take turn at the ass. Some ATM involved along with Selena rimming the guys' buttholes. Selena's never looked better while she's staring intently into Ben's eyes while he's lightly choking her. Interesting inverted mexican surfboard position while she's blowing Alberto. Ass gapes galore. First sign of vaginal fucking comes in the form of a DP. PTM. DP in both the RC and doggy position with some slapping on the ass by the guys and Selena too. I mean she slaps the guys on their asses for good measure. Man, this scene has everything. First cumshot lands on her tongue and chin. Second cumshot by Alberto is straight out of the blowjob landing mostly on her hair and face. Awesome scene.

Alicia Rhodes & Benjamin Bratt:

Alicia Rhodes is a thick English girl with blonde hair and a good rack. She has hypnotic eyes with the right dark mascara and DSLs. Her tease scene shows off a naughty playful side. She implores the camera to "bust her hole". Ben asks, "What's that?!" and proceeds to smack her ass and jam his thumb up her butthole like South Park Croc Man!!! I think some lube got on the camera lens. She gets to lick her own pussy and ass juices from his hands. You know, Benjamin Bratt looks like a young Eric Bogosian from Under Siege 2.

I guess Alicia is really turned on or annoyed because starts tearing at Ben's pants. She takes his schlong hard and deep into her mouth doing holding her breath exercises. Some sick muffled squealing come out while she's being throat fucked. Is that her English accent at play? Dude, she is literally gargling while munching on this guy's balls. She must be the ventriloquist of porn. First hole to be busted is the pussy. Then her tits get a turn while she is getting lightly slapped on the face. Back to the face. Missionary reveals her rolls of fat however. Quick switch to the butt. Nasty girl. Alicia is talkative while being fucked making varied screams, gasps, and moans. Big ass gape is revealed. A reverse cowgirl anal flows into some ATM like a figure skating combination. Ben shoves his toes into Alicia's mouth while she blurts out, "Fucking nasty" in a non-objecting manner. Best position has to be the surfboard anal. She's just screaming while he just drives it into her. Benjamin steps on Alicia's face while pounding her. Actually she puts his foot on her face so she is insisting on it. I'm running out of words to say, man. Cumshot runs off the side of Alicia's mouth. My brain is tired from processing all of this. Awesome awesome scene.

Jamie Brooks, Tyce Bune, and Brett Rockman:

Jamie Brooks has a blonde sorority girl look. She has fake boobs and fucked up teeth. The guys and her get down to sex right away. Her implants ripple against the skin in the RC position which is a negative. Jamie shows great attentive blowjob skills going deep and taking care of the balls. Lots of alternation between fucking the ass and pussy. Not healthy. She gags while being throatfucked. In the DP position, we hear her say "bust that hole". Yes, yes they are. The important question becomes, which one is she talking about?

She takes something out of her mouth and puts it to the side. Was that gum or some crotch lint from one of the guys? At one point, Jamie has an unintelligible monologue full of expletives after starting it with "bust my fucking hole". My college linguistics class did not prepare me for that. Piledriver anal can't be good for her back. Watch her explain that one to her chiropractor. Huge gape that results from this. Tyce thinks he's Rocco by spitting in her mouth. Weak cumshot from Tyce on her mouth. Great pop from Brett hitting her eye and forehead. Jamie was caught by surprise there.This scene almost matched the intensity of the previous two scenes. It had DPs galore. I believe there was some ATM mixed in but my mind lost track.I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Sally Rodeo & Mr. Pete:

Sally has auburn hair and droopy boobies and a good big white ass. Think of Pason without the implants. I study her complexion a while to try to figure out if she's a natural redhead. I'm guessing she is. I think she's pretty but that may be because of my preference for redheads. She has a tattoo of an ankh on her back. I like it. Mr. Pete gagfucks her and delivers some sharp slaps to her face with his hand and schlong. Impressive blowjob while Mr. Pete holds her upside down.

Mr. Pete continues the slapping on her tits and ass. The slapping heads to the face while he fucks her missionary. Sally is quieter than the previous 3 girls but still making plenty of noise while she's squirming in the doggy position. Some bad lighting gets exposed while she's fucked on the chair. I don't think those dark shadows on her face was intentional. This isn't a Leslie flick. Her sounds become less frequent while she's concentrating on that dick in her ass. Mr. Pete spits on her face, kisses her, licks her nose, and then finishes it off with another spit. Well just to show that Acid Rain is equal opportunity, she later spits on Mr. Pete's face and he takes it seeming to want more. Lots of ass slapping in the hold up, hang on, and fuck position. Scene is capped with a closed eye facial.

I really like this scene despite the opinion that it wasn't as intense as the previous three. Sally and Mr. Pete seemed to dig each other.

Ashley Blue, Tyce Bune, and Sledgehammer:

AVN Female Performer of the Year 2004, I know Ashley's gonna put up a good effort. This scene must be filmed before she became a contract girl for JM. I'm not into her looks that much especially her pear shaped body but she seems to have a fun personality and she's always into the sex. Guess that's why she won the award. Her makeup in this scene accentuate her asian features. Her mascara really slants her eyes. Her hair is raven black for this scene compared to the usual brown.

Well looks like it goes straight into the anal. No prep, no bullshit. Her bright red lipstick is already smeared from blowing Sledge's huge cock. The anal becomes a DP. Ashley is already drooling on herself at this point. Tyce puts a full nelson on her while she's laying on her back against him in the DP. Her mascara is now running at this point. I feel like I'm watching a max hardcore movie. Ashley practices holding her breath on the gagjob. The ATM is present. She scrunges her face in the reverse pile driver anal on the couch. Cumshots mostly on the tongue.

Maybe it was my expectations but this scene was a letdown. It had everything but Ashley showed a fatigued or pained expression most of the time showing almost a submissive role. None of the girlvert personality is there.

Taylor Lynn and Mr. Pete:

Taylor Lynn is a thick blonde girl with a dolphin tattoo on the right side of her abs. She has great titties and that's all I can say about her looks. She has some trouble with the deepthroat but she tries.

Mr. Pete gives her ass a couple of slaps before he fucks her in doggy. Her moans seem staged at this point. They seem to dig each other stopping to kiss once in a while. Taylor gives up the butt in a number of positions. She also does ATM. Cumshot onto the mouth.

Parting Thoughts:

Acid Rain has got a good movie here. The sex in this movie was at points simply phenomenal. Even though I didn't like the looks of some of them, all the girls knew how to give a blowjob, all took anal, and none went through the motions. Another flaw is just the lighting. This movie was more darkly lit than what I'm used to watching and it didn't seem the effect was intentional. The Sally scene highlighted this problem with the heavy shadows on her face at one point. However, I'm going to keep watching the Selena and Alicia scenes over and over again. Last two were the weakest.

There is this one category in the menus labeled, "More Hot Action". You'd think those would be outtakes or a bonus scene. No... they're freaking sex ads. I heard they used to be at the beginning of the movie but calling it an extra is almost as bad. The thing that's saves the extras is the behind the scenes. There you get the interview and tease along with the standard behind the scenes footage. I had been wondering why the scenes jumped into the action so quickly. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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