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Buck's Beaver

Buck's Beaver

Studio: Robert Hill Ent.
Category:  Transsexual
Starring: , , , , ,
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YogaDame's ratings for Buck's Beaver:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Buck's Beaver overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Buck's Beaver Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Buck's Beaver Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Buck's Beaver Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Buck's Beaver Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Buck's Beaver DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Buck's Beaver A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  9/27/2005

Buck's Beaver

Cast: Buck Angel, Kitty, Lena Ramon, Wade Mohawk, Jeff Cambell [sic], Todd.

Director: Buck Angel

Production date: 12/01/04

Length: 89 min. (including the interview, which is available separately but also runs in segments prior to each scene)

Extras: The 7-min. interview with Buck Angel, a 20-min. collection of bonus scenes, and a 2-min. slide show.

False Advertising: The cover incorrectly claims this is "The First FTM Porno Movie." Actually, it's not even Buck's first—he has at least three previous releases through Mr. Bad Daddy Entertainment. In fact, the Buck's Beaver interviewer mentions seeing one of those movies. Whatever. If I were to deduct points every time I read hyperbole on an adult movie box cover, I doubt I'd ever award any five-star ratings.

Audio/visual quality: The videography is disappointing. The problems are most apparent in the cringe-inducing second scene. The camera operator appears to be either (a) unfamiliar with the equipment or (b) higher than a weather balloon. The lens swerves around drunkenly, capturing keen views of portable lights, power cords, cameras on tripods, an electric fan, and a spectator's arm. There's an especially awkward moment where the videographer pans frantically over the bedclothes, unable to get the performers back in the field of view. Just when I think I'm going to be seasick, the camera is set upon a bedpost, and strobe flashes ensue. Strobe flashes and quick glimpses of anonymous personnel also disrupt scene four and the bonus material. Scene three is shadowy. The close-up footage of Buck's masturbation is fine, but a C-light might've helped during penetration. Scene one is probably the strongest from a technical standpoint, but even there, careless camerawork reveals that the "living room" is only a set on a soundstage. I use the term "soundstage" loosely, since there's no evidence of insulation against extraneous noise.


Scene 1 Buck Angel and Kitty demo their master/slave relationship. Kitty licks Buck's boots, they kiss in clouds of cigar smoke, and he stimulates her groin with the sole and toe of his boot. He also drops hot ash on her midriff and points the lit cigar at her clitoris. Eek! Whew, okay, the temperature play is short-lived. Kitty remains cheerful and treats Buck's beaver to several nice tongue baths. They also satisfy each other's pussies with fingers and well-lubed dildos. I can't get into the pain aspect, but Kitty's smiles and eye contact make this scene a bit friendlier for viewers like me. The soul-to-soul bond is more evident here than anything I've previously witnessed in my limited experience with BDSM porn. Time: 20:50. Rating: 3.5 stars.

Scene 2 Buck Angel and Wade Mohawk meet in bed. Wade's a handsome model/escort (with a normal haircut), but he appears to be mentally absent from this scene. His eyes are often closed, he barely utters a sound, and he never goes down on his partner. Buck gives Wade's condomed cock a wet, sensuous blowjob before riding him cowboy style. Wade wordlessly and mechanically fucks Buck in two positions, jerking off onto his butt. The speed of Wade's wanking causes the picture to pixelate. Normally I enjoy vanilla gay sex, but this is too impersonal for me. Time: 15:03. Rating: 1 star.

Scene 3 Buck Angel and Jeff Cambell revive the movie with better chemistry. Buck is a prison guard who puts Jeff in solitary confinement. Buck drops the handcuff keys on his way out, so Jeff frees his wrists and then his willy. Buck listens at the door and bursts back in. He makes Jeff suck his synthetic dick and then uses it to do Jeff anally. They masturbate side by side, Buck gives Jeff a deep blowjob, and they engage in vaginal sex. Jeff doesn't cum, but I'm satisfied with the creative ending. This scene also includes a brief and very funny break where Buck (ever the gentleman) asks Jeff if he has enough lube. Immediately, an unseen crew member expertly squirts lube through the field of view to the precise spot. Uh, I think most editors would cut that type of action to the bloopers, but scene's still pretty hot, nonetheless. Time: 26:19. Rating: 3.5 stars.

Scene 4 Buck Angel and Lena Ramon get together on the same set as scene one. She's a call girl who's running late. He puffs on his cigar and expresses annoyance. Lena atones by stuffing her mouth with Buck's huge dildo cock, coating it with stringy drool. After Lena recovers from the "surprise" of Buck's pussy, they sit next to each other on the sofa and self-stimulate with individual dildos. She then climbs on for a double-dildo ride, and they each get a turn receiving oral. Buck and Lena make a good team. They clearly enjoy each other's sexuality, and the orgasms seem real. Although I don't always comment on wardrobe, I also like the cute appliqued corset top that Lena wears for the first two-thirds of the scene. Time: 17:08. Rating: 3.5 stars.

Bonus Scenes Buck Angel has three additional appearances in bonus scenes. The first two (a solo and a dual jerk-off with Todd in a hotel room) can probably be considered filler. But the third segment is strong enough to boost the whole rating for the extras. Buck and Lena pair up again on a different couch, with lots of position changes, positive energy, and intermittent spanking. In my opinion, this alternate scene is even a little hotter than the one in the main movie. Time: 20:50. Rating: 3.5 stars.

Thumbs up: Well, there's Buck, of course. He looks great and turns in solid performances. His co-stars, for the most part, also look good and perform well. The DVD menus are animated and easy to navigate. And I don't often see box cover art with metallic gold lettering—that's a nice little finishing touch.

Thumbs down: See the audiovisual rant above. Also, is the interviewer really that asinine, or does he just play a moron on TV? Buck genially attempts to bring the guy up to speed. But by the end of the questioning, I'm personally tempted to give Mr. "I'm-a-(Real)-Man-and-So-Confused" a massive dope slap.

Themes: Pairs (FTM/F and FTM/M), masturbation, pansexuality, real couple, toys (dildos, double dildo), BDSM, verbal domination, bootlicking, temperature play (lit cigar), moderately firm slapping and belting (breasts), light-to-moderate kicking (vulva), bondage (handcuffs), smoking (cigars), voyeurism, kissing.

Condom use: Yes, I'm happy to say. Robert Hill Releasing also produces series like Transsexual Barebackin' It and She? Fucked My Ass Bareback, so I wasn't sure what to expect. After the adult industry's HIV outbreak in April 2004, I decided I would no longer review condomless porn (excepting solos, real couples, and pre-AIDS classics). I find it difficult to watch people taking risks that I wouldn't take myself. Thankfully, Buck seems committed to safer sex in his movies.

Juice-o-meter: Medium. The technical issues did adversely affect my arousal in places.

Final analysis: This movie is the first of twelve releases in Buck Angel's contract with Robert Hill. It's also the first DVD I've ever seen from this studio. I don't want to sound ungrateful; I'm truly glad that anyone even has the balls to undertake a FTM series. But I can't quite overlook the lackluster audiovisual quality. Buck's Beaver is probably best for Buck's diehard fans and for transcurious viewers who are very tolerant of weak production values. Otherwise, I suggest The Adventures of Buck Naked as a much better place to start.

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