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Bubble Butt Mothers

Bubble Butt Mothers

Studio: Bubble Butt Inc.
Category:  MILF
Starring: , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Bubble Butt Mothers:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bubble Butt Mothers overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bubble Butt Mothers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bubble Butt Mothers Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Bubble Butt Mothers Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bubble Butt Mothers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bubble Butt Mothers DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bubble Butt Mothers A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  12/25/2006

The Evasive Angles love-fest continues…

Bubble Butt Mothers

2006, 3 hours and 7 minutes
Bubble Butt Inc./Evasive Angles
Directed by Jacob Jewel
Starring Lisa Ann, Devon Lee, Katie Gold, Sara Jay & Flower Tucci

What You Should Know:
Ah, Bubble Butt Inc. I reviewed their Big Butt Teen Flesh 2 a few short weeks ago but this was actually the first movie I saw from this small sidearm of the Evasive Angles family. Combining a few genres I’m fond of (big butts, MILFS and coincidentally, everyone included here also sports larger than average breasts), Bubble Butt Mothers stayed in pretty heavy rotation around my house for a while. So much so that I couldn’t even pry it from my DVD player long enough to give it a proper review. So consider this a Christmas gift of sorts. Returning MILF-extraordinaire Lisa Ann heads up a cast that features the likes of big butt phenom Sara Jay, veteran Katie Gold, thick-set newbie Devon Lee and perennial big-assed squirting fan favorite Flower Tucci. This is a relase that simply cannot lose.
Scene One: Lisa Ann with Jack Venice: ”He has no idea what he’s in store for!”

Jack Venice is Lisa’s lazy, shiftless layabout stepson. After a confrontation about his lack of job hunting, Lisa retires upstairs to take a relaxing shower. This serves as the tease, and oh what a tease portion it is. Lisa’s body is…beyond compare. I’ve never been much for watching someone take a shower in BTS footage or as a part of a movie but this is worth making an exception for. Lisa slowly strips out of her blue undergarments and the camera stays at about waist level, capturing Lisa’s every single alluring curve, focusing, of course, intensely on her ass. As she showers, Jack happens by and does a little spying on his stepmother but scampers away when he’s almost caught. Lisa notices the door cracked and gives the camera a knowing smirk. She lies across her bed naked, lotioning her legs and breasts, then calls Jack into her bedroom. ”Now you’ve gotta do everything I tell you to do or I’m going to tell your dad you were watching me in the shower,” she warns. ”You’re gonna do everything I tell you to do today or I’m going to get you in big trouble.” She starts by having Jack lotion her back and then rub more lotion into her butt cheeks. It doesn’t take much to turn this teasing and rubbing into something more substantial, especially when Lisa rolls over and begins to stroke her pussy and kiss Jack.

On all fours now, Lisa puts her ass up high and has Jack lick her pussy. She eagerly repays the favor when it’s her turn, lying Jack back, working the base of his cock and the shaft with her fist while hungrily slurping down the head. She shimmies over to sit on Jack’s face in a sixty-nine as she blows but the camera stays trained on her oral stylings. When she’s done, she spins around, tosses one leg over Venice’s lap and slides down onto his prick cowgirl. She handles the heavy lifting briefly and early, riding Jack slow and deliberate but it isn’t long before he’s thrusting upwards hard and fast to meet her mid-stroke. If there wasn’t already a performer in the business going by Venus, I’d suggest that name for Lisa Ann. Because she literally looks like a goddess in reverse cowgirl. She doesn’t seem like the type of woman whom you have to be careful at what angles you shoot her because she looks good everywhere. In doggie, her ass and shapely legs and thighs are the highlight and who can blame Venice from pounding away at her upturned rump like a man possessed? When she starts bucking back to meet his strokes, I’m sure it became a day he will never forget. Spoon ends up being the final position on the menu, Jack holding Lisa tightly around her waist and out of plain view while the audience is treated to a spectacular sight: Lisa Ann, in all her glory, jiggling about and being fucked hard until Venice spills his seed across her ass. She scoops up a bit with her finger and gives it a quick taste test. She smiles: ”Just like your dad’s.”

Scene Two: Devon Lee with Dirty Harry: ”My husband's at work and he never has any time for me.”

Devon Lee is a slept-on piece of MILFtitude that’s been making the rounds this year and providing good-to-great scenes every time out. Perhaps wrongly overlooked with the slew of other big-titted blondes she had the misfortune of beginning with (Regan Anthony, Candy Manson, Danielle Derek, Bethany Sweet, Cassidy Blue and others), Devon’s got a thick and meaty ass deserving of as much attention as the bra busters situated on her chest. She, like Lisa Ann in the scene prior to this one, saunters upstairs to take a shower, ends up discovering her pussy and masturbating. All worked up now, the curvy blonde specimen hops out of the shower and picks up her cell phone to call over some real cock. The hubby’s at work and can’t come through so Devon puts in a call to brother-in-law Dirty Harry instead. She answers the backdoor wearing nothing but a towel and is on Harry immediately. The horny harlot tosses her towel and rips Harry’s t-shirt off. ”You gonna fuck me or what?” she asks angrily before yanking his dick out of his boxers and going down on him. Harry’s nervous: ”Should we be doing this?” “Just shut up,” Devon growls. She pins him to the wall and continues to blow, working in a little tit-fucking action, as well. At the top of the stairs, she bends over and lets Harry lick her snatch before burying his prick in her pussy doggie. Devon is probably at her best in cowgirl. She bounces the wealth of junk in her trunk like a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing. The tables turn and now it’s Devon’s head that’s placed precariously up against the wall as Harry hammers her mish. Reverse cowgirl follows and tit-lovers will rejoice because Devon’s got quite a pair of knockers. That does it for Dirty Harry, who pushes Devon over on all fours so that he can drip man-wax all over her wide ass. She immediately snatches up her towel and jaunts upstairs. ”Where ya going? Can we do this again tomorrow?”, Harry pleads. ”No thanks. Let yourself out.” says Devon as she disappears back into her bedroom.

Scene Three: Sara Jay with Sergio: ”We’ll add this on to your job title.”

Decked out in a business suit and short skirt that barely covers her ass, Sara Jay comes outside to offer her pool boy, Sergio (a Mexican guy I’ve never seen before not to be confused with the adidas and soccer gear-wearing vet), a glass of water. She goes back inside to admire from afar and scheme up a way to get his attention. Soon, she’s back outside in a bikini and if you know how Sara Jay is shaped, you know just how unfair that sight must be to poor Sergio. Sara’s got some other work for him today besides cleaning the pool. ”I was wondering if you could put some oil on my back,” she says innocently enough but with a smirk that all but gives away her supposed intentions. As Sergio massages in the oil, Sara loses more and more of her bikini until Sergio is oiling up and kissing her big boobs and running his fingers through her pussy lips, making her nipples harden and her legs quiver all over. Sara bends over and offers, ”You’re good with your mouth. You wanna taste my pussy?” Sergio sinks his tongue and fingers right in her hole, prying her mammoth ass cheeks apart to get to it. Sufficiently turned on, Sara says, ”Will you bring your cock to me?” and Sergio obliges, feeding Sara his dick through his boxers. She takes it all the way out and swallows it down voraciously, jerking it hard as she bobs her head up and down on top. They move the action indoors where Sara blows him a little more before impaling herself on his rod cowgirl. There are no words for Sara Jay’s ass in this position. There is nothing out there like it and it has to be seen to be believed. All I can say is, keep your Kleenex at the ready; this might be the portion you NEVER make it past. Not only does her butt look good enough to eat bouncing the way it does in cowgirl, Sara knows just what it looks like, too and thus, gives us everything she’s got, working her hips, grinding on Sergio is circles and finally just undulating slowly while keeping her feet on the floor. She has an uncanny command of her hips. This woman is amazing, a freak of nature and cartoonishly built. It makes for some very interesting watching and stroke fodder, that’s for sure. Next, she rises and let’s Sergio have his way standing doggie. Her big ass and thunder thighs are just as much a sight here as in cowgirl as they envelopes Sergio’s dick and make it disappear deep into her hole. As blessed up top (although artificially) as she is down bottom, Sara rides Sergio reverse cowgirl and then spreads her legs for him mish until he streaks her butt cheeks with a watery load.

Scene Four: Katie Gold with Dirty Harry: ”Look at you – you’ve already got a hard-on!”

Harry enters a home looking for a young girl he met on MySpace named “Tina.” Instead, he’s cut off at the pass by Tina’s mother, Katie Gold, who is wearing a black business suit and glasses. Like the NBC Dateline “To Catch a Predator” show, Harry is apologetic and tries to leave as Katie threatens to call the police. ”I didn’t know she was 14 years old!”, Harry pleads. To atone for his perverted sins, Gold makes Harry jerk off for her while she watches. She makes him tell her what his plans were while she teases him from the other side of the sofa, lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down to expose her pussy and ass. She stands, bends over in front of him and slaps at her pussy before she leans over and fills her mouth with his dick. She literally attacks his cock, beating it against her lips and sucking it aggressively until Harry lies her back and laps away at her cunt, driving her mad, making her bite her wrists, wriggle and writhe and say weird things like ”Call me Tina!” Without warning she pushes Harry away and gets on her knees. She spreads her cheeks and exposes her gash, inviting Harry to get his shovel dirty in her pink little ditch. Katie’s an enthusiastic and pro-active fuck, riding with serious verve in cowgirl before they move to anal doggie. Watching her, one would get the impression that Katie, looking a bit older now than when she started ten years ago, is a serious cock fiend. And today Dirty Harry is this dick junkie’s fix. She rocks back and forth on his lap anal reverse cowgirl and each stroke seems to reach somewhere deeper within Katie, like it almost satisfies her soul as much as her ass. Harry lets out a yelp, Katie hops off and takes his pop on her ass. This insatiable lil Texan’s still got it.

Scene Five: Flower Tucci with Sergio: ”This is the last time…so you better make it special.”

Presumably after a hard day at the office, Flower Tucci comes home and gets out of her business suit and panties next to her bed. She climbs in to nap but her Sidekick starts ringing. She tells her traveling husband how horny she is and how she can’t wait to see him TOMORROW. As the camera pans down, we see Sergio rubbing oil into Flower’s bare ass. He pulls her up onto her knees so that her pussy and ass are right in his face and he goes to work, running his tongue over both. Flower, still on her knees on the bed, turns to face Sergio and uses both hands to stroke his cock as she sucks it. Sergio reaches over Flower’s back to play with her ass as she blows until she turns her ass towards him and takes his prick in her pussy doggie. As Sergio pumps, Flower plays with her pussy and of course, erupts in a squirting orgasm all over the bed. She licks his prick clean of her juices and then climbs onto him cowgirl, which soon becomes anal cowgirl, Flower working her ass expertly over his cock. The scene reaches its crescendo when Sergio brings Flower to the edge of the bed to fuck her ass mish as she rubs at her clit, producing more wet orgasms, drenching them both. ”Make that fuckin’ pussy cum some more,” she begs and gets her wish quite a few times as Sergio plugs her ass with dogged determination and due diligence. Flower rests on her side and turns her ass towards to Sergio for a sort of side-saddle experience before flipping all the way over on her knees for anal doggie. ”Cum all over my big fuckin’ phat ass…drop that fuckin’ big hot load all over my ass,” she says and Sergio complies, squirting his own man muck all over that alluring target, streaking it from top to bottom. Flower reaches back and puts Sergio back in her ass and rocks back, working the rest of his spooge out of him with her butt to end the scene.


I feel silly for being so late to the bandwagon. Bubble Butt Inc./Evasive Angles are making the kind of porn I want to see right now. Each scene, featuring a lady adorned in business attire rather than the usual boring fishnet outfits, was preceded by a brief and if you suspend disbelief, believable set up and ended with all the pop shots on the ass (sorry, facial fans). I found every woman included an attractive MILF and Lord knows they all earned the “Big Butt Certified” stamp located on the box cover. I seriously can’t wait until they get around to making part two, especially if the disc is loaded with three-plus hours of content like this one.

Special Features:
  • Trailers (Big Latin Wet Butts 3, Big Butt Shake Off, Orgy World: Brown and Round 9, Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 5, Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys 7, Spanish Fly Pussy Search 18, Big Butt Smashdown 7, Giant Black Greeze Butts 2 and Big White Wet Butts 6) (11:13)
  • Masturbations (Lisa Ann tells a funny story about meeting Jack Venice when she was still an agent with LA Direct, being offended when he called her a MILF and vowing she would never work with him if the opportunity arose. Irony of all ironies, Jack Venice, whom she now likes, is her partner for the day’s scene) (36:05)
  • Photo Gallery (1:54)
  • Biographies
  • Websites
Crucifixio Jones

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