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Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve)

Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve)

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
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MD James's ratings for Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brunettes Deluxxxe (Adam & Eve) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  7/24/2005

Title: Brunettes Deluxxxe
Released by: Adam & Eve
Reviewed by
MD James

"Brunettes Deluxxxe" is yet another compellation video from Adam & Eve. It’s pretty much a standard formula for the company. Simply go though their vast archive of videos, pull up scenes featuring beautiful women who are peroxide-challenged, and then put them together into a DVD for people to enjoy.

Scene 1: Mason Storm & Mick Blue (from "Latin Fantasies")

We start off with our dark-haired couple already in a passionate embrace. She’s quick to get her bra off, but she keeps her knee-high boots and black bustier on as he licks and finger-fucks her for a while. He struggles to get his pants off as she reaches for his burrito while they still kiss. But once he gets it off, she’s quick to comment on it as she’s sucking on it. They fuck in spoon position for a while, then she sucks it some more before going at it in modified missionary. Then she sucks him for a while longer before straddling on top of him and riding him in reverse-cowgirl before he tosses her off and she sucks him off to a facial pop.

As sex scenes go, it was okay. Not great, or even good. Just okay. Mason is quick to play up to the cameras instead of paying attention to the guy she’s sucking and fucking, which makes it look like she’s not really interested in him.

Scene 2: Asia Carrera & Herschel Savage (from "Always… Lily White")

Must like the first scene, we start out with our couple fooling around, although there’s certainly more passion involved here than simply getting undressed and screwing. He takes off her overalls and starts licking away at her pussy, much to her delight. The action moves to the stairs where she’s now completely naked and giving him a blowjob. She straddles her naked body on top of him and rides him in earnest. They change places so she can lay down on the landing and he can plow into her in missionary position. They move up the stairs some more so he can enter her in standing doggie-position, and she pounds herself into his cock repeatedly until he finally pops all across her left butt-cheek.

Definitely a GREAT sex scene. Asia and Herschel looked like they’re really into it and not just playing up to the cameras.

Scene 3: Gina Ryder & Chris Cannon (from "Girls Night Out In Tijuana")

Gina and Chris start out at the edge of the pool in a passionate embrace. Gina’s wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and a sarong around her waist, and Chris is in the pool wearing his trunks. She playfully pushes him off her and she makes her way to the nearby lounge chair. Chris gets out and follows her. He peels her panties off and proceeds to go to town on her pussy. He uses his tongue and finger on her and doesn’t stop until he can get her off. Then she returns the favor by giving him a blowjob, which we get to see from every possible angle. Then he sits down on the chair and she straddles herself over him and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position. Once she gets off riding him like this, they switch to doggie-position until he’s ready to pop… where she gets on her knees and takes in on the face.

As scenes go, it’s not too bad. I’ll give credit for the nudity and to see Gina get off on more than one occasion.

Scene 4: Rita Faltoyano & John Decker (from "Emerald Rain")

This reviewer LOVES to see Ms. Faltoyano at work… unfortunately it’s from a movie that was BIG on the "artistic" sex scenes. In other words, there is a lot of music and slow-motion

We start out with Rita making out on John’s lap. She slowly gets down and works on sucking his cock. She really takes her time with it, which is slowed down even more by the director. We get to see her SLOWLY suck his cock from every angle possible. Then he stands her up and strips her down so she’s wearing nothing but fishnet stockings. He picks her up from between her thighs and lifts her up so he can eat her pussy while she’s grabbing hold of the rafters! Yes, it’s "Circus with the Sex Stars!" He eats her out while she’s holding on for dear life up on the rafters. Then he gets on a chair and she straddles him and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position. When her necklace is getting in her way, she rips is off and tosses it. Then they change positions so they’re both leaning back and straddled and he enters her in missionary anal position. They grind away like this, with the sweat beading off their bodies, and the scene repeating itself twice before they change positions again. He enters her ass from standing doggie-position and pumps her ass until he blows his load all across her left butt-cheek.

This scene wouldn’t be too bad if the director didn’t ruin it with the "artistic" use of slow-motion and repetitive scenes. And the circus acts didn’t help! I didn’t know if I was watching a porno flick or Cirque du Solei.

Scene 5: Victoria Sin & Mark Ashley (from "Dirty Little Devils")

We start with Victoria tempting Mark with a little naughty number. He seduces her while holding a plate, which Victoria uses as an ashtray. He sets the plate down and gets down on his knees to lick her pussy. She crouches down so he can stick a finger up her ass while sticking another finger in and out of her pussy. Then she hungrily swallows his huge cock, testing her gag reflexes and playing with her pussy. They move to a dining room char where he fucks her in missionary position for a few minutes before spinning her around and fucking her in doggie position. They get on the floor and she rides him in reverse-cowgirl before sticking his cock up her ass and riding him some more. She gets off him and sits down while he jerks off all over her chest.

As scenes go, I didn’t really care for this one. Sure it beats the circus acts, and no slow motion to ruin the scene, but still it seemed just a little out of place.

Scene 6: Venus & Taylor S. Claire (from "Wet Fantasies")

Well I suppose we had to have a girl-girl scene, right? And at least it involved two brunettes! One girl in business attire and the other is in business-like attire. They’re both kissing on a sofa and straddling each other. The business woman uses a vibrator on herself while the other woman stands there naked. Soon she crouches down for some pussy-licking while playing with her own pussy. Then she straddles over the businesswoman to get some pussy-licking of her own. Then the naked girl borrows the vibrator to get herself off.

This reviewer isn’t really too big on girl-girl action, and this really appeared to be too staged for the camera to really be aroused by it.

Scene 7: Jenna Haze & Ian Daniels (from "High Class Ass")

This is the same scene that this reviewer saw in Adam & Eve’s compellation DVD "Rack Em", so I’m not going to waste too much time explaining it. Everything is the same as in that review, right down to the repeated scenes, the slow-motion, and the disjointed audio. Jenna looks and sounds great, but it doesn’t help to have the scene ruined by the "artistic" effects.

Note to Adam & Eve people: when coming up with material for your compellation videos, it’s best to make sure that you don’t have a scene that you used in OTHER compellation videos. You guys produce enough of these videos for there to be plenty of variety.

Scene 8: Sydnee Steele, Alexandra Silk & Joel Lawrence (from "Beauty & The Bitch")

Hey a naked threesome! Nice! We start out with Sydnee and Alexandra doing a little girl-girl 69 action while Joel is watching. And that’s all he can do, because Alexandra won’t let him have any action. She ties him on the headboard before going down on Sydnee. Then she unties Joel and they both work on his cock. Well actualy it’s more like Sydnee is working on the cock and Alexandra is appreciating the nuts. Sydnee rides the Joel-machine in reverse-cowgirl position, then Joel gets to take Alexandra in the ass from behind. He basically sticks with fucking Alexandra in some unusual positions for a while before finally blowing his load all over her belly.

As sex scenes go, this one was okay. Not good or great… just okay. I wish there could have been a little more switching of women, though.

Scene 9: Leslie Zen & Randy Spears (from "Tell Me What You Want")

We start with Leslie talking dirty to the camera while Randy is eating her out. She’s talking to the camera and doesn’t appear to be too interested in the action between her legs. ("I’ll tell you what I want... I want you to stop talking and pay attention to the guy who’s trying to make you cum! Can you do that? Huh?") Finally he sticks his cock into her and fucks her hard in missionary position. It doesn’t shut her up, though. She still talks about it, asking the viewer what he wants. Randy rests on the bed, and she straddles on top of him and rides him while still talking to the camera. Finally she sucks him off until he blows his load that falls just short of her mouth.

This scene was just wrong. Leslie wasted way too much time talking to the camera and not enough time paying attention to what was going on around her. That’s certainly not what THIS reviewer wanted.

Scene 10: Poppy Morgan & Joel Lawrence (from "Amateur Angels 17")

Our last scene in this video is one that barely fits the bill of "brunette". Poppy is more of a dirty blonde than a brunette. But that doesn’t stop Joel from sticking his cock out and having her get down on her knees to suck him off. She sucks and jerks him off for a while before straddling on top of him for some reverse-cowgirl fucking. She rides him for a while before flipping over for some cowgirl action, pressing herself against him tight as he bucks her up and down intensely. They switch to spoon position and fucks her until she gets off. Finally just before he gets off, she lifts her shirt over her boobs so he can do a pop shot across her belly.

As scenes go this one wasn’t too bad. I wish we could have seen her completely naked, but at least we got to see her get off.

Bonus Scene: Michelle Lay & Kurt Lockwood (from "Sex Across America 11")

Our bonus scene has Michelle and Kurt doing a little bedroom romp. He playfully gets her undressed before eating her out. Oh, wait a minute… apparently there’s a party going on downstairs! One girl has her boobs out and some guy dropped his wiener… hot dog, that is. Okay, back to the party upstairs. He sucks, licks, and finger-fucks her to get her off. Then it’s his turn for some oral action. She sucks his cock for a while before they move to 69-position. Then she gets on top of him and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position. He pins her arms behind her and really fucks her until she cums. Then they change around so he’s fucking her in doggie-position, complete with some hair pulling… and she certainly has the hair for it! Then it’s over for some intense missionary fucking before he blows his load all over her belly and chest.

Now THAT is some serious fucking! That should have been part of the original compellation lineup, either in place of Leslie’s "talking" scene or Jenna’s "pool" scene.

As far as other bonus features go, you have your pick of six trailers which you can view individually, a slideshow gallery of images from the different videos that comes with some trance techno music, and a static page promoting Adam & Eve’s main website and their VOD website. In other words, pretty much your standard fare. But at least you CAN pick and choose which trailers you want to see, unlike some other studios that just lump all of the trailers together.

All-in-all, this is a good compellation disk from Adam & Eve. Some of the scenes are good, others are okay, and there are only one or two scenes that would fall into the "WTF" category. The only forced trailer you have to see once you put the DVD in is a plug for the Free Speech Coalition, which is pretty much standard for Adam & Eve and given the current hostile political climate it’s one of the few trailers that I don’t mind seeing! In fact, I would suggest that Adam & Eve put some more information about the Free Speech Coalition on their disks as an extra feature. If you can get this for $15 or under, then it’s a good deal.

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