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Brunette Ambition

Brunette Ambition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Compilation , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Brunette Ambition:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Brunette Ambition overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Brunette Ambition Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Brunette Ambition Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Brunette Ambition Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Brunette Ambition Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Brunette Ambition DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brunette Ambition A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/30/2009
Ok fans time to start in on the next 2000 reviews, lol. Erik's got a new comp here of scenes from various movies he's done over the years, some from his Red Light days as well as his Jules Jordan gig which is current. A great mix of girls too and let's hit some highlights.

Angelina Crow from Ass Obsessed 3:

We start with Erik taking some pics of this Euro babe right there in the square of the European city and check out the onlookers who pass by and in the behind the scenes even get in the pictures. You see the police ride by but no one stops the shoot and the crowds start to grow even as Angelina starts showing more of her hot body. It was rather strange as you had older folks stopping to get a look but remember these are Europeans so this might have not seemed as out of the ordinary as it would be if you saw this in the States! Angelina starts to do some really suggestive posing with Erik even getting on the ground as she shakes her ass over the camera. And you do actually see some passerby's get their pics taken with Angelina, women especially stopped to get a shot with this beautiful young girl. We actually see some outdoor blowjob action including some great POV sucking from Angelina, gotta love Erik and the boys gumption to try this and it came off beautifully. Erik even pounds into Angelina from behind as the noises filter in from the background, I hear a siren are the cops on the way,lol. The two do a couple of positions outside and the views aren't the best but the intention really is to stress the boldness of the outdoor fucking and that "tension" really added to the scene I think. Miss Crow does some good P2M sucking too and Erik even gets to taste some pussy. Now the shot changes and we are inside and damn she has two more cocks to play with, I'm presuming it's Robert Rosenberg and Steve Holmes. Well the tri-bj was very hot and Angelina expertly handles all that manmeat. We quickly move to some fucking also in reverse cowgirl and the hot cock sucking continues above. You also have Erik swing around to fuck her from the front for a furious RCDP and Robert then stands above her face to skull fuck her which was very cool. Moving on the intensity stays at a high level when they change to a cowgirl dp and you see some gaping as well. I even saw some brief rimming by Angelina when they return to a dp in reverse cowgirl along with more hot throat fucking. The boys then do the standing dp which we see nicely from the ground and the scene winds down with more hard fucking dp style and then the loads are fired one at a time into her mouth and she swallows the jizz doing some cleanup as well. A very good opener featuring the great outdoor tease/ fucking and then the hot action is kept going once they make it inside.

Liliane Tiger:

Our next girl was a pretty big Euro star in the early 2000's ,not sure how active she is these days but Liliane could always be counted on for a great scene. There is some bathtub tease here, bubbles! Then she gets into a sexy slick black number which lets her boobs show through the top and the skirt is skin tight. All ready for combat Liliane steps onto the bed where a couple cocks are thrust into her face. No fucking around here as Miss Tiger gets right to it with fine blowjobs on both dicks. The boys do great jobs of pounding her holes until it's time to blast off. Any Liliane fan knows she's no stranger to anal sex so that ass is most certainly tapped plus some dp action too. Robert Rosenberg then let loose with his pop right to Liliane's waiting mouth while Erik wants a little more ME time banging that ass until he leaves a creampie in it and there is some oozing out, yuck!

Angel Dark from Anal POV 2:

Ok we lead off with the covergirl and the shot starts out panning up her nice set of legs until we arrive at Angel wearing a big feather top. She has a real pretty face to go along with that awesome body. Erik lets the shot linger on that face as the two have a short talk, there is also a very nice view of her ass added but damn it when the shot moves to her tits your brain might stop working! Those are just phenomenal boobs and Erik gets a quick squeeze before Angel starts caressing and even licking at them. The shot also includes a view of her pussy as she stretches her bottoms in between her pussy lips but the shadow here prevents a real good view. Angel keeps on losing her clothes and my cock is appreciating every second of this tease, this woman has a perfect tan to match all her other great assets. Moving on we find Angel now in the bathtub and there are plenty of suds floating on the top and yes it's nice to see her all wet those suds also cover her boobs up somewhat. Angel keeps on with the fine tease, though, storking her pussy and she also gets the soap from around her tits for the most part so we see those nicely. Angel then brings in a silver toy and does some titty fucking and Erik gets a perfect position to see when she uses the toy to fuck her ass and yes she cleans the toy off with her mouth. Much better when Angel uses her fingers to pry open her ass, I always favor natural stimulation over toy stimulation and she does a good job stuffing her ass. Angel then is presented in a prime POV shot and she starts in on Erik's cock and the sucking here was top notch, the slow sensual kind I really dig and the eye contact was there as well. Angel also does some titty fucking while they are in the POV shot and she even increases her energy with the cock sucking, meaning the pace gets faster I thought her energy had been great throughout. Angel then turns around in the tub and Erik gets to slip his cock into her pussy and while this gives us a super view of her ass the close confined space in the tub makes me wish they'd move to a more open location. Angel then turns around and after Erik fingers her for a bit he slips his cock in her pussy for some mish action, the close shot here was a bit better than doggie I thought.

The action then moves to a bed and right away you can sense a better level of energy with the added room, the Hate Plow starts to really pound into Miss Dark. This mish position they are still in also gives her boobs a great chance to dance around which they do. You even see Erik prematurely start to splooge which I don't think I've ever seen him do but with those wonderful tits moving they way they are I can easily see any man not holding back as Erik must have been cumming right there. Angel then starts in on some P2M and we are right there as she sucks him off and Erik finally can't hold it anymore and there's a pop which surprises Angel I think but she is happy about it giving him some nice cleanup. The scene isn't over however, as Erik is a pro and can recharge his cock batteries and with Angel as my partner I would be ready to go again almost as quickly as Erik. The two move to doggie where we get a fine overhead shot looking down on the proceedings and for an anal pov they sure took long enough to move to her ass,lol. I won't hold the buildup against him though, this girl is amazing to look at. Turning around to mish anal offers one of the better shots of Angel's body as those perfect tits are just to good to not be on the screen as much as possible and the way they are moving here will cause many a load to be jettisoned. Ok you need to skip this next part until your cock has had a chance to recharge, you see this wonderful woman get on in reverse cowgirl anal and we get just the ultimate view of those boobs bouncing and some good close shots of her ass hugging his cock, and yes there is some A2M from Angel. We then get some more great footage in the mish position with some swipes at Angel licking her breasts and there's more good titty fucking also with cock sucking mixed in. This would have been a perfect scene until we arrive at Erik's pop and in a big snafu he overshoots most of his load but Angel does get some to taste and there is some cleanup. Wow, this was simply an amazing scene from start to finish, Angel kicked ass bigtime and I sensed great chemistry between the two throughout. I hope this one is up for some awards come January as this is one of the best 1-1 scenes I've seen this year.

Tory Lane from Anal POV 3:

Well this scene takes us out poolside to start as the sizzling Tory Lane is lounging and nicely she pulls out her tits and begins playing with them and yes she does lick her nipples which I love to see. I think sizzles is a very good word to describe Tory and her sexual energy and this has indeed been a very good year for fans of this sexy lady. Just watching her play with herself inspires you to well you get the idea. Erik can't resist going over and a smiling Tory keeps up the fun times and the sexual vibe is just so strong with this woman it's crazy. Staying outside for a little bit longer Tory helps Erik out giving his cock some love, some sunlight is in the shot but it's not to bad and the way Tory sucks his cock will more than keep you interested in the proceedings. The two eventually head inside where we get out first shots of Tory's fine ass which as luck would have it will be thoroughly plowed soon. First Erik works up his energy fucking her pussy and the shot looking down just teases you with that ass with her bunghole tantilizingly close! Tory does some P2M mixing in hard sucking with some soft sensual sucks and this only serves to show why this sexy brunette drives men crazy-- her eyes, energy, well I could go on! You get alternating fuckin in mish and doggie before that ass gets it's first love with Erik sliding in from the front. Loved how the legs were spread open and there are some great shots of her tits bouncing up and down along with some fine shots of her pretty expressive face. Ok we get the prime shot then of her riding his cock facing the camera ala reverse cowgirl and just watch as Tory torpedoes Erik's cock with her ass, hugging that schlong as tight as it can be. Closing out Erik works a good load into her mouth and Tory displays the jizz on her tongue before letting it disappear down her throat. This was a very good scene for fans of Miss Lane and totally shows why with only one guy she deserved her AVN nom this year.

Jasmine Byrne from Jailbait:

Up next we find ourselves scoping out a playground, come on fellas this is pervy! We find Jasmine, though, using one of the swings and our romantic Erik thinks the guys will have lots of fun with her! Mr. Hate Plow gets up the courage to go over and speak with this young lady. She is very nice to Erik as they talk, Erik lays on the flirting pretty thick and Jasmine is very receptive to it! There is some nice play with the red sucker she is holding, the tongue is utilized in a very sexy manner on it. Erik is also able to get Jasmine to whip out her tits right there in the park, what a guy. Erik also gets a few rubs over her panties before the two walk off and btw Jasmine hasn't bothered to button up her shirt so the tits are out for all to see. Moving to a shaded area Jasmine gets pretty bold whipping out the hate plow as Erik's cock has to replace her sucker. Some shadows for the bj here but the whole getting a bj in the park vibe is very hot. Jasmine does some pussy play too before she stands up turning around and what do we see but panties with the word luscious sprayed across her ass plus there are some big lips imprinted also. Erik then slides his cock into her from behind and we get a POV shot here with some shadows but still her ass is smoking to look at. Jasmine does some P2M sucking and then the two head off to an apartment. John Dough opens the door but doesn't seem to excited to see Jasmine,lol. John eventually starts to warm to the idea of fucking Jasmine and she doesn't hesitate to drop down and start sucking him off. There are some shadows hampering the view but nothing to serious. Jasmine does a fine job gaggin on both cocks and we actually get a quick pop from Mr. Dough into her mouth. She shows the spunk off before downing it. That was only a precursor to the real scene as Jasmine gets three cocks thrust in her face and she is sizzling as the dicks find their way into her open mouth. Lots of gagging, double stuffing from Miss Byrne. The sex is pretty good too starting with a standin doggie and it also features Jasmine plowed in cowgirl plus a dp and rimming, a reverse cowgirl dp with skull fucking/ rimming with A2M, doggie anal with gaping, piledriver anal with A2M. For the finish the guys all fuck her ass doggiestyle leaving their seed for her to cumfart out which she does loudly and it sounded gross beyond belief,lol. Jasmine then licks up the jizz on the wood floor, ok glad I didn't just eat!

Gianna Michaels from Breast Meat:

Well Erik opens strong with this busty babe. Gianna is easily one of the most fun and energetic works fucking today and is an asset to any production boob centric as this is or not. As the scene opens we listen in on a convo Erik's having about the days shoot, fetishy he says. Gianna then is shown on her cell so everyone's calling someone, who's fucking, lol. Gianna then hops out and struts confindently towards the shoot location, damn she makes white tank tops and jeans look good!! Hanging out of her back pocket, long strands of rope-- in the next shot we see the rope now tied around her wrists and Gianna's thrusting forward now only wearing sexy lace lingerie. No talking, just eye tease and Erik works the floor shots to accentuate those curves which are tremendous with this woman. Ahh she does add in a little dirty talk as she pops those tits out, no hands style and yep there's that laugh too which also makes Gianna so appealing. I've seen Gianna work now at least 50 times probably more and she never ceases to get a rise out of me and Mr. Happy. The energy she brings seems so effortless and genuine too. Erik then enters and the heat is on, hard gagging blowjob with her hands still bound behind.Erik works in a bit of titty fucking too, the sound is real good here too, you'll notice in the gagging. Freed from her constraints, she pushes Erik on the bed and has more fun enveloping that penis. Listen to her scream in sheer pleasure when Erik starts tickling those pussy lips with his tongue. It would be hard to fake this kind of genuine enthusiasm, I've seen it to much from Gianna to doubt it. Just enjoy the sex fans, both ass friendly and plenty of boob friendly shots as the plow does his thing. The jizz soon flies to her face and down to her tits with Gianna sucking those last few drops out, well done young lady.

Lela Star from Jailbait 3:

Well this next girl has done some really nice scenes in the past half year but she still hasn't broken out big I don't think but perhaps that will all change this year as Lela's got a terrific look with one of the best asses in the porn biz today. We start with Lela on the beach having some fun playing in the sand. As the surf crashes in behind Erik watches as Lela does her thing wearing a great top and Erik correctly notices and shoots the awesome cleavage she's sporting plus we slide behind to check out that ass. Erik is in top perve mode as he shoots this vouyeristic tease and Lela is such a great subject to shoot. Erik wants to come up with a plan as Lela is pretty hot so how to approach her!! You see one innocent bystander walking behind Lela as he shoots-- his face is blurred!! Erik finally approaches and Lela tells him she's having fun building sand castles. Her sand castle she's building actually looks more like a giant butt plug rather than a castle, lol. Erik zooms in on those lovely breasts which are just begging to come out and play and Erik gives us another great glimpse at that tush which also is begging to burst through those blue jean shorts! Notice the hat Lela is wearing, says Baby Girl on it. Erik offers up the use of his nearby beachouse, it has some toys she can play with and this of course interests Lela and we see more and more of her as Erik gets in closer. Erik uses the water bucket the pour over her tits and nicely they start to poke through the pink bra top she's wearing and Lela does a nice push the tits together shot as the water glistens on those boobs. I think they're going to play doctor, lol, at Erik's suggestion. As they walk along the beach Erik gets behind to show off those ass cheeks some more and they certainly do the right things swaying back and forth.

Lela too has the perfect type of energy going here looking sexy and she knows it too. Finally before they reach the house Lela pulls those perfect tits out and she also lets us see a bit more below too slipping her fingers inside her pussy which I am pretty sure is getting wet!! They don't even reach the house when Erik gets Lela in a bush and out comes his cock and we get some very good POV dick sucking, the eye contact from Lela here was awesome and holy shit does she look good wrapping her lips around a dick. Now finally inside we get Lela on a long couch and those tits can really come out and play and Lela really does have it all fans, great tits, perfect ass, sexy face and she brings the energy too. Erik has some fun fondling those tata's and we then revisit that sexy ass and it's shown off beautifully with Erik getting a feel for that as well. Man oh man does Erik showcase this ass and you might have to slap your cock to prevet premature ejaculation, damn that is one fine tush fans. Erik then turns over camera duties so he can jump face first into those perfect butt cheeks and Lela starts to moan quite a bit as he licks away. Lela then gets to do more cock sucking and this time she's a bit more aggressive doing some gagging. Sexwise you see this gorgeous Floridian fucked in doggie, reverse and thankfully they don't forget to shoot cowgirl so that booty is shown off even more. I'm sensing the same type of giving herself over fully to her partner as I did in Mia's scene and that makes watching a scene even that much better. Erik leaves a great load on Lela's tongue and she is sure to get all the jizz on it before swallowing. A very good scene for Lela Star fans and you will be watching this one several times I suspect.

Amy Ried from Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3:

Well he starts it off with a bang featuring this naturally busty beauty. You get Amy arriving at the house with an unwanted visitor sneaking in as the gate's closing. Amy's got a super sexy white dress on which barely covers her ass and you see nice boobage too almost falling out. Our perve's watching as Amy calls out and finds Erik after a short walk. Wasting little time there's kissing, boobs come out and her pussy gets massaged as that skirt bottom lifts up far to easy!! Amy does a fine job polishing Erik's rod, solid energy here which includes more fingering to her pussy. The two start moving about the house as their tryst continues, fucking on the stairs as we look up from the floor, you don't see a whole bunch until the camera zooms in. They move eventually to a long couch where a series of positions follow with reverse really looking good. Soon after Erik slips the ole tubesteak up her hershey highway giving us anal in spoon including A2M from Miss Reid and it's Amy who also jerks the load into her mouth with cleanup too. What can I say but nice going all around.

Rachel Starr & Sandra Romain:

We come to the last scene and seems I didn't review this one, lol. Anyway Erik's house sitting and soon has two lovely ladies keeping him cumpany. The girls are each clad in awesome ripped jeans which Erik's sure to get good shots of. The booty is spilling out nicely from each jean. Soon we have the girls rubbing those asses together over Erik's face, he's in heaven. There is some great individual booty rubbing over Erik's face and we get some very good ass tease here, no doubt about it. The girls do a good job then of sharing his schlong, Sandra naturally takes charge but Rachel does a pretty good job keeping up. Some g/g action here too as Rachel munches on some pussy. We enjoy then as each girl gets a go at Erik's cock and the group's joined by Mr. Pete too who lays the pipe as well. Lots of moaning here from the girls as those dicks pound them, Sandra perhaps a bit louder but she's Sandra fucking Romain!!Sandra gets the best sex for sure, anal plus dp for Miss Romain and we close with the girls each receiving a load to taste. Pretty solid closing scene for this comp.

Final Thoughts:

Well fans not much to take from this one other than Erik's had the lucky pleasure of fucking some of the best girls in the biz over the last decade, both Euros and Americans have fallen victim to the Hate Plow and I see no slowing down in Mr. Everhard so stay tuned for more fun times ahead. No real extras for this one and if you're a big Everhard fan you might already have most of these titles on their original dvds but for those curious here's a glimpse into some of what he's captured over the years. A strong purchase for those who haven't seen his work, it's worth checking out.

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