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Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan)

Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brother Load, The (Jules Jordan) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/26/2009
Ok fans Chris Streams is coming out here with a new interracial title and it's chalk full of hotties. We have first timers in Kylee Reese, you have veterans like Jenna Haze and Lisa Ann doing only their second interracial anals, you have a 6 man gang bang for Cecelia Vega and a couple girls in Tori Black and Andi Anderson who aren't doing firsts or seconds but just doing what they and these other girls have been doing for awhile now, hot fucking sex scenes. Chris has a good eye so the visuals should be pretty good and keep the interest up throughout, let's hit some highlights.

Lisa Ann:

Nice opening shot with Lisa coming into the house, a sexy white number on her body, very flattering. Lisa gets comfortable as the shot moves in close on her, one hand going between her creamy thighs while the other caresses over her tits which soon come out for some air. The sunlight bathes them coming in from the window behind her but it's not distracting, just helps to focus our eyes as if they aren't already there, lol. The shot also works in Lisa's fingers going back down to stimulate her now exposed coochie. Ok the eye candy factor's been met bigtime, now lets see this hottie work her magic. Her man joins in and there's some ass spanking, ground shot shows those curves doing all the jiggling you want. Lisa does a very good job once the long schlong comes out, Chris's shots right on target. The sex is solid too and yes her ass is tapped in a couple positions until the pop hits her face. Now normally that'd be the end of it but Chris has a surprise for the ladies and we get a few more loads brought in to coat her face but no bj's just the jizz. Still a very good start to this one.

Kylee Reese:

Alright on we go and this is a first here, Kylee taking on a black cock and the tease which opens features Kylee dressed in black and acting all sorts of sexy on top of a piano, nice and shiny it is too. Chris has us looking up slightly as she's teasing and the view is quite good, a little ass here and there, hands reaching in to diddle and you see a great open leg shot that would've been killer had she been naked, here it was just hot. Chris lets the shot get in close when she starts to remove her top, the eyes are working on us and then it's back to her ass which I have to say is sexylicious! Try going floor level here as she fingers and spreads that tush, makes you just want to dive in and devour it. Well we close the tease with the traditional crawl across the floor to where the cock's waiting, Kylee dives right in with the cock sucking, taking him all the way in several times. It might not be as long a bj as I'd like but still some solid knob polishing gets us to the fucking. Sexwise cowgirl was an obvious delight, there's some great wide open mish pounding that has Kylee quite vocal with each thrust here. She actually stays fairly vocal the rest of the way which sees another visit to the cowgirl shot and Chris gets in closer here. A good facial closes the first portion but you know now she's not done receiving loads so we have a few more dicks brought in to donate their DNA. I'd say for a first scene she did just fine and lets have more.

Andi Anderson:

The final scene on the first disc has another hot blonde for us to enjoy and we open with a long shot on Andi standing at the end of a hallway. The narrow passage here helps focus in your sites on this delightful woman and skimpy bikini style outfit helps this even more. Andi does make her way towards us even doing the crawl along the floor until she is right there, the hands moving all over from tits to pussy. Her rack when taken out is incredible, Chris is sure to get several good looks at those knockers and damn will you check out those DSL's she's got-- that'd be Dick Sucking Lips! Miss Anderson's also blessed in the rear too and we get some nice ass shots here along with more coochie loving. Andi does a fantastic job of working herself up until she's joined by a couple brothers who do a good job on those boobs and playing with her pussy-- she's now ready boys and girls and the dicks come out and slide effortlessly into Andi's waiting mouth. The shot is traditional with Andi in between but it never seems to get old either, the boobs looking so good. This is easily the best blowjob footage so far, this girl relishes the dicks, squeezing the balls almost with tender,love& care! The gack, gack, gack got a little annoying for me but it all fit in, this girl can work the sticks boys. No bad positions here so enjoy it all as Andi works back and forth between the guys, from cowgirl to reverse to doggie, it just didn't matter, lots of hot jiggle and lots of sizzle with the continuing blowjobs and even some dirty talk flying. The fellas do a little ass mining too for good measure, Andi takes it all like a champ including the dp's. The pops here were a mix of facial and swallowing for Andi who again isn't done and receives several more loads to cap off the best scene so far. Now time to change discs, I think I see Jenna Haze waiting! I should point out the extras for the three scenes are on this side so there's over an hour of BTS footage plus pics and the pops repeated, ok now on to the second disc, lol.

Tori Black:

Very nice, Tori Black gets us going here and the opening shot of her crawling out of the shadowed hallway into the more lit area definitely has me seeing the light on this hottie. The hair spilling over her eyes, it gets moved away then her eyes get the focus along with the sexy black lace lingerie-- ASS time too and this girl's got a booty too. Long black heels too that ride up her lower leg for those interested in that. Tori definitely generates the interest here with the tease, her body language is all about getting you off and it's working, even a playful smile and that was killer. Tori then works her way down the stairs and ususually we're at the bottom watching her come down but here Chris has us following from behind and getting great ass shots from above, I appreciated that a lot, this ass is most worthy of the screentime here. Tori keeps on getting nekkid and her perky tits come out and we still get more ass loving-- there'll never be enough ass loving to that booty. Our cocksmen then follows down the stairs pausing to slip his schlong through the railing but it's perfect as Tori's face level so some sexy heads given here by our girl who rubs a little on that pussy too in between the face fucking that intensifies as it goes on. Now for the sex, you won't find a better position I think to shoot this girl in that cowgirl, just fine booty shots here, it's dancing and quivering just as you'd want and Chris gets right in on it some too. The fine camera work continues through the rest of it too, great wide open shot for reverse and we even have Prince picking her up at one point, letting Tori hang upside down to suck his cock while he tastes that juicy pussy from above. Tori ends this fantastic scene with a super open mouth pop, it also gets on her chin and you know she's not done and there's more jizz to fill out this opening salvo on disc two, bravo Miss Black.

Jenna Haze:

Our next girl up is no stranger to you all by now I would suspect, the reigning Female Performer of the Year who seems to only keep getting sexier and sexier with the passage of time. Do we really need to know what she does here, lol, she rocks it hard every time I've watched her, it never gets old to watch that ass being shown off or Jenna to talk dirty and it never,never, never gets old to watch her take dick up that booty. The shot to open here was different, Jenna's in shadows with only a purple backdrop to highlight her form, seems she's on a small stage too. Ok it's more a semi-enclosed bubble thing and the glass blocks behind Jenna along with the purple/ lavender color are highlighting her form. Hmmm not sure if this is the best way to show off her hotness but it is a different way to present Jenna as we also get some rhythm and blues music playing in the background. Ok someone please turn on the lights, lol, I want to see Jenna please and almost on cue the lighting does get drastically better until we see her in all the glory that she can be presented in, blue lace lingerie with some black in it, the hair looking good, those eyes are finally getting to work their magic on us and you see the pussy too so we're working into shape here after that darkness in the beginning. Jenna does a good reveal pulling her lace down letting the ass out and yeah it's still there and still sexylicious as always. Rico then gets brought in and Jenna's worked with him before if I'm not mistaken so there's already some trust there and the two get right into it with some ass kissing and spanking from Rico. Onto the blowjob we go and well suffice to say she does A-OK here! The sex was also A-OK, come on this girls smoking hot even when doing her laundry, hehe. Great cowgirl, doggie to show off the ass and you get some strong anal love too in reverse with A2M from Jenna. Mish anal wraps it up leading to a good facial and bring on the others so we coat that pretty face in cum!

Cecilia Vega:

Ok we open the last scene and it's dire times for Chris Streams fans. Seems he has lost some coin betting on the college game, B-ball, and his benefactor wants to collect his if you get my drift and isn't interested in Chris's excuses, get it from his bitches pussy if he has too and well as luck would have it Cecilia comes downstairs wearing a sexy black number that just might entice some people to lay pipe and contribute to this financial crisis-- I don't think Obama can bail Chris out here, lol. Ok we hear that she's in a $1500 dollar dress and this angers the dude so he's sending some people over now to collect, oh boy! So Chris leaves the house to try and scratch up some money leaving Cecilia all alone when the brothers show up. The guys roll in like a posse and they are pissed, wanting the money but they only have Miss Vega to push around and the talk quickly turns from money to this sexy babe. Her pussy is diddled briefly, the tits come out and then finally onto her knees Cecilia goes and the cocks come out, sliding into her mouth. The guys show no mercy thrusting their dicks into her mouth but she gives back to pushing back hard on Tee Reels cock when he's drilling in doggie. The boys do some ass tappin too and they dp Miss Vega too. Is she working off Chris's debt, I don't think so but she's sure enjoying the show. She gets nasty too licking a little ass too, the eye makeup's running, she's ready for jizz! More anal pounding before and then the guys start to unload on that makeup messed up face. Well the guy still wants his money, lol, but for us we're not done with Cecilia yet, she's fucked some more and gets just a little more cum deposited on that face. We never learn if the debt's paid off but oh well, at least Cecilia's been taken care of!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well, well fans this second side was pretty solid too with Jenna anchoring it in the middle but you can't go wrong with Tori Black any day and Cecilia proved quite capable of handling multiple cocks in her gangbang. As with the first disc you have extras for this one too with the usual, pics, pops and finally BTS, this one's a bit shorter at 41 minutes but that's cool. Overall this is a great interracial title and Andi Anderson really impressed me here, from the boobs to her fucking she really knocked it out of the park here, Jenna Haze well she was exquisite as always, Tori Black's on the rise and only getting hotter, Lisa Ann, Kylee Reese-- it was good times all around here.

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