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Nutty Buddy Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A 2.5 starsBrotha's P.O.V. 2, A 2.5 starsBrotha's P.O.V. 2, A 2.5 stars
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Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A

Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Interracial , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  8/2/2004

So I've seen many POV movies over the year and haven't had a problem envisioning myself as the person fucking the girl. However, when I heard about the concept of A Brotha's POV, it gave me pause. The idea of having a large black schlong is even more foreign to me than the white-schlonged POV movies. If I were ever to helm up an Asian POV movie, people would probably mistake it for a masturbation movie. Anyway back to the point, KK heads up BPOV2. KK is british so he sounds more Lennox Lewis than Mike Tyson. Maybe it's my American upbringing full of stereotypes but do British black guys count as brothas? Seal may look like a bad man but I consider Ice Cube more of a brotha even if he's reduced to a parody of himself with those Friday movies.

Romy Roundell:

Weird, Romy is German and looks nothing like Katja Kassin. I thought all germans looked alike! Romy has an uncertain english accent, some flaws in her complexion, and fake blonde hair. She's got a tight little body, perky tits, and a great ass though.

Romy is shallow with the blowjob using mostly her hand. Taking off her panties reveals a pierced hood. KK notes it's a tiny little pussy. Sex was average. Romy kind of just lays there at times. Best position is when she's riding him and has to do some of the work. Her sex faces are similar to Ashley Long. No anal. She takes a facial and uses KK's cock to wipe the spooge down.

romy roundell


KK follows Lenka up some outdoor steps up some shallow hill and woods. Lenka is hard to look at. She has a nice body but that face... She has a mole on her nose and some fucked up teeth and neither makes her cute. If I was the one doing the POV there'd be a paper bag or I'd just keep the camera on her body. It seems like KK and Lenka have a rapport though with their flirting and laughing.

Lenka is also shallow with the blowjob. Fucking in doggy reveals another distracting mole on her butt. They go into a house to fuck some more. Lenka has a v-shaped fuzz cut above her pussy. Sex was okay but that face is just too distracting. No anal. Cumshot on the mouth and under her nose.

Sandra De Marco:

Sandra waits for KK at a food court. She doesn't look that happy. She says her boyfriend's an hour late; she may ironically be referring to KK. She smiles when KK starts to put the moves on her though. KK convinces her to go upstairs to his hotel room and hang out.

Sandra has been in previous DVSX movies as Sandra Mark and I recognise her as a DDF girl. She has curly blonde hair and a nice thick body. Tits that I wouldn't mind drowning myself in. When she smirks, she reminds me of Anna Kournikova with her nose.

They don't even make it back to the hotel room before KK begs for a bj in the hallway. With some reluctance, Sandra complies. Shallow blowjob but she takes it nice and slow with good eye contact. KK however doesn't get hard, probably from the fear of being caught in public so they finally get to the hotel room.

KK fingers Sandra in the butt and pussy and lets her taste her juices. A more standard blowjob proceeds with Sandra again going shallow but giving good eye contact. While she's being porked mish, Sandra plays with her tits a lot. Her moans and gasp sound somewhat ragged. She gives up the butt while riding him displaying her impressive figure. While KK's schlong flops out of the butt, he puts it back in the pussy. Not healthy. Scene eventually goes back to anal in some more positions. Sandra takes a facial at the end. Very good scene with a beautiful girl.

sandra de marco

Meliah Morgan & Hope Rising:

Hope is a tall blonde looking similar to Crystal Klein. Meliah is a short blonde. They're in KK's office to sign up for a scene. I don't consider either that attractive with their droopy tits and many tattoos. Hope as Cupid and a teddy bear tattooed above her pussy. I can't even tell what's tattooed above Meliah's pussy. If I had to choose, Hope is the cuter of the two.

They seem to have good personalities talking their way through the blowjobs. Neither go deep though. DVD freezes at the 1:07:33. Second time this glitch has occured for me with a DVSX disc. I was able to skip to the next track and rewind all the way back losing only 3 seconds. Hope is loud when she gets fucked. Meliah not as loud. Neither girl gives up the butt. Cumshot on Meliah's face. This was not much of a scene.

hope risingMeliah Morgan

Britney Jay:

Britney barely walks in the room and KK is already fingering her in the ass. Previously seen in Service Animals 17 & Teen Sensations 8, I dig Britney with her blonde highlights and freckled face. KK does too. She's good with the no-hand blowjob going deep as she can while KK directs with his hands on her head. She's got a tongue ring and a small tattoo in the small of her back.

Britney's butt looks great while she's riding KK reverse cowgirl. It's a rare position to see in POV porn. In the regular cowgirl position, looking up at her sex face reminds me of Julia Stiles. With the question, "Do you want to fuck my ass?", she gives up the butt. That is so damn hot... You can see her innards partially every time KK's strokes come out. Kind of weird but I try not to think too hard about it. Her moans are quiet with a gasp or two thrown in. Big ass gape while KK tries to pull it even wider with his fingers. Cumshot ends up right on the nose up to her forehead. This was a hot scene. I need to see more Britney.

britney jay

Lussi & Viktorie:

Another multiple POV. The girls are hanging out on a balcony. I've seen Lussi (pronounced Lucy) before in Rocco Meats Suzie and Rocco's Initiations 8. She's a gorgeous pale skinned blonde girl with a perfect body. I don't recognise Viktorie (pronounced Victoria) even though the name is familiar. She's also an attractive blonde looking similar to Romy in the first scene. Still, Lussi just kills her on the attraction scale.

KK introduces himself to the girls as Karl (?). He gets a quick blowjob from both girls and then starts fucking Viktorie from behind. Viktorie has a big white splotch on her butt that may be a birthmark. Since there isn't much room on the balcony, the POV is limited so KK wisely suggests a move into the bedroom.

There the girls further undress. Viktorie gives the better blowjob while Lussi's seems reluctant. While Lussi is giving the blowjob, Viktorie helps it along with her tongue to the balls and shaft. No similar assistance coming from Lussi. Multiple sex positions. Lussi's body looks stunning in every which way. Lussi is also the only one to give up the butt. Viktorie does clean up with the A2OGM. KK comes on Viktorie's stomach straight out of mish while Lussi licks it off. I understand why there is a pair up. If the best features of the girls were combined, we'd have a perfect girl and a perfect scene. Still, this was a good scene.


Parting Thoughts:

Best looking girl was definitely Lussi. The best girl and scene was Britney Jay. Something about her does it for me. There's a name on the box cover that I didn't see in the movie. Who is Justine? Was she just cut out at the last second or was it another pseudonym for one of the other girls that was accidentally listed? One thing I must point out is that in every scene you can see both of KK's hands and neither is holding the camera. Also with the way the view is angled, it'd be more appropriate to call it an over-the-shoulder view. Behind the scenes show that there is a cameraman even though he isn't named in the credits. Three good to great scenes. Three not so good scenes. Sounds like an average movie to me. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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