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astroknight Broken 4.5 starsBroken 4.5 starsBroken 4.5 stars
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Studio: Teravision
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Broken:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Broken overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Broken Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Broken Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Broken Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Broken Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Broken DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Broken A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/2/2007
Well here we have a interesting flick as it's got a first time director for it and his name is Dave Navarro whom I'm sure a lot of you have heard the name but in context with music so now he's branching out taking on the reigns of a porn movie. A pretty good cast of girls here too led by Sasha Grey who I know most of you know plus you add in Jenna Haze and Audrey Bitoni as a couple of the girls and I'd at be curious enough to check it out!

Sasha Grey solo, with Mark Davis:

We open with some disturbing images of Sasha on the kitchen floor, some religious type chanting/ speaking is heard while she's crying and to top it off she's masturbating but I don't see how you could find this a turn on. She's obviously going through some kind of emotional rollercoaster here but she's still got the presence of mind to diddle her pussy? The camera gives you good shots of Sasha but I'm wondering why she's in this emotional state, she might be reliving some sexual encounter in her mind that was both pleasurable and painful to a degree-- perhaps? The soundtrack was somewhat interesting to me, not my type of music normally but it certainly fit with what I was watching onscreen. So that shot changes and we're in a different world, the colors are gone almost, it's not black & white, I guess you could say this is a music video type picture-- reminiscent of the Tone Loc' video, I believe it was Funky Cold Medina, lol, sorry but that was what this picture style reminded me of. Anyway the action is decidedly strong and Mark Davis is a perfect guy for this scene and Sasha is always trying to push her boundaries and this is step in that direction I think. Hard fingerbanging, cock sucking and the sex is strong too, lots of spanking/ slapping, gagging, the eye makeup is messed up and he does grab a hold of her neck a few times. I had a feeling the two were in synch the whole time and no movement seemed wasted, even pulling her top up over her face when he skull fucks her seemed a normal progression in this scene. The one odd thing is when they spoke you also had subtitles or at least I did on my screen, this is a screener copy so perhaps you can turn that off with the regular movie but I was unable too and the picture stayed this black/white style the entire time. Sasha does her trademark talking here too, ' I want it to hurt' she tells Mark so definitely not for the more sensual porn fan in the family. Mark ends the scene jerking a load to Sasha's face. She scoops up the cum and runs off to the bathroom to shoot up-- yeah she shoots up the spit/ cum into her arm and then we're taken on a journey. You see the earth spin around the color returns to the screen and we get various fleeting images of different things flash on the screen, guess it was Cum Acid!

Jenna Haze & Tommy Gunn, Victoria Sin with Spyder & Lisa Daniels with Kayla Paige plus Sasha giving a POV bj:

Well the picture settles and it's Tommy at the door delivering a pizza to Jenna. Well we get a real funny advancement of time, you see the FF appear on the screen like yeah we know you dont' want to hear this boring dialogue so let's hop forward to the real fun and they stop once Jenna's got Tommy's cock out and sucking it. You then go above the porn set, they want you to know now that it's a porn set and standing over all this is Sasha watching intently, you see other action going on at another set piece in that very wherehouse. Well I already like this scene better with Jenna sucking cock, the color is back and then we get Sasha walking down to the floor and dragging off Marco Banderas who was also shooting and pulls his pants down to give some POV head!! You also start to see other actors fucking and we take in some of Spyder laying pipe to Victoria Sin but you get a lot of his tattoos in the shot and I'm not that big on ink especially on guys and to that degree he's got it.

Ok we get a bit more with Jenna then the picture undergoes a big change akin to what we saw in the first scene, not fully colorized here and we have two girls getting it on, believe these girls are Kayla Paige and Lisa Daniels-- but only a short visit to these two girls before it's back to regular color and Jenna's still working over Tommy's cock. Ok so it's four scenes we're working on here, mostly with Sasha and Jenna so far. We get a bit more time then with the two girls and the picture is at least better than it was for the first scene but again it's a short visit with the lesbians before we're taking away. So you might have a 'hard' time achieving your goals here if you need a long time to get there, it's interesting to see the various goings on here but nothing's sustained for a good 5 minutes, it's sometimes 30 seconds and move on to another twosome. The girls bring out some toys in their sapphic tryst, then back to Jenna we go for some skull fucking with her head tilted backwards off the couch. You finally see the director himself, Dave Navarro come in and give some instruction to I guess the man overseeing the production for him. Moving over to the girls we finally get a pretty good picture and it's cool too with one girl holding the other up in a version of the standing 69, they're on a long footstool so it was easier to do this and we get a bit more time too with Sasha-- you'll see what I mean the shots stay only a short time before moving on. We haven't seen Victoria for awhile so we have another round watching her take pipe from Spyder.

Back to Miss Grey who pipes up to Marco does this turn you on watching other's fuck while I suck your cock, I'd say yes if it was me. We see closure in the pov action with Sasha working the pop out herself giving some cleanup too. Dave taps on Sasha after she's done and then the picture goes all haywire for a few seconds, not that you couldn't see but it was a myriad of colors and tints used then we're back to regular color. We get Sasha moving over to Jenna and Tommy and she starts piping in with dirty talk towards Jenna along with grabbing Miss Haze by the hair and pushing her down further on Tommy's cock. We get more with Victoria too including some cowgirl which was the best footage yet of her, great booty and I don't have to see all those tats. Going back to Jenna and Sasha we get a little more interaction with the girls plus we have Jenna climbing on in cowgirl so yeah we get to see that amazing ass with Sasha hovering over spanking it and bending down to lick at Jenna's ass so the pace is getting more furious but I'm liking this part a lot, these girls work well together as they both are talking nasty now. You start to see the various camera angles increase too as more cameras are added to shooting the various scenes, upwards of four at a time, I did like seeing Jenna and Sasha up close and together like they were here, the action perhaps a bit rougher than I'd like but it was cool nonetheless seeing them work together. Well we get Sasha leaving Jenna, having some words with Dave and then heading over to Victoria and Spyder, right off some throat grabbing from Sasha but we don't forget Jenna going back for some great floor shots in reverse. Going back to Victoria we have Sasha pushing her down hard on Syder's cock not letting her pull back until she's counted up to 10, then she moves behind to have some fun with Miss Sin's ass. Well she doesn't stay long with this group before going over to have a few more words with Dave. There's more good footage of Jenna Haze riding in cowgirl, still talkin dirty too. Going to our lesbians we get a little bit of pussy eating in before the toys are brought back. We get some hair grabbing too while the toy's thrust hard up inside. Closing out the Jenna scene you have Tommy blowing his chowder to her heel shoe and Jenna licking it up along with giving his cock some cleanup. We're not done yet and you get treated to some real interesting visuals here as we travel between the two remaining scenes still going on, hard to describe it but it's very visual with some interesting use of colors. They do make it back to a fairly normal picture as we resume with the two girls banging it each other with tongue and finger. Going to Victoria you get some good throat fucking done to Spyder's cock. Sasha then comes back off the sidelines going to the two girls now to add her 'support!!' I guess wherever Sasha goes that's where the full camera onslaught goes as we start getting various angles on the two girls fucking each other with Sasha's perfect vocals piped in. I liked it too that we stayed longer with the girls here as Sasha was leading the way and the followed her instructions very well. Sasha even gets in a little choking action per request mind you as the girl couldn't come without it. Sasha stands in the wings watching as we get a conclusion to the Victoria scene, Spyder popping on the couch, some cleanup and then we go all music video style as Victoria licks at the cum on the couch.

Audrey Bitoni :

Well that was certainly the longest scene I've watched in some time, granted it was actually three scenes and one POV bj all in one but you get the point lots of nostop action. Now we have just one girl and it's the lovely Audrey sitting on a makeup chair kissing Marco who's made his way to her location. He moves down to munch on Audrey's tasty pussy but it takes a few seconds before we get a decent close shot of this. The shot then goes all music video movement style on us for a few seconds stopping once Audrey's on her knees and engulfing his cock but it's mixed back in during parts of the bj too. Miss Bitoni's got some of the prettiest eyes and DSL's I've seen on any girl, meaning DickSuckingLips!! They pipe in some tease footage of Audrey without Marco in the shot, she's smoking hot no doubts about it but why put that in the scene when she's already fucking, shouldn't that be at the beginning? Audrey's got a nice set of tata's but when the angle gets to extreme on the floor angle you did see the scars from her surgery, thankfully it's only a fleeting second before the shot moves on. Having said that I did like the footage in reverse, nice bouncing by Audrey here and she even works in some sexy grinding on Marco's cock while giving us a sensual look with her eyes!! Finishing with some mish fucking Marco blasts against the mirror and we have Audrey watching him nut, then leaning in to 'kiss' herself while licking at the cum. She's also giving us more hot eye contact while doing this. We go from here back to Sasha on the last location, everyone gone but her and finally she takes her leave and the picture goes back to the same texture it was during her opening scene with Mark Davis, in fact she's back at the apt where we find Mark sleeping but he's roused up by the image of Sasha standing over him shotgun pressed firmly in his face, guess she's taking control now!! We are going to Weirdsville fans, lol, as a condom's put on the tip and Mark's made to bend over. Suddenly we see this is another porn set, Dave's there and gets up to give direction but now he's muse has a mind of her own telling him to back off as she cocks the shotgun, then it's credits time!!

Final Thoughts:

Ok this was unlike anything I've watched in awhile, not all bad, I enjoyed the blowbang given by Sasha to Marco and the bits with Jenna Haze in that long fuckathon scene 2. Dave brings in some interesting use of colors here and imaging which is totally from the music video style world, maybe some arthouse movies too and I didn't necessarily understand or like it all but I admired seeing something a bit different. Now this screener copy had no extras but I'm sure the actual movie will have some. As for the movie itself I tried to describe what I saw and oh yeah I liked the ending scene with Audrey too including licking the jizz off the mirror while giving us a sexy look. Worth a rental for sure if you're a Sasha Grey fan and for those curious as to what kind of porn Dave Navarro would shoot, it's visual for sure.

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