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Hell Mutt Bring'um Young 25 3.5 starsBring'um Young 25 3.5 starsBring'um Young 25 3.5 stars
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Bring'um Young 25

Bring'um Young 25

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Barely Legal
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Starring: , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Bring'um Young 25:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bring'um Young 25 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bring'um Young 25 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bring'um Young 25 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bring'um Young 25 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bring'um Young 25 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bring'um Young 25 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bring'um Young 25 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/27/2007
Hello fans time to check out a new batch of Bring'Um Young girls which has been a staple series for Anabolic for a few years now starring quite a lot of relative newbies at the time who have since gone on to become pretty big gonzo girls. In this group who knows who might be the next big thing so let's get right to it and see just what these young ladies have to offer.

Alexis Love:

The scenes involve some kind of tease with the girls also showing us their Drivers License/ ID so we know they're not over 21 yet-- seeing the ids is interesting but even more so is how much the girls show off their hot bods before joined by a cock. Alexis does a fine job losing her clothing and I enjoyed the view looking up as she does it. Of course as she's a young'un the white cotton panties are a must, then she gives us the poppy dog eyes as she loses the bra letting lose a modest pair of boobies. Alexis then has a seat for the remaining portion of tease showing us a little leg, then in comes a cock lollipop, literally, that she sucks on and it does show how those lips would fit around a cock, very nicely thank you. Off come the panties then it's a little masturbation and finally the real deal slips in, actually two of them!! Alexis seems very cock hungry too going from dick to dick at a good pace. You get several vag positions shot with cowgirl being the best I think plus she keeps a cock in her mouth pretty much all the time while the other's nailing her kittie. As for the pops they are both facials, on target but she doesn't lap up the cum like you'd want the girl to, kinda just takes it.

Aubrey Adams:

Up next we have a small blond fireplug I'm sure most of you are familiar with if you've seen any teen porn dvd over the last year or so. Before we get to Aubrey's scene, however, there's an interlude with Paige Love in a swing looking very pretty but this is Aubrey's scene so let's move on. As for Miss Adams she too has the cotton panties on, pink/white with an all white sweater top which is skin tight and easily moved to show off the goods. Aubrey's got that teen face so many lust after too with the pretty eyes and she's been around long enough now to let the sexy looks cross her face at just the right time as she undresses. Aubrey is also blessed with two schlongs and she really goes after those cocks, much more aggressively than Alexis did in her scene. Aubrey does a good job bringing the viewer into this dual bj with her looks and the energy is real good as she goes back and forth. Both reverse and cowgirl worked really well in this scene with both men laying some serious pipe to this young lady. No anal this time out but two good pops flow into Aubrey's mouth and most is swallowed with a bit spilling out. A nice scene from a consistently good performer.]

Claudia Downs:

Again before we get Claudia on the front page we're treated to more with Paige who is quite sexy but her scene better be the highlight of this dvd if they're going to keep shooting tease with her before the other girls scenes. Claudia comes on and she's a cute blond with short cropped hair and a good bust size-- there's a little nipple licking when the tits are freed and some good ass shaking too. Some good floor shots really help the tease here. After a little self pleasuring Claudia gets a cock to chomp on and she engulfs it like she's done this a time or two before, good side views too help the bj along. Cowgirl was a big highlight and also an appetizer for our first anal action as her backdoors is opened up in mish, doggie, reverse and yes piledriver anal as well get lensed. Gotta like a girl that will put those legs up high in the air and let her man pound down into that ass!! The load is sorta sprayed down upon her face/ upper chest but I'd say the best scene so far with the anal pushing it over the top.

Leilani Li:

We continue with the Paige Love teases just before the actual scene is started, she's a hottie that's for sure. Leilani then comes on and we actually get some talking with the girl as she shows us her Id and then its' time to get those sexy get to know you shots! Miss Li does a fine job in the morning sun of losing her clothes and the camera definitely does her body justice zooming in when it's time and then pulling out for a broader perspective, good mix of booty and bust on this girl. The guys get her back indoors for more self pleasuring and for some reason her clothes are back on for this, ok once we get the girl naked we shouldn't see her in clothes anymore, lol. Once we get her naked a second time you see some fine pussy shots as the cocks descend on either side of Leilani who sits up to take in her prizes and we get a good spirited double blowjob. Doggie was for sure the best position here fans, good arch of her ass up as the pussy plugged and then they keep her in cowgirl to make this a solid dp sandwich. There's also some good doggie anal, then mish and finally a reverse dp also gets included so they tap all the holes/ positions with this girl. The loads come after a little mish anal and then they unload both on her chest creating a good sheen of cum.

Paige Love:

It's so funny we come to Paige's scene and what do they do, they show some tease for Kissy Kapri who's doing the anchor scene, lol. Well I sure hope the buildup to Paige is going to be worth it, she sure looks hot in those mini-tease segments they've shown so far. She's got a bubbly face/ very cute and the white dress isn't leaving much to the imagination, we get some good chatting too with Paige who then shows off what we've only been seeing glimpses of so far. The panties are cotton of course but I was very happy when the breast came out, great size for this woman's body type. Paige knows she's got a fine rack and does a good job showing the twins off. When the panties come off and she turns around we get a pleasant surprise when that ass turns out to be a pretty hot one too so I'd say Paige has the total package when it comes to body types-- face, tits, ass all very good and we watch as she puts those excellent assets to use beginning with a solid blowjob. Cowgirl and doggie get the sex off to a flying start--- in doggie her ass is opened up nicely, then it's time to show off those titties in a bouncing reverse moving to spoon. Sasha needs to aim better, his pop nearly floods one of her nostrils instead of going into Paige's mouth when he blasts off, at least she's not shy about tasting the jizz but there wasn't anal in the scene so I wouldn't say it was worth putting her before two other scenes I believe in this. I'd have given those girls the whole tease for themselves without putting a Paige tease before. If she had done anal or a nasty dp then yeah I could have seen the extra hype, just a small quibble.

Kissy Kapri:

We arrive to the final young'un and she's actually been around for a bit of time actually, almost a year maybe. Well anyway, Kissy's sporting shorter hair here but she's still got those nice sized hooters which she shows off nicely with a little self nipple lick or two mixed in during the tease. Kissy, like Aubrey before has enough experience with the tease segment to know how to pace the clothes being taken off in conjuncture with eye contact, standing, slapping the ass or caressing the tits, it works well here until we're ready to see Miss Kapri in action. I did enjoy seeing her masturbate through her purple panties as you also see her Id resting comfortably above her pussy!! Kissy starts off with just one but there's quickly two cocks there for her to play with and she's engulfing one while the second's drilling her pussy in a good standing doggie. The guys do tap that ass here too first in just one hole but then they mix in a standing, reverse, and finally a cowgirl dp so this young lady does it all here for the most part, no piledriver which would've kicked ass but still well done with the anal assault. The guys have some ME time banging Kissy's ass before it's time to pop which they each do into her mouth. This was a very good scene to close with and wraps up a solid young girl themed dvd in style.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

A pretty good title for fans of strong sex, maybe not terribly rough but solid pipe laying with Claudia Downs and Kissy Kapri leading the way. Audrey is her usual cute self and Alexis does ok with the two cocks but could've been a bit more energetic and I thought the added hype for Paige's scene was a bit much when taken in context with what we actually saw her do. Paige is a fucking hot babe but with all the extra tease footage I thought we would have seen something a bit more in her scene. Extra wise you get the pops repeated if you want and there's some BTS too along with some pictures. Well worth a rental if you're into 3 or more of the girls shot for this release.

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