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Phil Thee G Bring'Um Young 2 3 starsBring'Um Young 2 3 starsBring'Um Young 2 3 stars
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Bring'Um Young 2

Bring'Um Young 2

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , Straight
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Peeping Tom's ratings for Bring'Um Young 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Bring'Um Young 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Bring'Um Young 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Bring'Um Young 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Bring'Um Young 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Bring'Um Young 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bring'Um Young 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bring'Um Young 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Peeping Tom  on  6/17/2001
Cast: Cheyenne, Aurora Snow, Tiffany Mason, Jamie Lynn, Kristina Black, Kacey, Mr. Marcus, Erik Everhard, Jon Dough, Mickey G., Jack Mehoff. Directed by Jon Dough. Running Time:2 hours, 20 minutes.

A pretty good-looking cast turns a few good performances in this, but I do have some minor annoyances. I'd hoped to see more enjoyment on the part of a couple of girls in particular; maybe they were just too nervous (as Aurora admits) or inexperienced. If the sex in this had been uniformly good (and had the camerawork showcased the girls better), this might've been a winner, instead of just a pretty good teen-themed disc.

Most of the female cast appealed to me; they're almost all tattoo- and piercing-free, and some are super-cute, in my opinion (Aurora, Kristina, and Kacey). All the girls, except Cheyenne, take oral/facial cumshots, with Tiffany, Kristina, and Kacey swallowing. Aurora does a very brief double vaginal. Kacey takes the DVD's only anal, and is DP'ed as well. She also does a little ass-to- mouth action, too. Half of the girls do some rimming (Tiffany, Jamie, and Kristina do not), some of it quite extensive and graphic (consider yourself warned). Oddly, there's little oral reciprocation on the men's part (or maybe not so odd, considering this is an Anabolic video).

Each scene begins with a close-up of the girls showing their driver's license (all personal information except their date of birth is hidden by stickers), verifying their age at the time of the shoot. Aurora and Kacey give short interviews, giving brief, straightforward answers to Jon's questions. All scenes seem to take place in the house, with most being shot in the backyard.

Cheyenne is up first. She has good-sized, natural breasts, and is paired up with Mr. Marcus. The scene starts in progress, with her blowing Marcus, and moving on to a little tit fucking, which I always like to see. Marcus cums twice, both on her stomach. The two of them seem to have a good time, and turn in a good scene. Unfortunately, lighting problems render this a tad dark in spots.

I've read criticisms of Aurora that describe her as "plain", or "homely." Eye of the beholder, I guess; personally, I like her hippie-girl-next- door look, and was really looking forward to seeing her in action for the first time. She's teamed up with Mr. Marcus and Mickey G.; I was disappointed that her performance wasn't hotter than it was. It's not a bad scene, I'd just hoped for a little more from her. The guys seem involved in what's going on, and Aurora never seems turned off (except during the rimming), but she wasn't vocal enough for me, and never seemed to be as into it as the men.

Tiffany is next, and is also partnered with Mr. Marcus. Like the previous two, the scene is started in progress. The action here is good; she's quite vigorous in the reverse cowgirl position, and her oral skills look particularly good. Her comment at the end about Marcus being "some good dick" wasn't necessary, and seemed too forced to be believable.

Jamie takes on Erik Everhard by the pool. She's got a couple of tattoos, including a Confederate flag on her right shoulder blade. Some of the initial blowjob is shot point-of-view. She's actually more vocal than most of the others, so I have to give her some points back taken away by the tattoos. Some pretty good sex, but like Tiffany, I wasn't as interested in Jamie as I was in some of the others.

Kristina Black is a current fan favorite, and it's easy for me to see why; she's young, cute, and has swallowed in the few scenes I've caught her in recently. She is also paired with Mr. Marcus, and this scene actually doesn't start in progress. Marcus ends up cumming three times here (the second time isn't much), all in Kristina's mouth. The camerawork and lighting in this is poor in spots, which was a disappointment; Kristina's quite vocal and involved here, and the sex is mixed up a bit, as opposed to the standard progression in most of the scenes here. Despite the problems, this was my favorite scene of the disc, for Kristina's performance alone.

Last is Kacey, the youngest-looking girl of the bunch. She's from Florida, and has brought her boyfriend, credited as "Jack Mehoff", along for a threesome with Jon. Right off, I was perplexed at why a cute young thing like Kacey would give a dorky-looking guy like her boyfriend the time of day; he reminded me of a mono-browed, flabby Adam Sandler clone. (Alright, so I'm jealous.) The action in this scene comes closest to what I'd describe as "hot"; the sex is quite raunchy and enthusiastic, and she does the nastiest things without so much as the slightest flinch. But I was really put off by Jack's appearance, and the extensive rimming that she performs on him.

The video quality is good, save for a slight blockiness shows up on occasion; this is really odd, since another recently-released Anabolic title I just saw ("Gangbang Girl 17") has few, if any, of these kinds of instances. It's nothing distracting, but I did notice it a few times (maybe I'm just getting pickier in my old age). I do have some real problems with the way this was shot, though, particularly with the substandard lighting in the outdoor scenes. Also, the camerawork isn't what it could be; I would have liked to see more of the girls' bodies, instead of the usual anatomical close-ups. And please stop pointing the camera lens at the guys' hairy asses; I've seen entirely too much of Mr. Marcus, Jon, Kacey's boyfriend, et. al. I'm really beginning to hate the Anabolic/Diabolic patented "join the action in progress" routine, and I'm also getting sick of all the jumpy editing, too. On a positive note, the audio's fine and problem-free.

The disc's extras consist of the usual collection of Anabolic/Diabolic trailers on the flip side of the DVD, and a fair photo gallery (the standard Anabolic/Diabolic offerings, in other words).

Overall, "Bring'Um Young 2" proved a bit of a disappointment, if only because of the potential that this had. The fault lies partly with the direction (I've ranted enough about the camerawork; I wish the sex was mixed up a little more, too, but this is a problem with most Anabolic/Diabolic titles), the editing (which reduces the flow of the action, in my opinion), and with a couple of the girls themselves. Perhaps a few months down the line, a little more collective experience in the porn world, and all of these young'uns will turn in some scorching sex scenes. As it stands, "Bring'Um Young 2" didn't quite fulfill its promise.

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