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Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self

Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gof's ratings for Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brianna Love, Her Fine Sexy Self A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gof  on  12/20/2007

This is a landmark review for me. In some 75 reviews for ADT this is my first feature review. I’ve never been a fan of porn features. I take the view that if you wanted a good plot and good acting then you would watch a mainstream movie, whereas if you want to watch raw, passionate sex, you would watch a gonzo movie. A new genre, the gonzo / feature hybrid, has emerged over the last few years however, and directors such as John Stagliano and Manuel Ferrara have shown that it is possible to combine plot and characterisation with hardcore gonzo sex.

I’ve always enjoyed the gonzo work of John Leslie and I think that his glossy production and patient direction lends itself to features, and of course, John was a performer at a time when features were shot on film and were the only show in town. I was also interested to see if my favourite ass girl, Brianna Love could be more than just a pretty face and play the central role in a high production feature.

The film begins rather shockingly with a short scene of a girl being slapped around by a male who threatens to kill her if she says anything. When then cut to John Leslie (Frankie) in a bar waxing lyrical about the old days. Brianna appears and Frankie tells her about a youg girl, Jill, who was beaten up and left for dead. Brianna stops by for a water, and then tells Frankie that she is shooting a video with Mr. Pete and Mark Wood (so she is presumably playing herself). What we then see is essentially a gonzo scene, although an interesting angle (if you parden the pun) to the scene, is provided by a hand held camera which is passed between the performers during the scene.

Brianna looks as hot as hell in white lace top, white G string and transparent heels, and as always gives a great blow-job to both lucky fucks. The cowgirl sex is awesome, but an extra kink is that Brianna insists in looking over her shoulder at the action on the hand held camera. The guys then take turns in fucking her in missionary and doggie, leading up to a hot looking reverse-cowgirl.

Brianna has of course, made her name in 07 for her anal exploits and thankfully she doesn’t disappoint her friends here as Mr. Pete buries his prick balls deep in her shit pit from behind. Ass to mouth and we then have an awesome cowgirl anal, with again, Brianna intent on watching the action on the mini screen. The shoes now come off so Brianna can put her feet on Mr. Pete’s thighs to ride reverse-cowgirl but she must have had an exclusive contract with someone else for a DP because she instead suggests that Mark fuck her mouth rather than her pussy. The scene ends with shots of Brianna’s big eyes and beautiful face begging for cum, which the guys eventually deliver with a double facial.

In a cut sequence, Brianna tells us that Frank is like an uncle to her and that he has plenty of fingers in plenty of pies. We now see Brianna back at the bar, freaking out because Pete and Mark have gone missing along with the video that they made together. Frankie however, calms her down and tells her he will sort it out.

We then cut to Brianna getting chatted up by two black guys, Jon Jon and Jean-Claude Baptiste, while Jon’s girlfriend, Darryl Hannah looks on. We then cut to Brianna playing tonsil tennis with Darryl, who is wearing some hot fishnet suspenders, before some nice girl, girl action while the guys look on.

John has always been the master of filming group scenes and he excels again here, framing the action so that we get a clear look at both couples fucking and sucking. There were too many positions to mention in this scene but both of these girls have great butts, and so highlights included cowgirl (particularly where both girls are riding at the same time), and a standing doggie of Brianna. Unusually, Brianna is out sodomized in this scene by Darryl as Darryl is fucked in doggie and missionary while Brianna provides the ATOGM. The scene ends with decent facials for both girls. A nice group scene, with great energy from Darryl in particular.

Back at the bar, and Pete assures Brianna that he didn’t want to wake her and that the tape is safe and she agrees to meet him later. After Pete leaves, a guy tries to hit on Brianna but she resists his advances.

We now cut to later that night and Bulldog (John West) is not trying too hard to resist the advances of waitress Robin, Roxy DeVille, looking very cute in some tight, green shorts. Its usually the lot of the bar tender to listen to everyone else’s woes and stay in the background, and so it was refreshing to see John having the pleasure of sexy Roxy’s lips on his cock and then getting to poke that pussy in missionary and doggie on one of the bar stools. Some good floor shots here from John and Roxy really seems to get into the sex.

Brianna now appears in the bar, and like all good porn sluts should, she doesn’t hesitate in jumping straight into the action. Both girls now give John the kind of double blow-job that most guys only dream of, and then its Brianna’s turn to get fucked good and hard in standing doggie, with nice shots of her black heels. Roxy then asks John if he wants to cum on their pretty little faces, and quell surprise, he agrees and delivers a decent portion of nut juice on both tongues. Both girls then deliver some decent post cum head to conclude another decent scene.

The next morning, Brianna calls at Frank’s apartment to tell him what happened with Bulldog and Robin. She tells him that because of what happened she will feel awkward around him. Frank tells her not to worry as Bulldog lives only in the present. He also tells her that unbeknown to anyone, including Bulldog, he is his son.

Frank tells Brianna that life is about enjoying yourself, and as if to illustrate, Brianna tells us about another sexual episode from her recent past. Brianna is in a cage, looking hot with her hair tied back and wearing a red negligee and suspenders. There are two stiff cocks either side of the cage, and then more bizarrely, a female with a strap-on behind her in the cage (Max Mikita.

The cage is opened and Brianna crawls along the floor to suck on dominatrix Max’s black boots and black strap-on. Its then time for Brianna to ride the real thing in cowgirl while blowing the other stiff, There is then a great shots of Brianna getting fucked in spoon, while the shaved headed Max is bent over and fucked in doggie by Mark Ashley.

Brianna’s ass is now primed with a butt plug in preparation for some doggie butt fucking from Mark while Brianna blows Ben. Brianna then receives a real anal pounding in reverse-cowgirl from Ben, while Max’s Asian bunghole is invaded in missionary. Maybe Max’s ass wasn’t that good, as Mark now makes it a Brianna DP sandwich with Brianna literally screaming the place down. The scene ends with a double facial, with both guys providing some of the biggest loads I’ve seen in a while.

Brianna recounts the time when she gave up to Bernard’s advances at the bar and sat down to have a drink or ten with him at the bar. Brianna goes back to his place and waiting there are two naked men with stiff cocks, presumably waiting for Brianna rather than Bernard. Rather than running away and calling 911, Brianna welcomes the attention and gives both guys some oral loving. Brianna is Bernard’s date however, and so he tells the hapless guys that he will take over from here and the guys have to watch as Bernard explores all of Brianna’s holes. The scene with Bernard has some of the hottest sex of the movie. The scene begins with some great oral from Brianna, and then we move onto cowgirl where Brianna’s butt cheeks jiggle hypnotically as she is pounded by Bernard. The only way things could get better was if Brianna asked Bernard to put his fucking stiff cock in her ass, and thankfully she does resulting in a hard anal pounding from behind and then in missionary. This excellent scene then ends with a swallowed facial.

That’s not quite all however, as Bernard at least gives his friends sloppy seconds as they take turns in screwing her in missionary, with one guy cumming on her feet and the other giving her a facial.

We now see Brianna back at the bar with a black eye. She tells Frankie about meeting Bernard and going to his house but that when she tried to leave, they got nasty because she wouldn’t let them piss on her. We see the scene where Brianna gets slapped, although she manages to escape without being pissed on. Frankie tells Brianna to go home and get some sleep and that he will take care of it.

We now see Bernard at the bar chatting up Asian chick, Christina Aguchi. Frankie buys him a drink and asks him about the incident with Brianna and hints that he may have also been responsible for the assault on Gill that we saw at the beginning of the movie. Bernard doesn’t deny the incident with Brianna and tells Frankie to fuck off as he is busy with Christina.

We now see Bernard and Christina leaving the bar and when they arrive at Bernard’s house Christina asks if she can use his restroom, and Bernard, who obviously has a thing about pissing, follows her and she begins to blow him as she is sitting on the toilet. This only lasts for a few seconds however before Bernard retires to the other room where Christina soon joins him to continue the oral assault. The fucking then begins with some pounding reverse-cowgirl, with some excellent floor shots from John and then missionary. Brendan obviously gets too much sex, because he now hands over Christina to his two friends from the previous scene and we see Christina in cowgirl, reverse, missionary and then doggie while serving the other guy with her tongue, and this girl has such a hot body that I really enjoyed watching her get fucked. The scene concludes with a treble facial although none of the guys produce a huge amount of goo.

Christina is about to leave when Bernard makes his indecent proposal. Christina has been prepped well however and she knees him in the balls and then Frankie and Bulldog appear with baseball bats to finish the job. We then cut to Brianna who tells us that after that night she never heard from Bernard again.


There is no ‘Making of’ or ‘Behind the Scenes’, which would have been interesting, but there is an ‘Extra Sex’ segment that has extra sex from each of the six scenes. There are also the usual photo galleries, cum shot recap, cast list and filmographies and some excellent trailers.


John Leslie has succeeded in producing a gonzo feature, that while admittedly light on plot, manages to provide the viewer with a believable world and characters that actually enhance the sex rather than detracting from it. Fans of Brianna will lap this up as she stars in five out of the six scenes and opens up her meaty ass for some anal and DP, but the supporting actresses also did a fine job, with my particular favourite being Christina Aguchi with her mouth-watering body. The whole package is also great value for money, boasting six scenes over two discs and there is even a free music disc from the movie included for good measure. All in all, a quality product with high production values, good acting and hot sex and a pleasant change from all those formulaic casting couch gonzo flicks out there.

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