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bono-ONE Bree & Sasha 3.5 starsBree & Sasha 3.5 starsBree & Sasha 3.5 stars
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Bree & Sasha

Bree & Sasha

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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fu_q's ratings for Bree & Sasha:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bree & Sasha overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bree & Sasha Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Bree & Sasha Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bree & Sasha Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bree & Sasha Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bree & Sasha DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bree & Sasha A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  12/12/2008
Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, Ava Rose, Sophia Santi, Samantha Ryan, Angie Savage, Lexxi Tyler, Lisa Neils

Andre Madness

“Bree & Sasha” is a high-quality, glossy lipstick lesbian film featuring some of the most beautiful women in the adult film industry. If you are looking for hot, sensual sex between pairs of gorgeous ladies that doesn’t go over the top, then this DVD is for you. If you are looking for anal play or more extreme girl-on-girl kink, then you might want to look elsewhere. This movie features a variety of performers, including AVN Performer of the Year (2008), Sasha Grey (two scenes), and AVN Best New Starlet (2008), Bree Olson (two scenes). The best scene in the film is the coupling of these two beauties, but the others are very strong, as well. In its particular genre—that of artistic lesbian erotica—this title definitely excels.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, a number of typical, short items run, including the copyright notice, the Adam & Eve logo, etc. After this, the main menu comes up and has three choices: “Play Movie”, “Chapters”—a standard scene selection device, and “Bonus Features”—which will be covered at the end of this review. For now, we’ll get the festivities started and hit the “Play Movie” option.

Opening Credits
Throughout the opening credits, we are treated to scenes from the upcoming movie over which the names of the various performers appear as appropriate. It looks like we are in for a couple of hours of beautiful woman pleasuring one another in steamy, sensual lesbian scenarios.

Scene One
This scene begins with Bree Olson, AVN’s Best New Starlet of 2008, entering a fancy living room area from a hallway at the back of the screen. She is wearing a loose, hot-pink mini-dress that stops right around her mid-thigh. Bree is an absolutely stunning, girl-next-door type with a tanned, cute body and innocent face. She stops in front of a support pillar and begins the dirty talk, speaking directly to the camera with slutty, flirtatious intonations. It isn’t long before Bree pulls the dress up over her head, and it is tossed aside. Now wearing only a light purplish-pink bra and panties set, she continues the tease as she moves over to a wooden, autumn-colored couch and has a seat. Bree has a very refreshing natural look to her. Her breasts are large but “un-enhanced”, and she is not one of the multitude of overly-thin women who inundate show business these days. Instead, she is reminiscent of the girl in college whom you had always wanted to ask out but didn’t have the guts to—the sweet, soft, all-American cheerleader type. She is a breath of fresh air in the adult film world; it is no wonder that her rise to the top has been meteoric.

Still speaking in her nasty, little way, Bree removes her bra and unleashes her large, natural bosom from its confines. She plays with her perfect breasts and her intimate areas a bit before standing up and removing her see-through panties in a bent-over shot from behind. Bree’s rump looks delicious as she unveils it and then kneels on the couch, giving the viewer some flexing and spanking action from a rear angle. Subsequently, she rolls over and spreads her legs, allowing for a full view of her shaved lips and large, wide triangle of trimmed, dark pubic hair. Seeing this much bush—though still nicely manicured and quite under control—is something of a rarity these days in porn, and it too is quite attractive and brings one back to the actresses of more than a decade ago.

Bree touches herself a bit, and the camera angles to a close-up of her beautiful face, complete with big brown eyes and accentuated by shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair. She then asks us if we would like to meet her friend, and the camera pans to the top of a staircase that overlooks the room.

Atop the staircase is Ava Rose, wearing a sheer dark mini-dress and sporting long, brunette locks. After a quick tease, Ava descends the curved stairs and makes her way over to Bree, who is standing and awaiting her arrival. The two immediately kneel on the couch, and Ava’s mini-dress is removed. Wasting no time, Bree begins to suckle Ava’s nicely-sized, apparently-natural breasts and nipples. These are two beautiful women who appear to be quite into each other, as is evident throughout the make-out / foreplay session that follows. Of note here is the contrast between Bree, with her tan skin and blonde hair, and Ava, with her fairer hue and very dark hair; Bree also has the girl-next-door look, while Ava has a few obvious tattoos—one on her pelvis, one on her lower back, and one on her upper back above her hair-line. Before long, Ava’s panties are removed, exposing her nicely-rounded bottom and her cooch, complete with dark landing strip. Ava, whose curves are quite delectable, then lies back on the couch, and Bree begins to masturbate her, followed by performing oral on her. As the action continues, both girls have a chance to pleasure one another in multiple ways, all captured by a variety of camera angles that cover the proceedings well. Of particular interest for me here are Bree’s back-arching cries of ecstasy, the glint of Ava’s facial piercing (just above her lip) as she eats out her blonde friend, and the sixty-nine action. As the scene progresses, Bree reaches underneath one of the pillows on the couch and pulls out a large, glass dildo. Ava takes it and immediately penetrates Bree’s willing womanhood with the transparent, bumpy scepter. The dildo action between the two women goes on for some time, with Bree being reamed with the glass phallus, and Ava being taken with a pink vibrator that is later produced. Bree’s dirty-talk and emphatic moans really do a lot to drive this scene, which otherwise contains fairly standard lesbian action. Due to the beauty and enthusiasm of the participants, however, it’s still a good watch. The scene ends with a kiss and a fade.

Scene Two
This next scene begins with two women, Sophia Santi and Samantha Ryan, and a camera angle pointed toward a curved, immaculate staircase. Sophia Santi, a gorgeous girls-only brunette, is wearing a pink / leopard-print corset and matching panties, while Samantha Ryan, a slender blonde, is in a light-purple, leopard-print-like bra and panties set. Both actresses look stunning, and the shots here are quite artsy, including some in which the women fade in and out at various places on the screen, as they tease the viewer with their assets. After a bit of seductive swaying, the pair ascends the stairs, affording the viewer some nice shots of their backsides. Once at the top, Sophia and Samantha begin to make out and grope one another. The action here is very sexy, with Sophia licking Samantha’s cute, natural breasts and Samantha lightly spanking Sophia and working her from behind. During this process, Sophia’s hot-pink bra comes off, and Samantha returns the breast massage / suckling favor. Before long, Samantha’s panties come down, and Sophia begins to work her from behind, using spit as a lubricant for her finger and oral work. Samantha has a nicely-trimmed landing strip and shaved lips that accommodate Sophia’s fingers and tongue with ease. After finishing up and then licking her own juices from Sophia’s fingers, it’s Samantha’s turn to pleasure Sophia. Sophia’s panties are removed, and her smooth-lipped femininity is revealed. Accentuated by a tight landing strip, this cooch is one of the most beautiful in the biz—it’s perfect in size, shape, and appearance. Sophia leans back on the banister, and Samantha kneels before her and begins to eat her out and finger her. Samantha is clearly an expert with the ladies, and it is an awe-inspiring sight to see Sophia’s beautiful bosom bounce and her body quiver as she receives this intense pleasure.

The lesbian action continues as the scene moves on, with a variety of different sensual activities taking place. Amongst these are: Sophia lightly gagging Samantha with a hot-pink double-headed dildo, followed by the hard penetration of Samantha with this same dildo; Sophia deep-throating a lavender-colored dildo with Samantha’s help (gagging) and an ensuing sequence featuring a backside insertion of the dildo into Sophia’s hot, wet pussy as she nearly straddles the banister; a doggie-style reaming of Samantha’s eager little hole with the hot-pink dildo that ends with a massive climax; and a seated, legs-spread dildo-ing of Sophia by Samantha with the lavender-colored cock which, coupled with Samantha’s fingers and mouth, brings Sophia to a pulsating orgasm. The scene ends with the two ladies licking the dildo that had just freshly fucked Sophia and then a fade-out upon kissing.

Overall, this scene is quite hot. There is a lot of steamy girl-on-girl sex, and the camera catches the action well. Both of the actresses are gorgeous and into their work. Of particular note is the spontaneity that is captured, with the two of them barely making it to the top of the stairs before going at it and never really finding any appropriate furniture to use. One minor drawback is that the viewer doesn’t get a full look at Sophia Santi’s exquisite tattoo work on her back due to the corset. Whether one likes tattoos on women or not, it’s difficult not to find Sophia’s arousing, as it is prevalent in a lot of her other work.

Scene Three
This scene starts out with Bree Olson wearing a black mini-dress and turning the corner into a bright green hallway. She doesn’t get far before there is a cut to a curved staircase, which Sasha Grey, wearing a red mini-dress, descends. During this opening sequence, there are a number of cuts back and forth between the two women, with Sasha on the stairs and Bree in the hallway. As these occur, the women gradually strip down to nothing and touch themselves, with a lot of teasing and seduction along the way. Bree, who looks as gorgeous as in the first scene, and Sasha, who has a thin frame and perky, natural breasts, have distinctly different auras about them. Bree comes off as the sexy, girl-next-door / cheerleader type, while Sasha—with her dark hair and porcelain skin—exudes an air of being youthful, yet mysterious and deep. Both are incredibly beautiful and at the top of the adult industry—Bree’s primary award has already been mentioned, while Sasha is the reigning (2008) AVN Performer of the Year. It is for these reasons that the coupling that will follow drips with anticipation.

After the opening sequence, the two meet at the bottom of Sasha’s staircase. Sasha is still nude, while Bree has her black g-string panties back on. The women immediately begin a sensual kissing session and walk over to a dark brown, leather couch where they take a seat. They make out a bit more and then remove each others’ shoes, which leads in each case to a fleeting bit of light foot worship. Bree’s tiny panties are the next item of clothing to hit the floor, as the heat generated in this scene builds rapidly. There is a lot of chemistry between these two superstars.

The kissing and fondling continue and lead directly into Sasha stimulating Bree’s naughty-spot with her hand and then her mouth. Following the relatively brief oral action, Sasha works Bree with the thumb of one hand on her clitoris and the pointer finger of the other inside her, stimulating the g-spot. Even though I am a man, I can see how good this would feel, and it apparently does, as Bree appears to have a real and deep orgasm. This sequence is as intense as it gets.

Shortly following Bree’s climax, there is a cut, which is presumably placed where it is because Bree literally shutters with further touching at the end of the last segment. After this, Sasha works Bree over a small bit more and then moves up to her chest and straddles her face. Bree proceeds to eat Sasha’s pussy the way it should be done, with constant and involved tongue action. Sasha has a unique look to her intimate areas, as she has her lips smoothly shaven and her pubic hair shaped into a triangle—which is not uncommon—but the triangular area of pubic hair is not tightly trimmed like most, but instead sports a lot of dark bush. This, which is reminiscent of stars-past, works very well for her, as the darkness and fullness complements her fair skin and thin body. Few women could pull this off this day and age and look sexy, but Sasha definitely does.

After Bree’s strong oral efforts, Sasha drops back to the other side of the couch, and Bree produces a silver vibrator. Bree slides the device into Sasha’s body, and they switch off between Sasha masturbating and Bree eating her—all coupled with the penetration—until Sasha reaches orgasm.

Upon licking the vibrator clean of Sasha’s juices, the two kiss some more before there is a cut to Sasha kissing Bree’s back (around her neck) and then moving her way down to her ass. Once there, Sasha kneads Bree’s succulent cheeks and begins to finger her pussy in a doggie-style position. Again, Sasha brings her to a sizzling orgasm, after which, the pair winds down and ends the scene with some kissing and Sasha massaging Bree’s large, natural breasts from behind.

This scene is definitely the strongest one on the DVD. Sasha and Bree are not only beautiful women, but they are superstars who have great on-screen chemistry. The contrasts between the two in terms of image and appearance also add much to the scene. The ladies turn in an intensely erotic performance here—kudos to them both. As a personal interjection, I have always found Sasha Grey to be an excellent addition to the adult industry, as she is positive, unique, and driven; this scene serves only to reinforce my high opinion of her.

Scene Four
This scene begins with cut scenes bouncing back and forth between Angie Savage and Lexxi Tyler, both curvy blondes who are in magnificent physical shape. Angie starts out wearing a light blue mini-skirt which is quickly removed as the sequence progresses, revealing her nice-sized, enhanced breasts and round bottom. Lexxi’s red mini-skirt doesn’t stay on long, either, giving the viewer a mouth-watering look at her tight body, shaved nether regions, and large, enhanced bosom. Lexxi’s clips initially involve some shadow-dancing behind a translucent door, while Angie’s involve the use of a large, leather, yellow chair in the center of an open room. Both women have tattoos, particularly on their backs, with Angie having a unique set of inked angel wings adorning her shoulder blades.

There is a cut away from this opening tease progression to the room with the large yellow chair—which has been replaced with a matching, yellow sofa (sneaky). Now wearing their original outfits, the two women enter the shot from either side and begin to feel each other up. Lexxi and Angie help each other out of their skirts—neither is wearing panties nor a bra—and continue with a kissing / groping session that is quite easy on the eyes. This leads into female-female lesbian sex on the sofa, with Lexxi beginning to pleasure Angie’s cleanly-shaven cooch with both her mouth and fingers. As the scene goes on, the girls take turns going through various iterations of the girl-on-girl experience, all steamy and erotic, with plenty of kissing, oral sex, and digital manipulation. The two seem to be really enjoying each other’s company throughout, and the camera work is top-notch, giving a variety of angles and sexy views of the action. Some highlights include the use of a thin, pink vibrator on Angie, who has a really cute face and smile as well as a naughty innocence about her; the use of a larger, black vibrator with a feathery tail on Lexxi; and Lexxi taking Angie with a large, ebony strap-on. The scene ends with the actresses frolicking on the couch.

The sex in this segment of the movie never gets overly aggressive, but it maintains its heat with the actresses’ moans and sensuality toward one another. Overall, this is a very good scene and is particularly suited for those who fancy curvy, beautiful blondes enjoying one another’s company.

Scene Five
This scene begins with Sasha Grey and Lisa Neils walking away from the camera toward a long, yellow, modern-art archway on what appears to be a large, fancy cement slab on a hill-top in the mountains. Sasha is wearing a black bikini and sunglasses that contrast well with her porcelain skin, while Lisa is wearing pink sunglasses and a pink and green bikini that really showcases her backside. Both women are gorgeous here, with Sasha as insanely sexy as she was in her prior scene, and with Lisa and her tanned body and blonde hair looking smoking hot.

In short order, the ladies strip out of the bikinis and reveal their magnificent assets to the viewer. Sasha has perky, natural breasts and a delicious derriere, as well as the same pubic hair styling as before—sporting a good deal of bush, but in a very sexy way. Lisa has her private areas completely and cleanly shaven and possesses an incredible, curvy figure.

After the stripping and swaying that occurs, Sasha gets down on her hands and knees and looks seductively toward Lisa. Shortly, Lisa follows suit and does the same toward Sasha—all of this with animalistic overtones. The two touch hands, and there is a cut to them both getting seated on a tan cushion that has been brought out. As they begin to kiss, one can see that there is actually water underneath the archway directly behind them, as the cement slab that they are on is part of a pool area.

The making out that ensues is soft and sensual, with Sasha kneading and suckling Lisa’s nicely-shaped, natural(?) breasts; Lisa’s nipples are displayed in a delightful manner here. This activity leads quickly into Sasha eating Lisa’s tight, smooth cooch, with particular emphasis on her clit. It’s clear that Lisa is enjoying herself, as Sasha changes things up a bit and inserts a clear dildo with a red liquid inside into Lisa’s willing womanhood. After a bit of working her, Sasha brings her to orgasm, after which Lisa tells Sasha, “I wanna eat your pussy.” There are hints of an erotic whimper in her voice as she does so. Lisa then licks her own juice from the faux penis, and it is put aside.

Immediately, Sasha climbs up on the cushion with Lisa and straddles her face. Lisa goes to work on pleasuring Sasha with her mouth and an oddly-shaped pink vibrator. This action takes place mostly from behind Ms. Grey, and then there is a switch to a position in which Sasha is lying back on the cushion, with Lisa straddling her face. Sasha pleasures herself with the vibrator as she eats Lisa’s slick hole. There is a milky substance oozing out of Sasha’s body, showing just how hot this activity is getting her.

The dildo / vibrator action goes on for a bit longer between the two actresses, with each getting some more time with their device of choice. The scene then culminates with Sasha and Lisa kissing, after Lisa has just licked off the dildo that was used to bring her to a climax. There is then a cut to the closing credits.

As with prior scenes, this scene delivers the heat. The two women are beautiful, with Sasha Grey once again being a standout performer. The toys involved here are also quite unique. While this isn’t as good as the Sasha / Bree coupling earlier, it is certainly a good candidate for being the second best portion of the film.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
From the Main Menu of the DVD, one can access the extra material on the disc via the “Bonus Features” option. Here one finds a bonus scene from “Shades of Romona” featuring Charlie Laine and Ava Rose; this scene is approximately 15 minutes in length. There are also a few trailers for other Adam & Eve projects provided, including one interesting looking one involving glory holes and another in which Faye Runaway plays a role. There is a “Photo Gallery” feature that plays a slideshow of stills of the actresses and scenes from the movie, as well as a “Web Info” option that gives information about the Adam & Eve website. The feature, “More Adult Fun”, displays a series of advertisements for various phone sex lines, a “sex text” line, etc. One quick warning should be attached to this option: there is one ad for men who might be “bi-curious” that exhibits male-male-female sex in all varieties. If this type of thing bothers you, you might want to skip the “More Adult Fun” section—if not, then enjoy—whatever floats your boat. There are also “Behind the Scenes”, “Bloopers”, and “Interviews” sections that are as their namesakes would have one believe. The “Interviews” are enlightening, as they give the viewer a deeper glimpse into the actresses’ “real” personalities, while the “Bloopers” and “Behind the Scenes” give insight into what actually happens on the set of an adult film.

Closing Statement
Overall, this DVD delivers everything that it promises and more. It is high-quality, artistic lesbian erotica, and it features gorgeous actresses in sensual, sexual situations with one another. The Bree-Sasha scene is definitely the best, but the others are quite solid, as well. Judging it by the standards of its genre, this DVD is excellent. Of particular note here are Sasha Grey’s performances—they are distinctly hot and really add a lot to this disc.

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