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Bree Olson Uncovered

Bree Olson Uncovered

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Bree Olson Uncovered:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bree Olson Uncovered overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bree Olson Uncovered Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Bree Olson Uncovered Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bree Olson Uncovered Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bree Olson Uncovered Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Bree Olson Uncovered DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bree Olson Uncovered A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/10/2012
Welcome fans to a new title from Triangle Films who have made a nice reputation for themselves producing lesbian titles over the last half decade and they've shot some of the biggest starlets in the biz in that time. None bigger than Bree Olson who graced the screen for them several times and with some uber hot costars. What I really like about this studio is the emphasis placed on genuine connection between the girls and for the most part the scenes I've watched also feature no toys just the girls and their fingers! So as far as I know this is the first comp Triangle is producing but certainly not the last they've had multiple girls appear in their productions but with Bree co-hosting the AVN awards coming up it makes sense if you're going to release one to feature her. Most of these I've reviewed save for two scenes featuring Bree with Penny Flame in one and in the other she's paired with Annette Schwarz. Those scenes come from the films By Appointment Only 3 with Penny and Lesbian Tutors 4 with Annete. Glancing through both they featured the action I enjoy seeing with Annette's scene of the two surprisingly featuring no toys while there is some use in Penny's scene. I'll reprint the reviews from the other four scenes I watched featuring this lovely blonde from Indiana who burst on the scene some five years ago.

Bree Olson & Sasha Grey from Boundaries:

This my friends is what you call a superpower pairing, two A list girls of the highest order hooking up and I know it's a dream scene many of you have been wanting to see ever since Bree came in and we learned just how nasty of a slut she is and Sasha's been around only a few months longer but she's got very similar traits such as the dirty talking but she seems more of a dominant girl while Bree is the perfect submissive so I suspect the scene will have that dynamic going for it once they heat it up. The scene begins with Bree waxing about her shithead boyfriend wanting to get back together and that is not going to happen she says. Well she's thinking about trying her luck with girls and her first "target" she wants is none other than Sasha Grey. Well they discuss the matter some but luckily it's not long until they are locking lips and fans this was some of the best kissing I've seen porn shot on this side of the pond in some time. You have Sasha helping Bree out of her pants, then sniffing her panties before they go too and it's a quick lick of that snatch before the kissing really heats up. The energy level was totally off the charts, the girls seemed hungry for one another and I was really impressed with the kissing. Sasha doesn't forget to sample those dreamy tits of Bree's but this early part of the scene was fully dominated by the girls locking lips and not the just kissing the lips either, I saw some tongues going in and out!!! The sub/dom dynamic hadn't really shown itself yet, the girls were pretty equal with the kissing and breast sampling but then we get Sasha going down on Bree and she says something along the lines of does my pussy taste good and that starts the dirty talk going from both girls and you get the Sasha being the dom and Bree being the submissive totally playing itself out. Just watch and appreciate two well matched girls, into the moment and fully into each other. Nothing seemed forced and even the choking done to Bree didn't bother me to much as it fulfilled the theme of the scene rather well. Both girls get a shot at pleasuring the other and I've not seen Bree eat that much pussy, Sasha either for that matter so I enjoyed this part of the scene quite a bit. The scene does include some toy usage but it's a strap on used by Sasha to bang Bree and since I'm such a fan of both girls I rather enjoyed this for a change plus so much of the scene had already been shot and been so good. You get some rather loud orgasms sounds from Bree too as Sasha layed the pipe to her pussy. Bree does some TP2M, then hops on in cowgirl and that was awesome to watch. We see more toy P2M from Bree who then gets nailed doggiestyle, and from the front with a bit more kissing between the two until we fade out. I suspect Bree enjoyed the toy session more because it was more aggressive, Sasha slaps her face several times and the tone was just more to what Bree likes I think, maybe Sasha too but for me the best parts of the scene were the first half when it was lots of kissing, then some oral on both girls.

Bree & Ariel X from Lesbian Tutors 6:

This scene opens with Bree & Ariel stretching out for a training session, Ariel's a personal trainer so she's here to polish up Bree for initiation to a sorority. The girls have a casual conversation which gradually brings them closer together and well one thing leads to another and they're hot'n'heavy! Nice kissing and then just enjoy the view as Bree's perfect boobs are worked out. I like this side of Bree in her g/g scenes which can be more sensual rather than just fuck me like the slut I am attitude she brings to her gonzo scenes-- both are great mind you, I just really enjoy seeing this side of Bree especially with girls. The girls don't rush to get naked but arrive there in good time keeping up the kissing to the lips, tits, and finally down to the cooch! They each take good time down at the pussy licking and using fingers on each other, as a g/g oral fan I was most pleased. Bree still works in the dirty talk too which is fine. Sweet, who wouldn't want Bree's sexy ass dropped down on their face, the girls hit a 69 with Miss Olson on top and the sounds of silence sure aren't there as they're both licking up a storm. Ariel then gets her turn sitting on Bree's face and it's a great shot looking down Ariel's chest to Bree's face buried deep in pussy juice, oh yeah. The girls then engage in some pussy on pussy rubbing aka Tribbing. The back and forth in the scene is very well done, each girl's pussy receives plenty of attention and it's the energy between the girls that makes the scene work and not just seem like a you do me I do you type deal, they are definitely into eating pussy and kissing one another when their faces are close. A good solid 30 minutes of g/g lovemaking with no toys, a sure fire winner in my book.

Bree & Jenna Haze from Boundaries 5:

Ok we had to wait one scene for this one and well it was a pretty awesome scene too but now we have Bree and Jenna firmly in our sites. Bree has gone over to Jenna's parents house- gee you're still living at home Jenna, lol. The two girls chat for a bit and Bree recognizes Jenna from her English lit class, well they start real slow but the flirting picks up steam as they talk. Jenna just happens to have wine there on the bar, conveniently two glasses are there. You should be a model, you're so cute Bree says while brushing her hand over Jenna's thigh-- things like that, the eye contact was good too. Bree's about to go into the military, boot camp looming so she's ready for one last fling and thankfully we're here to watch. The girls both have that nervous energy going but once they get in close and kiss that evaporates and they devour each other!! Never once did they acknowledge the camera here, just focused solely on the other and the passion was overwhelming. The girls adjourn to Jenna's room where their passion continues to ignite, kissing, breast play and then just watch Bree attack Jenna's pussy! I've quite enjoyed Bree's g/g work, she's really done some awesome sensual g/g scenes over the past year and I've seen Jenna do a few too, these girls meshed very well here. The way Bree plants her mouth squarely over that coochie, working her tongue all over, you see Jenna purring in no time! The view over Jenna's shoulder was very good, Bree's face so intent on her task of sticking that tongue as deep in her pussy as possible!! The girls work in some good dirty talk too as they alternate licking pussy and fingerbanging! The girls get in some ass eating too though when Jenna was doing it to Bree you couldn't see it that well so a small complaint there, lol. Otherwise this scene had it all and you had great angles/ views for just about everything. This met the expectations I had going in for sure. The way Jenna brings Bree to the edge and then pulls back, you'll love Bree's response, this kicked serious ass fans.

Bree & Michelle Lay from By Appointment Only 8:

Onto the next scene we go and it features two lovely ladies. Seems Bree's going into the Marines so the recruiter's dropping by to cross those final T's and Dot the final I's. The girls have a little chatter but Bree soon moves in and gets a closer look at the uniform. I think it's turning her on and she starts to take some liberties which take Michelle by surprise some but not enough that she doesn't give in to the advances and we get the girls kissing soon after. The action moves to the bedroom and Bree is leading the way here for the moment, more kissing, hand caressing, some light dirty talk under the breath and finally boobies coming out and getting kissed'n'squeezed. This is another pairing that seems to click pretty well, the action flowing smoothly as the women explore their bodies and sieze the moment. Bree has just shot some incredible g/g scenes dripping with passion and this is in that vein with the kissing and then the oral she performs on Michelle's pussy. We get front row seats as each gets their fill of pussy juices, not once and move on but they return for more, gotta love that. The girls get in some trib action too, that's pussy on pussy rubbing then we get a real treat with Bree riding Michelle's face-- now that's something I'd be totally down with. Good frontal shot too giving us Michelle's face buried deep in coochie and you have those gorgeous tits of Bree's bouncing up and down as well. If you love pussy licking and these ladies clearly do this scene will completely work for you, lots of good oral sex. You do get some toy play towards the end of the scene but it fit and thankfully wasn't the full focus of what was still going on, you had Michelle licking some ass too. The shots of Bree in doggie and Michelle hovering over her ass, spanking it, kissing it and using the toy to plunder her pussy were great, I'm a boob man for the most part but damn this was some good ass shooting. Bree uses the toy some on Michelle too and the ladies even work in a 69 with Bree on top, I think they touched all the bases a few times in this one, great work ladies.

Final Thoughts:

Well this was a top notch compilation for Bree Olson fans who have enjoyed her lesbian work over the years and in addition to being quite the cock hungry woman she also possesses a wonderful passion for making love to women which flourished in her work for Triangle Films in several titles that are featured here. The costars too were top notch with Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey, Michelle Lay to name just a few that shared the screen. Some toy usage but for the most part the emphasis is on more sensual lovemaking elements like kissing and some real good oral sex with a dabble in ass licking. If you already have these titles then you probably won't need this unless you've worn your copies out but for those who haven't seen Bree's excellent work for this studio this is a superb purchase and reflects some real hot girl on girl sex. There really weren't extras per se for this one though you get some trailers for other Triangle Films productions so by all means peruse those and get an idea of what else this company offers in the way of lesbian fare, it's well worth it if you're into the more sensual areas of g/g action.

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