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Breathless (Titan Men)

Breathless (Titan Men)

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Breathless (Titan Men):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Breathless (Titan Men) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Breathless (Titan Men) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Breathless (Titan Men) Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Breathless (Titan Men) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Breathless (Titan Men) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Breathless (Titan Men) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breathless (Titan Men) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  1/20/2007
Bruce Cam’s GORGE with its masculine men amidst rugged grandeur may very well be the most beautiful porn film ever made. His BREATHLESS with its slew of hot men in the forests of the Czech Republic is its worthy successor.

We first hear labored breathing of François Sagat as he runs through the forest with Ted Colunga and Julian Vincenzo in hot pursuit. As he stops at a rivulet to drink they seize him. A belt is put around his neck to serve as a leash and he’s led to a spot where he is made to suck their randy cocks.
Sagat—something of a Titan regular these days—is a chunky hunk, bearded with his hair shaved so close it looks likes he’s wearing a yarmulke. Both Colunga and Vincenzo are familiar to those of us who are fans of those Pacific Sun films set in Hungary. Both are muscular and handsome. Colunga is very hairy. He’s my kind of bear and not a fat daddy type.
Satisfied with the sucking these muscular studs then drape François across a trestle in order to get at his ass. Ted is the first to insert his tongue between the beefy mounds while François’ mouth is filled with Julian’s dick. When they switch ends, Julian’s tongue goes into that ass like an anteater’s tongue in a termite mound. He gets so excited that he stops only to shoot his load on Sagat’s back as Ted’s load sticks in Sagat’s beard.
But they’re not thought with him yet. Ted puts on a condom and drives his huge cock into François’ as Julian’s feeds him dick. When its time for the studs to change ends, François turns over onto this back so Julian can fuck him in the missionary position. After a while Ted wants a go at him in this position. After which both inundate François in sperm to which François adds his own.
[In the director’s cut first Ted and then Julian piss on Francois, washing off the sperm and often filling his mouth.]
Satisfied, Ted and Julian saunter off—allowing François to continue his run through the forest. He stops only to piss. (Why is running now? Why was he running in the first place? Would you run from Ted and Julian? I think not.)

He passes by Glenn Santoro and Miguel Sabroso who are up in a tree-stand. Both of these stunning studs have also been a mainstay in foreign films. Glenn is especially awesome: young, built, and handsome, with a lightly haired chest and a nice uncut cock. They watch François pass beneath their tree-stand but ignore him. They wait for meat more attractive. Indeed there is more attractive meat close at hand as—after both have let fly with streams off piss to the ground below—Miguel grabs hold of Glenn’s uncut meat and gives it a healthy sucking.
Glenn motions that they should descend to the earth. No sooner are they on terra firma than Miguel is back on Glenn’s dick until both fire off rich loads.
As they move though the forest they come across a beautiful sight: Carlos, nude and stroking his thick dick. This young stud whom I first fell in lust with in Titan’s SIDE TRACKED is incredible. His face, surmounted by dark curly hair, is movie-star handsome; his body is smooth and nicely muscled; and his uncut dick is very thick with a glans that comes to a point like a missile cone.
Glenn and Miguel are on him like wolves on a sheep. Glenn kisses him with lustful passion while Miguel attempts to swallow down that thick dick. Then as Miguel and Glenn kiss, Carlos sucks both their cocks. The sight of this beautiful young hunk sucking cock is quite stimulating. It’s also extremely uplifting when Glenn sits on his face and Carlos’ tongue goes up his muscular butt.
Although Glenn did not suck Miguel earlier, he has no hesitation in sucking Carlos as he alternately fingers and eats his ass getting him ready for a fucking. And fuck him he does! They stop to kiss and change positions, Carlos bending over for Glenn to enter him doggy style.
Carlos then sits down on Miguel’s upstanding endowment and rides until he cums and cums with Miguel’s cock still firmly implanted in his ass. Glenn and Miguel cum to and then head back into the woods leaving Carlos to return to what he was doing before they arrived. Amazingly, Carlos brings forth another gushing load.

François, still on the run, pauses to watch the sexual goings-on of Damien Crosse, Pierre Sias and Benjamin Stark. Damien, his own cock out and hard, is on his knees blowing Pierre as Benjamin awaits his turn. Damien, a Titan exclusive, is a sexy young guy well known now to Titan viewers. Pierre is a nice bear and Benjamin is bald and built. Once Damien is finished with Pierre he turns his attention to Benjamin. Damien can really suck a dick and Benjamin gets the full treatment!
Pierre then has a go at the cocks of the others; and Benjamin does too. Benjamin rims Damien and that suggests to Pierre that he do likewise before he gets a face full of Damien’s cum which Damien kindly licks off.
Even though Damien’s ass seemed to be the one primed for cock, when they move over to a blazing campfire it’s Pierre who gets down on his hands and knees and Damien who tops. Benjamin’s cock makes its way down Damien’s throat and then it’s his turn to feel the full brunt of Damien’s dick. Damien fucks him hard. Not only can Damien suck dick, this kid can fuck like crazy too.
Benjamin’s ass is well and truly open when Pierre has a go at it. Benjamin becomes the repository of the other’s cum. Cum which in the director’s cut is washed away by Damien’s piss (when the piss doesn’t go in Benjamin’s mouth, that is).
Damien now gathers up his clothes and hies into the woods. He almost encounters the voyeuristic François who hides behind a tree at Damien’s approach. Our last glimpse of Damien is of those magnificent buns.

François now comes across Alex Baresi and Don Camillo who are getting amorous around a dying fire. As Alex is giving oral ministrations to Don’s dick, Don spies Françoise and motions for him to join them. Unhesitatingly he does.
But by now with this our fourth threesome things are becoming somewhat like déjà vu. That coupled with the fact that scenes two and three were exceptional in the extreme makes this scene truly anti-climactic. Despite the fact that Alex is a sexy beast bottom it’s a case of been there, done that. I’m sure if I watch it by itself I’ll get into it more.
After they fuck (François fucking Alex the following morning) François now saunters off once more into the woods. I expect there may be a sequel and then we might find what makes François run.

Nevertheless, in spite of its determined uniformity, BREATHLESS is just the thing for these cold winter nights.

There is a bonus disc with the Director’s Extended Edit which contains Behind the Scenes, Photo Sessions)(Oh, that Carlos and Glenn!), Interviews (one with François and one over dinner with Damien, Pierre, and Benjamin), Cumshots, Watersports, a Slide Show, and previews of other films with Bruce Cam at the helm.

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