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Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video)

Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breast Worship 3: Supernaturals (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/25/2010
Ok fans got a new one here from director Jules Jordan and it touches on an area near and dear to many a hard on out in pornoland-- Breast Worship!! Yeah we're going to check out some big knockers and it should be a lot of fun watching those boobies dance about as these ladies are tested by Jules & co. No need to wait with girls like Gianna Michaels, Sara Stone and Cassandra Calogera there to check out, highlight time.

Ava Addams:

Well we open the first scene with some pretty good ass shots as Ava walks with Jules following her as she goes into the pool. The two chat a bit as we watch Ava go down into the pool making that white shirt a white wet t-shirt!!Success as I see two hard nipples ready to poke out. There is a little more too capturing Ava's ass and why not she's got a fine looking tush worth more than the causual checking out. But we are here for those amazing tata's which Ava does pull out and they are ginormous as Jules astutely points out. I was hoping for some extended self nipple worship from Ava but sadly not captured. However, the POV bj footage helped make up for the lack of self boob play. Jules was no fool keeping this lady for himself turning over the camera eventually as he joins Ava in the pool to suck on those titties, side to side Mr. Miyagi style! Ok Jules does ask if she can lick her nipples and we get some so thanks for that. It was actually a little difficult for her to reach the second, I was surprised. The two head to a spot with a little more shade where Jules partakes of those pussy lips, first with his tongue and then slipping in Mr. Happy- causing lots of boob dancing. It was pretty hot outside in a couple ways so they eventually head indoors for even better shade and less heat temperature wise- that other heat is maintained at maximum levels. Reverse was awesome, even better when she turns around to cowgirl but we watch her grind on his dick from Jules's perspective so it appears as reverse would. A little titty fucking to gets us home and Jules unloads a good one to Ava's waiting face. Very nice scene to open this one.

Gianna Michaels:

Our next girl up needs no explanation for any porn fan who's watched this biz over the last five years. Without a doubt Gianna's been one of the top busty girls in porn for several years. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to any scene is palpable and infectious. She rocks it and you know it and love it!! So no need to go into huge detail here but I'll do some anyway as it is a new Gianna scene. There is a siren going off as the scene begins and it's Officer Michaels showing up in full porn cop attire cumplete with those silver lense shades that lets you she Means business!! Thought I might think her long nightstick might give dudes a complex, lol. She lets herself in and I guess she's talking to an audience that's watching her lay down the smack/ law! As she searches the house for perps and contraband she pauses every so often so we can gaze at her ass which is showing nicely with the shorts she's wearing and obviously there's ample cleavage on display. Gianna's trademark laughter is heard a few times too, I love that about her. Ok Gianna does eventually run into a suspect, Mark Ashley, and she is cuffs him to hold him at bay! Gianna decides to employ a rather drastic tactic to get Mark to confess-- whipping out her titties and smashing them in his face, turning around and then grinding her ass over his face- I think Mark would confess to anything if she keeps this up. Gianna lets the cuffs off and we get a more joint prosecution of the law, lol. Titty sucking by Mark then a turn around so he can face dive in Gianna's ass, she's jerking him off here too. The two then pound it out for a bit leading to some good P2M from Gianna. Without question reverse cowgirl was the best shot captured, those dreamy tits dance as beautifully as you'll ever see. There's some good cowgirl shot too, from the side we watch as Mark plays slap the boobie, Gianna then responds with some great grind action. From the titty fucking to close we get a nice facial blast for Gianna to taste. This woman is pure gold everytime out!

Selena Castro:

One more scene on this first disc before we change over and it's with Selena. This one begins first with a knock at the door and Jules answers finding Selena there and she's here to get Jules to fill out his Census. She's looking mighty fine here in her aqua blue top, pearl necklace and a cute pair of glasses with a form fitting white skirt. If you're not ready to help her out then you're an idiot! Jules asks a few questions a bout how to get this done but the talk quickly turns to Selena and those big bewbs! Forget about the Census, how can we see those boobs, Jules works to that end expertly until Selena whips them out and hello big juicy boobs!! Jules gets some early self nipple licks in here from Selena and those are dreamy tata's. Jules once again turns the camera over so he can jump in the scene and get a closer look, can't say I blame him those are some awesome rocking tits. Mr. Jordan then gets those titties nice'n'shiny before moving down to get a taste of her pussy. Selena gets to have some fun too working his cock in and we get a good side view for that. Jules seemed to enjoy the cowgirl that was captured- wouldn't you if those tits kept crashing into your face plus she does P2M. Of course you get some reverse and titty fucking as well before the scene ends. Selena's added the glasses back too before Jules nuts to her face and those glasses. Selena's a hot girl, definitely want more with her. Now on to disc two.

Katie Cummings:

So we head back to the beach for this next scene though she's not actually on it. You see Katie's high above in a nice hotel room overlooking the ocean but she's got on a sexy bikini that helps show off those gorgeous knockers. Jules doesn't forget to show off that ass Katie's been blessed with and she teases us with it, shaking and bouncing that tushy. Jules gets Katie to unleash those babies and besides some shaking she does lick the nipples or just above them to be more accurate. Ahh there are at Miami Beach, I was there a few months ago but alas nothing like this was seen, lol. Well, well Jules is stepping up to the plate again, helps save on costs I guess if you shoot yourself! But who can blame Jules for keeping these hotties for himself, four gorgeous girls so far. Katie looks great working his dick in her mouth, the shades on her head so we see those pretty eyes as she bobs up and down. You hear the beach activity to some degree down below, little do all those peeps know some hot sex is ongoing a few hundred feet above them! Being that he had expressed a keen interest in Katie's ass it should come as no surprise when he turns the camera over that Jules goes behind to sample that tush before moving up to slide in doggiestyle. The action then heads inside just incase you had some pesky fly bys, lol. Jules faces dives again before letting Katie rise up and sit on his face-- yeah it's ok to envy the man if you haven't already more than a few times in this one. Katie works his dick again in her mouth, briefly, then it's back to riding this time in cowgirl for more hot ass footage. We had to wait a bit but the reverse cowgirl was worth it, lots of good boobage here and it all ends with titty fucking and Jules unloading to her face/ open mouth. Nice scene for Katie fans.

Penelope Piper:

Our next scene gets right to the point as Jules focuses right in on Penelope's cleavage. She knows they get a lot of attention and she seems to enjoy it. Jules gets her to shake them for us, yeah do it now with them covered because when they're free I hope for more self play!Well we get a change and the scene shifts outside with Penelope also changing from her top to a white t shirt that is great at showing off wet boobs! Miss Piper does just that wetting those puppies down and plenty of see thru action here. There's more bouncing and it does look good, I'm just hoping when she works them out we get more than a passing emphasis on her licking them. So she works that wet shirt off and hello more gorgeous natural boobs. I was a bid sad to see no self play there though, instead she gets them wet with baby lotion/ oil? The footage is great though as the tits look awesome and Jules gets in some booty time too. Now we move inside with Pelenope getting some cream to coat those babies, Reddi Whip! Lots to lick off here, anyone wanna volunteer. Well two studs step up and lick the cream off, Jules and Criss Strokes. She tries to lick some off but can't quite reach the nipple just the area above it. So maybe it takes some practice before a girl can do this, I'd be willing to watch Penelope do this!The young lady has no problems, though, dropping down to suck on both cocks, the Reddi Whip still on her tits. Very nice job by Penelope working their cocks leading to the fucking. The guys then get to it doing well trading off nailing her pussy, some good boob dancing as the various shots are worked in. Very good riding in reverse and next after that the fellas dp Miss Piper! Pepelope even hops off doing A2M and P2M! Reverse anal and then reverse dp help gets us to the end where the boys manage to blast off a couple good loads to Penelope's face.

Cassandra Calogera & Sara Stone:

One last scene and hello it's with two girls and wearing Nurses outfits! I'm ready for my exam ladies!! The girls were killer in their outfits, Sara especially had her buttons undone and boobs ready to fall out. Ok the girls check their charts, ready the tits and go to see their patient. Not sure what's ailing the poor bastard but it's nothing that a spot of boobage won't cure! The girls stand over and work those babies out, dangling them, shaking them, caressing them, thrusting them into the camera. ATTACK OF THE BOOBS!!!We keep the shot looking up too as there's some hot boob sucking by both girls here, I love this! Some fine boob play here and Jules once again turns the camera over so the ladies can smother him in tits- all four at once, Bewbage heaven! Jules then lets the ladies move down to make sure his cock isn't allergic to tits, sure enough it's not and the girls shower that cock with love, sharing nicely with some good solo sucking as the other hovers nearby. First time I recall seeing double titty fucking but the girls manage to press their tits over his cock and Jules thursts up. The girls do well keeping up the g/g interplay too kissing, playing with their boobs as Jules has fun going from pussy to pussy licking. You gotta hand it to Jules here, pick of tits, pick of pussy and he indulges bigtime with the girls playin well too doing P2OGM. Both ladies go for the hot ride in reverse cowgirl, more P2OGM too. Jules ends up spreading the love to both faces with cleanup from the girls. Quite good stuff here to close this one out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So for fans of big natural tits that get plenty of attention this dvd is tailor made for you. Jules doesn't skimp on the boobage here at all. There is some nice love for the asses too as these young ladies all seemed to possess fine backsides too. The amount of self nipple licking was ok, I always want more but Selena Castro probably had the best of that. Penelope Piper added anal/ dp to her scene along with some good Reddi Whip action! Gianna is always great and those gorgeous tits are welcome anytime on this computer screen. As for extras you get a cast list if you need it, Jules was the dominant male here with Chris Strokes and Mark Ashley appearing once each. You get some trailers and yes some BTS too so take a look as you should get more bewbage!!

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