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loverboy Breaking Up 4 starsBreaking Up 4 starsBreaking Up 4 stars
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Breaking Up

Breaking Up

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Breaking Up:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Breaking Up overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Breaking Up Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Breaking Up Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Breaking Up Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Breaking Up Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Breaking Up DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breaking Up A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/14/2011
Welcome fans to a new feature from director Barrett Blade where we open with the keen sting of love being torn asunder and we'll have to see if by movies end the two principals can find happiness again but with other people, a slight change from the story where love is lost but found again by the two main people. Alektra is the main female here and Seth Gamble is the man who gets cold feet months before their wedding. On to the story and we hope some good sex as well.

Alektra Blue:

The movie opens obviously with better times and we get to see the happy couple hook up one last time before Seth sets them both on much different life paths than either had thought they'd be going on. Seth arrives home after a hard day at work finding Alektra in the bedroom already in her lingerie- time to boogie! Kissing, dirty talk and finally some nekkid time. Seth samples her boobies before we have Alektra taking charge. Once the pants are dropped she finds a hard dick waiting and we all know Alektra knows what to do with a stiffy. A good wide open shot then for a little oral on Alektra leading to the two fucking in mish, cowgirl and spoon. Seth pulls out for the pop shot just outside/ above her pussy. Now time to break up, ouch!

Jennifer White:

Before we get the sad break up we actually leave to another location where Jennifer and Tony are ending their night but before he can kiss and leave Jennifer asks for just a little bit more- how about the two date and even better add in a little fucking too. Under the stars they seal this new union and go inside to do the nasty, more kissing and Tony rubbing over Jennifer's pussy. The first part of the scene progresses nicely to Tony kissing her tits working down to a nice open shot of her pussy and some licking there. Jennifer then gets to suck his cock and she takes it slower at first which I like and the views move in close as well as the pulled back shot. Cowgirl and spoon were really captured well here and the pop is like the first scene a pull out and blast just outside the pussy.

Just after the second sex scene we do the return to Seth who drops the bomb shell on Alektra about them taking some time apart aka breaking up. Gee what a douche, fuck your girl and then break up. Seth tries to explain himself but Alektra really isn't hearing him. Ok the two have been together since high school and he wants to know what else is out there basically, still what a douche! Seth makes it worse too, he's leaving the next day moving to Chicago, out of the bed he goes leaving a sobbing Alektra behind, what a douche! We also return to Jennifer and Tony who are finally ending their nice night together. Seems Alektra and Jennifer are roomies so when Jennifer goes in she doesn't get to share her good news instead listening to Alektra pour her eyes and heart out about losing her man.

Kayla Paige:

Kayla arrives and tries to push some energy into this show. She doesn't think it is a sad thing they are all three single at the same time but the group learns about Jennifer and Tony hooking up but Kayla still wants the girls to dress up and go clubbing. Kayla likes the whole club scene, even the sleazy guys, lol. Alektra gets into the spirit and a tight dress but she'll need to touch up that make up. At least Alektra is in a better mood. Ahh it will only be Alektra and Kayla going since Jennifer is all in the relationship deal now, lol. So it is later that night and the ladies are out on the town but only Alektra is getting any bites from the sleazy club guys, not even showing her snatch gets Kayla the first sniff. We are treated to a series of guys trying their best lines on Alektra while Kayla keeps trying to throw herself at these same dudes. The nice bartender Brendon Miller tries to lend his ear to Alektra but trying to pick her up. Of course before Alektra leaves he gives her his number! Back to Kayla who finally finds a guy that will fuck her so they head off together. Out come those huge titties for a little kissing and we get a great wide open shot of Joey Brass licking her cookie. I think Kayla had to enjoy herself in this role getting to be so over the top slutty and this leads into a very good blow job from her to his dick. This scene also had some great lighting to go along with the good action. Mish and doggie highlight the fucking which closes with Joey's load decorating those big boobs.

Alektra arrives home finding Jennifer and Tony asleep in each others arms. She tells them to enjoy it while it lasts. Next day we see Alektra pulling the bartenders number out and calling him but hanging up. She couldn't talk and hangs up but then he calls her back and the two chat agreeing to meet that night for dinner and a movie, gee Alektra moving on pretty quick, rebound fuck? She decides to call Seth and maybe rub it in but he doesn't answer, instead it is Victoria Rae Black who does and she is looking pretty hot. Bad news Alektra seems your man has moved on so she hangs up.

Victoria Rae Black:

Ok turns out Victoria is a lady of the evening and Seth has hired her to well, you know! Victoria tries to make a move and Seth is reluctant but his cock sure isn't. Keeping her dress on Victoria loses the towel around his waist and shows that cock a very good time sucking 'n' stroking. The dress then goes showing Victoria to have a very nice body and she resumes the head. The only thing she keeps on are a few long beady necklaces, everything else goes. Good riding in reverse leads to doggie and mish for Miss Black. For the pop shot we get our first open mouth/ facial for the dvd and it was a good one with clean up from Victoria. So Seth how was it, lol.


We waste no time moving on to Alektra who has finished her date with Brendon and we hear that she's also been talking some about her ex. Alektra wants to try more and leans in for a kiss but Brendon being a stand up dude tries to stop her and not be a rebound fuck. Alektra appreciates the gesture but senses he is a good guy and so they resume kissing and doing a whole lot more! Brendon does some nice kissing to those big knockers and Alektra's mood has definitely gone up, along with his cock! Solid knob polishing from Miss Blue and getting to see more of her tits too while she's giving head wasn't to bad either. Brendon then returns the oral favors and I loved they included him licking her from behind for some of this. Mish, cowgirl and doggie lead the fucking parade which closes with the pop on her ass. I'd say that was a pretty successful cumclusion to date night for Alektra! Afterwards we see that the hooker ripped off Seth which woke him up to reality and he tries to get back with Alektra who isn't receptive. Breaking up was the best thing they could do, let each grow up a little-- but of course we get one last update, 20 minutes later the two are shown ending a quick fuck gig in the bedroom so they are back together, gee that was some fast growing up. You better never leave me again she tells Seth as they kiss us to the credits.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good ditty from Barrett who puts together a good story acted out pretty good by the principals with Kayla Paige standing out for me as well with her over the top cougar on the prowl role. Not a bad sex scene in the bunch either with Alektra fucking twice and single scenes from Jennifer, Victoria and Kayla. Not a whole lot in the way of extras here but there is a bonus scene featuring Alektra, Brooklyn Lee and Manuel from the Wicked Pictures release Freak so check it out as those are two hot ladies and you know Manuel can bring it with the best of them. All told a good flick with Alektra fans getting two scenes to enjoy plus the bonus one making three.

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