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Breakin' 'em In 9

Breakin' 'em In 9

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Breakin' 'em In 9:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Breakin' 'em In 9 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Breakin' 'em In 9 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Breakin' 'em In 9 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Breakin' 'em In 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Breakin' 'em In 9 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Breakin' 'em In 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breakin' 'em In 9 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/31/2006
Hello fans and it's been awhile since I reviewed an Amy Ried scene, like two weeks maybe! So this rare anal scene for Vince will be a nice revisiting to this sexy busty beauty. I saw Amy do a very nice anal for Jules but I'm thinking she shot this one for Vince before that and does it really matter when it was shot. You have a total of six girls that Vince and co. are 'breakin in so let's hit each scene briefly.

Kaylee Lei:

We get some extraneous stuff with Vince and Kaylee before we get down to it and she nicely shows off her tits while they sit chatting in his office. Vince has her stand so he can get a fuller look at the bod and we find Kaylee's got one nice ass too which gets a great floor shot. Of course he's got to try out the talent so Kaylee drops down and give the Vouyer dong a quick suck but it's not for long. Kaylee then gets a wardrobe change to a cool pink themed outfit and Vince also enlists the help of Scott Lyons. Back to our girl she gets to briefly suck on a toy before Vince gets into some heavy ass eating, then pounding her pussy doggiestyle. You soon get Scott brought in so she's taking on two schlongs now. It's a huge room they are using so no sense of confinement. The lighting was a little dark at times but for the most part you get good shots of Kaylee being nailed. The pops were ok, one to her pussy lips and the other fired away to her mouth.

Allison Pierce:

We get to meet a nice 22 yr. old for this scene. This young lady is first seen sitting and getting her hair done, presumably for the scene. There is some chit chat and we get a few quick shots of her tits. All made up we see Allison go for a walk and nicely her chaps don't cover those ass cheeks. She finds a group of guys all sitting down and she gives them a reason to stand up and the guys aren't dumb whipping out their cocks. Allison does a very good job of working around the cock circle getting each schlong involved. It's bad when you can recognize the guys voices when they don't show their faces, lol. I like this girls enthusiasm during this blowbang. It also involves some 1-1 sucking time and Kyle Stone does the pick her up holding her upside down shot so he eats a little pussy too. The guys do bang this chick some and guess what it's right to anal with our girl doing A2M so she's working her way up the slutty ladder quite nicely here. Not a lot of sex is shot before the guys start firing their loads which she dutifuly swallows. I did like this scene much more than the first one. Ok guess they weren't done! Allison gets fucked some more, both vag and anal get mixed in leading to more jizz being fired to Allison's face.

Kyanna Lee:

This next scene starts with Vince being interrupted by his assistant while on the phone and we see that Kyanna Lee is returning as she showed up earlier. They have a wait, though, for the male talent to show up which isn't a rare occurance in porn valley. YOu get another pretty Asian girl too in Kyanna. She's got a nice smile and a modest body. They work in some titty caressing and a little pussy massaging too before our guy munches on her ass! Kyanna's revved up now and she gets to use that energy sucking off a long cock. We get the introduction of a second dick which she handles with ease. Good eye contact too as she goes back and forth. I like too how Vince kept the shot fairly close and that Kyanna didn't get to aggressive with the cock sucking making her makeup run or a real rough gag, a good pace was witnessed. Sexwise you get, cowgirl, mish, doggie, reverse but I'm not seeing any anal or dp's. She does one guy at a time which is cool but the other dude doesn't make her suck his cock while Kyanna is fucked. The fellas saved up good loads too for Kyanna who takes both on her tongue. This was her first time swallowing and we saw a couple extra loads shot too so four loads for this newbie. Vince gives her a rough time for not swallowing every thing and we get a little blurb across the screen saying cum dodging at it's finest but she did swallow more than she didn't so I'd say that wasn't needed.

Carmen Kinsley:

This next scene begins with Vince surfing the web trying to find a girl to shoot. He finds one site and sees a girl that excites him so he calls the number. Scooby answers and the two discuss the availability of Carmen and Vince ends up having to shoot her that very day. It's not long until there's a knock and he lets in the nice looking Miss Kinsley. Oh it's the assistant who gets to let her in and do the initial checking out. Carmen is a cute blond and this sexy young girl is soon showing off that body which features two nice sized natural titties. Our guy snaps a digital shot for Vince of both her tits and ass which are both sexy. Seems Vince has stepped out for a short time, if I knew this sexy girl was coming I think I'd be waiting at my office! Well things progress, Tommy Gunn's brought in and we get Carmen in some porn clothes including the requisite heels. I liked the blond hair falling down over her tits which she shows off again. Carmen calls out to Tommy to cum break her in and he hears the call. Tommy samples those fine boobs, then we get Carmen dropping down to give Tommy's dick some oral love. She's sexy and looks good giving head but I thought the energy was a bit down when compared to say Allison who I thought was very good, here I'd say just good. Tommy then spreads her legs and damn if that wasn't a tastey looking pussy and he does the right thing diving in for a few licks. Getting to some sex you see her done in mish, doggie, cowgirl and there's also a standing doggie shot. Tommy closes out popping to that ass but we aren't done as more cocks come in for Carmen to play with and she does pretty good working them into her mouth. Vince even works a shot of her ass in which is still dripping with spunk. There's an even better shot with her kneeling between the guys and we get those tits in the shot while she's sucking them off. Lying all the way back she gets the guys on either side of her face and they continue to feed their dicks to Carmen. The guys have ok loads which she takes mostly as a facial. I like Carmen's look and would like to see her again.

Amy Ried:

Ok we arrive to the scene most of you will be buying this one for. Amy gets let in the wherehouse and she's looking pretty hot. Amy goes to a room and strips down to let the assistant take a look at her and the lighting here almost gave her body a bronzed look. Our guy takes a few digital shots and while Amy waits he goes and shows them to Vince who takes a second but he recognizes Amy and even produces an old Red Light boxcover she was on that he shot , Young Ripe Mellons 7! Well he goes and reintroduces himself to Amy who plays along with him. Well we finally get Amy in the scene after some false starts. Good mesh top which you see on the boxcover. Amy does a good job fellating Vince and we get a few good shots of those tata's along wit her ass which looks very good in the doggie pose she gets in while fingering both holes. Vince helps out and then slides right into that ass doggiestyle. Fans it is worth the wait to see Amy ass fucked, that ass was totally made to be plugged and it looks incredible being filled with a schlong. You even get Amy doing A2M so she's really going the full on nasty route for this scene. At first the reverse anal wasn't to good as her panties were still on and being stretched wide and hampering the shot but when they were taken care of then that was a great reverse anal. The boobs were poking neatly from underneath the mesh top and Amy does more A2M before we settle in for cowgirl anal and even the graffiti wall proved a non distraction as that ass filled the screen. Vince finishes off Miss Ried in vag and anal mish with a sprinkling of spoon anal-- it's in this position after a good gape develops that Vince leaves his load internally and Amy tries to cumfart out some jizz but not much cums out and what does hit the floor has a mix of white/ brown in it so thankfully Amy doesn't get down and lick it up.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Not a bad dvd overall once we get past the initial set ups. Allison Pierce was the find for me in this dvd, I enjoyed her enthusiasm taking on all those guys. Carmen Kinsley's got a great look and I for sure want to see her again and well Amy Ried doing anal is worth the wait as she looks awesome taking a cock up her ass in any position but especially reverse and cowgirl were each excellent. Extras for this include some BTS, some hardcore pics, and we get some bonus footage with another new girl, Trista Tanner who gets the big schlong of Jack Napier to play with. First Vince has her show off the bod, then her eyes and closed as Jack gets above and then right next to Trista sliding his cock against her face. Once the eyes are opened she's not scared off and gives a good accounting of herself taking on this huge dick. Just a bj but a pretty good one and she takes all the cum in her mouth. This made for a nice addition and makes me want to check Trista out in a longer scene where she's fucked, the energy for the bj was good so I'd like to see her do it for a longer time. This disc is well worth picking up if you're an Amy fan of course to see her do anal, Allison is worth checking out as is Carmen Kinsley.

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