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Breakin 'Em In 13

Breakin 'Em In 13

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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DEELINGAMDEEPAYONI's ratings for Breakin 'Em In 13:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Breakin 'Em In 13 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Breakin 'Em In 13 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Breakin 'Em In 13 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Breakin 'Em In 13 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Breakin 'Em In 13 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Breakin 'Em In 13 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breakin 'Em In 13 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by DEELINGAMDEEPAYONI  on  7/26/2011
It has actually taken Vince Voyeur exactly two long years to return back with his highly popular 'Breakin Em In Series on highly populkar demand. Having already made a dozen episodes so far he felt that enough was enough and he should no longer stretch a good thing any further as he may just be pushing his luck a wee bit too far. Thus he decided to put a stop. But in the two years, what he could not miss noticing was the fact that while his fans relished seeing the previous 12 films he had directed and made stars out of starlets he was time and again hounded as to why he had put a stop at 12? Was he scared of the number 13 or could he possibly no longer find the breath taking fresh babes to have his studs brean into and put them on the porn pedestal?

Not just that alone even fresh and up-coming porn starlets made it clear in no uncertain terms that they would love to be broken into on the screen under his able direction so when would the next film in this series go on the floors. That was when Vince realised there was still lots of juice in his series and it would be absolutely unfair to put a pre-mature end on such a highly popular series for which his fans and audience have been waiting so eagerly!!

Thus began the search to pick the freshest and most promising starlets who were either absolutely fresh or just at the start of their career and after several screen-tests and checking out their potential the starlets for Breakin Em In #13 were announced officially and the lucky ones who made it were Ayden Blue, Haley Cummngs, Katreena Lee, Leslie Sierra& Tina Lee. Once the smoking hot babes were finalised begun the search from the end of the rainbow...Who would be the studs that who get the honor of breaking em in officially and making stars out of starlets? After a lot of pondering and deliberations the responsibility of pounding these yummy babes fell on the broad shoulders of Mr Marcus, Erik Everhard, Eric John, Mr Pete & yours truly Vince Voyeur who apart from directing also decided to perform on-screen so that his fans did not feel cheated.

After the several awards that the dozen Breakin Em In Series have won over the years it would in no way be wrong to believe their tag-line, "The Long Awaited Highly Anticipated Often Imitated But Never Duplicated" Series is back with a brand new all new cast of delicious babes for Your Eyes Only!!! So what is the USP of #13 you may well ask. For starters you have the absolutely mind blowing 19 years old Haley Cummings do the very first DP of her screen career over here and the pleasure of popping her DP cherry goes to Mr Pete and Erik Everhard.

In the Behind The Scenes, Haley Cummings frankly admits that it was her long cherished fantasy to get a double boner inside the same hole even it it meant stretching her pussy to it's outer limits and pushing her endurance levcl to a new high. For her first time she could not have asked for a bolder challenge than to take on super-boners Mr Pete and Erik Everhard who are not just huge in the pants but also highly experienced too. Any wonder then that after both her holes we expanded to their outer limits and she was pounded mercilessly she was so thrilled that she could not resist confessing, "You have absolutely no idea how Fucking Good This Actually Feels?!!!" More than anyone else Haley Cummings is bound to always cherish and have fond memories of this film.

If you think this is the only USP of this film then you better think again. For just like Haley Cummings you have the rather cheezy and absolute cock teaser Katreena Lee return to Vince Voyeur to do her first Inter-Racial Scene on screen. She could have done it with virtually anyone she chose but she had absolute faith in Vince since several years back she did her first boy/girl scene for him when she shed her inhibitions and decided to graduate from the girl/girl scenes she had been doing so far while testing the waters. Vince made Katreena so absolutely comfortable while she offered her cherry for the first time on-screen in 'Sexual Ussault Vehicle'.

Such was the comfort level between Katreena & Vince that when she was ready for I.R. she gave Vince the honor of directing her first inter-racial scene that became the highlight of this film as Mr Marcus not just pounds her mercilessly but is so loving and caring one moment as he deep throats Katreena and the very next he shifts gears on his black pearly shaft and makes her scream her head off as he roughly shoves his huge cock right into her tiny holes right upto his bouncy balls. In fact it at one point becomes quite hard to tell if Katreena is screaming as she is on the brink of a huge orgasm and in the throes of absolute pleasure or because her pussy or even ass cannot endure any more of Mr Marcus and his awsum Cock that seems to have a life of it's own once it smells pussy and once he begins to pound he shows no mercy till he has cumm all over his babe. But hats off to Katreena Lee who does not believe in giving up no matter what the odds..That's what makes her such an absolute cock teaser. She slurps greedily as she goes down on Mr Marcus and is in a virtual frenzy as she she licks his monster dick sucks on his balls before diving down on his shaft. When Katreena begins giving Mr Marcus a blow job you wonder how much of his huge cock she shall manage to deep throat but barely a few mintues into it as she starts giving a sloppy blow job you cannot believe your eyes as she is virtually gagging on him but eventually she has his boner right upto his balls as he mercilessly throat fucks her and even when on the brink of choking she seems to have found her rhythm as she continues to suck him till he cumms all over her.

Leslie Sierra is one babe who loves to go down on her knees and deep throat guys and refuses to stop till the stud goes limpid and she has sucked them dry of the very last drop of their cumm. Not only does she passionately enjoy sucking dicks what's more she believes in swallowing. She confesses this in her BTS interview and to make sure Vince does not take all her claims as hollow boasting she gets down on Vince and begins giving him a nice juicy and relaxed blow-job she keeps shifting gears as she turns from sloppy to lazy to greedy while sucking his enormous cock and simply does not stop till she has swallowed all of his cumm and licked him dry.Quite apparently she does not seem to have had her fill as she throws Vince a naughty but loaded challenge-she is willing to go ahead and blow as many studs as Vince can get on his sets and she will not stop till each one has given her a creamy facial as many times as they can.

For a split second even Vince is on the brink of being amused as well as surprised at her tall claims but then he decides to call her bluff and what follows is simply awsum as Leslie starts sucking dicks of all colors and sizes as she virtually drools and builds her tempo to do equal justice to all the cocks surrounding her and by the time she has demolished all the studs the official tally tells that she has made 5 of the best boners facialise her pretty face and she is soo greedy for it that she sucks two of her faavorites making them cumm twice in a row. In fact before the fade out to this scene after her face is badly messed in creamy cumm and her hair and eyes glazed with the loads she has taken she cannot resist making eye-contact with Vince Voyeur the director not the actor as she silently seems to say, "Is this the best you have to offer me?" Truly a classic shot even without a word muttered by Leslie..I wud think if Vince had got several more dicks she would certainly have demolished them too!!!

The 18 year old Ayden Blue may look a few notches above ordinary and the only thing she has going for her are her in your face hooters which Vince taunts her time and again are not something she was born with but enhanced by the cosmetic suregeon. This makes her mad but she keeps her smile intact as she takes off her bra and asks him to inspect them if he can find any scars. Vince does not believe what he sees and thus starts feeling them for tell tale scars and very soon he has popped her nipples in her mouth and is sucking the hell out of them even as she moans in pleasure.All this is a prelude to what is to follow and makes for rather interesting viewing in Ayden's Behind The Scenes Interview. Even then Vince is unsure if Ayden Blue can possibly fit into the conventional babe slot of what he has in mind for his film.

Seeing him unsure Ayden decides to take matters in her own hand/mouth as she goes down on her knees unbuckles Vince jeans and has his jewels in her hungry mouth. A few minutes of a nice passionate blow job and the director in him knows this is one persistent 18 year old who will not easily take no for an answer so he decides to check out if she can fuck as passionately as she sucks cocks? Knowing that her selection depends on how much she can convince Vince the director as well as actor she decides to give her best and lots more so that Vince isn't disappointed and by the time she is done with the screen test she has the producer-director-actor Vince Voyeur not only sign her for the film but even does the honor of Breakin Her In Himself!!!

To say that Vince has kept the best for the end would be insulting the other slutty babes be it Tina Lee or Leslie Sierra or Haley Cummings or even Ayden Blue for that matter who were so mind boggling that each one of them made me cumm several times as the DVD player went on Pause mode. So you have the Asian slut Katreena Lee who prefers the stud nailing her call her 'KAT'. About her sexual preferences not many know that Katreena has time and again loved to do Anal sex on screen as it makes her really horny and the feeling of having her poop hole stretched by a great woodman has virtually no parallel. So all these years she has been content to let the studs use and abuse her butt on screen but now she feels the time is just ripe for her to show smome mercy to her pussy which has been getting step motherly treatment.

Thus Katreena approaches Vince and auditions for this film as she confesses while wondering aloud if she can make her fantasy of having both her honey pot as well as her booty pounded at the same time and would she fit the bill of getting herself Broken Into..Vince Voyeur Style?

Vince Voyeur decides to bring in Eric Everhard and Eric John to make Katrina's fantasy come true to life. Knowing that she is an experienced Ass Fucker while it's her first time pussy DP, they both decide to check out her limits by pounding her Butt making her moan and scream as they give her some heavy duty anal and loads of A2M too when she is amply aroused and on the brink of having her first orgasm they decide to swich gears and invade her virgin pussy as she screams in sheer delight and the look on her face shows she is attaining Nirvana with those two cocks pounding both her holes.

A word of caution no matter how much self control you may have if you plan to watch this flick make sure you have a box of Kleenex besides you else things can get pretty messy even off-screen too!!!


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