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Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Breakers:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Breakers overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Breakers Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Breakers Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Breakers Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Breakers Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Breakers DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Breakers A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/2/2008
Bruce Cam’s films are notable for having stunning scenery beautifully photographed against which equally stunning studs have great sex and so provide a delight for the eye as well as for the dick. For the most part Mr. Cam—Titan’s head honcho—is content to leave the films in the more than capable hands of Brian Mills or the legendary Joe Gage. But every once in while viewers get the luxury of one of Bruce Cam’s spectaculars. BREAKERS is a case in point and is a more than worthy successor to this director’s sterling output.

The film begins with Damien Crosse and Jackson Wild coming out of the surf clad in wetsuits and carrying surfboards. The young and hunky Damien has appeared in a number of Titan films for good reason, but this is the first time I have been exposed to Jackson (although I believe that perhaps that should be the other way around). He is quite attractive and has a beautiful and good-sized endowment. Damien pulls down Jackson’s suit and is rewarded with a stream of piss and a steadily stiffening cock. Not one to let such an attractive offering go to waste, Damien kneels and engulfs it.
The boys are observed by François Sagat (another Titan favorite, who plays the role of voyeur for a number of scenes).
The wetsuits come off and Damien and Jackson stroll naked to a more private rendezvous, their cocks leading the way. Damien’s dick is as hard as the rock against which he leans as Jackson drops down to suck the turgid organ. Jackson’s own cock juts jauntily from his groin as he proves to be superlative cocksucker.
Jackson ceases only to stand and send a bit more piss onto Damien who then unloads onto his buddy. Jackson drops down to get some in his mouth before continuing fellatio. Damien shortly unloads a healthy load of cum. The sheer delight that these performers convey in one another considerably heightens the action.
After heading naked into the ocean to get refreshed, we find them in a house trailer still naked. They are locked at the lips. (François can be seen at the window.) Jackson goes back to swallowing Damien’s cock. Once again Jackson’s own hard eye-catching cock is irresistible and Damien gives it the attention it so richly deserves. Then turning Jackson around he tongues the young stud’s anus and pops in his penis. Jackson is soon on his hands and knees on the divan and then turns over for a rough and ready missionary fuck that causes him to shoot all over his stomach before Damien withdraws and follows suit.

The second scene opens on a campground at night. Rick van Sant and one of the lusts of my life, Dean Flynn, are seated around a blazing campfire swilling beer. (François is glimpsed observing them.) They gaze at one another rapturously as Rick pokes the fire. They stand and kiss and head into their tent where one assumes more poking continues.
The following morning park ranger Tony Buff can be seen tooling along. He stops his vehicle to get out a different tool and take a piss. Arriving at the boy’s camp, Tony is upset with the litter he finds there and berates Dean who tells his to “Fuck Off!” An angry Tony grabs Dean, bends him over a picnic table, rips off his belt, pulls down Dean’s trousers to reveal his naked ass, and beats him until Dean apologizes.
Tony then orders Rick to get up onto the picnic table. Tony puts on a black glove and shoves his fist and part of his forearm up Rick’s ass. Dean watches, his cock sticking stiffly from his groin. Rick’s stands up and sits down on Tony’s fist all the way to the elbow. Rick’s own cock is arcing in enjoyment of this anal violation.
Rick then lies back on the table and Tony continues to drive his fist deep into his rectum. Dean stands up onto the table and releases a cascade of piss on Rick. This arouses Rick to piss all over himself with Tony’s arm still in his ass. After All have cum, Tony adds his own golden torrent to the mixture—some of which finds its way into Rick’s mouth.
Tony then orders Dean to strip and the three set off for Tony’s cabin.

After arriving at the cabin Rick kneels to partake of Tony’s manly tool. Tony orders Rick to also suck Dean and Rick goes back and for the between the two rampant organs. Dean then kneels down to suck Tony and Tony gives head to Rick—chewing on Rick’s foreskin.
It’s time for Dean to get fucked so the handsome hunk lies back on the coffee table and spreads his kegs in anticipation. Rick is told to sit on his lover’s face and promptly does so while Tony starts eating out Dean’s ass. Dean’s ass is so eager for its fucking that when Tony starts fucking he is able to pull his cock all the way out and drive it back in with no hands. Dean’s ass remains open as though pleading for Tony’s prick. Tony munches on Dean’s toes and shares kisses with Rick as he continues reaming Dean’s willing hole.
Rick is then given a turn at his lover’s ass while Tony teabags Dean and feeds him dick. Their climaxes end Disc One. Françoise is seen watching though the window.

[Also included on this first disc is a Behind the Scenes section where we see that Titan performers eat well (food this time; not cock). Also included is an interview with the aptly named Tony Buff and previews of other films of Bruce Cam.]

As the second Disc begins we are treated to some dazzling nature photography before Darius Falke and François Sagat follow their hardons out of a tent. They exchange kisses before François lies back on a picnic table to give Darius access to his ass. Darius rubs their turgid dicks together before taking François up on his offer.
As Darius fucks him, François lets go with a gush of piss that hits his mouth and abdomen and also Darius’ belly.
Turn-a-fuck’s fair play, so Darius gets on all fours for François to ride him for a while. François pulls out in order to send a double stream of piss onto Darius’ back and ass before continuing the fucking. It concludes with Darius on his back and both studs shooting their loads.
François then puts on overalls and a hard hat and heads off to work.

This is followed by some striking seascapes particularly stunning in the film’s widescreen vista. Arpad Miklos and Alex Baressi are seen aboard a fishing boat returning to the dock. Arpad hauls out his cock and pisses into the water.
Arriving at the dock they are met by Eduardo. The three head off to an outdoor shower where Alex gives some oral attention to the other’s dicks.
After showering, Eduardo eats both Arpad’s and Alex’s ass. Alex is fucked doggy style by Eduardo who then lies back to get fucked by Arpad. The seemingly omnipresent François can be seen watching these examples of hirsute prime beef at their play.

Returning to beach we find François cavorting in the surf, cooling off from the hot scene he has just witnessed. Victor Banda is fishing, watched by Dillon Buck. After François departs there is a romantic silhouette of these two kissing before they pack up and head back to the campground where they meet up with the hung Diesel Washington.
Diesel lifts Victor up and greets him with a kiss. Victor chows down on Diesel’s black bone and then partakes of Dillon’s even more massive endowment. As Victor does his best to swallow down Dillon’s titanic tool, Diesel pisses all over himself.
Once again Victor is lifted up and while he is held between the two studs Diesel sucks his dick and chews on his balls. Next they lay him on the ground and everyone cums.
Victor is now taken over and placed on his hands and knees on the hood of an SUV where Diesel and Dillon take turns eating out his ass and fucking him. Once while Dillon is fucking, Diesel washes down the SUV with a torrent of high-flying piss. He then returns to take another turn at Victor who by this time is getting it on a surfboard.

The ubiquitous François is now seen in the pickup with Tony Buff. They drive to the campsite where Darius Falke awaits. Darius sucks both of their cocks before he and François end up in the back of the pickup where—as they lay side by side—Tony fucks them and François pisses yet again.

[The Bonus on the second disc contains another part of the Baresi-Eduardo-Miklas scene with Alex being fisted, a cumshot review, and additional snippets cut from the film wherein Dillon strips beside a busy highway and the age-old question “do bears piss in the woods” is answered.]

In his interview with Tony on Disc One Bruce Cam seemed to suggest that this is his last film as director. If so that is a sad thing for us. But he would most definitely have ended with a superlative film. One of my friends maintains that Cam’s GORGE is the best gay porn film ever made. Once he sees BREAKERS he may alter that opinion for the film is a remarkable achievement and one you definitely should not miss.

The watersports and fisting segments are to be found only on the director’s extended edit available directly from Titan at That’s the version to get.

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