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Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male)

Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male)

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay , Latin
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wizzerbud's ratings for Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Brazilian Beach Boys (US Male) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  6/11/2006
Brazilian Beach Boys is one of those videos that you wished you had chosen a different video to watch. I have seen worse, but not a whole lot. It's 96 minutes of the same old routine from one scene to the next, and the sad part is this one has five of those scenes. There are a few redeeming factors to it to keep it from being a total bust. The video takes place on a beach and while the ocean does make for a great backdrop along with the sounds of the waves, irritating background music works to drown out the sounds of the ocean. Why choose a nice looking easy sounding backdrop and ruin it with lousy background music?

In the first scene, we get two twinks on the beach kissing and within seconds, yes I said seconds, one of them is on his knees sucking the other one. The one getting sucked is actually a pretty hot jock-looking guy with ripped abs, chiseled pecs and a great butt. He keeps sunglasses on for a lot of the scene and that makes his face lot a lot hotter. The guy sucking his cock is of the typical twink variety. There is nothing really special about his look unless you love twinks. The jock is pretty rigid as his cock is being sucked. They do a quick scene change to the twink getting fucked in a variety of positions, while managing to stay bored the entire time. They do it cowboy style, reverse cowboy, sidesaddle and doggy style. They do not bother with a blanket. They just fuck there in the sand and this cannot be comfortable or easy. The jock really is not into this guy and it shows. They end the scene with the twink sucking off the jock and letting him spew over his face. The twink never blows a load.

For the second scene, a chubby looking guy is walking out of the ocean to the beach carrying a surfboard and comes upon a naked guy sitting on a rock. They begin kissing upon meeting and quickly the chubby one is down on his knees sucking cock. I am not sure which one lost the bet and had to have the other as his scene partner as neither one is appealing looking. Chubby takes off his Speedos and leaves his shirt on. I have seen him naked in another video and his body is no worse than his current scene partner. After some sucking, he climbs on his skank scene partner's dick to ride it cowboy style. These guys don't get a blanket either. They are left to use the rock and the sand for their bed. Not only does the music muffle the ocean sounds, but also the sounds the guys may make. The guys go thru the same fucking motions as earlier moving from the reverse cowboy to missionary style to cowboy, and doggy style. Again he sucks off his top and lets his shoot over his face, while the chubby bottom boy fails to deliver with a cum shot.

For the third scene, the hot jock from the first scene is sitting on a rock and is joined by a twink walking up to him. There are a few guys playing on the beach in the distant background. We can see that the jock's dick appears to be cut. If there were one of the models to appear twice in the video he would be the choice. He is not an exciting fuck, but then again none of the others are either, but at least he is hot looking. His twink scene partner and him get to kissing and then drops to his knees to suck on the jock's dick. The sucking only lasts a minute or two and they are fucking. They do it doggy style, reverse cowboy, sidesaddle and doggy style. It can't be easy to be laying face down in the sand and getting fucked from behind. The sand is really sticking to them on top of this. I am not sure if the guys are just frustrated from the working conditions or just lousy models. After about 15 minutes of boring fucking, the twink sucks off the jock to shoot in his face and, of course, the twink does not get off.

We have seen 45 minutes of video with 3 scenes and 5 guys and only 2 of them have shot a load, although in all fairness one of them did it twice. The third scene is here and two twinks are in the water playing with each other. One is pale skinned and very thin whereas the other is dark skinned and has a small muscular frame. I can already guess what will happen and it does. Some mediocre sucking starts it off and they move to a quick fucking scene doing all the styles- doggy, cowboy, reverse cowboy and missionary. The pale skinned guy is the bottom and the one doing the sucking whereas the dark skinned guy fucks and gets sucked. The dark skinned guy shoots off over the pale skinned guy's face after he starts sucking him again after the fucking ends. As before, the pale skinned guy does not get off.

Most times I am thrilled to find a video with five scenes, but this time I wished they had stopped at four. Two ugly twinks open the scene. I am not calling them ugly because they are twinks; they are ugly on anybody's scale. They also do the quick suck, move to fuck and go thru the positions of reverse cowboy, cowboy, doggy style and missionary style, only this time something different happens. Yes, the bottom shoots a load while getting fucked. He is the one and only bottom to shoot his load among five scenes. Of course he helps the top shoot his load by sucking him off and letting him blow it over his face.

Extras for the DVD are a photo gallery, website info, and trailers from numerous videos from the US Male library.

The video was pretty pitiful but there were a few things I liked about it. The hot jock in two of the scenes was nice to look at while he fucked. There were no rimming and 69 scenes, which I find very boring. They also did not fill the video with lots of close-ups. Actually the camera work was really good. Either the cameramen or editor or both should find a better director to work with as their talents were wasted here. The fucking in the sand had to be hard for these models and I think it showed in their performance. It's hard enough just to walk in sand without it covering you. I can't imagine having sex in it. I would not bother watching any of this video again. It's hardly worth a rental much less a purchase.

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