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Boundaries 5

Boundaries 5

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Boundaries 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Boundaries 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Boundaries 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Boundaries 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Boundaries 5 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Boundaries 5 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Boundaries 5 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Boundaries 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/12/2008
Hello porn fans, I've got a treat for you today, a new lesbian flick from the fine ladies at Triangle Films who make some of the best non-toy g/g this side of Viv Thomas! This fine title has four scenes in it so that means longer sessions of pussy eating/ kissing, maybe even a little tushy licking if we are lucky. You have some heavy hitters in here too with Sandra Romain hooking up with Sasha Grey and then try this on for size, Bree Olson paired up with Jenna Haze! I have heard about this scene for what seems like a year and now it's finally out and the masses will just love it I think. So let's hit a few highlights for this one.

Kimberly Kane & Satine Phoenix:

This first scene gets going with Satine dropping by Kimberly's pad, guess she's got a room for rent so she's coming by to check out the possible accomodations. Kimberly shows off the room and the girls start getting comfy with each other real quick. The ladies seem to strike up a good tone as they go through the dialogue, they both love shoes and that's where it all starts, Kimberly's hands start caressing just a little, then the shoes come off, the feet then get somehow in Kimberly's mouth!!The feet massage too helps break the ice, Satine gets this nervous look on her face but it's a good kind of nervous like I can't believe you're doing this but don't fucking stop!! Miss Kane then slips those panties off and it's spread the legs and dive in for pussy eating! Now this is how pussy should be eaten, just so sensual, even a little more toe sucking worked in. Satine keeps that sorta nervous look on her face for a good while but she doesn't miss a beat when it's her turn, diving in to munch on Kimberly's succulent coochie! Yep this is precisely the style and pace that I look for in a g/g scene and these ladies seemed to really enjoy it a lot. There are some fantastic closeups here too, most especially when they are licking those wet pussy lips, obvious enjoyment on both ladies faces. Kimberly does a nice job licking that ass too with Satine soon to return the favor-- having the girls hover over the ass then going down to lick ass/ pussy was a great shot. So all in all a fantastic g/g scene with generous oral, not bad kissing, the ass licking was a great addition and the way it moved so smoothly nothing seemed to be forced or we have to hit all the points, nope it flowed really well.

Bree Olson & Jenna Haze:

Ok we had to wait one scene for this one and well it was a pretty awesome scene too but now we have Bree and Jenna firmly in our sites. Bree has gone over to Jenna's parents house- gee you're still living at home Jenna, lol. The two girls chat for a bit and Bree recognizes Jenna from her English lit class, well they start real slow but the flirting picks up steam as they talk. Jenna just happens to have wine there on the bar, conveniently two glasses are there. You should be a model, you're so cute Bree says while brushing her hand over Jenna's thigh-- things like that, the eye contact was good too. Bree's about to go into the military, boot camp looming so she's ready for one last fling and thankfully we're here to watch. The girls both have that nervous energy going but once they get in close and kiss that evaporates and they devour each other!!

Never once did they acknowledge the camera here, just focused solely on the other and the passion was overwhelming. The girls adjourn to Jenna's room where their passion continues to ignite, kissing, breast play and then just watch Bree attack Jenna's pussy! I've quite enjoyed Bree's g/g work, she's really done some awesome sensual g/g scenes over the past year and I've seen Jenna do a few too, these girls meshed very well here. The way Bree plants her mouth squarely over that coochie, working her tongue all over, you see Jenna purring in no time! The view over Jenna's shoulder was very good, Bree's face so intent on her task of sticking that tongue as deep in her pussy as possible!! The girls work in some good dirty talk too as they alternate licking pussy and fingerbanging! The girls get in some ass eating too though when Jenna was doing it to Bree you couldn't see it that well so a small complaint there, lol. Otherwise this scene had it all and you had great angles/ views for just about everything. This met the expectations I had going in for sure. The way Jenna brings Bree to the edge and then pulls back, you'll love Bree's response, this kicked serious ass fans.

Sandra Romain & Sasha Grey:

Well well fans this is a real treat! This might be one of Sandra's last scenes she shot over here in America before leaving, not sure but I know she didn't stay here to much longer after shooting this. I was also lucky enough to be on hand for this one as were a few other ADTer's! Needless to say these girls know how to fuck and seeing two girls who can be so dominant hooking up the give and take should be real interesting. The girls are both dressed in sexy black dresses, flopping onto the bed they both bitch a bit on a girl who won an award but they perhaps she didn't really earn it because she wasn't as much into the action, more eye candy probably than substance. Well these two hotties are all substance baby and set about proving it- on each other!!

So dominant both girls are but they make it work here, each taking turns leading but if push came to shove I'm still putting my money on Sandra, lol. After two real sensual scenes this one has elements of that present but it tilts far more towards the aggressive side as the scene goes on, toys are brought in, stockings are ripped open, asses get licked, a bit of choking, spitting, slapping, it's all here. Watching Sasha dive in when Sandra went for the toys, burying her face in Miss Romain's ass really got the ball rollin. You want dirty talk in a scene then you've come to the right place, these ladies just let their potty mouths go and man it was impressive watching them challenge each other verbally and physically, they more than met it too with us the viewers the lucky ones to enjoy the finished version. As I recall there weren't any cuts here or just a few, these girls know how to orchestrate a scene and Kathryn just let them conduct and yeah it played real good. One of the more interesting toys used was a strap on but not the traditional one you see strapped over the pussy, nope this one was holstered on your thigh and it was cool watching them ride it in this fashion. So another awesome g/g scene between performers at the top of their game.

Claire Adams & Sinn Sage:

The final scene opens with Claire intently typing on her laptop when Sinn comes in, she's got the rent check and also wants to do a little get to know ya as well. The two girls converse about life, being in restraints-- see how that comes in so quickly!! Of course we get the curiousity aroused in Sinn who allows them to be placed on her wrists-- now she's right where Claire wants her, lol. Putting the hands behind the head we get Sinn led to the other room where it's time to be submissive baby! Claire's in charge and she damn sure wants Sinn to know it. Kneeling like a dog per her mistresses orders we get a bit more fun with breast fondling, the ass is spanked. So I think we're going all the way over to the other end of the spectrum from scene one which was so sensual and soft, this one is all the way over to the other side, restaints, harder ass spanks, the intensity turned up on the hardcore scale. I could sense both women into it that's for sure and for fans of the more aggressive g/g leanings this scene should be to your liking. Me I'm a sucker for the more sensual style but you get some good pussy eating here in between ass spanks! We keep the handcuffs on too for all of this but eventually Claire sets Sinn free so she can indulge in her own sinful behaviour!!A bit of face sitting is done with Claire slapping those tits below, Sinn's chest a crimson red to match her ass which has been worked over. The girls do kiss too, their mouths locking in an embrace but you couple that with more breast slaps it's hard to keep any 'sensual' vibe going for me but this scene doesn't seem to be trying for that vibe so much. The hitachi wand is brought in too and I've seen firsthand how much pleasure this microphone looking device can bring a woman. Miss Adams then takes over from that with strong stap on fucking, much moaning here from Sinn as her coochie's drilled. The last part of the scene has Sinn pleasuring Claire-- check out her pussy lips, four piercings surround her lips, ouch!! Sinn uses a strap on to tame her landlord's pussy before we close out with a combo hitachi wand and fingerbang!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this title had a little bit of everything in it from the most sensual of scenes, Kimberly and Satine to the more extreme hardcore edge of Claire and Sinn. No doubts here for me that Jenna and Bree stole the show, I'd heard so much about this scene and it more than met what I had been told. Sasha and Sandra looked as good on camera as it did being there live in person. Now for extras here you have an interview with Sinn and Claire along with previews for a few other Triangle titles. This ones an easy purchase for fans of any of these girls, they all seemed to be on top of their games here.

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