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Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Boundaries:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Boundaries overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Boundaries Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Boundaries Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Boundaries Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Boundaries Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Boundaries DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Boundaries A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/20/2007
Welcome fans to a new g/g dvd and the big draw for this one as I see it would be the scene featuring Sasha Grey the 2006 XRCO New Starlet of the Year and Bree Olson who I suspect might take this same award next year. Those two have such great energy on their own it will be interesting to see them combining their strengths. You also have such great performers as Kimberly Kane and Katja Kassin in this so let's hit the highlights.

Kimberly Kane & Joelean:

Off we go and this first scene has the two girls out for a run but that quickly ends and we have them in the bedroom enjoying some water. The girls chat some and they each love the smell of sweat on a girl so of course they test each other's scent and like what they breath in. So much so that Kimberly takesa peek at Joelean's tits and this leads to her top coming off and what a nice set of tata's Joelean's sportin. Kimberly cups them briefly before placing a blindfold over her friends eyes. Next it's some titty sucking and Joelean seems to appreciate the attention to her boobs and Miss Kane doesn't stop there helping her running buddy lose her shorts and it's on to some pussy licking. I liked how open Joelean's legs were and we get some great pussy shots and you get a water bottle used in a funny way to cool off that pussy. Kimberly then utilizes a small paddle device, first rubbing it over that pussy, up the thighs with a couple light spanks to those legs. The scene then moves on and my interest starts to wane as they bring in toys and start doing the pussy eating less and less.

In person it looks great and it looks fine here but I'd much rater see Kimberly eat pussy or licking ass instead of the purring toy-- I will say Joelean loves it squeeling in delight several times so good for her. Well with the pleasure she's getting there has to be a little bit of pain Kimberly says but if licking ass like she does here is a pain to be endured then count me in as giving the pain, I love eating girl ass :) Joelean's ass is looking very good too as it's center stage in the camera shot and Kimberly uses that smallish paddle to spank her some. The scene then moves on to a different toy used, a glass one, and it's thrust deep inside Joelean's pussy. We get the tide turned on Kimberly as Joelean gets a go and it's more of the same with the toy use with limited pussy eating or kissing . One final great shot, though, comes when Joelean stands up on the bed squatting her pussy over Kimberly's face and that's the exact type of action I want and less toy stuff but sadly Kimberly brings one back in. The shot, though, kicked ass with the ass hovering over Kimberly's face as she does this. The girls seem into each other, I just wished there had been more non-toy action.

Bree Olson & Sasha Grey:

This my friends is what you call a superpower pairing, two A list girls of the highest order hooking up and I know it's a dream scene many of you have been wanting to see ever since Bree came in and we learned just how nasty of a slut she is and Sasha's been around only a few months longer but she's got very similar traits such as the dirty talking but she seems more of a dominant girl while Bree is the perfect submissive so I suspect the scene will have that dynamic going for it once they heat it up. The scene begins with Bree waxing about her shithead boyfriend wanting to get back together and that is not going to happen she says. Well she's thinking about trying her luck with girls and her first "target" she wants is none other than Sasha Grey. Well they discuss the matter some but luckily it's not long until they are locking lips and fans this was some of the best kissing I've seen porn shot on this side of the pond in some time. You have Sasha helping Bree out of her pants, then sniffing her panties before they go too and it's a quick lick of that snatch before the kissing really heats up.

The energy level was totally off the charts, the girls seemed hungry for one another and I was really impressed with the kissing. Sasha doesn't forget to sample those dreamy tits of Bree's but this early part of the scene was fully dominated by the girls locking lips and not the just kissing the lips either, I saw some tongues going in and out!!! The sub/dom dynamic hadn't really shown itself yet, the girls were pretty equal with the kissing and breast sampling but then we get Sasha going down on Bree and she says something along the lines of does my pussy taste good and that starts the dirty talk going from both girls and you get the Sasha being the dom and Bree being the submissive totally playing itself out. Just watch and appreciate two well matched girls, into the moment and fully into each other. Nothing seemed forced and even the choking done to Bree didn't bother me to much as it fulfilled the theme of the scene rather well. Both girls get a shot at pleasuring the other and I've not seen Bree eat that much pussy, Sasha either for that matter so I enjoyed this part of the scene quite a bit. The scene does include some toy usage but it's a strap on used by Sasha to bang Bree and since I'm such a fan of both girls I rather enjoyed this for a change plus so much of the scene had already been shot and been so good. You get some rather loud orgasms sounds from Bree too as Sasha layed the pipe to her pussy. Bree does some TP2M, then hops on in cowgirl and that was awesome to watch. We see more toy P2M from Bree who then gets nailed doggiestyle, and from the front with a bit more kissing between the two until we fade out. I suspect Bree enjoyed the toy session more because it was more aggressive, Sasha slaps her face several times and the tone was just more to what Bree likes I think, maybe Sasha too but for me the best parts of the scene were the first half when it was lots of kissing, then some oral on both girls.

Max & Madison Young:

This next scene begins with Madison reading a book and Max drops by to leave some mail left at her place by mistake. Max is curious about the book which is all about some kinky dom/sub stuff and then Max offers that she just was involved in some similar type action with another girl and one thing leads to another and we get the girls in the bedroom. They are all over each other caressing and removing bits of clothing, not much kissing but their mouths get close a few times before finally meeting. There is some nice boob kissing by both women and the kissing gets better too, at least they do it longer. The pussys are then uncovered and there's more making out before Max sits up to pleasure the pussy of her next door neighbor. Max then gets in a doggie pose with Madison sliding behind and there are several joint spanks to that ass, then we get Max blindfolded so a bit of submission there fans. I was a little frustrated that all they did was spank Max's ass a lot and caress her booty but no pussy or ass eating was done. Madison then lets Max turn over and the ladies make out some more. Now in a sitting up position we watch some pussy fingering by Madison but still no pussy eating, this sucked, lol and not in a good way. You then have Madison sporting a strap on which the now non-blindfolded Max sucks on before riding it in a few vag positions. After the fake cock action is done we get a glass toy brought in and used on Madison's pussy and she did such a good job fucking Max and fondling her booty it was good that she got something in return though again no pussy eating or ass licking was shot. I think it's vitally important for any g/g scene worth it's salt to have at least nominal pussy play without a toy preferrably with a girl licking it and sadly this scene totally ignored that and after such a good scene with Bree and Sasha this was definitely a let down. The girls enjoyed themselves, of that I have no doubts but as a fan of g/g I didn't get much from this one as it didn't include what I consider to be a basic element and that's oral sex.

Katja Kassin, Kimberly Kane, & Ariel X:

Well after that last scene which had two really nice girls in it but not doing much beyond using toys on each other and some good kissing this scene opens and we have three girls this time out. It has the girl all sitting on a couch enjoying an alcoholic beverage and you get some small talk as they catch up on life matters. The flirting was quickly brought in and the hands start seeking out the areas of which we're interested in, namely pussy, breasts, and in this case toes with Ariel and Katja each sucking on Kimberly's feet. The girls then engage in some kissing amongst the trio and this subtlely moves on to breast play, then some booty worship on both Ariel and Katja with the girls then hovering over Kimberly who goes from ass to ass nibbling on each tush. And hello we have some pussy eating, liked Katja and Ariel taking turns licking Kimberly's lips with some joint licking which I imagine feels rather nice. You then have Katja taking over eating Kimberly's pussy while Ariel takes up residence over Kimberly's face so Miss Kane gets to dine on her kittie, already much better vibe and flow to this scene than the previous one. Katja and Ariel then trade places so we get a great ass shot of Katja's booty as it squats over Kimberly. The girls then get Ariel in a doggie pose and take turns spanking her ass with Katja then sliding underneath to eat that pussy with Kimberly moving down to munch on Katja's carpet!! Well this scene is doing it's best to make up for the lack of oral in the last scene as these girls do tons of pussy eating and I loved it, they would change around with each getting a shot at licking the two pussies of their friends. There was more fine kissing too along with some solid finger banging and they wrap it up spent and enjoying one last swig from the bottle before we fade out. This was a very nice three girl scene and once the pussy eating started it was nonstop the rest of the way with each girl excelling and there were nice positional changes too as they didn't stay in the same place for to long before switching it up.

Final Thoughts:

This wasn't a bad g/g dvd highlighted by the super power pairing of Bree and Sasha who easily had the best scene of the dvd and then we have a very well balanced three girl scene to close it out. The Kimberly/ Joelean scene was also nice and the only scene which didn't work for me was the third with Max and Madison where they used way to many toys and didn't take anytime that I recalled to eat one another's pussy. No real extras for this one save for a stills gallery and you do get some trailers for the Triangle films. This one I'd recommend for purhcase solely based on the Bree/Sasha scene, those two are awesome and the big name girls don't always mesh in scenes together but I thought these two did remarkably well and hope this isn't the only time they hook up, maybe the next time with a cock or cocks for them to play with also.

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